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Obit: Alberto Escobar Garza, Sr. Posted on: 04 Jan 2004, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Garza

...Jr. and wife , JoAnn, Mario Garza and wife, Sonya, Martin Garza, Veronica Garza and fiance, Jacinto Dominguez, Sophia Garza and fiance, Joe Purcella, and Jason Garza; stepchildren, Leroy Gutierez, JoAnn Gutier...

Obit: Dorothy Elizabeth Tafoya-Dominguez Posted on: 22 Jan 2003, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Tafoya

Albuquerque Journal - May 29, 1998 Ms. Dorothy Elizabeth Tafoya-Dominguez, 39, a resident of Los Lunas, New Mexico passed away on May 25, 1998. She is survived by three daughters, Ricarda Tafoya-Mendoza and husband ...

Clorinda (Tafoya) Gonzales Posted on: 12 Aug 2003, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Tafoya

...Tafoya and Epimenia Vigil; brothers and sisters, Rudolfo Tafoya, Elaisita Tafoya Martinez, Dolorita Dominguez, Celestina Vigil, Lucia Arguello, Adela Trujillo, and Gregorio, Bernardo and Juanito Tafoya. She is...

address Posted on: 26 Aug 2000, by bill horst

Surnames > Horst

...and this time i will put it in my address book. I began school today at California State University Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. I will be working on my Masters in Behavioral Science with an emphisis in gero...

heinrich horst Posted on: 10 Sep 2000, by bill horst

Surnames > Horst

...check out a possible connection with her family. I just began classes at California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA. with the graduate program and I have been extremely busy with assignments. As s...

Looking for Mother in Texas Posted on: 11 Feb 2001, by Michael & Steven Latimer - Texas

Surnames > Latimer

We are trying to find relatives of our mother,Frances Dominguez. We were born in Odessa Texas in the 60's.

Re: Abasta name Posted on: 12 Oct 2000, by Celeste Franklin

Surnames > Abasta

...Soledad Abasta, we have never been able to find anyone with that last name. She was married to Aniceto Dominguez, could there be a connection here? Aniceto was from Mexico, and we assume that is where Soledad ...

re: Abasta surname Posted on: 05 Apr 2001, by Celeste Franklin Dominguez

Surnames > Abasta greatgrandmothers name was Abasta later changed to Avasta her first name was Soledad, she married Dominguez, it has taken us a long time to just find anyone with the surname Abasta, sorry but I don't know a...

abasta name Posted on: 12 Oct 2000, by michael dominguez

Surnames > Abasta

My great grandmother was Soledad Abasta, she married Aniceto Cortez Dominguez in Mexico. Maybe we could find some information together and put it all together and come up with a link. I am trying so hard to ...

Re: Calling all Carrasco's Posted on: 02 Apr 2002, by Claudio Carrasco

Surnames > Carrasco

...mentioned Shafter. I was born in Alpine and was raised (some of my life) in Marfa. My mom (Elvira Dominguez Rubio) is from Ojinaga and my dad (Pilar Carrasco Garcia) is from San Carlos. My dad's parents (Ca...

Agapito Gomez or Gomes Posted on: 05 Feb 2006, by  klenrm

Surnames > Gomez

Looking for info on this family line - My great grandmother, Felicitas Gomez married Jesus Dominguez. Felicitas' parents - Agapito Gomes & Simona Peres

searchingformybirthfather Posted on: 25 Jan 2001, by evajimenezdominguez

Surnames > Jimenez is steve jimenez at the time he was 30years old he was born in california. Thank You. Mrs.Eva Dominguez p.s. please help me

Re: Finding Arellanos from Zacatecas, Mexico Posted on: 09 May 2006, by Armando Gomez Dominguez

Surnames > Arellano

Tu abuela, tuvo hermanos? Talvez: Maximino Delgadillo Sanchez (1870 - 1953)? El fue mi tatarabuelo.

