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Re: Lurtsema/Luurtsema Posted on: 27 Nov 2001, by james luurtsema

Surnames > Lurtsema

...about family, and i was too young and stupid to realize that. in fact i could only say that i was a hollander, dutch being a racial slur that i did not understand at the time. anyway, to your question, the son...

Catherine McKenna, Kentucky Posted on: 19 Nov 2005, by  jlr1215

Surnames > Mc Kenna

...Together, they had at least 6 children: Mary (married name Gottmer), Carl, Coletta, Thelma (married name Hollander), Lawrence (my grandfather) and Janet. Any info would be appreciated.

Hollander Posted on: 25 Jun 2003, by  KeithHunt44

Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Sweden > Counties > Gotland

Looking for Johan Hollander married Maria Nelson who had Anna Mae Hollander and a sister Alvena or Alvera Hollander. Would like to know how to find a marriage certificate between Johan and Maria Hollander or/and birth certificate for An...

NEUGER, NEUGROSCHL Posted on: 02 Aug 2000, by  DWilliams51

Surnames > Neugroschl

Looking for ancestors of Joseph Neuger and wife Frances Jappe. Possible links are Mina Hollander and Benjamin Yoll, leading back to Julius Neugroschl. Austrian-German origin.

Re: kelley's in Illinois Posted on: 25 Jun 2002, by  Collinsvillef...

Surnames > Kelley

How old is your Anna? I have an Anna Kelly, daughter of Francis Kelly and Mary Glennon, born in Chicago in 1866. She either died or got married some time between 1889 and 1900, married I suspect. She ...

Geis-Belvidere, NJ Posted on: 09 Jun 2004, by  BerthaBB

Surnames > Geis

...or Furman) Geis, Jennie Geis who married someone with the last name Hothlander but it may have been Hollander or who knows. Hocklander?

Family/lostcontactholland Posted on: 11 Dec 2000, by paul van pelt

Surnames > Vanpelt

...Viola/edith from England lost contact Pieter had 6/8sistersin Holand I have a sister called jennifer. any Hollander no of my fathers family yours sinserly Paul van Pelt United Kingdom

Schmidt's in IA and MN Posted on: 13 Feb 2000, by  MOMYFF

Surnames > Schmidt

...(Louise Schuett), Anna (Albert Gust), Mary (Herman Scholobohm, Peter Henry (Anna K. Schuett), Meta (Henry Hollander). The families lived in Hull, IA; Rock, IA; Lavern, MN; Souix Falls, SD; Pipestone, MN.

Arnold and June Posted on: 27 May 2000, by Wanda Ebert

Surnames > Treptow

...Treptow was my uncle. Born July 29, 1906 and died November 10, 1989. He was the son on Frank and Anna(Hollander). Married to Gladys Rasmussen on June 26, 1929. they had three children Dean, Marla, and David (D...

Raymond Treptow Posted on: 15 May 2000, by Wanda Ebert

Surnames > Treptow

...a carpenter in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I am looking for my grandfather Frank Treptow married to Anna Hollander and his father Martin married to Caroline Nimmer. I'm not sure if they were born in Wisconsin or G...

Vos Family Posted on: 16 Feb 2001, by Crystal Jarles

Surnames > Vos

My Great Grandpa Herman Voss I believe is Hollander. They used to spell his last name VOS but they added an extra S when the came over.

Charles French/Mich Posted on: 22 Apr 2001, by  bfgage63

Surnames > French

Linda Hollander Linda Received your reply to my inquiry. The names Charles,Claude,Emmeline,Lydia & Henry go all thru our part of French family. Do you have your Charles' birth or death cert ificates? Loo...

Re: hullender/hullander Posted on: 24 Nov 2001, by Doug Hullander

Surnames > Hullender

...Cicro...grandfather George Blake Hullander. My grand father told me that the name used to be spelled Hollander, but I can find no record of that. Doug Hullander

Some Descendants of John H. HULLENDER. b 1769 Posted on: 31 Mar 1999, by  trytch

Surnames > Hullender

John H. HULLENDER married Mary WHISENANT. He was born in 1769, died on 6 May 1857 at Cherokee, SC, and is buried at Antioch Baptist Churchyard, Blacksburg, Cherokee, SC. Children of John H. HULLENDER...

hullender/hollaender/hollander Posted on: 04 May 2006, by  67rhullander

Surnames > Hullender

with so many derivatives of our name, i am having such a difficult time finding out where john h. hullender b.1769, came from. i feel that we should not have to pay for information about our own famil...

Re: hullender/hollaender/hollander Posted on: 14 Aug 2006, by  67rhullander

Surnames > Hullender

...but no further. trying to find out exactly when John (Johann) of 1769 actually came over. found John Hollander in NY 1790 census, not sure if it's him or not. any info is greatly appreciated.

