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Dennis Lechner Posted on: 13 Jan 2002, by  housemouse_51...

Surnames > Lechner

I am looking for Dennis( Toby) Lechner. I think he was living in New York.I use to live across the street from him and his ex-wife, in Biloxi,Miss. Please write to me with any information. Thank-you, Donna

Re: Joseph Heiberger Posted on: 15 Jan 2002, by John Gustafson

Surnames > Heiberger

Greg -- I am descended thru Joseph and Catherine's daughter Theresa Catherine who married Frank Xavier Lechner. I do have some information on your side, but only for a generation or two. Joseph and Catheri...

Re: Blintzinger Hanover,York Co.Pa Posted on: 21 Jan 2002, by Mary Kelly Mills

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > York

A clue--Maybe--I saw your query and recognized it as an old Hanover name and since I had St. Matthew's Church records on my desk, I thought I would look. I did not find a baptism for Louisa c1824, but...

Lanzet and Lancet of Herxheim b. Landau, Germany Posted on: 21 Jan 2002, by Helene P. Dreyer

Surnames > Lanzet

Hello Everyone! This board is being started by myself and three other newly found cousins (Richard, Jo Claire, and Ann). We "stumbled" across each other and have started this board in sear...

Lydia Jane Lechner and John Orner (1800-1878); Cambria and Mifflin Co., PA Posted on: 26 Jan 2002, by  sarahinphilly

Surnames > Lechner

The Orner/Arner Family Association seeks descendants of: LYDIA JANE LECHNER, John Orner, 1800-1878, Summit, Cambria; Derry, Lewistown, Mifflin, PA. You are almost certainly descendants of Hans Ulrich Arner...

Lechner Posted on: 07 Feb 2002, by  clhaa

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Counties > Mahoning

I am looking for the descendents of Emanuel & Mina Holderread Lechner who were married Aug. 31, 1854 in Mahoning Co., OH

Campbell Bros. Circus Posted on: 24 Feb 2002, by CathyHenry

Surnames > Lechner

Allen (Al) Green Campbell had a daughter Grace Albina that married John F. Lechner. If you know anything about them let me know. Thanks Cathy

Lechner-Lechnor Posted on: 28 Feb 2002, by  lillinda

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

Looking for help on Lechner family. My gggrandmother Catharine or Katharine(Leinhauser) born in Rentrisch,Saarbruken, Germany and died in Germany. Siblings were Peter, Margaret(Hoepp), Anna(Schneider), Lena(...

Re: John Lechner, d 1845 in Carroll Co., OH Posted on: 23 Mar 2002, by  janelle_osbor...

Surnames > Lechner

My email address has changed from to for anyone wanted to respond on John Lechner who d in 1845 in Carroll Co., OH Janelle

Re: SCHWARK, SCHWORK Posted on: 04 Apr 2002, by  KathrynMcNeal

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

Kay, I have not been able to make a family connection with any Michigan Schwarks as yet. WE are an illusive bunch. I believe my family line in connected through Wisconsin. I grew up in Northern Ill...

Re: Amber Milliron Smith - Pa. Posted on: 10 Apr 2002, by  Lenaoh

Surnames > Smith

Amber Barbara Milliron Smith was my grandmothers sister. She lived somewhere in Virginia after her marriage to George Hutson Smith. I know she was born in 1887 and had two sisters Flora and Viola (My ...

Re: LECHNER Posted on: 11 Apr 2002, by Judy Cowen-Hodges

Localities > North America > United States > States > Illinois > Counties > White

I am descended from George and Eliza (Howell) Lechner and would like to correspond with you regarding the Lechners. My grandmother (95 yrs old) is the Grand daughter of George and Eliza.

Re: Emigs, York Pa Posted on: 22 Apr 2002, by Cheryl Layton Swayne

Surnames > Emig

Henry died-2 April 1916 Susan d.-7 Mar 1929 Are you related? I have a missed generation in my post. Cheryl

Re: Sapps of Ill. Posted on: 09 May 2002, by  DonnaPlapp

Surnames > Sapp

I have been looking for a friend of mine for years. Her maiden name was Sapp. Her Dad's name was Lyman Sapp. His last address was in Flora, Ill. I don't know if she has re-married or where Melanie mov...

Looking for Melanie Sapp/ Lechner/ Cozart Posted on: 21 May 2002, by  housemouse_51...

Surnames > Sapp

If this name is familiar to any one, please write to me. New e-mail address is I knew Melanie when we lived in Biloxi, Miss in 1972. I lost touch with her in the early 90's...

Karl Lechner Posted on: 21 May 2002, by JOhn Lechner

Surnames > Lechner

I am trying to find some information on Karl Lechner born between 1910 - 1925. He married Hannelore Ischinger (first wife) and had one son Gunter Karl born in 1944. Heidenheim was the family after the wa...

Re: Janet Sue Sapp Posted on: 22 May 2002, by Donna Plapp

Surnames > Sapp

Hi, My name is Donna Plapp. I am living in Oregon,about 20 Miles from Portland. I am hoping you can help me out. I have been looking for a friend of mine for quite some time. Her Dad and Step-Mom last...

Re: Benjamin Sapp Posted on: 02 Jun 2002, by Donna Plapp

Surnames > Sapp

...across the street from Melanie when I lived in Biloxi, Miss. in 1971-72. Her last name at that time was Lechner,then it changed to Cozart around 1975. She devorced Bob, now I don't know what her name would b...

Re: German Links Posted on: 14 Jun 2002, by  lspeth

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

...great-great grandparents came from Bavaria. They were Sebastian Speth (1808-1889) and Catharine Eva (Lechner) Speth (1806-1876). I don't know whether they married in Germany or here, or when, prior to 1832, ...

Obit - Eva Stansberger - Sept. 18, 1898 Posted on: 17 Jun 2002, by  Vivian_Eichel

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Counties > Tuscarawas

...of Auburn, Indiana, Miss Ella Zerfly of Canton, Mrs. Frances Hutchinson of Sandyville and Mrs. Flora Lechner of Mineral Point. The oldest child, Peter Hockinsmith, by her first husband, was killed 10 years ...

George Lechner Posted on: 19 Jun 2002, by  qwaller

Surnames > Lechner

Looking for information about George Lechner. He married Eliza Howell. Most of his children were born in Illinois (Grayville) In 1892 they moved to Henrietta, Texas where their youngest child was born. T...

Re: George Lechner Posted on: 20 Jun 2002, by  Janelleosborn...

Surnames > Lechner

...White Co., IL and there is a Grayville in White Co. I'm quite sure. I don't have a George. Here is my Lechner site. Janelle

Re: George Lechner Posted on: 20 Jun 2002, by Judy Cowen-Hodges

Surnames > Lechner

Johann Georg Lechner was born 8 October 1847 in Cincinatti, Hamilton Co., Ohio to Andrew and Barbara Elizabeth (Deistler) Lechner. He married Eliza Ann Howell (born 20 December 1847 in Edwards Co. Illinois) on Oct...

SCHIESEL Posted on: 21 Jun 2002, by  Lovelylois

Surnames > Schiesl

Searching SCHIESEL, GREIF, LECHNER from Bukovina, Ukraine--formally located in Austria Hungary then Romania and now Ukraine.

Shorb Family Posted on: 21 Jul 2002, by Mary Kelly Mills

Surnames > Shorb

Johannes Shorb,c1726-1801 the immigrant arrived in Philadelphia on the Priscilla Sept. 11, 1744, along with Paulus and Frederick. He settled first in Reading, Berks Co. Pa. and later is found on the t...

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