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Posted: 26 Jun 2009 5:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Childers, Sprouse, Chaffin, Pigg, Cordle, Skaggs, Sparks, Berry
Shown: Name of child, date of birth, county of birth, mother’s maiden name, book & page # where recorded. All dates in the 1900s except where noted.

Maxie CHILDERS,08 Feb 05, Lrnce, Malissa Childers,198,47981
Mearl BELCHER,10 Sep 07, Lrnce, Helen Leslie,230,49273
Melvin MURPHY,24 Oct 07, Lrnce, Florence Cavins,236,49498
Mergie SALMONS,28 Aug 03, Lrnce, Florence Salmons,190,47656
Mickie A SPROUSE,07 May 09, Lrnce, Jemima Parker,159,46419
Millard F DEAN,24 Mar 06, Lrnce, Eliza Travis,177,47151
Millard H ROBERTS,05 May 09, Lrnce, Anna Burchett,223,48966
Milton YOUNG,27 Apr 04, Lrnce, Zarah Roberts,173,46972
Mima ATHINGTON,04 Nov 06, Lrnce, Rinda Borders,202,48121
Miniard CORDLE,08 Dec 06, Lrnce, Smantha Baker,219,48805
Minnie D WEBB,29 Feb 04, Lrnce, Sarah Holmes,189,47638
Miranda BURKE,12 Mar 09, Lrnce, Emma Burke,221,48899
Mitchel CASTLE,29 Sep 10, Lrnce, Hester Nelson,251,50107
Mitchel CHANDLER,12 Aug 09, Lrnce, Clara Cassell,169,46827
Mitchell CHAFFIN,06 Apr 02, Lrnce, Alma Burchett,209,94346
Mollie FRALEY,28 Sep 06, Lrnce, Martha Payne,253,50189
Mollie M HICKS,08 May 02, Lrnce, Ollie Webb,154,46206
Mollie MORRIS,05 Aug 04, Lrnce, Sarah Ramey,190,47678
Molly CORDLE,29 Oct 07, Lrnce, Thursa Cordle,249,50023
Monie THOMPSON,23 Dec 10, Lrnce, Jeanette Thompso,216,48707
Monnie G PIGG,18 Feb 06, Lrnce, Cora Hutchinson,206,48301
Monroe CORDLE,22 May 06, Lrnce, Mary Adams,207,48333
Morton DANIEL,26 Mar 02, Lrnce, Catherine Miles,152,46137
Morton GREENE,18 Dec 10, Lrnce, Nancy Lyons,249,50013
Myrtie L BOGGS,20 Jan 09, Lrnce, Mahala Gambill,216,48692
Myrtle BAYS,07 Jan 09, Lrnce, Delana Wiley,207,48333
Myrtle HARDIN,15 Jan 09, Lrnce, Ida Hatten,225,49063
Myrtle L KIMBLER,03 Apr 10, Lrnce, Mary Morris,159,46436
Myrtle M KITCHEN,29 Jun 10, Lrnce, Ollie Porter,251,50099
Myrtle MORRIS,25 Mar 02, Lrnce, Leona Boggs,155,46257
Nancy A WILLIAMSON,13 Apr 04, Lrnce, Sarah Evens,227,49122
Nancy B WALLACE,26 Apr 10, Lrnce, Sarah Harvey,159,46427
Nancy CRABTREE,02 Aug 05, Lrnce, Mary Holbrook,205,48245
Nancy E BURCHETT,19 Sep 02, Lrnce, Florence Coburn,193,47789
Nancy F RUCKER,30 Sep 04, Lrnce, Tina Lester,208,48369
Nannie CHILDERS,18 Sep 10, Lrnce, Lucy Coburn,192,47742
Nannie CORDLE,19 Mar 04, Lrnce, Flora Arrington,178,47196
Nannie E CORDLE,04 Dec 09, Lrnce, Janette Cordle,258,50386
Nannie J NOLEN,29 Sep 03, Lrnce, Chloe Clarkson,192,47751
Nelcie HAMMOND,12 May 10, Lrnce, Tillie McKinsey,242,49746
