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Querbach Posted on: 16 Jan 2000, by Anna Harbourne

Surnames > Querbach

my maiden name was Querbach.My father - Konrad - was German and came to England as a prisoner of war. His family comes from the Rhineland near Koblenz

Querbachs-many of them Posted on: 10 Jan 2002, by Querbach, Helmut

Surnames > Querbach

...Football (NFL) Team with "Querbachs". There was/is a Walter, Ernst, Jakob, Josef, Franz, Paul, Konrad, Jochen, Christian, Georg, etc. QUERBACH. Further I know that close to Kehl/Rhine is a -very...

Katherine Bass/Germany Posted on: 04 Aug 1999, by Marilyn

Surnames > Bass

...Pfuhl near Neu-Ulm, Germany. Have other names such as Johann Georg Bass b. 1734, Matthaus Bass, and Konrad Bass. Need to find the connection.

Ruth Rieben Eiler Obit 1907-1968 Posted on: 29 Jan 2003, by Janet Eiler

Surnames > Eiler

...Oshkosh; 29 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Services will be held Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Konrad Funeral Home, with the Rev. Ortwin Hanson, pastor of First Assembly of God Church, officiating....

Poth Posted on: 19 Apr 2000, by  SANDANDE

Surnames > Poth

...There is a gentleman that has a Poth website that might be able to help. He's collecting Poth names. Konrad Poth Website: email: Try this - it may help! Sandy Adams I have s...

Gus Euler / Eiler Obit Posted on: 05 Jan 2003, by Janet Eiler

Surnames > Eilers

...died yesterday morning at St. Mary's hospital, will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Konrad funeral home, 103 Waugoo street. Rev. Theodore Irion, St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church, will...

Michael K. Emmert Posted on: 04 Dec 1999, by Janice Emmert

Surnames > Emmert on Michael Kaiser Emmert, born March 3, 1867 in St. Marys, Pa. His death Cert. states father as Konrad Emmert, born in Germany. Michael married Kate Geyer in Illinois in 1890, moved his family to Wich...

George WAGNER b.1814 & Marie Frederika PEMSEL of Hersbruch, Bavaria, Germany Posted on: 29 Aug 1999, by Larry Mastromatteo

Surnames > Wagner

Looking for information on Conrad (Konrad) Wagner. Parents were George Wagner Born Nov 9, 1814 and Marie Frederika Pemsel. They were married August 10, 1841 in Hersbruch, Bavaria, Germany. I am assuming tha...

Re: Rodenberg/Rothenberg Germany? HELP Posted on: 16 Feb 2005, by Fred Norton

Surnames > Wagner


Re: SCHNABEL Family Mailing List - Join our Discussion Group Posted on: 19 Sep 2003, by  JackP_Scott

Surnames > Schnabel

I am looking for information about the Canadian Schnabel as shown below. I anyone aware of their families in Germany. Conrad Schnable married a Elizabeth Barbe Pfeiffer, Conrad Schnabel was a Hes...

George Konrad Schuster Posted on: 14 Jun 2001, by  RachelSwenson...

Surnames > Schuster

I forgot to add that Rev. George Konrad Schuster & his family lived in Bremen, Ind.

Vernon Schuster my father Posted on: 18 Oct 2000, by Charmain J. Hutton (Schuster)

Surnames > Schuster

...was around 7, married Gertrude Gault 2/14/1950, had 6 children, Charmain, Camille, Ammanda, Ingrid, Konrad, Bert, his father-Frank J. Schuster, brother-Carlton Schuster, Sister-Francis Townsend (Schuster)o...

The Windheuser Family Posted on: 03 Aug 2000, by Ralph Wintheiser

Surnames > Windheuser

Anyone wishing to research the descendents of Konrad Windheuser, born Oct 14, 1815 in Village of Ruitsch, Germany please contact me. Konrad became Conrad Wintheiser and died in Traverse Township, Minnesota.

Re: The Windheuser Family Posted on: 23 Sep 2004, by  ralphwintheis...

