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Posted: 17 Aug 2009 11:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tackett, Keesee, Vipperman, Bevins, Gooslin, Nicholls, Epling
Shown: Name of child, date of birth, county of birth, mother’s maiden name, book & page # where recorded. All dates in the 1900s except where noted.

Hattie TACKETT,12 Feb 06, Pike, Ellie Henson,210,48478
Hazel M MULLINS,06 Feb 03, Pike, Adeline Caudill,213,48597
Henry R VARNEY,25 Aug 09, Pike, Hattie Banfield,190,47675
Herbert CHURCH,19 Jan 08, Pike, Rhoda Daugherty,254,50225
Holiday POTTER,19 Apr 09, Pike, Nancy Newsom,173,46975
Hollie KEESEE,20 Apr 04, Pike, Rachel McCoy,191,47707
Hufford MOUNTS,05 Oct 09, Pike, Octavia Mounts,212,48532
Icie ELSWICK,09 Sep 08, Pike, Sinda Little,171,46888
Icy I HAMILTON,26 Feb 10, Pike, Parthena Johnson,229,49234
Ida B JONES,02 Oct 03, Pike, Brinte Sheppard,173,46999
Ida M ELKINS,04 Jul 07, Pike, Mary Smith,185,47477
Ike LESLIE,24 Dec 10, Pike, Mary Hayton,214,48615
Imogene Lou BENTLEY,01 Nov 08, Pike, Julia Ann Hall,198,92620
Inez BICKFORD,14 Mar 10, Pike, Dovie Compton,247,49938
Inia VIPPERMAN,06 Oct 10, Pike, Anna Smith,200,48069
Inice E STATON,03 Oct 10, Pike, Elisabeth Blackb,256,50288
Ira ROBINETTE,05 Sep 09, Pike, Georgeann Franci,181,47282
Ireland E STEPHENS,22 Dec 05, Pike, Stella May,192,47733
Irene BEVINS,11 Oct 09, Pike, Elizabeth Harris,155,46246
Irvin STANLEY,10 Sep 10, Pike, Lydia Blackburn,254,50204
Irvin W SANDERS,04 Aug 06, Pike, Elizabeth Reece,215,48662
Italy POTTER,30 Dec 03, Pike, Martha Adams,174,47030
Iva Alice HAWKINS,16 Aug 08, Pike, Viola Barrett,194,92012
Jack WRIGHT,07 Feb 09, Pike, Cordelia Wright,190,47675
James A PRIEST,23 Dec 09, Pike, Ellen Sherman,224,49007
James BARTLEY,07 Dec 07, Pike, Elyda Rose,211,48493
James C LOWE,17 Jul 08, Pike, Nannie Stratton,233,49371
James E FLEMING,31 Mar 10, Pike, Cynthia More,169,46828
James H FULLER, 17 Apr 1898, Pike, Elizabeth Miller,85,43472
James M BEVINS, 22 Nov 1898, Pike, Sarah Denton,154,46228
James O FRANCIS,21 Dec 09, Pike, Alma Ratliff,229,49226
James Royce HOAGLAND,20 Jun 08, Pike, Lona Altha Davis,190,91354
James S BARTLEY,16 Mar 08, Pike, Lottie England,247,49939
James W STATON,10 Mar 10, Pike, Ora Fields,219,48833
Jarvie NORMAN,25 Jan 09, Pike, Sarah Slone,191,47701
Jasper JUSTICE,02 Jul 09, Pike, Mary Blair,230,49274
Jean BLANKENSHIP,04 Nov 10, Pike, Emma Priest,249,50001
Jesse H CHILDRESS,15 Jun 01, Pike, Liza Phillips,164,46607
Jesse J CHANEY,25 Mar 09, Pike, Louvina Slone,196,92280
Jessie M ISON,07 Aug 08, Pike, Draxie Marrs,223,48987
Jessie M ISON,07 Aug 08, Pike, Draxie Marrs,223,49987
Jimmey D GOOSLIN,21 Jun 10, Pike, Elizebeth Scott,253,50174
Joe T LITTLE,23 Mar 07, Pike, Sarah Ball,192,47757
John A NORMAN,25 Mar 02, Pike, Florence Johnson,165,46679
John C BILITER,05 Jun 02, Pike, Almeda Justice,160,46475
John E CHAPMAN,11 Feb 10, Pike, Charlotte Meades,206,48291
John NICHOLLS, 15 Jan 1899, Pike, Mintie Lowe,153,46198
John R GREER,24 Jan 04, Pike, Didemia Potter,181,47317
John T VARNEY, 27 Nov 1896, Pike, Parlee West,178,47182
John W FOLLOWAY,19 Nov 06, Pike, Cora Pruitt,203,48186
Jordan HATFIELD,01 Jul 04, Pike, Minnie Morris,189,47618
