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Re: Looking for the missing links in the Griffo clan Posted on: 25 Mar 2005, by  rtpsky

Surnames > Griffo

My grandmothers maiden name was Griffo - Sadie or Rosaria Griffo from Messina. She came to the Bronx, New York in the early 1900's. Her sister, Isabella came here in 1904 at the age of 17. My grandmother ...

Korean War Posted on: 06 Feb 2001, by Joseph A. Arsenault

Surnames > Arel

I'm looking for a man who's last name was Arel from Messina, NY. He was in Co "A",2nd Combat Engineer Batttalion, 2nd Infantry Division, in Korea around November of 1950. I was an 18 year old kid f...

UPSTATE NY TREVETT"S NEED HELP PLEASE Posted on: 19 Jul 2005, by Sally Tripeny-Sotelo

Surnames > Trevett

...connection to the Trevett line? My Great Grandmother's name was Angelica Trevett bn 25 March, 1859 in Messina, NY. She married a William Trepanier (later changed the spelling to Tripeny). The info that I hav...

family chronic Posted on: 26 Apr 2001, by Matthias Ungerer

Surnames > Ungerer

...Gottfried Ungerer came from Strassbourg where our family build the astronomic clock for the dome in Messina. If you like to get further informations or to get mail-contact, you can mail to the following adre...

Want birth, death cert. SS# Posted on: 12 Apr 2000, by Sharon

Surnames > Muccina

...Date of Death 197???? In Pittsburgh, Pa. Name spelling at the time of death may have been changed to: Messina

Cascio''s Posted on: 22 Nov 1999, by Angelo

Surnames > Cascio

...I may be related to. My fathers name is Nino and he was born in Barcellona, Sicily. Barcellona is in Messina. Actually I would also like to know when the first Cascio's stepped foot in this country. If you h...

Andrea "Andrew" Cascio from Sicily Posted on: 15 May 2000, by  Searching4Kin

Surnames > Cascio

...married Josephine Briguglio. They were from Fume Dinisi, Sicily, a small mountain town which is near Messina and Taormina. They had at least two children: Nunziata "Nancy" Cascio (b. 11 Nov 1895 i...

Sicilian Surnames Posted on: 25 May 2000, by  Searching4Kin

Surnames > Cascio

...My surnames are as follows; most of them hailed from Fiumedinisi, Sicily, Italy (in the province of Messina; between Messina and Taormina): BRIGUGLIO, CALLABRO, CASCIO, NOCITA, NUCITA, NOCIDA If you come across a...

Walter Posted on: 08 Jun 2001, by Roberta

Surnames > Gasboro

...give you information about the Gasbarro line and the four sisters, Lillian, Mary (who were both born in Messina, Italy, and Mable and Albina. I have pictures of Walter when he was little with Dorothy and Alb...

Gasbarro Posted on: 13 Jun 2001, by Roberta

Surnames > Gasboro that way we can converse a little more. You wrote that the two sister's were born in Messina, Italy. Do you know where my grandmother (Albina) was born? Her death certificate just said Italy...

Búsqueda de descendientes Posted on: 22 Sep 2001, by  gerardo_bondi

Surnames > Bondi

I look for descendants of Antonino Bondi born in Forza d'Agró, Messina, Italy the 3 of March of 1882 and passed away in the USA in March of 1966, lived in Cleveland, 44122 Beachwood, Cuyahoga OH.S...

I look for relatives Posted on: 08 Feb 2003, by  gerardo_bondi

Surnames > Bondi

I look for descendants of Antonino Bondi (1882 - 1966) born in FORZA D'AGRO MESSINA Sicily ITALY son of Paolo and Maria Bartolone arrived at America in 1909. SSN 271-09-6551 resident of Cleveland OH.

Re: Foti from Millazzo Posted on: 09 Nov 2003, by Foti

Surnames > Foti

...Antonino Foti, I spot your text just browsing the net I Live in london my origin are from the same area The Messina area. Perhaps if you answer this message we might exchange further info. Be in Touch Nino...

Giovanni Lavelle Santa Foti-Lavelle Posted on: 05 Nov 2000, by Ray Bianco

Surnames > Foti

...Luna ("Lucy") born 1892 and the maternal grandmother ("Lucy") all from Provincia di Messina. Giovanni and Santa had a son Camillo ("Richard"?) born 1913 in NYC. Santa was a wido...

Re: Giovanni Lavelle Santa Foti-Lavelle Posted on: 02 May 2002, by  rm_bianco

Surnames > Foti

...Hired and they discovered the missing info! Lastname was Lavalle. Foti's were from MESSINA (hamlet of Briga). If you are connected... email me for info.

Foti family in Tortorici, Sicily Posted on: 31 Mar 2001, by  flyhawk

Surnames > Foti

I am researching FOTIs from Tortorici, Messina, Sicily. So far, I have Giuseppe FOTI (b. 29 Nov 1865) married to Rosa TRISCARI GIACUCCO (b. 22 Feb 1868). Their children were Giuseppe FOTI (b. 28 Feb 1896) a...

