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Gore 1766 Directory again, sorted by first name

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Gore 1766 Directory again, sorted by first name

Posted: 29 May 2004 8:01PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 31 Mar 2005 8:40PM GMT
This concludes Gore.100 Introduction to 18th century Liverpool
There will be a quiz next week.

?????? Clark milliner James's Street
??????. Grice linen draper Chapel Street
??????. Rumball silversmith Derby Square
& Boardman Bentley manch & stocking warehousemen King Street
& Briggs Richardson tobacconists Temple Court
& Broster Golightly wine merchants Redcross Street
& Brown Birch merchants North Side Old Dock
& Brownley Linaker pork dealers &c. Tythbarn Street
& Caldwell Slater merchants and insurance brokers Change Alley
& Carter Croppers mercers and drapers Water Street
& Chorley Rawlinsons merchants Rosemary Lane
& Clark Hurst tobacconists Tythbarn Street
& Cleator Potter cabinetmakers Pool Lane
& Co. Hewitt shoe warehouse Chapel Street
& Co. Nevett printers Prince's Street
& Crook Anderson tea dealers Castle Street
& Crosbies Trafford ropers Park Lane
& Dean Hinde sailmakers
& Dunbar Haliday merchants Pool Lane
& Grasham Beckwith ironmongers Derby Square
& Green SADLER printed ware manufactory Harrington Street
& Harrop Melling merchants and woollen drapers Redcross Street
& Hayes Campbell merchants Duke Street
& Heys Davison brewers Cunliffe Street
& Holland Davies tobacconists Cumberland Street
& Jackson Green braziers High Street
& Jameson Farrington cotton spinners Old Churchyard
& Jones Bird mug warehousemen Bird Street
& Longden Greens distillers St. Thomas's Buildings
& Midgley Clay merchants and tobacconists School Lane
& Naylor Mason tobacconists Hackin's Hey
& Orred Aspinwall attornies-at-law Cable Street
& Orrell Eden plummers and glaziers Pool Lane
& Postlethwaite Benson merchants Water Street
& Rawlinson Chorley merchants Oldhall Street
& Rigg Eden cabinetmakers Derby Square
& Ryan Whyte wine merchants Water Street
& Scott Hillary merchants Old Churchyard
& Smyths Hamilton merchants Paradise Street
& Trafford Cros hies merchants Pool Lane
& Wagner Fuhrer merchants Mersey Street
& Zuill Broun merchants Redcross Street
Abel Ball ship carpenter Park Lane
Abel Richardson shoemaker Fenwick Street
Abraham Critchlow roper Dale Street
Adam Hill brewer Hackin's Hey
Adam Moon hatter and hosier Water Street
Alexander Lawson merchant Old hall Street
Alexander Lighton upholsterer Water Street
Alexander Frederick Dassti fencing master & teacher of music and modern languages Lombard Street
Alexander jun. Nottingham merchant Fenwick's Alley
Alexander sen. Nottingham merchant Fenwick's Alley
Alice Shaw boarding-school Chapel Street
Allen & Co. Pearson brewers Fleet Street
Andrew Harrold timber merchant Drury Lane
Andrew Ligoe butcher Bixteth Street
Andrew Rosson upholsterer Chapel Street
Ann Brooks milliner Moore Street
Ann Coppell linen draper and milliner Derby Square
Ann Dewhurst milliner Thomas Street
Ann Fishwick tavern-keeper George Coffee House Castle Street
Ann Latham blacksmith Frog Lane
Ann Martin linen draper Castle Street
Ann Nelson brazier Pool Lane
Ann Steers anchorsmith Paradise Street
Ann Sumerskill confectioner Castle Street
Ann Tatlock linen draper Derby Square
Ann Wyatt brewer Dale Street
Ann & Lydia Lassell milliners Tythbarn Street
Anthony Tristram saddler Pool Lane
Anthony Whyte merchant Oldhall Street
Arthur Burness pilot Strand Street
Arthur Onslow riding surveyor King Street
Arthur & Benjamin Heywood merchants Hanover Street
Augustine Woodward deputy searcher King Street
Balthazar Bell breeches maker Moore Street
Barbara Holford milliner Castle Street
Barnard Lightfoot brewer School Lane
Barton Shuttleworth schoolmaster Williamson Square
Bazeliel Burgess watchmaker Pool Lane
Bedston Bradstock officer of the Customs Drury Lane
Benedict Paul Wagner merchant Pitt Street
Benjamin Calvert Innkeeper Wheat Sheaf High Street
Benjamin Robinson sailmaker Mersey Street
Benjamin Stockley cooper Strand Street
Berry & Co. Roberts potters Dale Street
Bostock & Co. Crosbie glass makers Hanover Street
Bowden & Co. Elmes merchants King Street
Brown & Co. Fisher wholesale grocers Trafford's Wient
Bryan Blundell merchant Chapel Street
Cairnes Wright barber and peruke maker Dale Street
Caldwell & Co. Oldham sugar bakers Redcross Street
Captain Doughety Mersey Street
Captain Evans Park Lane
Captain Gardner Benn's Garden
Captain Gill Pluckington's Alley
Captain Middleton Pitt Street
Captain Williams North-east South Dock
Captain Alexander Lennox Brooks Square
Captain Ambrose LACE George Street
Captain Charles Campbell Paradise Street
Captain Charles Slater Chapel Street
Captain Cuthbert Davies Cleveland Square
Captain Daniel Cooke Williamson's Square
Captain Daniel Nowland Edmund Street
Captain Elliot Cooke Oldhall Street
Captain Elliot Elmes Wolstenholme Square
Captain Evan Livesay Cleveland Square
Captain Francis Lowndes Drury Lane
Captain George Matthews Pluckington's Alley
Captain George Sweeting Peter Street
Captain Jacob Nelson King Street
Captain James Brown St. Paul's Churchyard
Captain James Cummings East Side Dry Dock
Captain James Maddock Drury Lane
Captain James Moneypenny Ranelagh Street
Captain John Amory Wolstenholme's Square
Captain John Bolton Hurst Street
Captain John Brown Lord Street
Captain John Clare Covent Garden
Captain John Copeland Frederick Street
Captain John Fazakerley Pitt Street
Captain John Hamilton Thomas Street
Captain John Hollinsworth Cleveland Square
Captain John Jones Frederick Street
Captain John Kendall Atherton Street
Captain John Kevish Old Churchyard
Captain John Lee Oldhall Street
Captain John Molloy Rainford Garden
Captain John Pemberton Cleveland Square
Captain John Perkins Paradise Street
Captain John Platt Ranelagh Street
Captain John QUAY Pitt Street
Captain John Roberts Liver Street
Captain John Simmons Edmund Street
Captain John Walker Workhouse Lane
Captain John Wilkinson Cable Street
Captain John Workington Cleveland Square
Captain Joseph Cazneau Union Street
Captain Joseph Clark Park Lane
Captain Joseph Coyle Rainford's Buildings
Captain Joshua Poollard Temple Court
Captain Matthew Kirkby Park Lane
Captain Matthias Holme Cleveland Square
Captain Michael Finch King Street
Captain Nathaniel Rimmer Prince's Street
Captain Patrick Stronge Edmund Street
Captain Peter Black Park Lane
Captain Philip Kewley Cleveland's Square
Captain Richard Chadwick Thomas Street
