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MI Families Posted on: 25 May 1999, by  jplalone

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Michigan

Interested in these and other metis families of the Mackinac and Sault Ste. Marie area - BOURASSA, CADOTTE, LANGLADE, ERMATINGER, ANDRESS/ANDREWS, BONNEAU/BONO.

LaRose Posted on: 24 Apr 1999, by Kathy Chapman

Surnames > Larose

...are related or not. I also heard that there were some LaRoses' that came out of Manitoba, that were metis, ( half breeds) if you know any thing about this would you let know thank you Kathy

Metis amerindian Demers from Canada? Posted on: 03 Apr 1999, by Tara

Surnames > Demers

I am from Canada. I am an aboriginal Canadian. I am metis. I a looking for some info on my background. Please let me know if you know anything! Thanks!

Telacroix Posted on: 25 Aug 1999, by Mary Flora-Cox

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Alabama

...Lucille SPENCE was born in Kingston, ONTARIO, FRONTENAC CTY. on 5-21-1878. There is stories that we may be Metis but can't find out my ggrandfather George H. SPENCE's parents names. He was born in CANADA, ...

Lennie family History Posted on: 04 Jun 1999, by Molly(Lennie) Pierrot

Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > Scotland > General

To whom it may concern. I am a Metis from the Northwest Territories in Canada. I have been looking for information on my family for some years. I know that my great grandfather came from Scotland but I am...

KING Posted on: 02 Sep 1999, by Leslie La Brie-DePue

Localities > North America > United States > States > Wisconsin > Counties > Barron

Almost all of my dad's side of the family (french canadian and Metis) were are some still there from Rice Lake, WI. I have been searching feverishly for some time for my gt grandmother-EMELIA PELTIER marri...

Micmac Posted on: 18 Dec 1999, by  acadianstar

Localities > North America > Canada > Québec > Gaspésie--Îles-de-la-Madeleine > Bonaventure

I belive the town of Maria,Bonaventure County had METIS, whites who mixed with the Micmac (First Nation Peoples),has any research been done in this area ? I do know Ristigouch, Quebec was a Micmac town and...

Micmac Posted on: 18 Dec 1999, by Arthur Drysdale

Localities > North America > Canada > Québec > Gaspésie--Îles-de-la-Madeleine > Bonaventure,but the mother of a Larocque was the daughter of a Caplan and his wife may have been a Micmac or a Metis. I am a descendant from the Larocque and Duguay families, all of the other families you ment...

Wanyandi Posted on: 17 Oct 1999, by  @@dhomme@telu...

Localities > North America > Canada > Alberta > Grande Prairie

...spellings of these names. The first book is 'A History of Grande Cache' and the other is 'The First Metis...A New Nation'. Neither book mentions Elizabeth Louise but there is quite a lot of other family in...

Sask. Family Posted on: 30 Aug 1999, by Linda DeLorme

Localities > North America > Canada > Saskatchewan > Kamsack

Searching for Saskatchewan Metis family: Caroline ROUSSIN (ROUSSAIN)(THOMAS) b. 1858 at Fort Pelly; Napoleon LEDOUX, b. 3 Feb 1875 at Duck Lake; Joseph LEDOUX, b. 15 Aug 1884 at Batoche; Jean Marie LEDOUX,...

Looking for Biological Family Posted on: 26 Dec 1999, by Dee Johnston

Localities > North America > Canada > Saskatchewan > Weyburn

...1946. I have some health questions and would love to meet my sisters. My mother and her mother are of Metis Heritage

lavallee's Posted on: 14 Dec 1999, by Charlene Lavallee

Localities > North America > United States > States > New York > Counties > Clinton

...just starting my family tree on the Lavallee side. In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Lavallee is a common Metis (half breed) name. Lamontagne is also a very common Metis name...We may be the native side you are see...

McCann Posted on: 07 Sep 1999, by Laura Ingram

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Wisconsin employee of his mill. Rosalie had 2 more husbands. The DeMarais families on my chart were Ojibwa metis, and lived mainly in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa City, Frenchtown and in Brookville, Dunn County.

tribal connections? Posted on: 09 Jun 1999, by  GFadness

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Wisconsin

...du Flambeau origin, Or originally madaline island or rivere de orielles in canada. Interested also in Metis records pertaining to Beaulieu, and Ouellettes.

Beaulieu Posted on: 10 Jul 1999, by  Steven_Stodol...

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Wisconsin

... More information can be found at Metis info at Hope this...