Re: Foti family in Tortorici, Sicily Posted on: 27 Jul 2001, by Mindy Foti

Surnames > Foti

I am searching for the parents of Francesco Anthony Foti, born May 20, 1882 in Messina. Possibly any connection?

Re: Foti family in Tortorici, Sicily Posted on: 06 Aug 2001, by C. Hawkins

Surnames > Foti

It doesn't sound like there's a connection. I haven't found any of the family I'm researching to be from Messina, just Tortorici.

Re: Foti family in Tortorici, Sicily Posted on: 17 Oct 2004, by Patrice foti

Surnames > Foti

My father Giuseppe Foti Born 1932 in Giarre which is not far from Messina. From past knowledge my grandfather Natale his uncle lived in Messina one uncle left Sicily to go to new york. I hope this helps

Frank Baehr m. Josephine Lowe Posted on: 14 Nov 2002, by TC

Surnames > Baehr

Looking for information on Josephine Lowe and Frank Baehr. I believe they had 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl married ? Messina. Lived in New Orleans, La.

Baehr, Lowe Posted on: 27 Jul 2004, by t

Surnames > Baehr

Working on the Lowe family tree and have Frank Baehr married to Louise Lowe. They have 2 children; Lloyd and Thelma. Thelma married Al Messina. Like to share info.

Perna Coat of Arms Posted on: 24 Apr 2001, by  brenperna

Surnames > Perna

...Over Two Over One" I am still researching our Perna family. My husband's grandfather came from Messina, Italy, and I have little information. Hope this helps you.

Re: Losek/Stasiak/Detroit Posted on: 17 Jan 2005, by  DianeNeihoff

Surnames > Losek

...Stasiak was my grandmother, Married Charles Slazakowski, They did have four children named Evelyn(Messina); Lorraine ( Gabryszewski); Chester and Leonard not Lawrence.

Re: Luquettes in South Louisianna Posted on: 30 Jul 2002, by  BrendaColeman...

Surnames > Luquette

Sosthene and Messina Luquette were my grandmother's, Tarzile (Therzille) Elizabeth Luquette, parents. Sosthene Jr. was her brother. You can contact me at Thank you Brenda

MESSANA Posted on: 29 Jul 2000, by Joe Pisano

Surnames > Messana

...del Golfo. The names you mention do not sound famiiar to me. But, MESSANA is not a very common name (MESSINA is the more common name), so perhaps this could be from the same family and we do not know it yet....

Re: Messana info Posted on: 28 Jun 2005, by christine jones

Surnames > Messana

... I have just started to collect the faimly details. The biggest block that I found was Salvatore Messina. My grandfather told us as kids that he died at sea. I have made contact with some others who h...

pace family Posted on: 05 Nov 2000, by ann

Surnames > Pace

I was wondering what town in Italy. Do you know of a Domenica Pace from Messina. Or a Domenick and Gregory Pace? Let me know.

Ancestry Posted on: 05 Dec 2000, by Frank Andrew Costanzo

Surnames > Costanzo

mormon church traces Lucia Costanzo back to Sicily in 1640. Frank Costanzo ( my father ) born in Messina about 1888(records posted several yrs after birth) Living in Falcone, Provence of Messina, Salvatore and Andr...

Costanzos in Sicily Posted on: 05 Dec 2000, by Frank Andrew Costanzo

Surnames > Costanzo

Have 2 cousins in Falcone, Province of Messina. Salvatore e Andrea. Brothers. Father, Frank Costanzo born in Falcone on or about 1888 ( records in that era not clear and posted some yrs after birth). Died in...

ARENA Posted on: 18 Apr 2000, by  J_Ciaccia

Surnames > Arena

...was Stefano Arena born 26 Oct 1856 and died in 1937 in Salice. He married Grazia Femino about 1876 in Messina. Stefano's father was Salvatore Arena who married Maria Caruso about 1850. My grandfather, Domeni...

searching ancestors Posted on: 21 Mar 2006, by  gribbit1966

Surnames > Arena

looking for info on. natale arena born 22/08/1915 messina italy. sailed to australia 1940 aboard ship romolo. was a pow enternee in 1941-1946.

DiModica's in Revere, MA Posted on: 17 Apr 2001, by Amanda DiModica Carroll

Surnames > DiModica

...Grandmother is Rose DiModica. Her parents (mother's maiden name is Cocoa) came to Revere from Sicily- Messina and Agusta. They had 16 children together, two of which died at early ages. The other children...

Composto of San Piero Patti, Sicily Posted on: 10 Mar 2000, by  DavidJDamico0...