Nell MCKENZIE,11 Jan 10, Lrnce, Rebecca Rittenbe,234,49432
Nellie CRABTREE,11 Jul 10, Lrnce, Ethel Holbrook,247,49937
Nellie E BERRY,20 May 10, Lrnce, Minta Holbrook,238,49579
Neva HALL,20 Sep 05, Lrnce, Narie Maynard,207,48320
Neva J BLANKENSHIP,03 Jul 02, Lrnce, Cora Frazier,198,47967
Neva KELLEY,29 Dec 10, Lrnce, Susan Rigsby,197,47934
Neva THOMPSON,11 Jan 06, Lrnce, Genoa Kee,158,46389
Nile E SKAGGS,14 Jan 09, Lrnce, Hulda Ferguson,223,48975
Niza WORKMAN,20 Aug 09, Lrnce, Martha Artrip,165,46663
Noah E SPARKS,19 Mar 00, Lrnce, Nancy Hay,168,46790
Noama M CONWAY,09 Jul 09, Lrnce, Jessie Mulkey,205,48279
Nola BYINGTON,11 Aug 10, Lrnce, Nannie Ruggles,244,49826
Nola M EDWARDS,24 Mar 04, Lrnce, Edith Nickells,194,47836
Nola M GRIFFITH,24 Mar 08, Lrnce, Dolly Yates,223,48977
Nola SPARKS,08 Apr 10, Lrnce, Malissa Lester,257,50349
Nolan J BERRY,06 Sep 08, Lrnce, Recia Spillman,216,48710
Nolda M JORDAN,24 Sep 10, Lrnce, Corda Kitchen,175,47074
Nona M COOKSEY,08 May 08, Lrnce, Leola Presley,209,48412
Nona O CHURCH,09 Aug 05, Lrnce, Martha Jones,176,47110
Nora E WHITE,24 Feb 05, Lrnce, Malissa Bocook,164,46616
Nora LEMASTER, 14 Jun 1888, Lrnce, Mary Caudill,180,47269
Nora M PARKER,15 Aug 08, Lrnce, Susan Kitchen,235,49446
Nora NEACE,15 Apr 03, Lrnce, Viola Conald,169,46801
Oakley C CHURCH,29 Dec 10, Lrnce, Maudie Whitt,254,50233
Oakley KITCHEN,27 Jan 09, Lrnce, Mary Browning,238,49600
Ockley ESTEP,25 Jul 09, Lrnce, Rebecca McKinste,242,49752
Odra HICKS,12 Oct 07, Lrnce, Ranvilla Holbroo,216,48709
Okey HOLBROOK,27 Nov 10, Lrnce, Laura Pressley,193,91918
Okey STEWART,10 Nov 08, Lrnce, Barbra Cary,228,49169
Olive ADKINS,02 Oct 02, Lrnce, Emma Markam,216,48708
Oliver B THOMPSON,18 Aug 04, Lrnce, Trinvilla McKins,191,47701
Oliver K RICE,15 Feb 06, Lrnce, Frances Harman,212,48559
Ollie BOLING,25 Oct 03, Lrnce, Anna Bowens,168,46795
Ollie EKERS,05 Apr 06, Lrnce, Eunice Adams,206,48282
Ollie M THOMPSON,20 Aug 05, Lrnce, Rosa Borders,189,47626
Ollie YOUNG,21 Feb 06, Lrnce, Mary Lyons,225,49064
Oma L JORDAN,26 Dec 05, Lrnce, Anna Ball,192,47748
Ona CORDLE,04 Jun 05, Lrnce, Sarah Adams,181,47284
Ona F RIFFE,09 Aug 09, Lrnce, Laurie Galloway,225,49069
Onolda KISE,02 Jan 06, Lrnce, Elizabeth Travis,210,48468
Opal CASEY,14 Nov 07, Lrnce, Cora Lambert,240,49646
Opal G GAMBILL,07 Nov 09, Lrnce, Cynthia Sparks,217,48731
Opal HINKLE,30 Jun 04, Lrnce, Nolda Meade,186,47508
Opal HUTCHISON,25 Jan 09, Lrnce, Maggie Ramey,230,49272
Opal MARCUM,08 Jan 06, Lrnce, Tisha Short,210,48470
Opal T SALTER,06 Sep 07, Lrnce, Clara Hughes,228,49179
Ora J BRADLEY,10 Feb 07, Lrnce, Martha Gillum,207,48352
