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Twin Falls Nursing home information

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Re: Twin Falls Nursing home information

Posted: 11 Jun 2011 8:26PM GMT
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Knowing when and where Wilbert and Maude were born will not help obtain the records of nursing homes you seek.

I find Maude Morse died in Twin Falls 3/12/1947, she was born 7/18/1870. There is noted a Charles W. Morse, died in Boise on 5/17/1924, born 10/2/1879, probably where the below person believed this to be Wilbert, but facts prove he lived until at least 1935. The "correct" Wilbert doesn't appear in the listing. Why? His name may have been missed by the transcriber, he didn't have full documentation completed, his name was not spelled correctly or totally incorrect, he didn't die in Idaho. He could have died after the data of 1951.

Looking over the details found below, it appears the information that Wilbert was living in a nursing home in Twin Falls came from the obituary of his brother, Fred Eugene Morse, that died in 5 August 1947? Your source of information is important also to identify dates, how acquired, etc. I have seen obituaries identifying siblings as living in a certain area, when in fact those siblings were dead, or living in other areas. In this case, it appears Maude died in March, so it is "possible" the obit concerned Mrs. Morse in a nursing home and the family hadn't heard she had died...MY SPECULATION, not based on any facts or representations.

Nursing homes are private companies and the records would not be public records...(UNLESS, the home in which he resided was a State institution, such as a State Hospital. But records of these are sealed...forever, but can be open by a court order for cause). They are bought and sold, records destroyed (unless mandated by the State to archive them). Most of these records would be of medical nature and not of much value. But there are other things you need to do before looking for this information (see below under Leads).

Idaho Law: Idaho Administrative Code: IDAPA 16, Title 03, Chapter 2, 203.04(b)
Records shall be preserved in a safe location protected from fire, theft, and water damage for a period of time not less than seven years. If the patient/resident is a minor, the record shall be preserved for a period of not less than seven years following the patient's eighteenth birthday.

In this case, you were simply asking for nursing home records. But, also for burial records, which the nursing home wouldn't have. To help with the other research, more information is needed. When you post it is important to provide information as to what you have already found. For this research, I first looked for any family tree containing information, you didn't appear to have them in your family trees (see below).
But, this data appears to be yours:

I did find one entry that you had written about Charles:
but it has no real information (other than date of birth). Most of the other written data, dated February 2002, is very confusing and has no connections. This probably was written when you first started on this research, and does not identify what you may or may not know at this time.

If you haven't already, there are some leads you need to accomplish:
Obtain proof of his death in Twin Falls County.
1. You could first obtain Maude's obituary since you have her date of death. It should identify if her husband is alive or not in March 1947.

2. City Directories of Twin Falls/Twin Falls County should be checked to see if they are listed. I see research being done out of the 1930 TF Directory, so there should have been one for 1947. This would be the starting point if it appears he was alive then by Maude's obituary. If she is shown as a (widow of...) then back in time would indicate when he was listed and she became widow. Also in the 1947 Directory, identify the names and information concerning the nursing homes then in business. My explanation of City Directory:
--The City Directories (Polks / Others) are an annual publication that lists persons living in a populated area (City, County) in alphabetical order. Later versions also had cross reference by address, but with just the head of household named. A listing would identify the person, the spouse in parenthesis, the type of employment, sometimes the place of employment and address, then the residence address of the person. If a spouse was employed, they also would be listed within the alphabetical listing of the last name. Widows are shown as "(Widow of...)." Others in the household were also so listed if employed, children were even sometimes listed as "student." Once the Subject of the search is found, the address should also be searched for others living at that household with that last name.

3. The Death Certificate/Death information. That would be found in the County records at the "courthouse." The DC may or may not have information as to location of burial. However, the County would have a Registrar that approves Death Certicates and burial permits. If the deceased would be moved out of the county, that also would be an approval. But, because these permits are old, they may be in State archives, or have been destroyed.

4. Once you obtain Wilberts date of death, then go back for an obit search. HOWEVER, many persons that had no dependents in an area, had lived a long time in a nursing home, or had not left money for burial/obituaries; there probably isn't one. There "might" be a Death Notice, more of an advertisement for the funeral home than what is considered today as an obit.

Researchers: You appear to be up in Montana and would need to travel to Twin Falls for any research, which might be fruitless. There are three volunteers listed on the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness:
that could help. READ the guidelines FIRST. You can't ask more than one to do the research. Ask one to visit the library to review the City Directories, and the county records. There may be recorded documents in his name, deed transfers, power-of-attorney, Probate(this is always good to check, to see where his property and money went), wills, etc.

Charles Wilbert Morse was born 16 Feb 1871 to Charles B. Morse, born 20 March 1841 in Maine, and Nancy J. Overlock, born 6 July 1846 in Maine.

The 1930 Census for Hollister, Twin Falls County, ID, enumerated April 16.
Wilbert C. Morse, 59(1870/1871) Iowa, to both parents born in Maine, farmer
Maude G, 59, born in Iowa to father born in New York, mother in Iowa

The 1920 Census for Hollister, Twin Falls County, ID, enumerated 6 January.
Wilbert C. Morse, age 48, born in Iowa to both parents born in Maine, farmer, owned his property
Maud(as spelled) G. 49, born in Iowa to father born in New York, mother in Iowa, not employed.