Captain Richard Dawson engineer in ordinary to his Majesty St. Paul's Churchyard
Captain Richard Webster Fleet Street
Captain Robert Erskine Paradise Street
Captain Robert Grimshaw Chapel Street
Captain Robert Johnson Frederick Street
Captain Robert Lowe Wolstenholme Square
Captain Robert Mitchell Prince's Street
Captain Samuel Kelley Virginia Street
Captain Samuel Linaker George Street
Captain Samuel Matthews Cleveland Square
Captain Samuel Richardson Thomas Street
Captain Samuel Salisbury Drury Lane
Captain Stretch Cowley Union Street
Captain Thomas Chaffers Oldhall Street
Captain Thomas Craig Temple Court
Captain Thomas Dixon Drury Lane
Captain Thomas Dunn Barton's Weint
Captain Thomas Fearnes Oldhall Street
Captain Thomas Jordan Ranelagh Street
Captain Thomas Molineux Queen Street
Captain Thomas Rimmer Edmund Street
Captain William Ashburne James's Street
Captain William Brookbank Lancelot's Hey
Captain William Buddecome Pitt Street
Captain William Crevey School Lane
Captain William Hutton Cleveland Square
Captain William Middleton Rainford's Gardens
Captain William Sephton Paradise Street
Captain William Smith Oldhall Street
Captain William Willock Drury Lane
Captain William Woodville Oldhall Street
Caryl Fleetwood brewer Dale Street
Catharine Birkett tallow chandler and soap boiler High Street
Charles Bromfield architect Williamson's Square
Charles Charles cabinetmaker Stanley Street
Charles Cooke merchant Lord Street
Charles Craven merchant Prieston's Row
Charles Drury hosier Castle Street
Charles Fleetwood blockmaker & overseer of poor Hanover Street
Charles Lace Isle of Man trader Strand Street
Charles Lowndes merchant Water Street
Charles Mathews cooper Cooper's Row
Charles Woods merchant Rainford Buildings
Charles & Co. Woods mug makers Shaw's Brow
Charles Esq. Gaore merchant Old Churchyard
Christopher Bullen merchant Duke Street
Christopher Butler merchant Peter Street
Christopher Davenport merchant Dale Street
Christopher Hasle merchant Wolstenholme's Square
Christopher Holden founder Oldhall Street
Cornelius Crathom linen draper Lord Street
Crosbie & Co. Blundell Irish linen merchants Water Street
Cuthbert Bisbrown builder and cabinetmaker Paradise Street
Cuthbert Cottam Innkeeper Black Horse&Rainbow High Street
Daniel Bispham builder Hurst Street
Daniel Clark grocer and milliner Redcross Street
Daniel Henry coal merchant Thomas Street
Daniel & Co. Whitlow timber merchants Mersey Street
David Ellison watch spring maker Ranelagh Street
David Frearson merchant Cleveland Square
David Kenyon merchant Redcross Street
David Wright brewer Redcross Street
Deville Desaubrys dancing master George Street
Dickson & Co. VENABLES wine merchants Potatoe Market
Dugal1 Carmichael shoemaker Bird Street
Edmund Gamer block maker Park Lane
Edmund Lyon flax and iron merchant Union Street
Edmund Parker paviour at the Angel Shaw's Brow
Edward Alcock painter East Side South Dock
Edward Appleton bread baker Frog Lane
Edward Ashton brazier Pool Lane
Edward Bailey livery stable keeper Stanley Street
Edward Bridge cooper Cooper's Row
Edward Brock mercer and draper Castle Street
Edward Chaffers merchant John Street
Edward Cowherd attorney-at-law Old hall Street
Edward Cox trunk maker Fenwick Street
Edward Croston blockmaker Park Lane
Edward Deane merchant Oldhall Street
Edward Eastham grocer and pork man High Street
Edward Forbes merchant Frederick Street
Edward Gill ship carpenter James Street
Edward Grayson ship carpenter Mersey Street
Edward Griffith merchant and tobacconist Hanover Street
Edward Guile butcher Key Street
Edward Hornby grocer Stanley Street
Edward Hotchkiss ironmonger East Side Dry Dock
Edward Howard taylor William Street
Edward Jones merchant Pitt Street
Edward Ley shoemaker Dale Street
Edward Livesay surgeon Derby Square
Edward Lowe cabinetmaker Pool Lane
Edward Lowndes tide surveyor Queen Street
Edward Mason timber merchant Park Lane
Edward Mawdesley blacksmith Dale Street
Edward Parr merchant and apothecary Castle Street
Edward Roberts upholsterer Dale Street
Edward Rogers cooper Crooked Lane
Edward Seddon timber merchant Hanover Street
Edward Smith roper Ranelagh Street
Edward Stockley file-cutter School Lane
Edward Wilson cooper Redcross Street
Edward Wilson merchant Argyle Street
Edward Winstanley whitesmith East Side Dry Dock
Edward & Co. Woods coal merchants Old Churchyard
Egbert Nonnen merchant Oldhall Street
Egerton Smith schoolmaster and printer Redcross Street
Elijah Cobham sailmaker Cable Street
Elisha Hornby taylor Sweeting Street
Elizabeth Ainsworth ironmonger Dale Street
Elizabeth Edwards linen draper Castle Street
Elizabeth Fleetwood broker Tythbarn Street
Elizabeth Garst milliner Dale Street
Elizabeth Green milliner Dale Street
Elizabeth Harrison Innkeeper Millstone Castle Street
Elizabeth Hill milliner Derby Square
Elizabeth Smith Silversmith hatter and hosier Castle Street
Elizabeth & Co. Wilson milliners Castle Street
Elizabeth & Son Roughsedge ironmongers Pool Lane
Ellen Fisher grocer Pool Lane
Ellen Joynson grocer Chapel Street
Ellen Pusey brewer Harrington Street
Ellen Thomas linen draper Thomas Street
Ellen Whytell brewer Duke Street
Enoch Stanley house carpenter Paradise Street
Esther Barton brewer Lord Street
Esther Molineux milliner Castle Street
Faith Wilson linen draper Lancelot's Hey
Felix Doran merchant Lord Street
Frances Pincock grocer and linen draper Dale Street
Frances Warmisham milliner Water Street
Frances Waterworth linen draper Shaw's Brow
Francis Blake merchant New Key
Francis Dawson merchant Fleet Street
Francis Gandy painter Cleveland Square
Francis Gildart town clerk Church Street
Francis Ingram merchant Pool Lane
Francis Reeder barber and peruke maker Cleveland Square
Frederick Fisher potter Harrington Street
Gabriel Williams exchange keeper Castle Street
Gawen Burrows merchant Thomas Street
George Beesley hosier Dale Street
George Bowden merchant Rainford's Buildings
George Cowper wine merchant and cooper Cleveland's Square
George Drinkwater broker Thomas Street
George Hilliard cooper Frederick Street
George Hutton merchant Castle Street
George Johnston brewer Lord Street
George Kendall merchant Benn's Garden
George Langton merchant Prieston's Row
George Mort tanner and skinner Haymarket
George Motherby surgeon Frederick Street
George Parker cabinetmaker and toy man Castle Street
George Perry ironfounder Duke Street Walk
George Ridgate plummer and glazier Sir Thomas' Buildings
George Rowe cooper Sea Bank
George Tempest tobacconist Sweeting Street