Surnames > Windheuser

Thank you for your msg. Do you know of any photos of Ruitsch from late 1800's. My Great-Great Grandfather was born there. His name was Konrad Windhaeuser.

Re: The Windheuser Family Posted on: 15 Aug 2005, by  jochwind

Surnames > Windheuser

Dear Ralph, you ask for descendetns of Konrad Windheuser, born in Ruitsch (near Koblenz, Germany) in 1815. I tell you what I know. The grandfather of my grandfather was Jakob Windheuser, born 02.11.1853 in ...

Re: wintheiser family tree Posted on: 06 Sep 2002, by john wintheiser

Surnames > Windheuser

...history. I found your grandfather Wenzel. It appears he is the son of Johann (John) who was the son of Konrad who emigrated from Ruitsch in the Rhineland. This would mean that Konrad would be our common great-gr...

Re: wintheiser family tree Posted on: 02 Nov 2003, by  ralphwintheis...

Surnames > Windheuser

...Wintheiser, Gresham, Oregon, USA. Ich spreche nicht Deutch seit schule 1967. Der urahn, mein vater name Konrad Windheuser aus Ruitch. Er kam Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika 1857. Sein name geandert an W...

Zollikover/Zollicoffer Posted on: 11 May 2006, by  rachelzollico...

Surnames > Zolkover

...der Zollikover once reside. He had a child(ren) who I unfimiliar with. But one line turned out to be Konrad Zollikofer. Then from there the name continued to change. I was wondering if anyone had informatio...

Re: Valentine Alles Posted on: 14 May 2002, by  bkahle1

Surnames > Alles

...totally strange that we lived so close yet knew nothing of this other line of Alles'. He descended from Konrad Alles who settled near Erbsville in 1842. I'm curious to find a connection with this group of A...

Hans Peter Ambos Posted on: 09 Jan 2001, by  ambos_nesbitt

Surnames > Ambos

............................... 5 Maria Magdalena Ambos 1741 - 1817 ................................. +Konrad Schmolze ............................ *2nd Husband of Maria Magdalena Ambos: ...........

Re: Birkner Posted on: 25 May 2003, by  birkner|M1401...

Surnames > Birkner

...LEPERE b: 8 FEB 1852 d: 1934 4 Catherine LEPERE b: 23 OCT 1856 d: 1948 + Henry Konrad HEISNER b: 1 AUG 1850 d: 29 OCT 1930 5 Charles HEISNER b: 1876 ...

Eggart Posted on: 01 May 2001, by  candelitedrea...

Surnames > Eggart

I too am having trouble with the Eggart name. All I have is Michael Eggart b.? and Konrad Eggart b.1887 in Memmingen Germany. Both served in WWI in German army. Both came to USA illegally on a freighter. Th...

Eggart name research and related individuals Posted on: 30 May 2006, by Norman Eggart

Surnames > Eggart

...possibly and British or England connection somewhere that I am trying to establish. The names William, Konrad, Wilihmena are only a few of the names I am trying to track down. Please any help with ANY PO...

Eliz. WAGNER b. 1890 Pobotschnia Russia, md. Irwin MYERS Posted on: 15 Mar 1999, by  Laura Koehn

Surnames > Wagoner

...b. 15 October 1867 in Pobotschnia Saratov Russia. He md. #2. Katherine WILHELM. George's father was Konrad Phillip WAGNER b. 1830-33 in Pobotschnia Russia.

serching for descendant Posted on: 04 May 2000, by  waldemarjutte

Surnames > Juette

serching for the descedant of Johan, Heinrich and Konrad Jutte or Juette born in Germany in the 1820, at least one took part in the Mexican War, have family tree to 1600 century dokumented and to the 1400 u...

Schnable Conrad & Elizabeth Barbe Pfeiffer Posted on: 14 Mar 2005, by  JackP_Scott

Surnames > Schnable

Does anyone have information of Conrad & Elizabeth prior to coming to Canada We now have Konrad Schnabel's place of birth as 34270 Schauenburg-Martinhagen. This is just west of the City of Kassel in ...