Miera genealogy Posted on: 14 Jan 2001, by Paula Theresa Dougherty (Miera)

Surnames > Miera

...of the Pecos counties. You can read about him in the book Without Noise of Arms. He was also in the Dominguez Escalante (first peaceful overland expedition) to find a route from Santa Fe to California. (Hey, d...

Re: Miera genealogy Posted on: 29 Jul 2001, by Samuel Victor Miera

Surnames > Miera

...very close on the lake being named Miera. According to the most famous map drawn by Miera during the Dominguez/ Escalante expedition, and by some other records, it was Utah Lake that was originaly named Lagu...

Re: Miera genealogy Posted on: 04 Aug 2001, by  GloriaCordova...

Surnames > Miera

...Pacheco, 1744, widowed of Barbara Torres, son of don Bernardo Miera y Pacheco and dona Estefania Dominguez de Mendoza and lists MIERA children who were born 1808 and later. You probably are already famil...

MIERA line married into Trujillo, Rivera, Cordova, Santistevan families Posted on: 26 Sep 2002, by  glcordova

Surnames > Miera

MIERA | Bernardo de MIERA y Pacheco and Estefania Dominguez de Mondoza | Manuel MIERA (1743) and Barbara TORRES Jose Antonio MIERA (1774) and Manuela Romero (1782?); | Maria Ygnacia MIERA (b.1802 Taos) and...

Lucero Family from San Miguel County, N.M. Posted on: 07 Feb 2002, by Lucero, Ignacio

Surnames > Felps

...any info re: Ignacio Lucero, possibly from the Tres Hermanos, N.M. area. He was married to Ambrosia Dominguez, Daughter of Eduardo Dominguez & Maria de la Cruz Lovato. Date of death possibly 1908/1910. Might have ...

Re: Lucero Family from San Miguel County, N.M. Posted on: 27 Oct 2002, by  MaryJanukites

Surnames > Felps

Ignacio Lucero was married to Ambrosia Dominguez (Born in December 5, 1865, her second marriage, first was to Pablo Sena), Their children were Guzman evaresto Lucro, carmelite Ambrosia Lucero and Audilia gener...

Re: Lucero and Chavez Family from San Miguel County, N.M. Posted on: 13 Aug 2004, by MJanukites

Surnames > Felps

regards to Sena/Dominguez I have information thatAmbrosia Dominguez b. dec 5, 1865 married (1) Pablo sena and had two sons: Manual sena and justo Mateo Sena. she then married Ignacio Lucero and had two childen guzman ...

Jimae Horton Posted on: 15 Oct 2000, by Jean Fineran

Surnames > Horton

Seeking missing school chum, Maxine Jimae Horton, born. approx. 1939. Living in Dominguez (Long Beach) California in 1950's, graduate Banning High School in Wilmington. Contact me: Jean Humble Fineran JeanFi...

DIANA CRAANEN Posted on: 27 Jan 2001, by  Pamela Thomps...

Surnames > Craanen

Does anyone know of a Diana Craanen, 52 yrs old, lived in Compton, CA and went to Dominguez High School in Compton. Please contact me with any information at all. I have been trying to locate her for many yea...

RE: your message concerning Ballester name Posted on: 29 Dec 1999, by Mrs.V.

Surnames > Ballester

...(nickname) unsure of principal name Miguel all are deceased. Don Primitivo has a grandson named Primitivo Dominguez Ballester who resides in Miami Beach, Florida. A common family trait is fair coloring: blo...

Re: Looking for any Chavarria's from or within the dallas, tx area... especially musicians!! Posted on: 08 Jul 2001, by  JULIAN_CHAVAR...

Surnames > Chavarria

was sup Benny, my name is Julian Chavarria and im from Cali, Los Angeles. As strange as this my sound and seem but I guess that I can clasify myself as a musician because I sing and write some music u...