The 1910 Census for Cedar, Pocahontas Co, Iowa, enumerated 28 April.
Wilbert C. Morse, 38, born in Iowa to both parents born in Maine, Blacksmith(type of work)/Blacksmithing(business) / his own business. He was married seven years, owned his property on Second Street
Maude G, 39, born in Iowa to father bon in New York, mother in Indiana, dressmaker.
Emma Overlock(look?), age 55, Aunt born in Maine to both parents born in Maine.
---Married seven years, so married about 1902/1903, "probably" in Iowa.
--The name on the original transcription was "Overlash." But, it was corrected by "Morsefam_1," so you corrected this error on 11/23/2009.
--The 1900 Census for Washington, Buchanan Co, IA, shows Emma Overlock, born May 1854 in Maine, living with her sister Eliza A. Stott, widow, born August 1851 in Maine. Also in the home was Oliver Overlock, uncle to Head(and both), born Oct 1826, in Maine.
--The 1880 Census of Lincoln, Dallas Co, IA, has Emma, age 25, sister-in-law to J.A. Mitchel(?), age 22; L (Liza?), A. 20. Also: J. Overlock, father-in-law 66, born in Maine. A son, O. S, 9/12. Morse would have been about 8 or 9 years at the time of this census. The Iowa Marriage Index finds John A. Mitchell marriage to L. Overlock on 22 March 1879 in Dallas County. Oliver J. Overlock born 1826 died 1903, buried in the Cedar Cemetery, Fonda, Pocahontas Co, IA.

---Other family trees-------
I looked over your information and see that you have five posted family trees, one, the Georgia Morse Family Tree, did not contain Wilbert.

This tree shows Nancy and Charles B. Morse:
No record shown for Wilbert.

I did find one public family tree having Wilbert, owned by "VirginiaMorse16:"
But, it identified he died on 17 May 1924 in Idaho, even though they show his residence being at Hollister in the 1930 Census. This person "might" have more information than posted, otherwise, there isn't much here. It does go into some good detail concerning Nancy and Charles B. Morse.

I found two Private member trees
But, could not enter either for more information. Since you appear to have membership, you should contact the owners of these trees, they may have the data you seek. The second one appears to be yours, and appears to contain information about Wilbert. That information could have helped in this research to identify what you know (so you wouldn't have to post it in an inquiry) and also to help volunteers (so we wouldn't have to search for what you already know or have done).

For the Overlock's. This one contains Emma and her sister:

I did a number of other checks of cemetery transcriptions (usually fruitless as most are not transcribed at all, some incomplete, some missed graves, some unreadible stones or missing stones).

I also did some research attempting to find some other trace of him, books, etc. Unsuccessful.

---------His land------
While the below identifies he obtained land near Twin Falls in 1935, it doesn't PROVE, he fully maintained the patent, or had stayed at the farm:

The Bureau of Land Management has a database of land patents issued under the Homestead Act:

It identifies Wilbert C. Morse obtained 160 acres of land on 9/27/1935 in Twin Falls County. This land was in Township 11South, Range 16East:
a. The SE quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 14
b. The NW quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 13
c. The West half of the NW Quarter of Section 13.

If you go to: enter this data, you will get basic information on the land location. It is 4151 feet from the Twin Falls Airport. Click on the blue "Switch to TerraServer"

In the new window, click on the largest block for Size, and then "Topo Map."

In the topomap window, you'll see the Twin Falls Airport. There are black squares on the map, these are Sections. A Section has 640 acres, a quarter section would have 160 acres. A Section is one square mile. You'll also see small red numbers, these are the section numbers.

Now, find "Berger." It is in a section box. Move your curor to the block directly to its right. Along the right side(East), just a bit to the left(West) of the line dividing it from the next section, left click with your mouse. In the next window, do the same thing.
Your new window should look like:
Sliding down the window, you'll see Sections 13 and 14.

His land:
a. The SE quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 14
Look at Section 14. Mentally divide it into quarters. On the top right quarter(the Northeast Quarter), divide it into quarters. His land was the bottom right portion of this Quarter.
b. The NW quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 13.
Look at Section 13. Divide it into quarters. On the bottom left quarter(The Southwest Quarter), divide it into quarters. His land was the top right portion(the Northwest portion) of this quarter.
c. The West half of the NW Quarter of Section 13.
Again looking at Section 13, divide it into quarters. His land was the west half of top left(West half) quarter.
You can see a road into that area and some buildings right at the line dividing Sections 13 and 14.

This from MapQuest is an Aerial map of today:
I was able to use the aerial map feature, zoom into the area and see it as it looks today... but the link won't allow this without having to do the manipulations yourself. From the airport, look for the East 3300 N. Road (East and West), and the N 2600 East (North and south). Keep the topo map as one window, open another to do this viewing, so you can see both at once. Http:// also has a nice satellite image of this area...but again takes some moving around.

Ron Bestrom
Tacoma, WA
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