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Posted: 18 Oct 2009 1:10AM GMT
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I did a quick search on Ore-Ida, but couldn't find any reference to Anderson's. But, since it is not really what you need, I only post the following:
"Ore-Ida Potato Products, Inc. was founded by Idaho farmers F. Nephi Grigg and his brother Golden Grigg in 1952 with the development of a potato-processing facility located in Oregon, near the border of the state of Idaho.

Your other posting on this family:

You already have the 1930 Census information from the above, you may also have the other census data, But, I will add pertinent information and correct errors made by the other "poster".

You had indicated Lula was born "Allen". I did a search for her in the 1900 census, without "confirmed" success. I also searched for Albert Anderson, there was one in Mullen, Idaho, but nothing to even begin to confirm. If you have full dates of birth, it is important to post them in your inquiries. Always post sufficient information that you have to help the researcher. I can go back to look if you have that.
Also, this "Albert Anderson" was born in Sweden, around 1877. The naming system "patronymics" was still in effect at the time. So, Anderson was probably not a "surname" as we know it. It meant simply, son of Anders. So, he could have been Andersson, Andersson, Anderson. His missing brothers might not have taken that name, but instead took the farm name, or the name of the area where they had lived. This is common. If he had "jumped ship", he might not have even been an Anderson. Scandinavian parish records are very good; but you need to do the research here first.

The 1910 Census for Milner, Twin Falls County, Idaho, enumerated 23 May, 1910.
Albert Anderson, age 34, born in Sweden to both parents born in Sweden, immigrated 1890, "Pa", speaks English, employed as a Teamster/own team. He was married 4 years. They were renting their property.
Lula T, age 22, born in Utah to both parents born in Utah, mother of two/both living.
Albert L, 2, born in California
Daniel V(appears to be "V"), age 9/12, born in California.
--The "Pa" is to the question whether naturalized or alien. The abbreviation means "Papers", _NOT_ Pending Application as indicated by the other. (I had brought this to their attention before). This means he has filed his papers for citizenship. The process was a FIVE year process. It is not known if these papers was his Declaration of Intention; or the Petition for Citizenship. For the process, see:
You can try to get a copy of his immigration documents...costly, but worth it.
If found, these documents should show where in Sweden he lived.
--Daniel was shown as 9/12ths. The census was enumerated on 23 May. So, Daniel was born about July/August 1909...IF the enumerator was correct in math. (He was born 7 July, so the math was a bit off).

The 1920 Census for the Boulder Farm District, Cassia County, ID, enumerated on 2 January 1920, by Emma McIntosh. Enumeration District 131, Supervisors District No 2.
Albert A. Anderson, age 45, born in "Utah?"(as written on the form) to both parents born in Sweden, farmer/general farm. Owned his property.
Lulu, age 31, born in Utah to both parents born in the United States
Albert Jr, 12, California
Vaness, 11, California
Raymond 9, California
-------Also in 1920:
The 1920 Census for Locust, Cassia County, Idaho, enumerated 1 Feb. by W.A. Martin (as appears). Enumeration District 136, Supervisors District 2
Anderson (no first name provided), age 47, born in Illinois to both parents born in Sweden, farmer/general farm
Lula, 32, born in Utah to both parents born in Utah
Albert 12 11/12, born in CA (based on enumeration date, born about March 1907).
Vaness 11 6/12, CA (still appears to be born about July/August, but now about 1908)
Raymond 9 4/12, Idaho. (born about Oct/Nov 1910)
--If both of these 1920 Census are correct, Lulu born sometime in January, as she aged 1 year between these two enumerations.
---The names of "Locust" and "Boulder Farm District" are Precinct names, not necessarily the names of towns.
---The OTHER poster identified "They must have moved to Locust, Cassia Co. later in 1920". There is no proof that they moved. The only "Fact" we have is they were counted twice by two different persons. Also notice, BOTH enumerations were in Enumeration District 131, Supervisor's District 2. So, it "appears possible" that BOTH enumerations were done at the SAME PLACE. The ONLY way to determine the facts are property records at the Cassia County Assessor. The map for the enumeration district could also help in determination. Guessing has no place in genealgoy research.
--another problem in both enumerations is the wrong birth place of Albert, and also the unknown birth places of both of Lula's parents. This "sometimes" is caused by someone other than the persons giving the information. I have also seen families having "similar" backgrounds appearing to be the same; but there probably is not another family in this location having ALL of the similarities.

The 1930 Census for Locust, Cassia County, ID, enumerated April 5th
Albert Anderson, 53, born in Sweden to both parents born in Sweden, immigrated in 1885, "Na"(means naturalized), farmer, owned his property.
Lula C, 40, born in Utah to both parents born in Utah.
Vaness, 20, born in California, laborer/farm
Raymond C, 19, born in Idaho, laborer/general farm
--last name on previous page
Albert Anderson, age 22, first marriage age 22, born in California, to father born in Sweden, mother in Utah, farmer, is renting.
Ora, age 17, married at 17, born in Idaho to both parents born in Utah.

The Social Security Death Index, Lula Anderson, born 30 Nov 1888, died March 1981, "last residence" Burley, Cassia Co, ID. The "last residence" is not always where a person actually lived, but in this case, probably so.

Albert L. Anderson, married Oct 19, 1929, in Burley, Cassia Co, to Ora Martin. Record can be found in the marriage book at the County Courthouse in Cassia Co, ID, Volume 4, page 304. (County Auditor's office).

The Social Security Death Index:
Albert Anderson, born 5 Jan 1908, died Nov 1983, "last residence" in Burley, Cassia Co, ID.

This page shows a funeral notice for Albert "Shorty" Anderson in Burley, 1949.

Vanness Anderson married Verda Cole on 7 March 1931 at American Falls, Power Co, Idaho.

Vanness D. Anderson born 7 July 1909, died 26 Dec 1991 in Burley.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a database of land obtained through the Homestead Act: has land obtained by this family. Click on "Search Land Patents". Enter your Zip Code, click on the tab for "Standard". Enter last name of "Anderson", County of "Cassia".
On the two pages, you will find land obtained by Albert (Jr), Raymond C. and Vanness. Click on the name of Vanness, you will see he obtained 280 acres of land on March 9, 1955. Click on the tab for Legal Land Description.
This shows his land was in Township 13-S(South), Range 22-East
a. Section 1, the West half of the South West Corner
b. Section 1, the South West part of the NW corner
c. Section 2, The East half of the SE corner
d. Section 2, the SE partof the NE corner
e. Section 11, the Northeast part of the Northeast corner.
If you do not know where this land was located, repost and I can show you how to find it via your computer.
There is no record of the land owned by Albert Sr, so he probably bought it privately.

I found a family tree posted on, owned by a "Lyssrobles". It shows Vanness Anderson was born 7 July 1909, died 26 Dec 1991, in Burley, Cassia Co. son of Shorty Anderson, married Verda Cole and three children. It showed no additional information on Shorty.

I don't know where you live, but for Cassia County, you need a LOCAL researcher. There are two volunteers listed on the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. Read the guidelines first. You can't ask more than one person at a time.

I did try to find newspaper records, information from books, without success.

Enough on this tonight. If you do "write a book", post the source of the information, such as the census records, marriage records. You don't need to identify the name of persons that find it for you, ESPECIALLY if the information is wrong.

Ron Bestrom
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