Re: ANYONE WHO IS FROM PECOS TEXAS Posted on: 15 May 2005, by  eimr4471

Surnames > Chavarria

Dominguez and Chavarria are in my husbands line of names. Dominguez from Gertude Domingues married to Ma Marcos Rodriguez in Rosales Chih. in the early 1900

Chavarria, Luciano married Gavina Rocha - Posted on: 05 Feb 2006, by  klenrm

Surnames > Chavarria

...grandmother in 1892 - Severiana R. Chavarria in Ruidoso in Presidio county TX. She married Bonifacio Gomez Dominguez. They died in San Angelo, TX.

Quesada of Cuba Posted on: 05 Sep 2000, by Patricia

Surnames > Quesada

Looking for information on the Quesadas: Jose Eduardo Quesada b. Corralillo, Cuba wife Victoria Dominguez b. Habana, Cuba daughters: 1. Rosa Quesada 2. Maria Cristina Quesada born Cuba Married Enrique Coto ...

Ramon Family from Dilley and San Antonio, Texas Posted on: 08 May 2002, by alfredo pina de la cruz jr

Surnames > Ramon

Looking for relatives of Eugene Dominquez Ramon, who was a casuality in the Vietnam War. I belive his father was Francisco Ramon. Eugene might have had a brother by the name of Francisco Jr and a s...

Ancestry Posted on: 15 Nov 1999, by Moses Toledo

Surnames > Toledo

...Islas Canarias, Miguel, Francisco, and José Toledo-Calcerrada. Their parents were, Juan Garcia Dominguez and Camila Toledo-Calcerrada. Camila is my great, great, great, grandmother. Her parents were "...

Ancestry Posted on: 15 Nov 1999, by Samuel Rosario-Torres

Surnames > Toledo

...Islas Canarias, Miguel, Francisco, and José Toledo-Calcerrada. Their parents were, Juan Garcia Dominguez and Camila Toledo-Calcerrada. Camila is my great, great, great, grandmother. Her parents were "...


Surnames > Robles

I'm trying to find you, I am daughter of Emilio Robles, I also have a brother Victor Robles, We were born alll about the same time give or take a few years, My father sang at several venues in the 50'...

Obit: Andrew A. Esparza (1919-2003) Posted on: 29 Jan 2003, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Esparza

Albuquerque Journal - January 25, 2003 Andrew A. Esparza, 83, a resident of New Mexico since 1920 and a resident of Albuquerque since 1945, died Wednesday, January 22, 2003. He was born November 10,...

Altamirano/Montes Santa Cruz de Rosales Chihuahua Mx. Posted on: 24 Jun 2001, by  Twobraidzz

Surnames > Altamirano

...Rosales Chih. Mx. Eulogion remarried to Maria Guadalupe Miranda and then to my ancestor Josefa Pasquala Dominguez any connections post or email me thanks Twobraidzz

Re: SADIE REYES - 1870 - CA -STOLL Posted on: 09 Jan 2004, by James Bohannon

Surnames > Reyes Los Angeles, CA d. 10 July 1876 in Ventura County, CA mother Maria Refugio De La Luz Dominguez b. 1 July 1848, d. 19 June 1889 in Los Angeles, CA Angel and Maria were married 25 April ...

Re: SADIE REYES - 1870 - CA -STOLL Posted on: 12 Jan 2004, by James Bohannon

Surnames > Reyes

...information below used to be on the web site, listed as "Descendents of Ildefonso Dominguez" by Jackie L Estabrook of Alameda. This is the source where I got the 20 May birthdate...

William Jefferson Fleming Posted on: 02 Aug 2004, by  connied182

Surnames > Fleming

...have any information on this family or on Native American Flemings, please contact me. Thanks, Connie Dominguez

William Jefferson Fleming Posted on: 02 Aug 2004, by  connied182

Surnames > Fleming

...information you may have on this William Fleming or on Native American Flemmings/Flemings. Thanks, Connie Dominguez

Re: 1930 Long Beach, California census look-up Marion Hilton Posted on: 11 Dec 2003, by  CorneliaWarne...

Surnames > Hilton

...person who did the search for me answered me via my email instead of here, the reply I got was this. 1930 Dominguez, Los Angeles, CA James R. Hilton 37 AL GA GA Ann I Hilton 32 AL AL GA Harold R Hilton 9 AL Da...

