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Re: Bandy's from Fayetteville, WV or WV in general Posted on: 12 Jan 2005, by Kaci Foster Veazey

Surnames > Bandy

How strange! I've been working on my family tree for eight years now. I've almost got it complete. Now, I'm hunting for the children of my grandmother's siblings. My grandmother was Alice Luellen Cox ...

Information Posted on: 21 May 2000, by Linda Veazey Pessoney

Surnames > Valentine

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas (Tarrant County in 1940 at the Edna Gladney Center. I was adopted by Dr. W. B. Veazey and his wife Vera Breeze Veazey.

Kirks in Maryland/Delaware area Posted on: 08 Nov 2000, by Meg Garner

Surnames > Kirk

...a son James Riley Kirk, born Dec 8, 1858, a son Roger Kirk probably born Apr 21, 1864, a son Lambert Veazey Kirk born Oct. 15, 1867. There may have been a daughter, Bertha. Anna died in childbirth about 187...

Cecil Co. Kirks- Posted on: 25 Nov 2000, by Meg Garner

Surnames > Kirk

My greatgrandfather was Lambert Veazey Kirk. He was born in Cecil county and was baptized at the Bethel ME Church near Chesapeake City. His father was William (Henry - I believe) Kirk and Anna E. (maiden na...

two brothers Posted on: 21 Feb 2000, by Kay Jordan

Surnames > Middleton

...any connection. My's name was Pere Middleton and my gr.grandfather's name was Edward Veazey Middleton, my grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Middleton. My father was born in Chesapeake Cit...

Re: EGBERT'S IN OHIO Posted on: 18 Aug 2002, by  oneill1973

Surnames > Egbert

My maternal grandmother was an Egbert. Her father was Daniel. I know that she was born and raised in Scioto Co. and lived most of her life there. Her brother, my great uncle "Bill" is sti...

Re: EGBERT'S IN OHIO Posted on: 01 Sep 2002, by  oneill1973

Surnames > Egbert

...can't seem to bring up my FTM files (computer issues). Daniel was my grandmother's, Loretta Egbert Veazey, father. He married Hazel Colegrove who died in November 1976. I believe he was 96 or so when he ...

Re: EGBERT'S IN OHIO Posted on: 01 Sep 2002, by  oneill1973

Surnames > Egbert

...on my FTM file and it's more than I thought I had: Me Born 1973 to Frederick O'Neill and Willa Mae Veazey Willa is daughter of Frank Veazey and Loretta Bernice Egbert. Loretta is daughter of Daniel Egbert and ...

Edmond McGuire married Jane Goddard of Fayette County Posted on: 31 Jan 2005, by Kaci Helene Foster

Surnames > McGuire

My great great great grandfather had a daughter named Jane. Jane Goddard was born in 1848. She married Edmund McGuire 2/22/1865. They lived in Fayette County. Her parens were John Goddard and Louvenia...

Re: GREGSON Posted on: 06 Nov 2004, by  luhubert1

Surnames > Gregson

...emigrate to US and this cousin was a daughter of one of them. I believe her mother's name was Hannah Veazey. This may not give you any information that you're hunting.

William Burgess living with Gibsons in TX Posted on: 27 Jan 2003, by  leannajv

Surnames > Gibson

...Burgess living with them and to who Williams parents were would be appreciated. Thanks, Leanna Burgess Veazey

Temples Death Burial Place Posted on: 19 Nov 2000, by Wayne Temples

Surnames > Temples

Looking for death burial place of Jones TemplesAnn Veazey Temples, Troup GA, m 1832,died shortly after b. of son Elisha Temples born 1833.I have cert. m. cert. from Troup GA but no death records in Troup C...

Parents of Posted on: 25 Aug 2000, by Jones Temples

Surnames > Temples

Jones Temples m. Ann Veazey in Troup Co. GA early 1800. Produced one son Elisha. 1833. Jones Ann died at an early age. John Veazey raised Elisha. They migrated to AL before 1850.

Death Burial Place Posted on: 19 Nov 2000, by Wayne Temples

Surnames > Temples

Looking for deathburial place of Jones Temples Ann Veazey Temples m1832Troup Ga gave son Elisha J.Temples 1833, JTAVT d.shortly after 1833,I have cert.m Cert.from Troup GA for JonesAnn marriage in 183...

Re: Telitha Underwood Posted on: 17 Jul 2003, by  fwilkes2

Surnames > Underwood

...My husbands great grandmother was Emma Telitha Underwood daughter of George C. Underwood and Mary Ann Veazey of Greene County Georgia. I have been trying to find the parents of George. Do you think that y...

Benjamin Franklin Underwood Posted on: 17 Oct 2000, by Lanelle LaRue

Surnames > Underwood

...We can only go back to Benjamin Franklin Underwood who was born Apr 12, 1819. Married Elizabeth Lee Veazey January 14, 1845 in Greene County Ga. He was killed at Santee River, SC 1864 by one of his own men ...