Conrad Schnable married a Elizabeth Barbe Pfeiffer, Posted on: 26 Jan 2003, by  JackP_Scott

Surnames > Schnable

...Elizabeth Barbe Pfeiffer. I am looking for more on the Schnabel family or families in Quebec. Conrad/Konrad SCHNABLE / SCHNAEPPEL/Schnabel & Barbe-Elisabeth PFEIFFER. I ...

Lost Much forebear and Minnesota Much's Posted on: 12 Dec 2000, by Maria H. Bierly

Surnames > Much

...possible connections to my Much immigrant relative from Bavaria it would be appreciated.- I know that Konrad Much's grandparents originated from the Rhineland region ( Bachhausen) in Germany where there are...

MO IL Zoll Posted on: 17 May 1999, by Susan Krueger

Surnames > Zoll

Konrad (Conrad) A. Zoll settled in St. Louis, MO about 1840 after traveling from Hamburg to New Orleans. He and his wife Barbara had seven children. The family spent some time in Springfield, IL before retu...

Kusch Family Posted on: 08 Oct 2000, by  RLudwig

Surnames > Kusch

...1858 d. 1902 Mother is Marianne Tischbirek b. Jun 27 1862 Other children are: Viktoria b. Dec 18 1890, Konrad b. 1893, Anna b, 1895, Gertrud b. 1897. Thanks, Ron

Steinert family Posted on: 15 Mar 2000, by Paula

Surnames > Steinert

...Zuelkenhagen - Pommern - United Kingdon of Prussia. He came to America 1888 with his wife Caroline or Karoline Konrad/Conrad. The landed in the Port of New York in July of 1888 and then went onto Ithaca, Ka...

George Steinert's Siblings Posted on: 13 Jul 2000, by Heidi McConnell

Surnames > Steinert

...this journey and doesn't know any of her relatives. I know that George's brothers were Jacob,David and Konrad Steinert and I believe they came to America about 1908. I'd like any info. you might have.

ancestry message board Posted on: 17 Jul 2000, by Babette Reisig

Surnames > Steinert

...great grandmother's name Katherine Elizabeth? her sibilings would have been david, george,heinrich, konrad and maria we have a very detailed reisig genealogy book and it would help us if you knew anything...

Reisig family Posted on: 21 Jul 2000, by Babette Reisig

Surnames > Steinert

...are your great grandmas siblings she also had a brother david who we are descendants of and a brother konrad. The closest relative your grandma has left living would be a first cousin Reinhold Reisig who ...

Preyer in Amsterdam/Pforzheim Posted on: 02 Aug 2006, by Gary

Surnames > Preyer

Looking for any information on Jean Heinrich Konrad Preyer, of Amsterdam, b. abt 1837, m. Marie Carolina Heinz Christian Preyer, of Amsterdam, after 1837 (bro of above) Carl Adolph Preyer, b. Pforzheim ...

Konrad Bär/Baer Hesse, Germany Posted on: 24 Jan 2006, by  searcher93

Surnames > Baer

I am looking for descendents of Konrad Bär who married Anna Barbara (Unknown) They had 2 known sons: Wilhelm b. 1786 and Johann b. 1802. Considering the age span of the sons, very possibly other childr...

Lang Family Lineage Posted on: 21 Jun 2000, by  JObert3598

Surnames > Lang

Karen: Can you help me?..My relative Anna Maria OBERT married Konrad LANG 2/16/1752 at Herbolzheim, Freiburg, Baden, Germany..I have no other info...I know it's not much but if you can't help then can you s...

Lang lineage Posted on: 21 Jun 2000, by  Karen_Breach

Surnames > Lang

I am sorry that I have nothing to help you at this point on your Konrad LANG m. Anna OBERT ,1750s, in Baden, GER. My LANGs all came from Temmels, Rhineland, Germany. I am too much of a novice at Germany ...