Re: grandmother fedelina sisneros Posted on: 08 Jan 2002, by Pauline

Surnames > Sisneros

...sister Beatriz married to Amarante Montoya from Del Norte, and Barbarita who was married to Octaviano Dominguez. They also had a brother Claudio married to Genoveva Romero. E-mail me,and maybe, I can get you...

Re: Chavez Doroteo and Josefita Posted on: 28 Aug 2001, by  MaryJanukites

Surnames > Chavez

...was married to Estella Chavez, daughter of Manual Chavez from Las Vegas, New Mexico and Josefita was a Dominguez than we are related. If Not I tried. I am trying to find my grandmothers siblings. Her name wa...

Chavez family in Chihuahua Posted on: 30 Aug 1999, by  Lori_9112

Surnames > Chavez

The Chavez surname appears in both sides of my family. My father's side was in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, and my mother's side was in La Cruz, Chihuahua, Mexico. My paternal g.g.grandmother was Do&...

Chavez family in Chihuahua, Mexico on my father's side Posted on: 23 Dec 1999, by  Lori_9112

Surnames > Chavez

I have a Chavez line on both my father's and my mother's side of the family. In this post I will refer to my paternal line. My g.g.g.grandfather was Don Ramon Chavez (born in the late 1700s), who mar...

Obit: Roger Chavez Posted on: 15 Feb 2003, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Chavez

...follow at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Cemetery. Pallbearers are Orlando Chavez, Larry Moreno, Robert Dominguez, Zeke Quintana, Dale Prairie and Henry Jaramillo. Honorary pallbearers are Mark Chavez, Gabe Rome...

Obit: Joe Nestor Chavez, Sr. Posted on: 17 Sep 2003, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Chavez

...Diane; four sisters, Eileen Chavez; Vivian Pohl and husband Mike; Agnes Aragon and husband John; Diane Dominguez and husband Robert; and numerous nieces, nephews, other loving relatives, friends, as well as al...

Obit: Johnnie B. Chavez (1926-2004) Posted on: 16 Jan 2004, by  NMFireHorse

Surnames > Chavez He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Georgia Chavez; daughters, Loretta Smith and Yvonne Dominguez; sons, Robert and Ron Chavez; grandchildren, Kala, Tania, Christopher, Rhiannon, Dennise, Raquel, ...

Re: Lovell Lesure, Julia Marion Lesure Posted on: 23 Aug 2001, by  kimm748

Surnames > Lesure

Hi Pam. My Marion was married to Archibald Stancombe and was the daughter of Lovell. Sorry I can't help you. I wish I could. But if I find anything, I will let you know. Thanks. Kim :-)

Re: More Thedy/Wenner family information Posted on: 21 Jul 2001, by  xxcarvaca1

Surnames > Wenner

...married Mary Roshe, Annie Groner who married Leopold W. Thedy, Jr. and Margaret Groner who married a Dominguez (Gilbert, I believe). Leopold W., Jr. is the brother of Sophia who married Andrew Leopold. I h...

Re: Cadena name Posted on: 14 Nov 2005, by Judy Dominguez

Surnames > Cadena

...Adan Cadena Cano ,I hope the below information will help you. thx Judy Cadena name Author: Judy Dominguez Date: 9 Apr 2001 8:07 AM GMT Post Reply | Mark Unread Report Abuse Print Message This is a c...

emanuela carreras Posted on: 15 Feb 2000, by  stjulander1

Surnames > Carreras

emanuela carreras wife of paul dominguez daughter- isabella anyone have any relations?

Hola a todos los agundez del mundo Posted on: 18 Jul 2005, by manuel agundez

Surnames > Agundez

...tengo entendido, el significado de los apellidos acabados en "-ez" es "hijo de ..." (Dominguez = hijo de Domingo; Perez= "hijo de Pedro", etc.). De acuerdo con esto nuestro apell...

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