George Venables merchant Cable Street
George Walker merchant Virginia Street
George & Co. Clowes wine merchants Castle Street
George & Co. Drinkwater potters Duke Street
George & Co. Ormerod brewers Dale Street
George sen. & Co. Campbell sugar bakers Duke Street
George Warren Watts merchant Edmund Street
Gilbert Bankes Corn merchant near Old Graving Dock
Gilbert Rigby merchant Oldhall Street
Giles Barbon brazier John Street
Gill Slater merchant Water Street
Grace Fletcher milliner Moore Street
H. Wilkinson Innkeeper White Hart High Street
H. H. Lake attorney-at-law Water Street
Hannah Andrews milliner High Street
Hannah Clarkson grocer Castle Hey
Hannah Venables corkcutter Lord Street
Henry Barrow shoemaker Strand Street
Henry Berry surveyor Duke Street
Henry Billinge dealer in horses Atherton Street
Henry Brown watchmaker Ranelagh Street
Henry Davies flax dresser Castle Street
Henry FAIRCLOUGH slater and plaisterer Ranelagh Street
Henry Gregson barber and peruke maker Trafford's Wient
Henry Grimbalston cooper Squire's Garden
Henry Guy staymaker Peter Street
Henry Halsall tallow chandler and soap boiler Tythebarn Street
Henry Hamer Custom-house officer Union Street
Henry Jenkinson attorney-at-law Fenwick Street
Henry Kidd plummer and glazier North Side Old Dock
Henry Leatherbarrow barber and peruke tpaker Dale Street
Henry Molineux butcher Lombard Street
Henry Newsham grocer Tythbarn Street
Henry Renshaw brazier Dale Street
Henry Shepherd shoemaker Moore Street
Henry Swift saddler Tythbarn Street
Henry Tatlock butcher James Street
Henry Trafford merchant King Street
Henry Wharton broker Edmund Street
Henry & Co. North grocers and tea dealers Mersey Street
Henry & Co. Wright druggists Castle Street
Hon. and Rev. John Stanley Oldhall Street
Hugh Barton tobacconist Hanover Street
Hugh M'CORMICK mug warehouseman East Side Dry Pier
Hugh Pringle merchant Hanover Street
Hugh Williams merchant Pluckington Alley
Humphrey Lyon pipe maker Rainford Gardens
Isaac Ashton anchorsmith Mersey Street
Isaac Bispham grocer and slop man Ranelagh Street
Isaac Blackwood merchant Drury Lane
Isaac Davis shoemaker Strand Street
Isaac Giles shoemaker Atherton Street
Isaac Hadwen clockmaker and silversmith Pool Lane
Isaac Johnson hosier Glasshouse Wient
Isaac Oldham merchant Redcross Street
Isaac Young watchmaker John Street
Isabella Jameson linen draper and grocer Cleveland Square
Isabella Simner Captain?s Coffee-house Moor Street
Jacob Barlow tallow chandler and soap boiler Pool Lane
Jacob JACKSON taylor Thomas Street
Jacobs Davis shoemaker Atherton Street
James Almond house carpenter&overseer of poor John Street
James Ansdell bookseller Derby Square
James Aspinall plummer and glazier South Side Old Dock
James Barton brewer Oldhall Street
James Bennet butcher Lombard Street
James Bertyn salt officer Ranelagh Street
James Blair Scotch warehouseman East Side Old Dock
James Bridge merchant Paradise Street
James Campbell merchant and broker Hanover Street
James Carruthers merchant Drury Lane
James Chorley tallow chandler and soap boiler Redcross Street
James Clegg attorney-at-law Hanover Street
James Clemens merchant Wolstenholme's Square
James Clemens victualler Strand Street
James Copeland plumber and glazier East Side South Dock
James Cotter insurance broker Fenwick Street
James Dennett brewer Edmund Street
James Dimmock horse and chaise hirer Fenwick Street
James Eaton pipe maker Strand Street
James Eden ship carpenter Park Lane
James Eyes brewer Fleet Street
James Faden tallow chandler and soap boiler Pluckington's Alley
James Foster tax-gatherer Virginia Street
James France merchant Cable Street
James Greetham carver East End Old Dock
James Grocot woollen draper Pool Lane
James Grundy bricklayer Tythebarn Street
James Hardem chairmaker Dale Street
James Hatton Custom-house officer Thomas Street
James Hollinshead gentleman Harrington Street
James Holtt house carpenter Paradise Street
James Jefferson officer of Excise Park Lane
James Johnson bread baker Stanley Street
James Kidd brazier Castle Street
James King cheesemonger Stanley Street
James King surgeon Castle Street
James Lassell staymaker Prince's Street
James Lea flourman Pemberton's Alley
James Lee flourman Covent Garden
James Leigh apothecary Prieston's Row
James Linney grocer Park Lane
James Longfield marble-cutter George Street
James Lynch draper Pool Lane
James Marsden slopman Cooper's Row
James Parke brewer Lord Street
James Percival gentleman Dale Street
James RATHBONE grocer Cable Street
James Rimmer cooper Chapel Street
James Rippon broker in old goods Stanley Street
James Sanders merchant Cable Street
James Stephenson druggist Castle Street
James Sudell attorney-at-law Castle Street
James Walker sawyer and linen draper Hanover Street
James Watmough tallow chandler North Side Old Dock
James Wharton horse hirer Edmund Street
James Winstanley nailer Hurst Street
James Woods tanner Cheapside
James Worthington surgeon Drury Lane
James Wrigley Innkeeper Golden Lion Dale Street
James & Co. Cotter potters Haymarket
James & Co. Rigby mug warehouse South Side Old Dock
James & Robert Nicholson merchants Dale Street
James Esq. Gildart merchant Castle Street
James jun. Cotter tallow chandler Stanley Street
James junior Grundy surveyor Tythebarn Street
Jane Segar milliner Castle Street
Jane & Co. Hemingway druggists Redcross Street
Japhet Darby merchant Pitt Street
Jeffery Whalley livery stable keeper Paradise Street
John Ansdell broker Derby Square
John Archer landwaiter King Street
John Ashcroft attorney-at-law Ormond Street
John Backhouse cabinetmaker King Street
John BACK-HOUSE merchant Castle Street
John Baines schoolmaster Lord Street
John Banister brewer Stanley Street
John Bankes shoemaker Covent Garden
John Bannister attorney-at-law Harrington Street
John Barrow merchant Prussia Street
John Beckwith merchant Liver Street
John Berry surveyor Rainford's Buildings
John Bispham gentleman Ranelagh Street
John Blackstock barber and peruke maker Water Street
John Bridge Innkeeper Old Crooked Billet Tythbarn Street
John Brown brewer Harrington Street
John Brown flourman and grocer Dale Street
John Brown merchant Cleveland Square
John Brownell attorney-at-law Water Street
John Burton sailmaker South Dock Gates
John Carver mercer and draper High Street
John Case Manchester warehouse Water Street
John Chorley tanner Cheapside
John Clark grocer Priestons Row
John Clark merchant Church Street
John Coleman bread baker Batchelor's Lane
John Conway cooper Coopers Row.