Re: Lang Family Lineage Posted on: 13 Dec 2004, by Ernestine Gabriele Lang

Surnames > Lang

My mother was AnnaMaria Lang, Born in Frankfort 1932 ?. Her two brothers: Walter and Erwin Lang, birthplace? Their Father Konrad Johann Lang married Babbet Eggmaier (spelling)

Konrad Lang (Germany) Posted on: 02 Mar 2003, by  StaceyGarstec...

Surnames > Lang

Looking for information on Konrad Lang married to Anna Maria Eckhart. She was born November 3, 1677 in Germany, daughter of Quirinus Schuster Eckhart and Anna Maria Heimerdinger. She died November 24, 171...

Oscar(Oskar) Lang..Brooklyn New York Posted on: 05 Jan 2004, by  tutuhale

Surnames > Lang

...Friedrich Becker. Friedrich's mother was Charlotte Marie Bertha Lang, daughter of Bertha Jungblut and Fedor Konrad Friedrich Lang. I found a family in the 1880 census that could be the one. His wife was nam...

Re: Cron families Posted on: 08 Jan 2000, by  ruthfrey66

Surnames > Cron

...baptised 18 Oct 1692, married Anna Magdalena Rollauer 30 Aug 1718. Children from this union were Johann Konrad Cron, born 1722, Johann Philipp Cron, born 1723, Anna Christina Cron, born 16 Nov 1725, Anna Ma...

Re: MANTL - my mothers maiden name Posted on: 05 Sep 2003, by Robert Jankovec

Surnames > Mantl

...exactly: Her name was Maria Magdalena Mantl, born in Schwabmünchen, Germany, on 04.02.1923, married to Konrad Jankovec. Her father was born in Tyrol, Telfs, Austria, and his name was Julius Mantl. If ...

Re: William Achranowicz orWilliam Ochranowicz Posted on: 18 Nov 2002, by Jola

Surnames > Achranowicz Jolanta and Kamila Ochranowicz we are from Poland . My grandpa Franciszek Ochranowicz have sons Konrad and Bogdan .Bogdan is my father.Franciszek was teatcher of history in school ( 1930-1940) .When be...

Warner/Werner, Matteaus Gottfried Posted on: 05 Feb 2000, by  AEngler4253

Surnames > Warner

...Believe 4xs great grandfather is from Zweibruken Germany. Born abt 1762 died abt 1816. Married Maria Konrad. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Info. on: Posted on: 11 Nov 2000, by g. oelker

Surnames > Oelker

Konrad Heinrich Oelker, born in Rahden in/about 1742. Dead after 1791 (?). Parents? Brothers? Sisters?

Phyllis, you changed email addresses... Posted on: 25 Nov 2001, by  Rochelle Morr...

Surnames > Steinhauer

...with you. Where did we leave off? I have a Margaret (Mary) STEINHAUER that married Conrad (Johann Konrad) GEHRES, 13 Apr 1848 in Pike County, Ohio. According to what I have found, she was born 20 Oct 18...

Lenz from Pommern? Posted on: 16 Jul 2000, by  KLenz6232

Surnames > Lenz

...'Lenz' from Regenthin, Arnswalde or these area?? All these little towns are in Pommern. My father, Konrad Lenz, was born there in 1933. With kindly regards, Wolfgang

RE: Wolfgang's message Posted on: 17 Jul 2000, by Esther Lenz

Surnames > Lenz

Sorry Wolfgang, I did not find Konrad in my database. These LEnzs come from Alendorf and Dollendorf which is in the Eifel area. Good luck and keep looking.

Lenz - Kossuth County, Iowa Posted on: 29 Sep 2001, by  do1472

Surnames > Lenz

...Varna, IL, d. 1986 bd. Luverne, Iowa). I have no names of siblings, but I believe his parents were Konrad Richard Lenz and Bertha KEMNITZ. Konrad's father may have been named John Jacob Lenz. Does this ...

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