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Posted: 14 Mar 2013 1:40PM GMT
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Surnames: Gular, Guler, Goler, Gbur, Guber, Chudnovsky, Chudnowsky, Chudnovski, Chudnowski, Czudnovski, Czudnovsky, Chudnow, Chudnov, Cudnov, Cudnow, Chud
This is very interesting. I have a great-grandmother with the surname "Gular/Guler" - Freida Gular - but I do not know what the actual spelling was before her family came to America, or if it was just shortened. On some documents, because of handwriting, or transcription, it looks like "Guber." When I do a google search on the name Gular, or Guler, it mostly comes up with other regions, or countries, like India. I do not know where she was from before she married my great-grandfather. On most documents she lists Russia - Kiev. On one I found Galicia, on another, Volhynia (?). When her older son came over, he listed being from Zashkov and that his mother was still there, in Zashkov (Zhashkov, Zashkiv, Zhashkiv). That was in 1913. His name was Velvel Chudnovsky - Chudnowsky - Czudnowski, etc., (b. 1895). He used the later changed his name to William, but, I also found documents with the name Walker/Walko. He eventually shortened his last name to Chud. When she, Freida, cMame over with her younger son, Sacha/Tsacha/Tacha, changed to Samuel (b. 1905), it was eight years later, 1921, and she put that they last lived in Bucharest, Roumania.

The part I find so interesting, is, I have suspected that her maiden name may have actually been closer to Guber, later changed by brothers of hers when they came here, and, she also married a Chudnovsky/Chudnowsky/Chudnovski/Chudnowski/Tchoudnovski. My great-grandfather's name was Yona/Yonah Chudnovsky. My grandfather, Samuel (Sacha), who only shortened his name to Chudnow, told my father that they were from Chudnov, which is near Zhitomir, and Kiev. His brother, William, told his daughter that they were from Zashkov. Since many documents only have "Russia" or "Kiev, Russia," it makes it hard to know for sure if they ever lived in Chudnov. It is also hard, because long before the Nazi invasion, the Bolsheviks raided and destroyed Chudnov, and many other villages/towns/shetls, as well as any records, and even the cemeteries/gravestones.

Yonah and Freida also had a daughter, Claje, later changed to Clara. She married Alexander Kooperman/Cooperman.

I have come to realize that the name Chudnovsky, and all of it's variations/spellings, is about as common as Swansons and Johnsens on the other side of my family! When I was growing up I never met any other Chudnows. In doing my research, I've found so many Chudnows, it's overwhelming, as supposedly the name originated in the town of Chudnov, and that doesn't necessarily mean they are all related.

Anyway, I wonder if we could be related? Many of my Gular and Chudnow family members settled in upstate New York, possibly Massachusettes, Pennsylvania, possibly Michigan, and definitely Chicago, which is where I was born.

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