John Cope ironmonger Bird Street
John Copeland currier Temple Court
John Cor1eys starch maker Chapel Street
John Coventry roper Shaw's Brow
John Crompton gentleman High Street
John DALE sexton Old Churchyard
John Darbyshire cabinetmaker Church Street
John Davies slater and plaisterer Key Street
John Denham gentleman Virginia Street
John Denton surgeon Key Street
John Dewhurst cabinetmaker Thomas Street
John Dobson merchant and corn dealer Duke Street
John Dunbibin potter Shaw's Brow
John Eaton flourman and carter's clerk North Side Old Dock
John Ellames plummer and glazier Cooper's Row
John Eyes surveyor and architect Church Street
John Fairfax merchant Pluckington's Alley
John Farrar brewer Stanley Street
John Fazakerley silversmith and watchmaker Pool Lane
John Fearon slopman North Side Old Dock
John Fewller clockmaker Chapel Street
John Folds carver Argyle Street
John Forster blockmaker Cooper's Row
John Gembell grocer Cable Street
John Goad merchant Wolstenholme's Square
John Gore bookseller and stationer Dale Street
John Gore cooper Prince's Street
John Gorton slater and plaisterer Edmund Street
John Green grocer Dale Street
John Grimshaw butcher
John Grindrod math. instr. maker Wolstenholme's Square
John Grundy builder Tythebarn Street
John Guy staymaker Frog Lane
John Hallat hatter Tythebarn Street
John Hargraves hatter High Street
John Harper cheesemonger and broker East Side Dry Dock
John Harper saddler Dale Street
John Harrison mercer and draper Water Street
John Hatton tobacconist John Street
John Highfield cabinetmaker Atherton Street
John Hooton schoolmaster High Street
John Hornby grocer Oldhall Street
John Howard gentleman Edmund Street
John Howard glover and breeches maker Harrington Street
John Hughes gentleman Water Street
John Johnson brewer Dale Street
John Johnson sailmaker Duke Street
John KAVE linen draper High Street
John Kemp blacksmith and farrier Frog Lane
John Kenion physician Drury Lane
John Kitching merchant Oldhall Street
John Knight merchant Water Street
John Lassell staymaker Tythbarn Street
John Latham brewer Oldhall Street
John Leather currier Park Lane
John Leverton mathematical instrument maker Water Street
John Livesley builder Shaw's Brow
John Lyon slater and plaisterer Oldhall Street
John Maine merchant Pluckington's Alley
John Marsden gentleman Castle Street
John Maskew confectioner Pool Lane
John M'Crery painter Hackin's Hey
John Milligan linen draper and milliner Pluckington's Alley
John Molineux roper Park Lane
John Momey mug warehouse Derby Square
John Moreton tallow chandler Cable Street
John Mounsey whalebone cutter Duke Street
John Mullion Woolen and linen draper High Street
John Nightingale cabinetmaker Pool Lane
John North broker Ranelagh Street
John Nunes merchant James Street
John OKILL timber merchant Park Lane
John Owen upholsterer Pool Lane
John PALMER maltster Church Street
John Parker merchant Drury Lane
John Parker watchmaker Fleet Street
John Parr draper Water Street
John Parr gunsmith Frederick Street
John Parr merchant Old Churchyard
John Parson bread baker Strand Street
John Pratt broker Elbow Lane
John Prince shoemaker Moore Street
John Reed draper Pool Lane
John Renshaw roper Ranelagh Street
John Reynolds Innkeeper Cross Keys Dale Street
John Rhodes brazier Pool Lane
John Richardson sailmaker Paradise Street
John Rigby ironmonger East Side Dry Dock
John Rigby sword-bearer Shaw's Brow
John Robinson anchorsmith East Side Old Graving Dock
John Robinson merchant North-east Side South Dock
John Robinson sail maker Paradise Street
John Roscoe potter Shaw's Brow
John Rowe merchant Fenwick Street
John Salthouse cooper Paradise Street
John Scarsbrick butcher Key Street
John Scott merchant Old Churchyard
John Serjeant roper Ranelagh Street
John Shertcliffe surgeon Union Street
John Sibbald bookseller and stationer Castle Street
John Southart corn merchant Park Lane
John Sowerbutts Corn meter Redcross Street
John Sparling merchant Paradise Street
John Spencer house carpenter John Street
John Strange merchant Water Street
John Street cooper Hurst Street
John Stubbs mason Williamson Square
John Sykes schoolmaster Ranelagh Street
John Tarleton mercer and draper Castle Street
John Tarlton cooper King Street
John Taylor flourman Tythbarn Street
John Turton slater and plaisterer Pall Mall
John Urmson livery stable keeper Water Street
John Walker merchant Hanover Street
John Walmsley flourman Pemberton Alley
John Ward blacksmith and farrier Hackin's Hey
John Ward grocer Derby Square
John Waring surgeon Prieston's Row
John White cutler Water Street
John White merchant Union Street
John Whittle flourman Dale Street
John Williams potter Shaw's Brow
John Wilson farrier Dale Street
John Wilson Innkeeper Angel Dale Street
John Wright boatbuilder Union Street
John Wright schoolmaster and clerk of St. George's Church Clayton's Alley
John Wyke watchmaker King Street
John YATES watchmaker and corn dealer Ranelagh Street
John & Co. Daulby brewers Sir Thomas's Buildings
John & Co. Knight glass makers North-east Side South Dock
John & Co. Knight sugar bakers John Street
John & Co. Latham wine merchants King Street
John & Co. Tarleton sugar bakers Castle Street
John & Thomas Beckwith drapers Derby Square
John & Thurstan Howard brewers Edmund Street
John Esq Williamson beer brewer Lancelot's Hey
John Esq. Blackbume merchant Hanover Street
John Esq. Colquitt collector of the Customs Hanover Street
John Esq. Crosbie mayor Paradise Street
John Esq. TARLETON merchant. Water Street
John jun. Atherton Esq. Wolstenholme's Street
