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Pospisils from villages south of Caslav Posted on: 22 Feb 2002, by  JoeZima

Surnames > Pospisil

I found probable Pospisil "kin" listed in several books on Czechs who settled in Nebraska from villages south of Caslav. Would like contact with descendents of Nebraska Pospisils to discuss connect...

pospisil family Posted on: 22 Mar 2002, by  belmore1

Surnames > Pospisil

my grandmother's maiden name was pospisil, she came to texas from iowa, looking for any possible connection

Re: pospisil Posted on: 04 Apr 2002, by  NOREENSMITH88

Surnames > Pospisil

I have a great Uncle, Victor Pospisil, who was born in New York City February 8, 1894 and died in Queens, NY 1966. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

Re: Josef and Maria (Kotalik) Sejba Posted on: 29 Apr 2002, by  ezra77

Surnames > Kotalik

...Frantisek Kotalik (b. 1870 Pisek, Czech Rep. d. 04 Sep 1941 Pisek, Czech Rep.) m. Marie Pospisil (b. 1870 d. 03 Jun 1936 Czech Rep.) 2) Julie Kotalik (b. 16 Feb 1873 d. 14 ...

GUDERNA, POSPISIL, ROUSOVA, ROUS Posted on: 04 May 2002, by  benkenton

Localities > Eastern Europe > Yugoslavia > General grandmothers side came from a aristocatic family in czechoslovkia from the names EVA GUDERNA,EVA POSPISIL(grand mother madian name) EVA ROUSOVA(great gr.mother madian) ROUS(great gr.father DR.)if anyboby h...

Re: Pospisil's of Chicago, IL about 1906 Posted on: 14 Aug 2002, by  Cassiebassie

Surnames > Pospisil

Are you any relation to Mary Novotny who married Myron Pospisil? They lived in Cleveland, OH.

Re: Texas Posted on: 14 Aug 2002, by  Cassiebassie

Surnames > Pospisil

My husband's great grandmother was Emilie Pospisil, Myron's sister. Do you know if the whole family lived together in Texas before moving to Ohio? Ellis Island Passenger Records shows that Voronika Pospisil came over...

Re: Texas Posted on: 20 Oct 2002, by  charming

Surnames > Pospisil

I don't know if I am related or not but my father's brother was Myron Pospisil and they had a sister Emilie. Myron was married to Marie (maiden name unknown). Their mother's name was Veronika Zelenka Pospisil - fath...

Re: Kraliks of Czech Republic Posted on: 15 Nov 2002, by Diane Pospisil Christian

Surnames > Kralik

Hello, Delancey. We are related. My great-grandfather was Frank Kralik's son, Albert Louis, who married Anna Lahoda and they resided in the Lindsay, Nebraska area. I would appreciate any informatio...

Vraspirs From Bohemia Posted on: 23 Jan 2003, by  NOREENSMITH88

Surnames > Vraspir

...1862 in Kutna Hora, Bohemia Czechsolvakia. She immigrated to New York around 1885 and married William Pospisil where they lived all their lives. The family recalls an older family member named Joseph who co...

Re: Pospisils from villages south of Caslav Posted on: 24 Jan 2003, by Gloria Hood

Surnames > Pospisil

Hi! I am a descendant of JamesPospisil married Karolina Dvorak. Their son, was my grandpa, Emil Pospisil, 1900-1987, Norfolk, NE area to Iowa border area. James was married in Butler, Co to Karolina D. I h...

looking for relatives Posted on: 13 Feb 2003, by  eska77

Surnames > Wilkowski

...but our contact was broken. Franciszka married Szefler and no clue on their children. Possibly Janina Pospisil was their daughter, but I'm not sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: i'm a pospisil! Posted on: 15 Feb 2003, by  eska77

Surnames > Pospisil

Hi there, My name is Sebastian Kunkowski and I am not related to the Pospisil family. However, Janina or Janine Pospisil was or is my relative. Her mother's name was probably Francine (Polish - Franciszka) Wilkows...

Re: Texas Posted on: 23 Feb 2003, by  charming

Surnames > Pospisil

Bob, sorry for the late answer. My grandfather's name was Frank Pospisil, Sr. and his wife was Veronika Zelenka Pospisil. They imigrated to the USA in 1912 and 1913. I do have the records for their arrivals. Thei...