Benjamin Franklin Underwood Posted on: 19 Dec 2000, by Lanelle LaRue

Surnames > Underwood

...Underwood was apparently from Greene County, Ga (formerly Washington Co.) since he was married to Ruth Veazey, then Elizabeth Lee Veazey in Greene County in on Jan 15, 1845. His bd was April 12, 1819. His father ...

Re: John Clark McCormack Posted on: 12 Jan 2004, by Kent McCormick

Surnames > McCormack

...Amanda and Lucinda. After Sarah died, John Clark McCormack married Martha Veasey (sometimes spellled Veazey) and from that marriage were six more children, in order of birthdates, Robert James, Rebecca, Mar...

Dr. Jesse Elija Wofford, Sr. Posted on: 14 Oct 2000, by  xxjeanneclark

Surnames > Wofford

The children of Jesse Elija Wofford, SR. (son of James Wofford and Anna C. Hoppaugh) Born: Aug. 3, 1790 1. Wade H. Wofford - Born 1815 2. Hosea "Hosey" Abiah Wofford - born Feb. 29, 1816 3....

Chas&Rosanah Logan Toner, 1772 Antrim IRE>1806 PA>1827 OH>1853 IA>1906 CO Posted on: 14 Jul 2005, by  una13aa

Surnames > Toner

Interested in genealogies of associated Toner families. Probably began mid 1700s county Antrim Ireland by 1.John and Ruth McCahan Toner. Have no documentation.Son 1.1 Charles Toner b.1772 there but ma...

Re: Louisiana Whites: Isaac and Simon Posted on: 26 Jun 2004, by Donna Ross

Surnames > White

...the son of Alvin Joseph White and Lois Tomisse. Alvin's father was Alfred White Married to Eleonore Veazey. Alfred's father was Isaac White married to Mary Stien. I show Isaac was the son of Simon White....

Boon/Slocum/Solomon's in Desoto County Posted on: 20 Feb 2001, by  mistilis

Surnames > Boon

...gggrandmother. Her daughter was Eliza Ann Slocumb Solomon and her daughter was Augusta Louise Solomon Veazey.I think I have this right.

Burgess/Veazey Posted on: 12 Oct 2000, by Sheila Rogstad

Surnames > Burgess

Leanna - I'm interested in the Veazey line.What I have is: Ezekiel Rachael Stewart, g grandparents of Amanda Veazey who m. Josiah Kolb who had Mary Annie rebecca Kolb who m. John Richard Ballard. Other names Vic...

Re: Burgess/Veazey Posted on: 14 Feb 2004, by Gina Paradise

Surnames > Burgess

Do you know where Amanda Veazey son Joseph Kolb b 1849 is burried or where he last lived.Thanks Gina

Burgess from NC, TN, AL, AR Posted on: 19 Jan 2003, by  leannajv

Surnames > Burgess

...share the info I have and would love to find someone who may hold my missing piece. Leanna Burgess Veazey

William M. Burgess b. abt 1832 in AL Posted on: 20 Jan 2003, by  leannajv

Surnames > Burgess

...William Burgess, Sr. born about 1766 in VA. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Leanna Burgess Veazey

Re: Richard Berry Burgess/Lottie Heffner AR Posted on: 23 Mar 2006, by  leannajv

Surnames > Burgess

...line back to Alabama and Georgia. E-mail me directly if interested. Leanna Burgess Veazey

Baugh Family of Central Arkansas Posted on: 19 Mar 2002, by  BrendaBaugh73...

Surnames > Baugh

...started looking for family father-in-law was Butler Lee Baugh ..he was married to Amy Jo (veazey) Baugh....his parents were Newt & Liza Baugh...we are in central arkansas. that is about the ...

Baugh FAmily of Central Arkansas Posted on: 19 Mar 2002, by  BrendaBaugh73...

Surnames > Baugh


Robert Walker Jones Posted on: 09 Oct 2000, by Frances

Surnames > Jones

I am still searching for the parents of Robert Walke Jones b may 2nd,1872 m Mollie Hart Veazey 1894. He lived and died in Tallapoosa co, Al. Grateful for any help. Thanks, Frances S. Jones

John P Jones Posted on: 29 Jan 2004, by  rburdet1

Surnames > Jones

John P Jones was b. 1795 Wilkes Co.,Ga. m. Sara A. Veazey 12 Sept. 1849. Is listed in 1850 census as 55 yrs old. Who was his father. His father must have come from Va. to Ga. Any help would be grately...

Sarah and John Morris of Nicholas County, parents of Earnest Morris Posted on: 29 Nov 2004, by Kaci Foster

Surnames > Morris

...and Johns that I can't distinguish their exact line. Could anyone help> Thanks, Kaci Helene Foster Veazey

Re: Quesenberry from West Virginia Posted on: 12 Jan 2005, by Kaci Foster Veazey

Surnames > Quesenberry

My grandmother was kin to a Quesenberry. Bluefield isn't too far from Beckley, Raleigh County. My grandmother was Alice Luellen Cox Foster. Her name was Elizabeth Quesenberry. The Quesenberry family ...

