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Re: Restoring FTM 2011 from backup hard drive Posted on: 13 Feb 2015, by  keithnuttle

Topics > Genealogy Software > Family Tree Maker software the My Document Library in the FTM folder. ie if the file you copied from the back up is called MyFamily.ftm or MyFamily.ftmb; is that file in the FTM directory that the program is looking for? If you open FTM. ...

Re: Huff/Hoff/Hough/Marlow/Bryant Posted on: 20 Feb 2015, by  imasearching

Surnames > Hoff

...all. I work on this almost daily and still have yet to find my Huff. Glad to hear that you were on MyFamily site, which is now moved to Family Lobby. I didn't see your name in the member list. http://fami...

Re: Photo of Nancy Spears Headstone, please Posted on: 21 Feb 2015, by  momrogerson

Localities > North America > United States > States > North Carolina > Counties > Wilkes

...looking for a relative who was supposedly buried at Big Ivy . One of the women I know from the old myfamily sites told me that many people were buried there without any headstone. There are lots of what the...

Re: Rev. Daniel Hoff Posted on: 24 Feb 2015, by  JoBrittain

Surnames > Hoff

...Hoff family history. I am an administrator for a Hoff site at Family Lobby (transferred my site from MyFamily last year due to Ancestry dropping support). I have researched the Hoff family since 1999. Toda...

Re: Humphrey Turner Posted on: 26 Feb 2015, by  Dale_H_Cook

Topics > Organizations and Societies > Mayflower Descendants

...1620-1633," 3 Volumes (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995; CD-ROM, Orem, UT:, Inc., 2000) at 3:1845. Dale H. Cook, Member, NEHGS and MA Society of Mayflower Descendants...

Re: and Cuthill Family Directory Posted on: 09 Mar 2015, by  muskymorris

Surnames > Cuthill

Hello, I'm one of the members of the retired Cuthill Family Directory. I seem to recall that I received a message with details of a new site you had managed to set up but I can't find the message/emai...

Re: and Cuthill Family Directory Posted on: 23 Mar 2015, by  HughCuthill

Surnames > Cuthill

Hello Sharon, I was contacted by SPOKT about shifting data from the retired site, and agreed to re-locate the Directory. The new site has not imported all of the data, but has imported the News and P...

Re: and Cuthill Family Directory Posted on: 03 Apr 2015, by  muskymorris

Surnames > Cuthill

Hello Hugh, Thanks for your reply. Can you please send me another invite? Email address: Regards Sharon

Re: HeritageQuest - not an improvement! Posted on: 26 Apr 2015, by  BobNY

Topics > Ancestry > com > Ancestry Site Comments

...touch in order to glom on to new paying customers. They have destroyed everything they touch, e.g., MyFamily,, fold3, now HeritageQuest. Other have felt your pain.

The old MyFamily-Belmont Co. site is now the GoClub-Belmont social net working site. Posted on: 30 Apr 2015, by  TerryMagyar51

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Belmont County (Oh) Genealogical Society (BCGS) closed the MyFamily social networking sites. Almost all the information was saved to a GoClub networking site. It's still free and private. It looks similar to the old site, so it should feel com...

Re: James Hampton West/Jane Ann West Posted on: 03 May 2015, by  abenoit6

Localities > North America > United States > States > Texas > Counties > Wilson

... I would be interested in finding out anything I can about my family history and would like to join Please let me know. Audra Smithey

Re: Nathaniel Sappington decendant / Pamela Sappington McPheron Posted on: 03 May 2015, by  Mary Ellen Sa...

Surnames > Sappington contact information for Glen F. Sappington. The Sappington's of America website that was hosted by was "retired" by the company, along with thousands of other family sites. I s...

Re: IRELAND Surname Genealogy Site Posted on: 06 May 2015, by  Jean Walker

Surnames > Ireland

Now that the MyFamily sites are closed, is there another place to join for the Ireland surname?

Re: what is Posted on: 08 May 2015, by  BurgessDonnel...

Topics > Ancestry > com > Ancestry Site Comments

The company was then now mf = my family

Re: Bogle Surname research group Posted on: 24 May 2015, by  CraigTafel

Surnames > Bogle

Hi Kevin, Please do consider joining the new home of the Bogle DNA project--the old ancestry/myfamily site is no longer being supported by the company that once hosted it. Here is the link to the new group:...

Re: need to change syncing computers Posted on: 29 May 2015, by  m.j. bare

Topics > Genealogy Software > Family Tree Maker software

... gives the steps for backing up your information. Our family went through a similar process where was sold and shortly thereafter the serv...