John jun. Eyes attorney-at-law Church Street
John sen. Atherton Esq. Hanover Street
Jonathan Blundell merchant Water Street
Jonathan Brooks merchant Peter Street
Jonathan Gibson landwaiter Benn?s Garden
Jonathan Rowe Innkeeper White Bull Dale Street
Jonathan Wordsworth schoolmaster Cleveland Square
Jonathan & Co. Blundell stocking manufactory School Lane
Jonathan & Co. Blundell sugar bakers Haymarket
Joseph Baxendale cabinetmaker Oldhall Street
Joseph Briscall schoolmaster Ranelagh Street
Joseph Brooks merchant and builder Hanover Street
Joseph Brown cabinetmaker Lord Street
Joseph Brown roper Ranelagh Street
Joseph Daltera merchant Priestons Row
Joseph Dutton butcher Ormond Street
Joseph Dutton tallow chandler Chapel Street
Joseph Fairhurst taylor Rosemary Lane
Joseph Finney clockmaker Thomas Street
Joseph Hadwen Clockmaker & grocer and linen draper Church Street
Joseph Hall silversmith and pawnbroker Prince's Street
Joseph Harling cabinetmaker James Street
Joseph Harvey baker Argyle Street
Joseph Hind Excise officer Cooper's Row
Joseph Jackson gentleman Thomas Street
Joseph Johnson barber and peruke maker High Street
Joseph Matthews sailmaker South Side Old Dock
Joseph Newhouse woollen draper Castle Street
Joseph Owen currier Litherland's Alley
Joseph Parke clockmaker Covent Garden
Joseph Rigby roper Ranelagh Street
Joseph Rose lath-cleaver Lord Street
Joseph Ryder founderer West Side South Dock
Joseph Rylands ironmonger Pool Lane
Joseph Taylor merchant Union Street
Joseph Walker cabinetmaker Rosemary Lane
Joseph Walley silversmith Water Street
Joseph Wayles merchant Union Street
Joseph Wilson butcher Ormond Street
Joseph Wright flourman Moore Street
Joseph & Jonathan Brooks merchants Hanover Street
Joseph Esq. Bird merchant Bird Street
Joshua Lawton silk mercer Fenwick Street
Joshua Pugmore Whitehaven trader Cleveland Square
Joshua Rose sailmaker Duke Street
Joshua Swift white cooper Castle Street
Joshua Williamson landwaiter Oldhall Street
Joshua & Co. Birchall anchorsmiths Bridge Street
Lawrence Finagan merchant Queen Street
Lawrence Ridgate plummer and glazier Strand Street
Lawrence Esq. Spencer deputy customer Oldhall Street
Lloyd Baxendale upholsterer Oldhall Street
Manwaring Clegg landwaiter Workhouse Lane
Margaret Blundell linen draper Edmund Street
Margaret Bowes milliner Castle Street
Margaret Cotton milliner Lancelot's Hey
Margaret Howard milliner Temple Bar
Margaret Parr Neptune's Coffee-house Old Shambles
Martha Seacome milliner Temple Bar
Mary Clark grocer and tea dealer George's Street
Mary Disley milliner Water Street
Mary Fleetwood tavern-keeper Exchange Coffee House Water Street
Mary Massey grocer Dale Street
Mary Parke brewer Water Street
Mary Penkett milliner Chapel Street
Mary Roberts Merchants Coffee-house Dale Street
Mary Stanford milliner Castle Street
Mary Stanton flourseller High Street
Mary Staples milliner Water Street
Mary Walthew saddler Derby Square
Mason & Co. Menzies snuffmakers Hackin's Hey
Matthew Dobson physician Harrington Street
Matthew Finglass staymaker Paradise Street
Matthew Forde merchant Duke Street
Matthew Greenwood collector of salt duties Park Lane
Matthew Lewtas cooper Coopers Row
Matthew Ligoe butcher George Street
Matthew Stronge corporation treasurer Paradise Street
Matthew Turner surgeon John Street
Matthew Winstanley house carpenter Edmund Street
Matthew & Co. Forde insurance brokers Castle Street
Mauleverer & Co. Noble linen merchants Dale Street
Mercy Richardson linen draper High Street
Michael Robinson attorney-at-law Vale Street
Miles Barber merchant Elbow Lane
Miles Barber merchant Lord Street
Miles Timons surgeon Plumb Street
Nathan Kershaw cooper Paradise Street
Nathaniel Hale cooper South Side Old Dock
Nathaniel Lee ironmonger and whitesmith Dale Street
Nathaniel Litherland landwaiter Paradise Street
Nathaniel Tyrer hatter Coopers Row
Nathaniel Wright Breeches maker Moore Street
Nehemiah Cowley house carpenter Church Street
Nehemiah Holland merchant Cable Street
Nicholas Crook gentleman St. Paul?s Churchyard
Nicholas Cross timber merchant and cabinetmaker Pool Lane
Nicholas Dawson slater and plaisterer Frog Lane
Nicholas Penkett butcher Plumb Street
Nicholas Walmsley flourman Fenwick Street
Nicholas Esq. Ashton merchant Paradise Street
Oliver Martin bread baker Tythbarn Street
Ovit Langton milliner Prieston's Row
P. Collister slopman Strand Street
Patrick Black merchant Hanover Street
Patrick Dowdall draper and slopman Pool Lane
Paul Bridson sailmaker South Side Old Dock
Paul Moreau teacher of French Virginia Street
Peter Allen sailmaker Paradise Street
Peter Baker ship carpenter North-east Side South Dock
Peter Bankes Grocer and broker for the flats Thomas Street
Peter Baxter block maker South Side Old Dock
Peter Bennet butcher Prince's Street
Peter Blackhaller Isle of Man trader South Graving Dock
Peter Bradley gunsmith King Street
Peter Catterall watchmaker Key Street
Peter Ellames attorney-at-law Mersey Street
Peter Fawcet cabinetmaker Mersey Street
Peter Holme merchant Lord Street
Peter Kennion cooper Paradise Street
Peter Leay merchant Atherton Street
Peter Morris glassman South-east Corner South Dock
Peter Pemberton gentleman Chapel Street
Peter Pippard merchant Sweeting Street
Peter Rigby ironmonger Derby Square
Peter Wright bookbinder Bixteth Street
Peter & Thomas Knowles brushmakers Potatoe Market
Philip Christian potter Lord Street
Ralph EARLE timber merchant School Lane
Ralph Hanmer grocer and seedsman Castle Street
Ralph Holt livery stable keeper Prince's Street
Ralph Holtt surgeon and apothecary Redcross Street
