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Posted: 6 Apr 2009 6:11AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Asher, Saylor, Potter, Hensley, Porter, Grubb, Kelley, Hammons, Fields, Sawyers, Lyttle, Wooten
Shown: name of child, date of birth (1900’s unless otherwise noted), mother’s maiden name, volume & page #.

Daisy A ALLEN,02 Oct 07, Clay, Nancy Abner,228,49167
Daisy ASHER,01 Jan 00, Clay, Nancy Marcum,188,47593
Daisy HUBBARD,20 Mar 10, Clay, Bettie Smith,201,93045
Daniel BARRETT,10 Apr 09, Clay, Jennie Hornsby,190,47658
Daniel ROBERTS,05 Sep 05, Clay, Nancy Powell,174,47022
Daw W PHILPOT, 17 Nov 1898, Clay, Emma Gray,156,46307
Della Kathern SAYLOR,07 Sep 01, Clay, Rachel Edwards,181,90127
Della M MOBERLY,07 May 04, Clay, Anna Mullins,241,49711
Deloras J JOHNSON,04 Sep 06, Clay, Margina Couch,157,46348
Dolores PENNINGTON,17 Sep 03, Clay, Mary Clark,170,46846
Dora WHITES,20 Feb 06, Clay, Nancy Cheek,166,46697
Earl POTTER,23 Jan 04, Clay, Fanny Lyttle,178,47176
Easter JORDON,16 Jan 02, Clay, Mealy Grubb,154,46235
Ed JONES,08 May 10, Clay, Francis Greggory,255,50263
Edith BAILEY,10 Jun 04, Clay, Susan Marcum,154,46212
Edith BOWLING,10 Jul 09, Clay, Laura Sizemore,240,49640
Edna HENSLEY,28 May 10, Clay, Laura Hamlin,235,49470
Edna M PORTER,06 Apr 08, Clay, Mary Benge,232,49326
Edna M SIZEMORE,14 Aug 10, Clay, Rosalee Burns,249,50027
Edna SANDLIN,07 Aug 01, Clay, Mary Crook,191,47689
Edward P ROBINSON,06 Jun 06, Clay, Ida Benge,249,50035
Edward SINGLETON,09 Jun 04, Clay, Elizabeth Fields,190,91411
Elcie GRUBB,13 Jan 09, Clay, Ellen Hubbard,194,47820
Elizbth GILBERT,11 Apr 00, Clay, Martha Hubson,186,47486
Ella DAVIDSON,06 Nov 07, Clay, Armilda Roberts,194,47834
Ellen HENSLEY,21 Oct 07, Clay, Cornellie Hollin,193,47776
Ellen SMITH,15 Jul 09, Clay, Lucy Martin,224,49025
Elsie M KELLEY,15 Aug 10, Clay, Mary Lynch,252,50140
Elva GRIMES,27 Dec 07, Clay, Betty Poe,251,50080
Elzie HACKER,22 Jul 02, Clay, Belle Crook,195,47860
Ernest A FREEMAN,01 Feb 09, Clay, Hester Smith,179,47235
Ernest ROBINSON,25 Sep 04, Clay, Bettie Hacker,185,47444
Ernest SMALLWOOD,16 Mar 09, Clay, Nancy Smith,242,49720
Esther FORMAN,20 Mar 03, Clay, Amelia Lunsford,168,46773
Ethel ABNER,26 Jul 09, Clay, Belle Smith,176,47088
Ethel F HAMMONS,23 Nov 08, Clay, Susan Allen,218,48787
Ethel FIELDS,08 Feb 09, Clay, Sallie Wilder,222,48931
Ethel L HENSLEY, 25 May 1897, Clay, Sally Hensley,257,50356
Ethel M COMBS,15 Mar 03, Clay, Margaret Lyttle,198,47993
Ethel M HOLMES,26 Mar 09, Clay, Mary Brown,191,47707
Ethel M WOODS,25 Apr 06, Clay, Nannie Spurlock,170,46868