LAMARANDIERE Posted on: 23 Sep 1999, by  jplalone

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Wisconsin

...would like to know how you fit in (I'm not descended from this family, just collect all MI Indian & metis families) Thanks. Jim.

lost auntie Posted on: 15 Oct 1999, by Ian Davidson

Localities > North America > Canada > Manitoba > Winnipeg was broken up in the thirties after the death of their mother Marie louise (LaBoucane)Davison (Metis) (died in child birth 19 34) and their father Earl Louis Davison Died 1947 winsor ontario. Margre...

metis families Posted on: 02 Jun 1999, by John Beck

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Native American > Intertribal > Michigan

I am looking for information on metis families.In particular metis families with a indian father and a white mother.The indians were of the Ojibway/Chippiwa tribe and the Saulteur band.The time frame I'm lookin...

Caisse Family Posted on: 23 Aug 1999, by Ken Suitor

Surnames > Caisse

...Indian herb spelled backwards. My grandmother is Victoria Caisse. Her father was Emmanuel Caisse. All are Metis and are from the french voyageurs and settled in Ile a la Crosse. Email me at regroover@yahoo...

Texas Charles F.T. Atkinson Posted on: 11 Dec 1999, by  Follaine

Surnames > Atkinson

...much of any other information. He was possibly born in Texas but stories also claim that he may be a Metis from Canada. If any one can help I would appretiate any contact regarding him. I have come up agai...

Jourdain Posted on: 24 Aug 1999, by Ken Suitor

Surnames > Jourdain

There are a few Jourdains in my family from Ile a la Crosse saskatchewan Metis (French Indian) Fur traders trappers and voyageurs all came to this area as it was hudson bay center.

Leonard Royal Caron Posted on: 15 Aug 1999, by Kevin Caron

Surnames > Caron

...possibility that my family is related to Leonard Caron and family buried there. Batouche is a historic Metis town. I look forward to any additional information about the Caron family. My grandfather was Le...

Dustin/Dustan Posted on: 27 Dec 1999, by  marnunn

Surnames > Dustin

...all. It is rumored that Ann was an only child. ann's parent's are unknown. I have my LeVeille(LaVallee)Metis(French/Indian)ancestors traced all the way to Quebec and to France. Ironically, I have very litt...

Pierre Falcon Posted on: 21 Dec 1999, by  MoAschenbrenn...

Surnames > Falcon

Hi Bernadette; I am working on the Canadian Metis side of the Falcon Family .... suspect your location "Battlefield, Canada" might well be Battleford, Saskatchewan. For more info, contact me at m...

Therese Dufault's Legacy Posted on: 29 Oct 1999, by Joylene

Surnames > Gaudry

...she had other than Rosalie Gaudry, born 1855-08-16, died 1932-01-12. Her mother Therese Dufault was Metis. Madeleine could not read nor write. Her husband Andre was the son of Louis Amable Gaudry of Notre ...

Ayotte Family Posted on: 23 Aug 1999, by Ken Suitor

Surnames > Ayotte

Maybe one of your relations moved to Ile a la Crosse. Are you Metis? email me at

ayotte/canada Posted on: 24 Aug 1999, by  FIREWALKE1

Surnames > Ayotte

...Hourate Ayotte that married a Joseph Robitaillle somewhere in Canada. As far as i can tell they were both Metis, ( of mixed blood). If anyone finds an ayotte that married a Robitaille please send info my w...

Ayotte metis Posted on: 24 Aug 1999, by Ken Suitor

Surnames > Ayotte

Please contact me at regarding Canadian Ayottes urgent to locate as well. Louis Ayotte Charles Ayotte? contact

Napoleon DALLAIRE - early 1800s, Fabre, QC Posted on: 18 Dec 1999, by Letty Stephens

Surnames > Dallaire

Resaearching Napolean Dallaire's line. Need to know if there are Metis marriages in our family. Birthdates between 1830 to 40 in Fabre Quebec.

Gladu/Gladue Posted on: 14 Sep 1999, by  jilyfr

Surnames > Gladu

Hi Trevor, Small world isn't it! I live in Victoria. I belong to the same Metis Nation as Russ. Thought I recognized your last name so I emailed Russ and lo and behold you are brothers. I gave him the list...

Gladu Posted on: 22 Oct 1999, by Trevor R. Teed

Surnames > Gladu

...Gladu clan that comes from Francois in western Canada and in some cases western USA and is predominantly METIS. Perhaps others can assist with the eastern links and even further back to France. Trevor

Susanne Bedard Akey Posted on: 08 Aug 1999, by Christine G. Hughes

Surnames > Bedard

...there are more than one Bedard/Akey marriages. Do you know anything about that? I believe there are Metis connections in there, as well. Please email me if you wish. I'm curious to know who you're related ...

Metis from Canada Posted on: 13 Dec 1999, by Two Bears and Beatrice Kelsey

Surnames > Hendrix

...spelling of the Nation that she was referring to. I think that you should research some of the Canadian Metis record and sites. You can search the web under Native Americans and also under Metis nations. The Metis a...