Ralph Lowe tanner Williamson Square
Ralph Pearson anchorsmith West Side South Dock
Ralph & William Crook brewers Dale Street
Ralph Esq. Peters deputy recorder John Street
Rauthmell & Co. Gildart sugar bakers Pluckingtonts Alley
Rev. B. Booth Chapel Street
Rev. George Hodson Wolstenholme's Square
Rev. H Kirkpatrick Dale Street
Rev. Henry Wolstenholme Wolstenholme's Square
Rev. John Brekell Union Street
Rev. John Johnson Glasshouse Wient
Rev. Matthew Lowe School Lane
Rev. Nicholas Clayton Dale Street
Rev. Robert Brereton rector Oldhall Street
Rev. Siddal Laughton Oldhall Street
Rev. Thomas Fishwick Dale Street
Rev. Thomas Maddock Williamson Square
Rev. William Enfield Redcross Street
Rev. William Martin Frederick Street
Rev. William D.D. Smith Dean of Chester Union Street
Richard Arnold blockmaker East Side South Dock
Richard Atkis deputy comptroller Wolstenholme's Square
Richard Blundell draper and staymaker Hanover Street
Richard Carson dancing-master Fenwick Street
Richard Clay merchant Paradise Street
Richard Clithero hatter and hosier Castle Street
Richard Coats officer of Excise Tythbarn Street
Richard Copeland house carpenter Lord Street
Richard Copeland leather seller Tythbarn Street
Richard Davenport mug warehouse South Side Old Dock
Richard Dean roper Ranelagh Street
Richard Finlow brushmaker John Street
Richard Gerrard surgeon and apothecary Dale Street
Richard Golightly ship carpenter Mersey Street
Richard Goore landwaiter Covent garden
Richard Greenham tallow chandler and soap boiler High Street
Richard Hill tobacconist Bird Street
Richard Hillary merchant Oldhall Street
Richard Hodgson house carpenter John Street
Richard Holden schoolmaster Castle Street
Richard Holland draper Lord Street
Richard Houghton Esq. Water Street
Richard Hutchinson merchant Cleveland Square
Richard Jackson merchant Oldhall Street
Richard Kaye gentleman Edmund Street
Richard Kent merchant Atherton Street
Richard Mauleverer merchant Dale Street
Richard Montgomery shoemaker Paradise Street
Richard Nicholas merchant Union Street
Richard Noble merchant Dale Street
Richard Owen merchant Oldhall Street
Richard Rigby serjeant-at-mace Water Street
Richard Robinson broker Hackin's Hey
Richard Savage merchant Hanover Street
Richard Scarr Innkeeper Cross Keys High Street
Richard Scott sail canvas maker Sir Thomas' Building
Richard Swanwick Corn merchant Cable Street
Richard Tate merchant Duke Street
Richard Thwaites potter Park Lane
Richard Townsend merchant King Street
Richard UNSWORTH brewer Harrington Street
Richard Watts pilot Benn's Garden
Richard Whiteside brazier South Side Old Dock
Richard Whiteside landwaiter Litherland Alley
Richard Williamson mercer and draper Dale Street
Richard Williamson officer of the Customs Lord Street
Richard Wright bookbinder George Street
Richard & Co. Chaffers china-makers Shaw's Brow
Richard & Co. Hughes sugar bakers John Street
Richard & Co. WADESON wine merchants North Side Old Dock
Richard Esq. Hughes John Street
Robert Armitage merchant Harrington Street
Robert Ashcroft Innkeeper Crooked Billet Tythbarn Street
Robert Blackbume linen draper Castle Street
Robert Blackbume schoolmaster Harrington Street
Robert Blundell Esq. Hanover Street
Robert Brekell ship carpenter Graving Dock Coffee House
Robert Chapman flourman Bicksteth Street
Robert Chesshyre druggist and apothecary High Street
Robert Clay merchant Coopers Row
Robert Copeland cabinetmaker High Street
Robert Davison tallow chandler and soap boiler Redcross Street
Robert Done brewer Lord Street
Robert Greaves merchant Hanover Street
Robert Hamilton merchant Dale Street
Robert Hesketh wine merchant Moore Street
Robert Heysham coal merchant Old Churchyard
Robert Hodgson blockmaker Cooper's Row
Robert Jackson taylor Paradise Street
Robert Jenning merchant Frederick Street
Robert Kennish mugman Chapel Street
Robert Kenyon carter Union Street
Robert Lawrence brewer Dale Street
Robert Molineux butcher Tythbarn Street
Robert Morris grocer and Hourman Dale Street
Robert Moss cabinetmaker Cleveland Square
Robert Neale plummer and glazier Oldhall Street
Robert Nicholson merchant Paradise Street
Robert Norris boat builder Mersey Street
Robert Pedder attorney-at-law Edmund Street
Robert Richmond attorney-at-law Chapel Street
Robert Seddon anchorsmith Key Street
Robert Seddon merchant Pitt Street
Robert Tyrer house carpenter Oldhall Street
Robert Tyrer potter Shaw's Brow
Robert Walne bricklayer Earle Street
Robert Whittle gentleman Oldhall Street
Robert Willcock brewer Park Lane
Robert Williamson Printer bookseller and stationer Castle Street
Robert Yates linen draper James Street
Robert & Co. Willcock potters Park Lane
Roger Bradshaw Innkeeper Millstone and Castle Dale Street
Roger Haydock mercer and draper Redcross Street
Roger Parr merchant Paradise Street
Roger Topping attorney-at-law Potatoe Market
Roger & Son Fisher ship carpenters Mersey Street
Ross Allen mercer and draper Derby Square
Ross & Co. Leigh beer brewers Duke Street
Rowland Hunter broker Union Street
Rowland Johnson watchmaker Harrington Street
Samuel Adams Victualler White Lion Water Street
Samuel Anderson silversmith Derby Square
Samuel Angier physician Union Street
Samuel Appleton pork seller Frog Lane
Samuel Beconsall corkcutter High Street
Samuel Darwen anchorsmith Darwen's Alley
Samuel Fewller cabinetmaker Chapel Street
Samuel Green merchant Church Street
Samuel Heald saddler Dale Street
Samuel Jackson draper Castle Street
Samuel Johnson ironmonger and anchorsmith Mersey Street
Samuel Johnson painter Strand Street
Samuel Kirks upholsterer Oldhall Street