Re: Seddon One Name Study Posted on: 30 May 2015, by  HFRANCIS2001

Surnames > Seddon

...still active on Ancestry? I used to be a member of your 'Seddon One Name Study', on the now defunct website. Have you continued your Seddon ONS elsewhere? Or have you called it a day? I have been...

Belmont County, Ohio, private genealogy site, GoClub - Belmont County Posted on: 01 Jun 2015, by  TerryMagyar51

Localities > North America > United States > States > Ohio > Belmont County (Oh) Genealogical Society (BCGS)

If you were familiar with the MyFamily Belmont County site, which ancestry discontinued, this is the replacement site. LINK: You can't log in without an invitation. I help admi...

Re: Shufflebarger line Posted on: 11 Jun 2015, by  Lidagray1

Surnames > Barger

...other families listed personally. I would like to get access to the rest of the files you have through if you don't mind. My email is thank you so much I have enjoyed what I h...

Re: PLEASE return "Collaborate" to the redesigned site ribbon Posted on: 13 Jun 2015, by  lookingintree...

Topics > Ancestry > com > Ancestry Site Comments

...enough people to answer the phones at customer support." We've heard this whining crap before: New message boards RootsWeb Online Family Trees OneWorldTree Ancestry DNA Mundia NewSearch an...

Re: Weldon Website on Posted on: 20 Jun 2015, by  baglama7

Surnames > Weldon

I am the great great grandson of Mary weldon born 1828 who arrived from OldCastle Meath in Sept 1847 with her father Patrick Weldon and mother, Catherine Carroll Weldon who died in Steerage. Mary marr...

Re: Private Woodson Web Site @ MyFamily Posted on: 29 Jun 2015, by  its2deep

Surnames > Woodson

Hi Steven are Woodsons from Buckingham county Va or Powahatan

Re: Private Woodson Web Site @ MyFamily Posted on: 29 Jun 2015, by  its2deep

Surnames > Woodson

T. Yvette Woodson

Re: Wing Family Meeting Place Posted on: 30 Jun 2015, by  Rod Flory

Surnames > Wing

...a site called Spokt ,you need to be invited to access it just like you did with myfamily so if you want a invite just let me know. Rod

Re: Anyone out there know of a Fields MyFamily.Com Website? Posted on: 02 Jul 2015, by  debj3008

Surnames > Fields

I am descended from John Fields 1763, Lucy Fields Young 1805, Nathan Young 1834, Henry Young 1853, Addie Young.

Re: Wing Family Meeting Place Posted on: 13 Jul 2015, by  rodney flory

Surnames > Wing

I cancelled the invite since you are already on the site, spokt imported all the accounts from myfamily so if you were on myfamily you are already on spokt.

Re: MYFamily ending Posted on: 15 Jul 2015, by  smwoloszn

Surnames > Hills

John, This is Deana, I have been trying to reach you. Are you on facebook? I have a group on there for my brown line. it's not the greatest but it is a way to stay in touch. I miss hearing from you.

Re: Welsh Family Site on -- 2012 ADMIN UPDATE - OBSOLETE POST DO NOT REPLY Posted on: 03 Sep 2015, by  Mandy Shepard

Surnames > Welsh

I'm doing my family tree and I got a hint that you posted a picture of my great grandma Effie Shepard with my grandpa Lee and great aunt Leota. How do you connect with them and do you have more info I...

Re: Welsh Family Site on -- 2012 ADMIN UPDATE - OBSOLETE POST DO NOT REPLY Posted on: 05 Sep 2015, by  jasche

Surnames > Welsh

Hi, was shut down in 2014 and the original poster now has an obsolete account. So it's very possible that he is not even aware of new posts. You can determine an obsolete account by the lack ...

Re: Emond Tree? Posted on: 06 Sep 2015, by  lolly155

Surnames > Emond

Hi Isabelle, just noticed your post. I am a grand-daughter of Bernard Amo (from 1st marriage ) I was really glad to see this post. I spoke to Shirley once to find burial place of Bernard and her son ...

Re: site invite. Posted on: 14 Sep 2015, by  krshearin2

Surnames > Rowe

Would like to see your Rowe tree.

Hi Ruth - re Shumway tree on Posted on: 20 Sep 2015, by  sweettalker

Surnames > Shumway

Ruth, I didn't know that you had started working on Uncle Bob's fabulous foundation. We've got to talk! Call me cousin! Love, Susan

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