Ethel SMITH,12 Nov 09, Clay, Lucy Smith,229,49224
Ethel SPURLOCK,29 Aug 06, Clay, Nellie Hyde,236,49499
Etta HALL,23 Feb 05, Clay, Arlena Vernon,189,47603
Eva JOHNSON,11 Mar 10, Clay, Nannie Sester,252,50123
Eva R BAKER,21 Nov 02, Clay, Polly Whitker,212,48541
Eva REVIS,28 Dec 07, Clay, Lucy Revis,160,46449
Everett H FIELDS,18 Mar 03, Clay, Elizabeth Harris,196,47889
Farmer COLLINS,25 Dec 03, Clay, Perlina Gray,174,47012
Felix CARMACK,18 Oct 06, Clay, Drucilla Clark,205,48248
Flemon SMITH,07 Mar 07, Clay, Carline Smith,236,49491
Flora B SMITH,26 Aug 04, Clay, Vina Hunter,194,47826
Flora B THOMPSON,01 Jul 05, Clay, Mahala Fox,250,50071
Flora SAWYERS,19 Apr 09, Clay, Dora Evans,220,48858
Flora SMITH,13 Nov 00, Clay, Emly Smallwood,192,47729
Florence LEWIS,19 Nov 10, Clay, Elizabeth Burkhart,182,90284
Flornce HIBBARD,01 Nov 08, Clay, Sophia Stivers,243,49773
Flornce LEDFORD,13 Nov 03, Clay, Emily Roberts,164,46611
Flossie DAVIDSON,02 Feb 09, Clay, Sarah Bowling,211,48507
Floyd SCHANZ,19 Sep 10, Clay, Nellie Jones,256,50312
Frances PROFFITT,14 Apr 10, Clay, Mable Howard,196,47904
Frank C BURNETT,19 Sep 08, Clay, Hulda Mullins,191,47719
Frank ROBINSON,07 May 04, Clay, Jo Anna child,213,48590
George B LYTTLE,23 May 10, Clay, Lou Hounchell,162,46554
George BURNS,06 Jan 10, Clay, Rachel Hignite,231,49317
George F HALL,01 Mar 02, Clay, Sophia Hensley,237,49542
Gertie COUCH,15 Dec 05, Clay, Sophia Couch,182,47340
Gertrde YORK,17 Apr 07, Clay, Artie Benge,196,47912
Gilbert R MACDANIELS,17 Oct 03, Clay, Hannah Fox,234,49430
Gladys MCCOLLUM,08 Dec 08, Clay, Cora Dezarn,162,46523
Golden ROBERTS,02 Jul 06, Clay, Sylvania Hacker,191,47710
Grace L NOE,10 Jul 10, Clay, Rebecca Morgan,250,50073
Grace MCDANIEL,04 Oct 06, Clay, Alice Lunsford,223,48987
Grace MCDANIEL,04 Oct 06, Clay, Alice Lunsford,223,49987
Gracie ALLEN,19 Apr 10, Clay, Lucy Bishop,183,47385
Gracie MARTIN,09 Nov 05, Clay, Maggie Mooney,186,47494
Granvle F MURRAY,20 Nov 05, Clay, Margaret Woods,191,47685
Grover C DEATON,25 Dec 05, Clay, Matilda Burns,200,48060
Hamp C WOOTEN,28 May 05, Clay, Martha Napier,198,47961
Harry E HILL,24 Oct 07, Clay, Nera Youngblood,250,50071
Hazel ALLEN,07 Sep 05, Clay, Nancy Abner,204,48212
Hazel BAKER,09 Jan 09, Clay, Lucy Short,223,48983
Hazel BAKER,09 Jan 09, Clay, Lucy Short,223,49983
Hazel WALKER,19 Sep 10, Clay, Rachel Hounchell,207,48351
Helen HIBBARD,30 Oct 01, Clay, Melinda Jones,187,47559
Henry BAKER,10 Jul 06, Clay, Martha Revis,218,48798
Henry C SMITH,13 Jan 07, Clay, Viney Hunter,214,48625