Orel MEADOWS,18 May 09, Lrnce, Mary Brown,157,46322
Orville BOGGS,02 May 02, Lrnce, Martha Adkins,220,48843
Orville BOWLING,31 Jan 06, Lrnce, Annie Bowens,238,49578
Orville F KITCHEN,22 Oct 07, Lrnce, Ollie Porter,234,49427
Orville SHORT,20 Oct 04, Lrnce, Hester Derefield,203,48185
Oscar COMBS,23 Sep 01, Lrnce, Mary Mullins,194,47833
Ossie H WHEELER,15 May 06, Lrnce, Della Boggs,215,48675
Otis COOK,16 Oct 07, Lrnce, Lillie Fitch,238,49572
Otis J GAMBILL,19 Aug 06, Lrnce, Arena Boggs,223,48976
Ottis HAYES,25 Dec 10, Lrnce, Elizabeth Moore,247,49945
Pansy ADAMS,14 Sep 08, Lrnce, Lottie Cordle,193,47767
Paul D TRIPLETT,08 Sep 09, Lrnce, Martha Flanery,181,90030
Paul NEW,05 Oct 07, Lrnce, Sarah Bates,228,49169
Paul PACK,02 Apr 07, Lrnce, Janie Pack,190,47647
Pauline GARRED,07 Apr 09, Lrnce, Lurinda Botts,198,47975
Pauline MCCLURE,13 Mar 03, Lrnce, Cora Parks,172,46930
Pauline PRESTON,15 Jan 05, Lrnce, Della Compton,191,47687
Pearl B SKEENS,01 Sep 03, Lrnce, Belvia Salyers,232,49353
Pearl CHAFFIN, 24 Aug 1899, Lrnce, Mallie Adams,160,46448
Pearl F WOODS,27 Aug 04, Lrnce, Rebecca Perry,227,49152
Peggy LARGE,30 May 02, Lrnce, Mattie Lyons,191,47716
Perry SENTERS,21 Nov 09, Lrnce, Lucy Taylor,249,50011
Phil THORNSBURY,29 Mar 07, Lrnce, Effie Savage,173,46989
Polly A CHAFFIN,26 Jul 04, Lrnce, Vicy Pirtee,165,46665
Proctor R LYON,13 Mar 02, Lrnce, Nora Lyon,157,46347
Ray E CHILDRESS,10 Jun 10, Lrnce, Arvie Hughes,218,48777
Raymond CASTLE,28 Aug 08, Lrnce, Castoria Grimm,236,49495
Raymond H BURTON,11 Oct 10, Lrnce, Miley Pennington,251,50083
Raymond SPAULDING,29 Jun 10, Lrnce, Martha Edwards,249,50017
Reba L MCCARTY,13 Jul 04, Lrnce, Mary Clark,187,47524
Rebecca EDWARDS,21 Nov 08, Lrnce, Della Boggs,218,48783
Rebecca HAY,27 Oct 06, Lrnce, Surrilda Skaggs,218,48780
Rebecca R HAY,11 Apr 01, Lrnce, Sallie Fannin,188,47580
Regina MILLER,06 Aug 06, Lrnce, Delila Pack,226,49116
Regina VINSON,24 Jun 05, Lrnce, Mary Hays,177,47125
Rell E PRICE,09 Aug 09, Lrnce, Hattie Davis,217,48720
Rhoda MCDOWELL,28 Oct 08, Lrnce, Sarah Hensley,213,48598
Riley RUNYON,26 Mar 06, Lrnce, Effie Runyon,241,49689
Rinda ELDRIDGE,26 Aug 05, Lrnce, Mary Maxie,180,47259
Robert ADKINS,10 Oct 00, Lrnce, Willabelle Neace,159,46414
Robert J KIMBLER,27 Jan 06, Lrnce, Mary Morris,240,49679
Robert PRESLEY,03 Nov 03, Lrnce, Addie White,164,46617
Robert U SWAN,31 Mar 09, Lrnce, Sarah Mead,168,46763
Rosa B WILEY,12 Sep 07, Lrnce, Leoda Travis,168,46783
Roscoe DIAMOND,03 Mar 08, Lrnce, Mary Hacker,223,48961
Roscoe F EKERS,07 Jun 02, Lrnce, Eunice Adams,176,47103
Rose WILLIAMSON,11 Feb 07, Lrnce, Alta James,165,46642