Re: Texas Posted on: 24 Feb 2003, by  charming

Surnames > Pospisil

Bob, in addition to my earlier message - Charles and Amelia (Millie) brother and sister of Myron also lived in Redondo Beach, CA - both never married according to their death certificates. I don't ha...

Re: Pospisils-Moravany, Czechoslovakia Posted on: 04 Apr 2003, by Tami Brown (nee Pospisil)

Surnames > Pospisil

...there is any relation, but my father as well as my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather were all named Otto Pospisil. I believe my Great-Grandfather & Great-Grandmother came from Czechoslovakia. They had son...

Anton P. Pospisil Posted on: 21 Apr 2003, by  kathy2392_1

Surnames > Pospisil

I am looking for information about Anton P. Pospisil, born in Bohemia, possibly June 13, 1859. He died in Saunders County, Nebraska. His wife was Mary Virgil,also from Bohemia, July 6, 1865 . Thank you. ka...

Re: Texas Posted on: 26 Apr 2003, by Shirley Valentine

Surnames > Pospisil

Cassie, I just read you August 2002 message and my father, Frank James Pospisil was a brother to Myron. The other brothers were Anton (who died young), James and Charles - sisters were Amelia (Millie), Betty...

Re: geneology Posted on: 31 May 2003, by  jchaykow

Surnames > Pospisil

Hi, My G-G-Grandmother was Amalia Ustrnul (maiden name Pospisil). She was born 9-20-1850 in Strassnitz? Her residence was in Egbel, Austria until immigrating to the US on 12/20/1907 with husband Alois Ustrn...

Re: Pospisil's of Chicago, IL about 1906 Posted on: 24 Jul 2003, by  Normahess1950

Surnames > Pospisil

Yes, I am.... Mary Novotny and Myron Pospisil were my Grandparents. I am the daughter of their eldest son Frank G. They also had a son Charles.

Pospisil in Texas links Posted on: 08 Aug 2003, by  pmniemann

Surnames > Pospisil

Am searching for Pospisil family connections to families named Dostalik, Janek or Zabranskey from the Fayette or Lavaca county area of Texas. Working with bits and pieces of a puzzle.

Re: Pospisil in Texas links Posted on: 19 Sep 2003, by  marylvh

Surnames > Pospisil

...families in Colorado County (Industry or Frelsburg) or McLennan County (Tours)? My g grandmother was a Pospisil.

Re: Pospisil in Texas links Posted on: 22 Sep 2003, by Paulette Niemann

Surnames > Pospisil

...with the Dostalik family outside of Flatonia and if they are related was the question. Secondly, Anton Pospisil was the witness on a death certificate for Marie Janek who lived in the same house the Dostalik'...

James Pospisil/Karalina Ana Dvorak Posted on: 23 Oct 2003, by Gloria Hood

Surnames > Pospisil

...Jan 1878 Abie, Butler, Ne. Death: 13 May 1941 Abie, Butler, Ne Married: Aug 31, 1897 to James POSPISIL, born 1884 Milwaukee, WI, died July, 1966, Forrest City, IA, son of Mary POSPISIL, Widowed, who came to...

Re: Rudds in Iowa Posted on: 23 Nov 2003, by Bill Fitch

Surnames > Rudd

My Aunts are in their 80's and early 90's Irene pospisil and Esther Irey they are granddaughters to Oliver Rudd. My grandmother was Christina ( Rudd) Felber.she told us that she was part Indian for years but...

Re: Pospisil in Texas links Posted on: 10 Dec 2003, by Judy Kallus Berry

Surnames > Pospisil

Dear Paulette, My hometown is Flatonia, so your query intrigues me. My ggrandfather Anton Pospisil lived east of Flatonia. When did Mary Janek die? Where was the Dostalik farm located? Was this the Grubbe(?)...

Re: Pospisil in Texas links Posted on: 10 Dec 2003, by  pmniemann

Surnames > Pospisil

...buried beside each other instead on different rows. According to research by my brother-in-law, Anton Pospisil was the wistness on Mary's death certficate thus we wondered if there may have been some relation...