Elizabeth Quesenberry Born 1887, Died 1970 in Beckley, WV. Posted on: 12 Jan 2005, by Kaci Foster Veazey

Surnames > Quesenberry

Elizabeth Quesenberry was a relative of my grandmother's. My grandmother was Alice Luellen Cox Foster. She was born in 1919 and passed away last month. Her parents were James Elbert Cox and Hattie Vir...

charles henry abbott Posted on: 11 Jan 2000, by  @@jpcatdog1@a...

Surnames > Abbott

searching for ancestors of charles henry abbott born abt. 1854 in sandwich,n.h. area; mar. ida r. veazey 1-12-1882 in sandwich.

Gholson Posted on: 12 Dec 1999, by  WillReburn

Surnames > Gholson

...generations back my grandfather married Elizabeth Gholson, Dec 18, 1856 in Austin, Tx. His name was James Veazey Sr. Their children were Elijah Veazey, James Veazey Jr., and Pholzey Veazey. I do not have any other informatio...

McCoy Family in Maryland Posted on: 05 Oct 2006, by  lemond1

Surnames > McCoy

Hello, I am looking for information on the Mccoy's of Kent Co., DE and Cecil Co., MD. The following Bible info was copied from a file at the DE State Archives and is the earliest and (just about) onl...

Murder of Robert W. "Bob" Malone in TX, 1904 Posted on: 01 Jun 2000, by  TWAPILOT

Surnames > Malone

...Caroline Greenwood)was murdered in Luling (Caldwell Co.)TX in 1904 along with his lst cousin, John L. Veazey. Bob Malone married to Cora T. Wilson. Children: Robert W. Malone, b. 1891; Carrie Malone, b. 189...

W.C. House Posted on: 06 Aug 2001, by  JaneVDaniels

Surnames > House

I am looking for W.C. House, wife Anna A Veazey. Thanks Jane

Oshel and Genevieve Cox Reynolds, WV and Michigan. Genevieve was born in 1913. Posted on: 12 Jan 2005, by Kaci Helene Foster Veazey

Surnames > Reynolds

...handed down from my grandmother. My email address is Thank you, Kaci Helene Foster Veazey

Grimes in OK TX Posted on: 20 Nov 1999, by Angela Colburn

Surnames > Grimes

...Grimes b. 1861 GA he married in TX,Caroline ? b. 1831 GA They had a son, Sim Grimes b. 1862 m. Leah Veazey Samuel Juel or James Grimes m. Vivian Albert Rowe. They had a Daughter Cleota Alberta Grimes who...

Philip Carl Schenkel (Schenckel) Posted on: 01 Sep 2001, by  oneill1973

Surnames > Schenkel

...Elizabeth married David Metzger and they had Nancy Belle Metzger Nancy married my great grandfather Orin Veazey and they had my grandpa Frank Veazey. His daughter is my mom. I wonder if anyone might have any mor...

Ganey Posted on: 15 Nov 2001, by  bumsteadsr

Surnames > Ganey

My address is, and we anxiously await your return message reference Martha Ganey. Charles and Marie Bumstead

Re: ROBERT LEE SAXON and JUDITH GRAVES Posted on: 10 Mar 2003, by David Saxon

Surnames > Burris

Ms. Veazey: Did you ever get any conformation on Robert Lee Saxon and Judith Graves information? If so, I would like very much to know what it was? I'm a descent of Charles Saxon through Captain Lewis Saxo...

William MacLellan Posted on: 02 Jun 2001, by  RobdorisKS

Surnames > MacLellan

Our family history starts with William MacLellan who married Francina Veazey in Orange County, North Carolina in 1781. Do you have anything on him prior to this time? Thanks

Veasey Posted on: 25 Jul 1999, by Carol (Vezey) Flood

Surnames > Veasey

Back to my Great Great Grandfather name has been Vezey, but suspect used to be Veasey/Veazey, just not far enough back yet! May want to try GenForum Veasey forum to locate some history. http://genforum.fam...

Veazey-Veasey Posted on: 14 Sep 1999, by  TYLERVZ

Surnames > Veasey

All you people hunting the Veazey-Veasey family should look up the Veazey-Veasey Website.

Re: Veazey-Veasey Posted on: 30 Sep 2001, by  jjd138

Surnames > Veasey


Re: Veaseys of Alabama-1800 Posted on: 08 Sep 2002, by Cecilia

Surnames > Veasey

I show William James and Hannah Simmons Veazey's children as follows: Feriba Thurin Veazey Jonathan W. Veazey William James Veazey Erasmus Franklin Veazey Do you have dates for William James and Hannah Simmons Veazey? I only ha...

Re: Delaware Veaseys Posted on: 21 Apr 2006, by cvthompson

Surnames > Veasey

...Nathaniel Veasey 1863 Nathaniel F. Veasey 1866 Wm. W. Veasey 1869 Wm. W. Veasey 1872 Wm. W. Veazey 1875 Wm. W. Vesey 1878

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