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The Province of Connacht - transplantation and the Mile Line around the perimeter of Connacht and Clare

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The Province of Connacht - transplantation and the Mile Line around the perimeter of Connacht and Clare

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 5:58PM GMT
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Edited: 29 Mar 2013 6:21PM GMT
Surnames: Wakefield
I have done a post concerning David Wakefield and the land description for the Wakefield Family Estate that includes the reference to Connaught-and this is a Province. David Wakefield's great great grandfather, John Wakefield, is listed as one of the '49 Officers who were Protestants Royalist who had the '49 Arrears and were recoginized by King Charles II for their military service and loyality. Lands were held in trust for the '49 Officers-and they rec'd land in payment for the '49 Arrears. They were not part of Cromwells Parlimentatarian soldiers and they were opposed to this ideology. "King Charles II provided for the '49 officers by granting them all the undisposed lands in the counties of Donegal Leitrim, Longford and Wicklow, the undisposed land in the 'mile line'-term used to identify land stretching from the coast one mile inland in the Province of Connacht and one mile westward from the river Shannon." "Charles II's Irish Caviliers: the 1649 Officers and the Restoration land settlement page 410 or reference at page 2 explains ""Connacht and Clare were chosen as the area of transplantation because they were surrounded by water except for a ten mile stretch of land which was to be protected by a series of forts. A one mile strip called The Mile Line, around the perimeter of Connacht and Clare was reserved for military settlers 'to confine the transplanted and to cut them off from relief by sea.' The Irish were forbidden to live in the towns of Connacht."
As I have pointed out my ancestor John Wakefield is on the list for the '49 Officers, I have a copy, and King Charles II included the lands mentioned above that include this mile line and this was for military settlers-I assume John Wakefield fit these requirements. Is there any way to find records for the '49 Officers that settled in the Province of Connacht? Like is listed with the land description for David Wakefield and in the Wakefield Memorial so many Wakefield's reference-is Connaught or Connacht-and it is very likely this is where John Wakefield was granted land.
Any suggestions or do you know of any records for this other than the list of the '49 Officers that includes John Wakefield? Or are there any records for Connaught Certificates 1654-1658 in case John Wakefield forfeited his lands due to remaining loyal to the King and not Cromwell? Thanks, Cindy

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