Surnames > Composto

...have had some success tracing this family back to the late 1700's in San Piero Patti, Sicily, in the MEssina District. If you have interest in this, please email me at

composto Posted on: 14 Oct 2000, by mary elaine composto

Surnames > Composto

hello my family is originally from milazzo from the province of messina in sicily. i am trying to find out where the name originated.

Composto from Messina, Sicily Posted on: 15 Apr 2002, by  SuzanneStewar...

Surnames > Composto

...Looking for more info on this family. Not sure where Francesco and family was from but guessing the Messina region.

FAMILY TREE Posted on: 01 May 1999, by CARMEN PELLEGRINO

Surnames > Pellegrino


Pellegrino's from Messina, Sicily Posted on: 05 Sep 2004, by  PatriciaMcCoy...

Surnames > Pellegrino

...must have been born somewhere in between the late 1850's to the 1860's. I believe he had stayed in Messina, Sicily but I am not positively sure. I'm looking for any information on him, including his childr...

Re: Pellegrino's from Messina, Sicily Posted on: 07 Sep 2004, by  carol santos

Surnames > Pellegrino

...the parents name will be listed.Do another search at ellis island for all pellegrino's who came from messina. Often times sibblings will come over also. Acording to anna's manifest she was thirty years old i...

Re: Pellegrino's from Messina, Sicily Posted on: 07 Sep 2004, by  PatriciaMcCoy...

Surnames > Pellegrino

...find an Italian Genealogy website where they give you the addresses of Pellegrino's still living in Messina but......I don't speak Italian so I can't write to any of I've never heard of anyone ...

Re: Pellegrino's from Messina, Sicily Posted on: 10 May 2005, by  Marie_Jo_ciat...

Surnames > Pellegrino

...était originaire de Sicile. Il habitait à un village qui s'appelle Fiumedinisi dans la province de Messina. Mon grand-père s'appelait CIATTO Giuseppe né à Nizza di Sicilia un village...

Re: Pinizzotto surname Posted on: 11 Feb 2003, by Rosamaria Pinizzotto

Surnames > Pinizzotto

...was born in Sicily and know that most of my family originated in Monforte San Giorgio, Provincia di Messina. There are still quite a large amount of Pinizzotto's living there. In my family as many others t...

Re: Pinizzotto surname Posted on: 08 Dec 2003, by Thomas Nelson

Surnames > Pinizzotto

...Of the children, only Mike is still living, near Buffalo, NY. I've been told the family is from near Messina. Mary had four other sons before me--Paul (who died in 1997 from complications from a car accident...

Re: Pinizzotto surname Posted on: 08 Dec 2003, by Rosekarie Pinizzotto

Surnames > Pinizzotto

Ciao Thomas, NO, I'm not aunt Rose. I was born in Sicily, a small town near Messina. Most of the family originated from Monforte. To this day there are still many Pinizzotto's living there. Yes, we might...

DARRIGO Posted on: 01 Jul 1999, by  pattiraysanda

Surnames > Darrigo

Carmelo Darrigo married Antonina Giacobbe in Messina Sicily and removed 1881 to Dorchester Ma and had Harry,Tony,Rose,Joseph.

Carmello Posted on: 27 Mar 2000, by Rob Darrigo

Surnames > Darrigo

...which was a cruise ship. I met him once in New York harbor. My father was Ludwig Ignatio Darrigo of Messina. Rob Darrigo

Darrigo in Mass Posted on: 29 Sep 1999, by  pattiraysanda

Surnames > Darrigo

Carmelo (John) who was a barber married Antonina (Caterina) Giacobbe in Messina Sicily they came to Boston Ma in 1881. They Had ch: Rose Tony Harry and Joseph. Joseph was a Tailor and Harry My grgrandfather ...

Darrigo Posted on: 27 Mar 2000, by Rob Darrigo

Surnames > Darrigo

Hi, I saw your message on My father was Ludwig Ignatio Darrigo (D'arrigo) born in Messina. He died in 1972 at age 63. If that helps any. Rob Darrigo

Re: Darrigo Posted on: 23 Aug 2003, by Tammy

Surnames > Darrigo

Hi! I am reseraching the D'arrigo clan that came from Patti, Messina, Silicy to Buffalo NY and stayed there. If your NY clan is located in Buffalo, please let me know!! Thanks Tammy

The Children of Giuseppe Micalizzi Posted on: 16 Jan 2002, by Bill Sheffield

Surnames > Micalizzi

Giuseppe was from Nisi, Messina, Sicily, married Rosa Costanzo from Catania Province. Relocated to Riposto, CT., Sicily. was a textile merchant. Some of his children emigrated to the NY-Phila. area. My relat...

Re: SPADARO from Pagliara,Messina,Sicily, Posted on: 13 Apr 2002, by  lspadooch

Surnames > Spadaro

My great great grandmother was named Francesca Donato Spadaro from Messina. She had nine children with her husband. Any connection?

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