Henry EALY,05 Sep 07, Clay, Susan Marcum,215,48656
Henry H MARCUM,26 Jul 01, Clay, Sally McWhorter,199,48007
Henry L HACKER,15 Dec 06, Clay, Laura Collins,241,49703
Herschl H ROBINSON,06 Apr 07, Clay, Dora Ray,219,48803
Hester N GRAY,02 Mar 00, Clay, Annie Eversole,173,46974
Howard A NOLAN,19 Sep 03, Clay, Jane Thompson,198,47974
Hugh SIBERT,11 Sep 10, Clay, Celina Hensley,249,50032
Hugh TOMPKINS,25 Mar 02, Clay, Almeda Johnson,166,46691
Ida BYRD,13 Oct 04, Clay, Lucy Allen,228,49190
Ida GIBSON,25 Sep 10, Clay, Nancy Bowling,252,50144
Ida HATTON,01 Feb 05, Clay, Drucilla Treadwa,215,48669
Ida HOLLINGSWORTH,23 Oct 07, Clay, Emily Lunsford,183,47380
Irvin SMITH,01 Mar 00, Clay, Jane Gross,173,46999
Isaac S BURNS,17 Jul 08, Clay, Diana Gilbert,253,50181
Isaac SMITH,02 Jul 05, Clay, Nancy Grubb,200,48055
Iva M BAKER,12 Apr 04, Clay, Ira Lunsford,243,49798
J grant METCALF,29 Sep 02, Clay, Allie Hunter,181,47306
James B CAUDILL,29 Apr 10, Clay, Laura Hacker,257,50336
James E GREEN,03 Nov 08, Clay, Dora Wyatt,217,48725
James M LUCAS,06 Mar 07, Clay, Emma Lyttle,219,48806
James M MOSLEY,10 May 05, Clay, Margaret Noe,159,46438
James MCGEE,25 Nov 02, Clay, Martha Whitmore,211,48485
James N ROARK,25 Apr 08, Clay, Sara Truman,216,48680
James S BOWLING,02 Mar 06, Clay, America Ledford,226,49118
James SMITH,07 Nov 07, Clay, Frances Stewart,227,49153
James TEAGUE,17 Mar 06, Clay, Eliza Stewart,208,48366
Jane M MCDANIEL,22 Apr 05, Clay, Georgia Allen,189,47632
Janie CLARKSTON,20 Oct 09, Clay, Genettie Vernan,245,49877
Jeannie HENSLEY,02 Mar 05, Clay, Drucilla Davidso,244,49810
Jeff DOYLE,23 Apr 10, Clay, Lizzie Robinson,211,48480
Jesse ROBINSON,09 Mar 00, Clay, Bettie Hacker,184,47404
Jim WOODS,08 May 08, Clay, Flora Bowling,250,50079
Jimmie CHEEK,22 Jan 09, Clay, Sally Gregory,231,49289
Jimmie SIZEMORE,03 May 09, Clay, Nancy Marcum,256,50298
Joe ESTRIDGE,24 Apr 08, Clay, Etta McQueen,227,49143
Joe NICHOLSON,19 Sep 05, Clay, Laura Napier,203,48163
Joe PROFFITT,25 Jan 09, Clay, Bell Hibbard,227,49142
Joe SETSER,14 Sep 04, Clay, Lettie Barrett,184,47430
Joe SMALLWOOD,20 Feb 03, Clay, Rinde Eversole,211,48492
John D GIBSON,28 Feb 10, Clay, Emma Potter,257,50336
John HAMPTON,28 Aug 04, Clay, Margaret McDanie,217,48753
John P CLARK,22 Nov 05, Clay, Artisha Love,229,49206
John R GREER,09 Feb 08, Clay, Elizabeth Hall,228,49185
John W ROARK,30 Nov 10, Clay, Sally England,250,50072
Johnie G WILLIAMS,13 Dec 03, Clay, Malinda Ferguson,179,47214
Johnnie WAGERS,30 Apr 04, Clay, Laura Scalf,185,47443
Joseph BUTTERY,05 Jun 05, Clay, Nanie Hollandswo,228,49193