Fontaine/ St. Onge Posted on: 19 Jun 1999, by  DStroehlein

Surnames > Fontaine

...parents Atoine or Antoine Fontaine and Marie Metilly St. Onge. I believe they could be Native American or Metis. Please, if you have any info please contact me at Thanks--Deb

Morrissette surname Posted on: 17 Nov 1999, by Melanie Popovic

Surnames > Morrissette

...web site because I also have a Morrissette line and this website has a great Metis line. Look under the descendants of Titameg and good luck to you! Melanie

mclean research Posted on: 05 Dec 1999, by cynthia walton

Surnames > Grant

Looking for information on Peter Grant who migrated to canada and worked for Hudson bay fur. He married a Metis woman and had a daughter named Sophia Grant whom is my great great grandmother so they say. I...

Cavils from Yorkshire England to Quebec, Canada Posted on: 12 Dec 1999, by  Slidell

Surnames > Cavil

...Gibson and Mary FENBY both of the mid-1700's England. George, Jr. and Diana brought their young family to Metis, Quebec, Canada in 1820. On board the same vessel was the William CRAIG family of Paisley, Sc...

Berger Posted on: 02 Jan 2000, by fran McCarty

Localities > North America > United States > States > Montana > Counties > Fergus

...a cousin but need to connect this line for two seperate families Ouellette and Paul. Eliza is on the Metis marriage records for Fergus county on 24 Feb 1923 to John LaFountain, I have a marriage for her to...

Berger and Wells Posted on: 06 Jan 2000, by fran McCarty

Localities > North America > United States > States > Montana > Counties > Fergus

...for your help I will be sure to use both these sources. I hope to be in Lewistown this summer for the Metis 2000 celebration and will do all the on site research I can at that time so it is good to know wh...

Larance Metis family Posted on: 06 Jan 2000, by  Roger Lawrenc...

Surnames > Larance

I'm trying to find all the metis descendants named Larance of the Montana, Alberta and Manotoba region. The line is identified to the ancesto from France in 1665.

Marie Laveck/Leveck/ Ontario Posted on: 16 Jan 2000, by jim

Surnames > Leveck

Looking for parents of Marie Laveck/LeVeck b.1810 Kingston Ontario, possibly Metis/Cree origins. There were, as well, Mohawk settlements near Kingston(United Empire Loyalists)

James Lepine Posted on: 17 Jan 2000, by  Marlene_Ellis...

Surnames > Lapine

Hi there, Somewhere there is indian also. Inthe book The Genealogy of the first Metis (1/2 Indian) Nation. In my lineage there are some of the names. Feel free to contact me Private at Wha...

Theotiste Dube m. Abraham Cote 1835 Posted on: 18 Jan 2000, by  RJCota1918

Surnames > Dube

Looking for parents of Theotiste Dube b.09/20/1807 L'Isle-Verte,Quebec d.04/17/1860 St.Octave de Metis. Married Abraham Cote 08/25/1835 St. Germain Rimuski. Thanks for the help

Jusseaume Search Posted on: 19 Jan 2000, by Tracy Dusome

Surnames > Jusseaume

...derivitive of Dusseaume is Jusseaume. My family lives in Ontario north of Toronto,Canada. My ancestors are Metis from the Red River Valley in Manitoba circa 1820ish. This is as much as I am sure. I think I...

Tessier dit Lavigne, Native Heritage Posted on: 20 Jan 2000, by Sheryl Ellis-Gentray

Surnames > Tacey

...research for a very long time to get the exact name. Cunningham, Lavigne and Tessier are all known as Metis Surnames. I am currently the President of the Metis Association where I live. All my life I never felt...

To Tracy Dusome Dusome, Dusseaume, Jusseaume more information Posted on: 23 Jan 2000, by  Marcel Jussau...

Surnames > Jusseaume

...returned from Washington DC which is believed to be true. Given that Rene Jusseaume's offspring would be Metis, and given that Rene and Broken Tooth were not formally educated the familly name could have e...

Simon Fraser > Samuel Fraser Posted on: 02 Feb 2000, by Joshua Samuel Herbert Fraser (Alias: Brass)

Surnames > Fraser

...roots. My mother is Linda Fraser (Brass), daughter of Samuel Fraser. Samuel Fraser was a Scottish/Cree Metis from central Alberta. I have been told that we are direct descendents of the famous Canadian f...

Francois and Josephte Morissette Posted on: 03 Feb 2000, by Melanie Popovic

Surnames > Morrissette

...March 1814, d. October 29,1870; Francois (Franco) Morissette and Josephte Descoteaux who was most likely Metis. Any info appreciated, Thank you.

Don Cockburn Posted on: 06 Feb 2000, by brian andrew cockburn

Surnames > Cockburn

...back. We are on the net about 16 from sturgeon cockburns. if you would like to get in touch i am at

mary Irwin Posted on: 15 Feb 2000, by shelly

Surnames > Irwin

that could be a niece do you have any other info? I was told she could have been metis e-mail me direct. thanks

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