Re: Pospisil in Texas links Posted on: 10 Dec 2003, by Judy Kallus Berry

Surnames > Pospisil

...Paulette, This info may already be known. According to my parents, Anton Pospisil's brother, Joe Pospisil, was married to Antonia Vasinka. Antonia was a sister to Marie Dostalik.Thus, the Pospisil and Dostalik c...

Re: Pospisil's of Chicago, IL about 1906 Posted on: 10 Dec 2003, by  charming

Surnames > Pospisil

Mary and Myron Pospisil were my aunt and uncle. I am the daughter of Myron's brother Frank who resided in Redondo Beach, CA along with Myron's other siblings, Millie, Charles and James.

Pospisil Posted on: 13 May 2004, by Barbara

Surnames > Pospisil

Anyone with any information on a Frank Pospisil with brothers Rudy, William, George. Frank was born in early 1900's, his mothers name is Mary. Frank is my Grandfather he never married my Grandmother, Marth...

Pospisil Posted on: 20 Jul 2004, by  cleo15081

Surnames > Pospisil

hello, i'm looking for the sister of my grandmother. my grandmother was Antonia Pospischil 24.02.1919 Pittsburg, USA. The name for the sisters was Olga Kreutzer and Maria Eliason. The father was the ...

Re: Pospisil Posted on: 22 Jul 2004, by  ZBeca

Surnames > Pospisil

...researching on CZ. to locate a town in CZ The surname POSPISIL lists in Jihomoravsky obvod but no listing in the town of Jevisovice.

pospisil jaispitz (cz) Posted on: 27 Jul 2004, by  cleo15081

Surnames > Pospisil

I'm looking for this person Anna Pospisil * 20.07.1875 Frantisek Pospisil * 29.09.1876 Terezia Pospisil * 03.08.1878 Anna Pospisil * 18.06.1880 Jan Pospisil * 03.04.1882 Jan Pospisil * 31.06.1883 Antonia Pospisil * 14.01.1885 Vaclav Pospisil * 16.09.1889 Antonie...

Re: Pospisil Posted on: 31 Jul 2004, by Rain Pospisil

Surnames > Pospisil

My Great Grandfather is Frank Pospisil, The lived in Nebraska and that is all I have about him, They were in the Lincoln and Omaha area, His Son Earnest Pospisil was my grandfather and he passed away in the early 80'...

Kaylie D'Ann Dewbre Posted on: 31 Aug 2004, by  cantorjoeocho

Surnames > Dewbre

...of Saginaw, TX. Grandparents are Kevin and Peggy Dewbre of Comanche, Tx. Great-grandmothers are Helen Pospisil of Taylor, TX and Marie Dewbre of Ennis, TX.

Obit -- Hazel Oliver January 13, 1913 -- August 23, 2004 Posted on: 22 Sep 2004, by  acpoole57

Localities > North America > United States > States > Iowa > Counties > Harrison

Hazel Oliver, 91 09/09/2004 Hazel Oliver, 91, Woodbine, died Aug. 23 at the Rose Vista Nursing Home, Woodbine. Hazel (Johnson) Oliver was born Jan. 13, 1913 to Christian and Ella (Nuzum) John...

William Cejka m Agnes Pospisil Cedar Rapids, Iowa Posted on: 29 Oct 2004, by  DFW95

Surnames > Cejka

Looking for photographs of William Cejka born 1884 and his wife Agnes Pospisil and children Emma, Charles, William and Jerry. Also need parents of Agnes.

Agnes Pospisil m William Cejka Cedar Rapids, Iowa Posted on: 29 Oct 2004, by  DFW95

Surnames > Pospisil

looking for parents of Agnes Pospisil born 1889. She married William Cejka born 1884. They were married in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1908. Also looking for photographs of Agnes and William and their children.

Re: Pospisils from villages south of Caslav Posted on: 15 Nov 2004, by  Glorianna77

Surnames > Pospisil

...Joseph, 1874 in Prussa,??, Charles, 1880 in Milwaukee, WI, and Lizzie, 1884 in WI. At that time, Mary Pospisil was listed as widowed, head of household coming from Prussia. I am not at all familiar with any o...