Samuel Lennox linen draper Frederick Street
Samuel Nevett cabinetmaker Dale Street
Samuel Poole potter Dale Street
Samuel Shaw merchant and insurance broker Drury Lane
Samuel Street broker Thomas Street
Samuel Warren silversmith Castle Street
Samuel Winstanley ironmonger Pool Lane
Samuel Woods coach maker and wheelwright Ranelagh Street
Samuel Woodward broker Oldhall Street
Sarah Chalmer boarding-school Union Street
Sarah Duxbery barber and peruke maker Dale Street
Savige Leech broker Chapel Street
Scarratt & Co. Fairfax silk weavers Spittalfields
Scroop Colquitt attorney-at-law Atherton Street
Shermar Rooksby gentleman Williamson Square
Silvanus Hyde sawyer West Side South Dock
Silvester Gore staymaker Bixteth Street
Stanhope Mason woollen draper Water Street
Steel Perkins corn merchant East Side South Dock
Stephen Forde tallow chandler Dale Street
Stephen Hayes merchant Duke Street
Stephen Tillinghast watchmaker and tax-gatherer Castle Street
Susannah Sibbald milliner Castle Street
Sydney Hume milliner Derby Square
Thomas Antrobus surgeon Chapel Street
Thomas Appleton mealman Dale Street
Thomas Arnold tailor Prussia Street
Thomas Atkinson slopman Benn's Garden
Thomas Bailey cabinetmaker Fenwick Alley
Thomas Banner Innkeeper Golden Fleece Dale Street
Thomas Barton tobacconist Stanley Street
Thomas Baxtonden carter's clerk Wolstenholme's Square
Thomas Beetham timber merchant Cleveland's Square
Thomas Billinge engraver Rainford's Buildings
Thomas Birch merchant Cleveland's Square
Thomas Bridge slopman Derby Square
Thomas Brown hatter Shaw's Brow
Thomas Brown merchant Pitt Street
Thomas Brown roper Ranelagh Street
Thomas Callow Victualler Angel King Street
Thomas Cartmel plummer and glazier Redcross Street
Thomas Case merchant Water Street
Thomas Chrichlow house carpenter Lord Street
Thomas Clucas taylor Bird Street
Thomas Cooper hatter Pool Lane
Thomas Cotton saddler Water Street
Thomas Cowbume printer Atherton Street
Thomas Cowley house carpenter Pitt Street
Thomas Crook gentleman St. Paul's Churchyard
Thomas Cross merchant Plumb Street
Thomas Crowder merchant Water Street
Thomas Davis pilot East Side Old Graving Dock
Thomas Dennett flourman Frog Lane
Thomas Dobb cabinetmaker Frog Lane
Thomas Dunbar merchant Pool Lane
Thomas Eden merchant Squire's Garden
Thomas Eden shoemaker Elbow Lane
Thomas Edwards mason Cumberland Street
Thomas Ellames ironmonger Mersey Street
Thomas Fairhurst flourman Dale Street
Thomas Falkner merchant Oldhall Street
Thomas Foxcroft merchant Paradise Street
Thomas Fumass cabinetmaker Cleveland Square
Thomas GALLEY boatbuilder Old Custom-house Yard
Thomas Gamon Ince Boathouse Old Churchyard
Thomas Gaskell merchant Cable Street
Thomas Gatliffe cabinetmaker Pool Lane
Thomas Gill cooper Water Street
Thomas Gorstidge corn merchant East End Old Dock
Thomas Greenup ironmonger Temple Bar
Thomas Gregson blockmaker Redcross Street
Thomas Guy house carpenter School Lane
Thomas HADLEY gunsmith Earle Street
Thomas Halsall surgeon Lombard Street
Thomas Hartley cooper Mersey Street
Thomas Harvey builder Ranelagh Street
Thomas Hawe sailcloth maker St. Thomas's Buildings
Thomas Hayes mercer and draper Dale Street
Thomas Hodgson merchant Hanover Street
Thomas Hodgson merchant Lord Street
Thomas Holden brewer Oldhall Street
Thomas Holding draper Dale Street
Thomas Holt merchant Pitt Street
Thomas Hooton schoolmaster Ranelagh Street
Thomas Houghton ironmonger Prieston's Row
Thomas Houlston apothecary and bookseller High Street
Thomas Howard tallow chandler Prieston's Row
Thomas Huddleston ironmonger Redcross Street
Thomas Hurst physician High Street
Thomas Isatt officer of Excise St. Paul's Churchyard
Thomas Jackson shoemaker Old hall Street
Thomas Jennion brewer Ranelagh Street
Thomas Johnson painter Paradise Street
Thomas Joynson butcher Key Street
Thomas Kelley merchant Plumb Street
Thomas Kirkbride schoolmaster Lord Street
Thomas Leatherbarrow gentleman Covent Garden
Thomas Lewis bread baker Fenwick Alley
Thomas Lyon cabinetmaker Union Street
Thomas Marsden gentleman Benn's Garden
Thomas Mather cooper Coopers Row
Thomas Mears merchant Paradise Street
Thomas Mercer ship carpenter Gorrell's Yard
Thomas Miller blockmaker Park Lane
Thomas Moncas Pontack's Coffee-house Water Street
Thomas Morgan bread baker Hurst Street
Thomas Morgan shoemaker Pemberton's Alley
Thomas Myddelton merchant Drury Lane
Thomas Nightingale shoemaker George Street
Thomas Panton currier High Street
Thomas Parker merchant Edmund Street
Thomas Patten blockmaker North-east Side South Dock
Thomas Patton confectioner Castle Street
Thomas Payne brewer Milk Street
Thomas Peake schoolmaster George Street
Thomas Pickop cooper Moore Street
Thomas Pilmore pilot West Side Old Graving Dock
Thomas Potter house carpenter Union Street
Thomas Pulford slopman Strand Street
Thomas Rawlinson fishmonger Redcross Street
Thomas Roberts hatter and hosier Castle Street
Thomas Robinson physician Chapel Street
Thomas Rumbold merchant Hanover Street
Thomas Rutter painter Hanover Street
Thomas Sadler bread baker Fenwick Alley
Thomas Shaw Alderman Dale Street
Thomas Smith merchant Pitt Street
Thomas Smyth merchant Paradise Street
Thomas Staniforth merchant Union Street
Thomas Statham postmaster Chapel Street
Thomas Sturzaker draper Castle Street
Thomas Sudell attorney-at-law Exchange Alley
Thomas Sutton clerk of London waggons and stage coach Paradise Street
Thomas Swettenham plummer and glazier Water Street
Thomas Taylor corn merchant East Side Dry Dock
Thomas Thompson watchmaker Pool Lane
