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Question about Moravian Church records in the 18th century???!!

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Re: Question about Moravian Church records in the 18th century???!!

Posted: 4 Dec 2011 11:59AM GMT
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Hmm, I just got this e mail from a friend of mine about the location which now makes me think it may have been in the other part.

Here it is: What do you make of it?

Neil, I'll start by saying that my background includes six years studying history at the University of Munich in Germany, in case you might find yourself wondering where my historical knowledge comes from.

You are wrong about Wanowitz and Niesky being located in Poland today. Neither one is located in Poland today!

WANOWITZ was located in AUSTRIA, in what was until 1918 the very small province of AUSTRIAN SILESIA, its capital the city of TROPPAU. The former Austrian Silesia is one of the components of today's CZECH REPUBLIC. Troppau is now known by the Czech name OPAVA, and Wanowitz is now known by the Czech name VANOVICE.

I will mention here that following Emperor Joseph II's Edict of Tolerance of 1781, Wanowitz became and remained a Protestant town. (The original German inhabitants were of course expelled in 1945, as you probably know.)

The town of NIESKY was founded by members of the Moravian faith in 1742, and Moravians from elsewhere later migrated there as well. Niesky was located at the westernmost tip of what was from the mid-18th century until 1945 the PRUSSIAN province of SILESIA (in German: Schlesien), the German state of Prussia having taken most of Silesia from Austria in the wars of the mid-18th century, leaving Austria only a very small portion, which then became known as Austrian Silesia.

As I've explained, Wanowitz is not located in Poland today, and Niesky is not located in Poland today either. Niesky, a small city of about 10,000 people today, is still located in GERMANY. Niesky is located just west of the Neisse River, a short distance from the city of GÖRLITZ, or if written without the "Umlaut" (two dots) over the "O", GOERLITZ. This westernmost tip of Silesia is today part of the German state of SAXONY. There is still a Moravian church in Niesky.

To be a bit more precise as to location, Niesky is located in the region known as UPPER LUSATIA (in German: Oberlausitz), which is home not only to Germans, but also to a Slavic people known as the WENDS or the SORBS.

In any event, Neil, your research has nothing to do with Poland.

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