Julius RETHERFORD,29 Mar 05, Clay, Mollie Penningto,189,47620
Katie MASSEY,27 Aug 10, Clay, Lydia Walker,234,49412
Kitty D MARTIN,31 Aug 10, Clay, Sarah Bishop,251,50108
Kitty E WOMBLES,31 Dec 08, Clay, Virginia Smallwo,242,49731
Laura M TOMPKINS,14 Apr 10, Clay, Almeda Johnson,191,47701
Laura MARTIN,14 May 03, Clay, Angeline McFadon,181,47305
Laura PETERS,20 Aug 09, Clay, Minnie Hudson,183,90315
Laura ROSS,19 Apr 07, Clay, Sally Hensley,231,49299
Lawrnce SMITH,29 Nov 08, Clay, Ida Mills,221,48894
Leah A MORGAN,01 Sep 06, Clay, Polly Lewis,181,47291
Leander HENSON,19 Sep 09, Clay, Nellie Wagers,252,50123
Lee CHESNUT,03 Feb 09, Clay, Laura Bowman,255,50248
Lela MCNAMARA,24 Sep 09, Clay, Nancy Qigue,207,48357
Lelia M HONCHELL,21 Apr 10, Clay, Lillie Clark,211,48516
Lepha MORGAN,10 May 09, Clay, Sarah Campbell,193,47799
Leslie C GAY,18 Oct 06, Clay, Martha Barger,217,48759
Lester DAVIDSON,01 Feb 00, Clay, Martha Crook,158,46394
Lewis HUDSON,27 Mar 05, Clay, Maxaline Martin,189,47604
Lida HENSLEY,17 Aug 04, Clay, Carrie Crook,179,47237
Lida MINTON,03 Apr 02, Clay, Betty Gregory,161,46485
Lillian SMITH,21 Nov 09, Clay, Eliza Hoskins,235,49452
Lillie BYRD, 9 Jan 1898, Clay, Lucinda Gay,191,47680
Lillie FERGUSON,04 Dec 10, Clay, Loula Ferguson,223,48992
Lillie FERGUSON,04 Dec 10, Clay, Loula Ferguson,223,49992
Lillie TAYLOR,15 Jun 04, Clay, Melvina Fox,190,47667
Lilly HOLLINGSWORTH,11 Apr 09, Clay, Emma Rice,190,47648
Lola SMALLWOOD,09 Aug 09, Clay, Elizzie Revis,165,46640
Loma RUTH,17 Dec 06, Clay, Celia Crawford,244,49807
Lonie HUNTER,04 Dec 10, Clay, Lou Sandlin,182,90233
Lora WAGERS,07 Oct 06, Clay, Ella Smallwood,222,48946
Lorene D MCWHORTER,02 Jun 08, Clay, Lou Wilson,160,46459
Lottie LEWIS,23 Jul 07, Clay, Lucy Sizemore,186,47516
Lou E WOODS,17 Mar 04, Clay, Ruhamah Murray,170,46861
Lou R BAKER,10 Aug 06, Clay, Polly Whitaker,212,48538
Lucie B GARRARD,04 Aug 08, Clay, Margaret Pickett,188,47575
Lucy BOWLING,17 Aug 08, Clay, Amelia Philpot,202,48155
Lucy C ROBERTS,09 May 08, Clay, Carrie Tanksley,182,47353
Lucy EVERSOLE,28 May 03, Clay, Rosie Hubbard,160,46451
Lucy M TURNER,27 Aug 10, Clay, Myrtle Robinson,245,49863
Lucy MARTIN,14 May 03, Clay, Angeline McFadde,172,46958
Lucy SMITH,09 Jul 06, Clay, Cassie Blair,185,47460
Lueise COPE,31 Aug 07, Clay, Sarah Depue,249,50029
Lula BARGER,09 Dec 10, Clay, Martha Martin,255,50264
Lula BOWLING,13 Oct 04, Clay, Martha Hinkle,239,49618
Lula STILLINGS,22 Aug 03, Clay, Lucy Gibson,195,47864
Lusilva BUNDY,25 Jun 07, Clay, Sally Henson,232,49357

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