Pospisil, Marguerite Josephine - Married - Worden, Leslie Merrill Posted on: 18 Nov 2004, by  AnGenealogy

Surnames > Pospisil

I am looking for any information on the ancestry and descendant of Marguerite Josephine Pospisil who married Leslie Merrill Worden on 04 Nov 1935 according to ...

Obit: Joe Pospisil Posted on: 14 Jan 2005, by  cantorjoeocho

Topics > Obituaries

Joe Pospisil Family-Placed Obituary Joe Pospisil Joe Pospisil, 82, passed away on Wednesday, January 12, 2005. He was the fifth child of John and Frances Pospisil and lived in South Austin since 1951. Joe is survived by ...

Heinz from Nebraska and/or Iowa Posted on: 21 Jan 2005, by  Glorianna77

Surnames > Heinz

...their parents names were but, they had two sons, and two daughters. Elmer and Elary Rhinehart and Pearl Rhinehart-Pospisil, and Alice Mae Rhinehart, can't think of her married name right now but, she lived in Grand Isl...

SORG Posted on: 07 Feb 2005, by  Boards

Localities > North America > United States > States > Kentucky > Counties > Franklin

...Kentucky and David Sorg, Sebring, Florida Daughters: Mary Ann Hulette, Frankfort, Kentucky and Barbara Pospisil, Lexington, Kentucky Sister: Jesse McDonald, Frankfort, Kentucky Grandchildren: Steve Hulette...

Spitzley, Mary Ann Posted on: 02 Mar 2005, by  JDSedore

Localities > North America > United States > States > Michigan > Counties > Eaton a Lansing hospital. She was born April 17, 1935 in Elsie, the daughter of Martin Bohill and Bessie Pospisil. Surviving are her husband, Roy; three sons, Timothy of Southfield, Bryan of Sunfield and Mark at...

Vendeline B. Pospisil Obituary Posted on: 03 Apr 2005, by  burzvana

Surnames > Pospisil

VENDELINE B. POSPISIL , 74, 74, died March 30, 2005. He was a veteran of the Korean War, and was retired from Houston Lighting & Power. He was a faithful member of St. Ambrose Catholic Church for over 40 ...

SORG Posted on: 29 Jun 2005, by  Boards

Localities > North America > United States > States > Kentucky > Counties > Franklin

...Florida Son: Michael Sorg, Lexington, Kentucky Brother: Dean Sorg, Frankfort, Kentucky Sisters: Barbara Pospisil, Lexington, Kentucky and Mary Ann Hulette, Frankfort, Kentucky Burial: Not given (Source: ...

Staff Sgt. Kenneth B. Pospisil, 35, of Andover, Minn., 14 Dec 2005 Posted on: 17 Dec 2005, by Gen-Pal

Surnames > Pospisil

...the death of a Marine who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Staff Sgt. Kenneth B. Pospisil, 35, of Andover, Minn., died Dec. 14 from an improvised explosive device while conducting combat ...

Obit: Staff Sgt. Kenneth B. Pospisil , USMC - IRAQ Posted on: 20 Dec 2005, by  cantorjoeocho

Topics > Obituaries

Staff Sgt. Kenneth B. Pospisil Minnesota marine killed during combat in Iraq MINNEAPOLIS - A marine from Minnesota was killed in Iraq when a bomb exploded, the U.S. Department of Defense announced Thu...

Clare Perrard Gorney Posted on: 26 Jan 2006, by  cantorjoeocho

Topics > Obituaries

...parents George and Hettie (Gast) Perrard of Moulton, her sisters, Lillian Bartosh of Ellinger and Dorothea Pospisil of Flatonia, and the twin brothers-in-law she helped to raise, Martin and Marion Gorney. She...

Re: Mary Pospisil/John Jecminek Posted on: 13 Apr 2006, by Kathy Vacek

Surnames > Pospisil

...was Anna JECMINEK. She was born in 1896 in Bulinac. Her parents were Jan (Ivan) JECMINEK and Mary POSPISIL. Jan JECMINEK died on 3 June 1925 in Bulinac. On his death certificate is lists his birthplace as...

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