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Indiana Boys School 1980's

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Indiana Boys School 1980's

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 8:37AM GMT
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Surnames: Dano
I was inmate at Indiana boys School back in the later 1980.I was in Cottage 2 The year the song slippery when wet came out.I did 9 months.My Sgt.was Mr.Newie,Hinkel and another I can't remember at this time.There was around 30 of us boys in one cottage.
We made a rap song back then.Part of that song started out like this,(Cottage one they aint number one.Cottage two don't know what to do,they get a little paper work and go to RU)Lol.
Back in the 1980's in Boys school if you was bad they sent you to a jail house called R-U.As they called it jail.
Back in the later 1980's Boys school made the headline news.A boy died in RU.The roomer in boys school was this,
One of the RU sgt's installed a nut strap on the kid with a straight jacket.From what I remember?The kids was wild & wouldn't stop yelling.So they installed a nut strap to him.Every time he would yell they would tighten up that strap tighter and tighter.At first,the kid was yelling just to yell to make the Sgt's mad at him.Towards the end he was yelling because,it hurt so bad.That next morning they found him dead in his cell.I never heard the findings of what the state said how he died.I'm 43 yrs old now.I feel the state covered it all up.There was a girls school down the road I remember as well.The cottage 2 I was in was brand new first built I was told.Us cottage 1 & 2 boys had our own cells.Cottage 8 & 9 had one big room full of bunk beds.There must of been a good 20 or more bunk beds in that one cottage.That would mean 40 kids in one cottage dorm.One Sgt watching 40 kids I would say wasn't right.The fights would come for sure.I was lucky to get into Cottage 2.
When the state of Indiana sent a boy to boys school.The first place they send the boy to is IYC Indiana Youth Center next door to Indiana boys school.To give the kid his shots.Then,off to boys school he goes.When,he first get to boys school.He waits in a long line with 50 plus kids in line also waiting for his turn to see what cottage they will send him to.When,I was standing in line for my turn?There was a kid behind me.He told me he was here before and got sent back.He told me this,(When you get up to the lady.She will ask you if your a follower or a leader?You tell her you are a follower.If you tell her you are a leader?They will send you to cottage 8 or 9.Those are the bad cottages).Today I wish I could thank that kid or man now.Indiana boy's school treated us kids like crap.File line walking like the army.Boys school made their own bars of hand soap with a Cardnal ingraved on it.Stood for the Indiana state bird.Kids was getting rashes from the soap and sick.The food was tranferred from the IYC to boys school next door.I was told never to eat the cream corn or the liver.The adult prisoners/inmates from IYC made our food.Us kids ate the same food the adult prisoners at IYC.Many kids died through out the yrs of Indiana boys school.1700-1800's 10,000 plus kids died there from bad milk.That boys school wasn't a place for any kid.Should of been closed yrs ago.Sure I was a bad boy like any other kid.I wasn't that bad to be treated like that.I was told they stopped using the rubber hose to beat kids with some time during the 1940's - 1950's.I see many people talking about how good that Indiana boys school was for kids.Ya,right.None of them was ever a inmate to know or to see the real truth.After i got out I was placed on parole.All in all I did my time and then some.That boys school didn't do a thing for me but,bad memories.

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