Roy Carter THOMPSON, 1 Jul 1896, Lrnce, Lucy Jane Adams,191,91602
Roy MEADOWS,12 Mar 10, Lrnce, Martha Scarberry,239,49605
Roy PENNINGTON,25 Apr 07, Lrnce, Nora Ferrell,242,49749
Rubie A COOPER,22 Jun 07, Lrnce, Nellie Blevins,235,49470
Rubin J BOGGS,15 Nov 10, Lrnce, Bertha Gambill,210,94443
Ruby E CLAY,12 May 00, Lrnce, Ida Newman,234,49414
Ruby E FIELDS,10 May 05, Lrnce, Delilah Wright,172,46956
Ruby K MURPHY,29 Jul 09, Lrnce, Anna Moore,243,49793
Ruby L SALYER,09 Oct 00, Lrnce, Cora Preston,173,46996
Rushia PRESTON,14 Mar 05, Lrnce, Mary Chandler,190,47654
Russell BOGGS,06 Dec 10, Lrnce, Nola Boggs,256,50293
Ruth E HIGHBERGER,07 Nov 09, Lrnce, Victoria Thompso,220,48872
Ruth ESTEP,22 Nov 05, Lrnce, Frances Workman,194,47817
Ruth G MOORE,04 Jul 10, Lrnce, Anna Newsome,243,49799
Ruth I EDWARDS,30 Jun 09, Lrnce, Edith Nickell,220,48867
Ruth I STAMBAUGH,06 Oct 06, Lrnce, Rosa Webb,209,48400
Ruth WHEELER,30 Apr 08, Lrnce, Mirinda Sparks,179,47234
Sada MILUM,23 Aug 04, Lrnce, Jennie Thompson,171,46910
Sam FITCH,30 Aug 09, Lrnce, Fannie Cooper,183,47386
Samntha SHORTRIDGE,02 Feb 03, Lrnce, May Markman,169,46803
Samntha WEBB,17 Apr 00, Lrnce, Mary Webb,169,46827
Sarah A LEWIS,27 Aug 06, Lrnce, Julia Hinkle,217,48731
Sarah C GRIFFITH,14 Sep 10, Lrnce, Laura Carpenter,244,49806
Sarah C ROBINSON, 31 Dec 1899, Lrnce, Josephine Bowen,168,46763
Sarah E BERRY,22 Mar 10, Lrnce, Margaret Moore,216,48716
Sarah E CHANDLER,02 Dec 04, Lrnce, Eliza Wheeler,187,47529
Sarah E CHANDLER,01 Mar 09, Lrnce, Angeline Sparks,224,49003
Sarah E CORDLE,01 Apr 10, Lrnce, Eliza Cordle,258,50387
Sarah E SLONE,08 Dec 08, Lrnce, Rilda Boggs,227,49124
Sarah F SKAGGS,18 Mar 06, Lrnce, Stella Nichols,153,46181
Sarah J SCARBERRY,03 Jan 10, Lrnce, Ledoshia Vanhoos,213,48569
Sarrah BATES,05 Aug 04, Lrnce, Martha Jordan,161,46515
Scott SALMONS,08 Mar 05, Lrnce, Mattie Pope,196,47882
Selca Edward CORDLE,03 Oct 08, Lrnce, Smantha Baker,182,90294
Selcus D MCGUIRE,22 Sep 05, Lrnce, Mary Bogg,192,47759
Sena VANOVER,14 Jan 09, Lrnce, Ida Lemasters,191,47686
Serina L MOORE,16 Dec 08, Lrnce, Lizzie Cordel,256,50295
Shelby BLANKENSHIP,29 Feb 08, Lrnce, Genoah Large,207,48323
Sheldon F DEAN,09 Aug 05, Lrnce, Minnie Miller,231,49303
Sheridn COX,05 Mar 04, Lrnce, Martha Parker,197,47935
Shirley BRYAN,06 Jan 06, Lrnce, Martha Smith,223,48995
Shirley BRYAN,06 Jan 06, Lrnce, Martha Smith,223,49995
Shirley J CHAPMAN,06 May 05, Lrnce, Flora Friend,191,47698
Shirley L HAYES,23 Nov 06, Lrnce, Maud Preston,164,46621
Sim THOMPSON,07 Feb 05, Lrnce, Anna Chadwick,162,46531

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