Re: HILLIGS FROM GE TO MN Posted on: 22 Jan 2002, by  judith_storey

Surnames > Hillig America in 1852 and settled in Wisconsin. Wilhelmina Ulrike Amalie Zeidler was born in Pyrehner Hollander (Brandenberg) Germany and came to America when she was 16.

George Brueggmann Posted on: 05 Feb 2000, by  MMcBride4164

Surnames > Brueggemann

...George other than his parents died while he was quite young. He thought his parents were both German Hollander. George Carrie had three children Matilda Brueggmann Lynn (my grandmother), John (last in Rock S...

leeanne hollander Posted on: 18 Jun 2002, by  cagp68

Surnames > Tommie

i found a message posted approximately 3 years ago re: crystal darrow, older sister of leeanne hollander i am hoping to locate / contact leeanne please reply with any information thank you crystal

Re: Emmet Higdon Posted on: 23 May 2002, by  angie2562

Surnames > Higdon

Hi Amerlea. I really like that name!! I'm sorry, but I have actually found my Mary, and she was Mary Agnes Eiskant Higdon. Good luck in your search! If I can help in any way, please let me know!!

Joan Dury Posted on: 25 Aug 2003, by  dizzybrit45

Surnames > Dury

...Drury) died 04-18-1928 and Joan was listed as adopted daughter. Mary Dury had four daughters: Mrs.Bena Hollander (died 04-30-1945), Mrs. Mayme Blake (died 12-12-1977), Mrs.Rose Stumpf (died 04-20-1962) and Ger...

Re: James O'Donnell immigrated thru Canada. Family settled in Boston, married Flaherty Posted on: 25 Oct 2005, by  BarbaraBN

Surnames > O'Donnell James O'Donnell may have had a brother, cousin etc whose name was Philip, that would marry a Mary Hollander, and settle in MA? My friend and I are trying to figure out if we may be distant cousins. Her f...

Beil of Alsace, France Posted on: 29 May 2000, by V. Prather

Surnames > Beil

I have a MARIE EVE BEIL, b. 1811-1813, who married FRANCOIS HOLLANDER, b. 1813-1815, and had the following children in Schwabwiller, a province of Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France between the years 1845 and 1852: FRAN...

Re: Paquin in quebec Posted on: 29 Sep 2002, by  hollander35

Surnames > Paquin

...was one of their children, Parmelia Paquin. Do you have anything about this family. Thanks. Gloria Hollander

Re: Connors in Buffalo Posted on: 26 Mar 2002, by  Collinsvillef...

Surnames > Connors

My greatgrnadmother married a Connors who was a lifelong resident of East St. Louis. Her name was Ethel. I am not sure what his name was, I don't have my records with me at the moment, but I can check...

Re: Hans "John" Waggoner Posted on: 17 Jan 2003, by  waggmf

Surnames > Waggoner

I do not know who Hans' parents were. I believe that he came to America alone and his family, if any, remained in Europe. We cannot confirm all of his children, either, at this time. Isaac's birthd...

Gleich Posted on: 19 Feb 2000, by  KLabrovich

Surnames > Gleich

Eva Marie Gleich/Glick 1836 Bavaria, Germany - 1909 Ohio married George Hollander. Any connection?

Gleich Posted on: 06 Feb 2000, by  KLabrovich

Surnames > Gleich

could it also be spelled "Glick"? Do you have Eva Marie Glick born Bavaria, Germany? married George Hollander lived in Ohio by 1854

Gleich Posted on: 12 Mar 2000, by  KLabrovich

Surnames > Gleich

Sorry, not my Eva Gleich. My Eva married a Hollander and lived in Ohio. thanks for trying.

Gleich Posted on: 06 Feb 2000, by  KLabrovich

Surnames > Gleich

could it be spelled "Glick"? Have Eva Marie Glick born Bavaria, Germany and married to George Hollander they lived in Ohio by 1854

Gt. Gt. Grandmother Posted on: 15 Nov 2000, by  KLabrovich

Surnames > Gleich

Searching for any information on Maria Eva Gleich/Glick...came to USA age 16 (1854) married George Hollander in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio 1856.

Re: Gt. Gt. Grandmother Posted on: 19 Jan 2003, by Jan Ferguson

Surnames > Gleich

Eva Marie Gleich was my gggrandmother too via Amalie Christine Hollander Jan

Rhinish, Bavaria, Germany > USA abt 1852 Posted on: 06 Nov 2000, by  KLabrovich

Surnames > Gleich

...Cincinnati, Butler County, Ohio, USA. Married 9Oct1856 Cincinnati, Butler County, Ohio USA to George Hollander / Holleander. I have some informaiton on the family in Cincinnati, but need Glick info.

Barent DeWitt - b. 1666 Posted on: 15 Jan 1999, by  jkelseyjones

Surnames > Dewitt

Below is information I have on Barent DeWitt and wife Sarah Van Tassel. There are baptisms for five children and they are also related to have had sons Andreas b. 1695 and Titus b. c. 1715. Titus must...