Thomas Unsworth brewer Harrington Street
Thomas Vernon watchmaker Pool Lane
Thomas Wainwright mason Cleveland Square
Thomas Wainwright wheelwright Paradise Street
Thomas Ward merchant Chapel Street
Thomas Weston merchant Wolstenholme Square
Thomas Wharton gentleman Oldhall Street
Thomas Widdens deputy searcher Wolstenholme Square
Thomas Wilson draper North Side Old Dock
Thomas Wolstenholme sexton Stanley Street
Thomas Wright boatbuilder New Key
Thomas Wycliffe merchant King Street
Thomas & Co. Ducket merchants King Street
Thomas & Co. Hopkins silk throwsters Tythbarn Street
Thomas & Co. Parke linen merchants Covent Garden
Thomas & Co. Wakefield sugar bakers Redcross Street
Thomas & Hugh Spencer house carpenters Hanover Street
Thomas & Joseph Clare saddlers Dale Street
Thomas & Son Fletcher hatmakers Castle Street
Thomas Esq. Johnson collector of Excise Chapel Street
Thomas Esq. Johnson merchant Lord Street
Thomas Esq. Seel Hanover Street
Victor Busigny merchant John Street
Walker & Tabb Rumbold merchants Hanover Street
Walter Cahoun surgeon and apothecary Castle Street
Walter Green physician Union Street
Warburton Barlow Innkeeper Wool Pack Dale Street
Widow Slater grocer and seedswoman Castle Street
William ABBOT merchant Cleveland's Square
William Atkinson officer of the Customs Drury Lane
William Ball china-maker Ranelagh Street
William Barker grocer Redcross Street
William Barnes tallow chandler and soap boiler King Street
William Blundell gentleman James Street
William Boardman house carpenter Thomas Street
William Boats merchant Lancelot's Hey
William Bonny tallow chandler and soap boiler Key Street
William Bradley gunsmith Old Churchyard
William Brock wine merchant King Street
William Broster cabinetmaker and toyman Castle Street
William Brown barber and peruke maker Paradise Street
William CADDOCK portrait painter Oldhall Street
William Cardwell cooper Paradise Street
William Carr merchant Argyle Street
William Chaffers gent. John Street
William Clarke linen draper Derby Square
William Collison linen draper High Street
William Crosbie merchant Pool Lane
William Cross barber and peruke maker Dale Street
William Cumberland flourman North-east Side South Dock
William Davenport merchant Drury Lane
William Dobb merchant Lord Street
William Dutton boatbuilder New Key
William Earle cooper Hurst Street
William Earle merchant and iron monger Redcross Street
William Edwards gentleman Rosemary Lane
William Edwardson grocer Dale Street
William Everard surveyor and architect John Street
William Farrington merchant Old Churchyard
William Glover victualler East Side Dry Dock
William Gore barber and peruke maker Water Street
William Gorton slater and plaisterer Prussia Street
William Greaves gentleman Water Street
William Gregson cooper North Side Old Dock
William Griffies linen draper and barber Castle Street
William Hambleton slater and plaisterer Pluckington's Alley
William Harper shoemaker Pool Lane
William Harrop wine merchant Fenwick Street
William Hatton grocer High Street
William Heys glass grinder East End, Old Dock
William Higgins grocer and pork seller High Street
William Higginson merchant Union Street
William Hill tidewaiter Squire's Garden
William Hilliard grocer Pool Lane
William Homer merchant Fenwick Street
William Hough hosier Stanley Street
William Hutchinson dock master near Dock Gates
William Ingram Esq. Pool Lane
William Jackson broker Lancelot's Hey
William Jackson taylor Cable Street.
William James merchant and broker Water Street
William Johnson tallow chandler Redcross Street
William Jones cheesemonger School Lane
William Kirkham Flax dresser and sailcloth maker Hanover Street
William Lawson merchant Old Churchyard
William Leece grocer Dale Street
William Lightfoot house carpenter James Street
William Litherland upholsterer High Street
William Longden merchant Paradise Street
William NAGLE broker for the flats Paradise Street
William Neale blockmaker East End Old Dock
William Pearson cooper Hanover Street
William Pickance attorney-at-law Water Street
William Pickering surgeon James Street
William Pole agent for Sun Fire&Stamp Offices Fenwick Street
William Pownall merchant Liver Street
William Preston mason Ranelagh Street
William Rathbone timber merchant Duke Street
William Rawlins corkcutter Stanley Street
William Reed painter Vemon Street
William Rice merchant Pool Lane
William Ripley grocer Dale Street
William Rosedale wheelwright Dale Street
William Ross beer brewer Rainford Buildings
William Rowe attorney-at-law John Street
William Sandford cooper New Strand Street
William Shaw linen merchant Tythbarn Street
William Shepherd shoemaker Cable Street
William Shepherd watchmaker Castle Street
William Siddall roper Hanover Street
William Stanton cooper Brooks' Square
William Statham attorney-at-law John Street
William Stringfellow enameller Park Lane
William Stringfellow overseer of poor Dale Street
William Tarleton watchmaker Bixteth Street
William Trafford merchant King Street
William Wallace merchant Pitt Street
William Waller merchant Chapel Street
William Wetwood surgeon Paradise Street
William Williamson merchant and insurance broker Dale Street
William Wilson grocer Stanley Street
William & Co. Davenport wine merchants Harrington Street
William & Co. Neale mug warehouse East End Old Dock
William & Co. Tatlock brewers Queen Street
William Esq. Gregson merchant James's Street
William George Beeckman merchant Peter Street
Wm. Ad. & Robt. Lightbody linen merchants Dale Street
Wright Gleave surgeon Chapel Street

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