Re: Wamhoffs in St Louis, Chicago, FL, GA, MI Posted on: 15 Mar 2002, by  Collinsvillef...

Surnames > Wamhoff

...daughter of Harry Francis Wamhoff and Madalin Miller. Harry was the son of William Wamhoff and Mary Hollander. Harry had a brother named Frank, but no Augustine. William Wamhoff's father was also William. I be...

SALT IN ILL Posted on: 09 Oct 2000, by BETTY J

Surnames > White


Musser Family Posted on: 02 Jun 2000, by V. Prather

Surnames > Musser

...that he came from a family who was of full German descent. My great-grandfather was FRANCOIS JOSEPH HOLLANDER, b. 1855 in Schwabwiller, Alsace, France. His father was JEAN MICHEL HOLLANDER, born in Schwabwiller also. A...

MUSSER FAMILY OF ALSACE, FRANCE Posted on: 12 May 2000, by V. Prather

Surnames > Musser

...hearing from any MUSSERS who originated in Alsace, France. The birth record of my great-grandfather FRANZ HOLLANDER (born FRANCOIS JOSEPH HOLLANDER) on April 29, 1855 in the town of Schwabwiller, a province of Bas-Rhin...

MUSSER FAMILY OF INDIANA Posted on: 12 May 2000, by V. Prather

Surnames > Musser

According to my great-grandfather's (FRANZ HOLLANDER)birth record found on an LDS Family History Library microfilm of births that occurred in the town of Schwabwiller, a province of Bas-Rhin, France for the ye...

Musser, Moser Families Posted on: 02 Jun 2000, by V. Prather

Surnames > Musser

...Schwabwiller, a town of Alsace, France (which is now in the Bas-Rhin region of Alsace). She married JEAN MICHEL HOLLANDER, born about 1818/1819 in Schwabwiller. This info was taken from the birth record of my ...

Ginsburg search Posted on: 14 May 2003, by  rrubin11

Surnames > Ginsburg

I am looking for lost Ginsburg relatives. My GGrandmother was Celia Hollander Ginsburg. I believe she came from the Bialystock area but not sure. Name of father on death cert. is Joel Ginsburg. Name of mother ...

MORRIS, John W. in Illinois Posted on: 27 Sep 2002, by  Collinsvillef...

Surnames > Morris

Hi all. I am searching for information on my ggrandfather, John W. MORRIS. I was not even aware of him until 2 months ago. (skeleton in the closet type thing) All I know is that my ggrandmother, Ethel...

Mrs. Emma MORRIS d. 7 May 1920 - Independence, MO (of Buckner, MO) Posted on: 28 Aug 2003, by  JohnWOBrien

Surnames > Morris

...MORRIS and Nelson MORRIS, and a daughter, Miss Cora MORRIS, all of the home address, and a brother, Otto HOLLANDER, Bem, Mo. ====================================================== (I have no connecti...

Re: The Webb Family Book Posted on: 14 Jul 2002, by collen webb

Surnames > Webb

...interrelated Coffeys, Graggs, Hollanders, Webbs of Avery County, North Carolina The author is Betty Ann Hollander VanderWegen. It was published in 1990 in Union, Washington by Ms. VanderWegen. This is the o...

Baruch Steinhardt Posted on: 09 Feb 2000, by Ignacio Steinhardt

Surnames > Steinhardt

...both good and bad. It has been a fascinating experience. Bud( my husband Edward) has a a cousin Jim Hollander who is head of the Reuthers Photography bureau. His wife Rina de Castleneueva, is a well known Isra...

Mary Glennon Posted on: 03 May 2002, by  Collinsvillef...

Surnames > Glennon

Searching for any info on Mary GLENNON. She married a Francis KELLY, who was born in Massachusetts. They had a son, Thomas KELLY, who was born circa 1862. Thomas J. KELLY at sometime migrated to East ...

George,Phebe,William R.,Arthur - L.I. NY 1925 Posted on: 31 Jan 2001, by  sankapig

Surnames > Ackerly

...Sarah C. SMITH, Howard BEEBE, Anderson BEEBE, Carrie E. DIVINE, Myrtle WITING, Marcia SMITH, Jannie HOLLANDER, John L. SPADER, Jennie H. WYCKOFF, William H. WYCKOFF, William Leroy WYCKOFF, Caroline WYCKOFF, Wi...

Re: nardi research Posted on: 18 Jun 2005, by  snardi67

Surnames > Nardi and when i find the previous family history work i posted on the site i'll link it here. Shay Hollander born Shay Christian Nardi

hollander alert Posted on: 07 Aug 2000, by d

Surnames > Anderson

which hollander tree do you belong to?

Keatons and Kellys in Boston circa 1860 Posted on: 27 Jun 2002, by  angie2562

Surnames > Keaton

Hello all. I am trying to find out any info on a Martin, Mary, and James KEATON. They are listed on the 1860 MA federal census in 2 Ward Roxbury, Norfolk county. Ages are 31 or 38, 20, 21 or 28. They ...

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