Josephn BARTLEY,19 Dec 06, Pike, Sadie Sanders,176,47110
Josephn KEEN,02 Apr 10, Pike, Cosby Rasnic,207,48340
Josephn LAYNE,10 Sep 10, Pike, Emeline Layne,250,50061
Julie EPLING,20 May 09, Pike, Susan Belcher,212,48560
Julie W FORD,21 Mar 09, Pike, Polly Vance,224,49006
Kate WALLACE,26 Jan 10, Pike, Stella Cure,249,50009
Kathlen J BENCH,03 Feb 10, Pike, Sarah Smith,207,48349
Kathrne E KENDRICK,11 Nov 01, Pike, Ida Powell,187,47559
Kathrne RATLIFF,15 Aug 10, Pike, Katherine Matney,253,50171
Kathrne SMITH,02 Apr 09, Pike, Annie Smith,244,49829
Kearney JUSTICE,30 Apr 09, Pike, Mary Hurley,217,48734
Kelly M DANIELS,24 Mar 10, Pike, Sophia Daniels,252,50150
Kelly PUGH,05 Oct 09, Pike, Charlotte Justic,256,50310
Kelsie FULLER,08 Oct 06, Pike, Annie Rowe,225,49061
Kelsie M JESSIE,22 Jul 08, Pike, Mary Fields,242,49752
Kenneth R DAWRON,03 May 09, Pike, Atta Potter,49,24245
Kermit MURPHY,02 Jul 10, Pike, Victoria Murphy,248,49973
L d FULLER,10 Oct 08, Pike, Roxie Keene,198,47960
Lacy B STEPP,19 Oct 08, Pike, Martha Stepp,122,60698
Lacy L JUSTICE,25 Nov 10, Pike, Vicy Hatfield,252,50127
Lacy SMITH,08 Aug 06, Pike, Dollie Sellards,163,46573
Lacy SMITH,08 Aug 06, Pike, Dolly Sellards,221,48898
Lakie HALE,15 Feb 08, Pike, Oma Mullins,211,48510
Lakie LOWE,02 Jul 00, Pike, Julia Scott,180,47257
Lassie HATFIELD,26 Mar 07, Pike, Vina Phillips,196,47884
Laura C MOORE,02 Jul 06, Pike, Cora Wright,194,47805
Laura F STRATTON,10 Jul 02, Pike, Frances Lewis,169,46814
Laura HUNT,25 Nov 10, Pike, Betty Pugh,194,47817
Laura TRIVETTE,12 Dec 04, Pike, Marticia Caudill,179,47212
Lavona OSBORN,01 Nov 07, Pike, Rebecca Lockett,247,49956
Lawrnce SMITH,10 Aug 10, Pike, Ann Adkins,236,49513
Lee B HONAKER,27 Jan 06, Pike, Maye Ratliff,242,49750
Lee H HATFIELD,18 Jun 06, Pike, Mary Johnson,233,49377
Lena SMITH,07 Oct 07, Pike, Fanny Peters,171,46911
Lennie I SCOTT,07 Aug 06, Pike, Sarah Sparks,178,47169
Lenton SLONE,22 Jun 10, Pike, Nancy Huff,161,46496
Leon WALLACE,02 Feb 04, Pike, Sarah Mullins,180,47253
Leonard MAY,08 Mar 07, Pike, Mary Blackburn,236,49514
Leonard SESCO,19 Apr 10, Pike, Eliza Maynard,251,50084
Levi BARTLEY,11 Apr 06, Pike, Ruthie Newsom,188,47572
Levi SIMS,04 Mar 06, Pike, Johneller Ware,156,46292
Lexie SILCOX,22 Nov 08, Pike, Dona Adkins,220,48874
Lillian E GREER,19 Dec 10, Pike, Mary Sanders,204,48208
Lillie J BURKE,15 Apr 07, Pike, Loucretia Tacket,216,48713
Linia M MCCOY,05 May 07, Pike, Melissa Church,218,48799
Lionell C DAVIS,22 Jul 10, Pike, Nellie King,183,47386
Lola M RATLIFF,11 Jun 08, Pike, Emma Coleman,255,50276
Lona DAMRON,23 Mar 08, Pike, Sarah Tackett,229,49211
Lona MOUNTS,11 Mar 06, Pike, Harriett Hatfiel,191,47710
Lonnie ADINGTON,24 Mar 07, Pike, Edith Sanders,243,49768
Louise OSBORNE,05 Apr 08, Pike, Mary Johnson,230,49245
Lucy N SHORT,22 Jan 08, Pike, Nannie Akers,229,49207
Lurlie M KINNEY,06 Mar 09, Pike, Julie Damron,222,48945
Mabel WILBURN,08 Apr 10, Pike, Lillie Tackett,237,49550
Mable A BURLINGAME,21 Feb 03, Pike, Mable Dickenson,158,46397
Mable C WEDDINGTON, 23 Aug 1899, Pike, Anna Smith,216,48695
Macy BLANKENSHIP,16 Apr 07, Pike, Lottie Blankensh,191,47691
Madalin JACKSON,10 Nov 07, Pike, Nona Edmonds,158,46397
Mae POTTER,12 Dec 09, Pike, Spicey Damron,256,50292
Malcolm J FRANCIS,18 Nov 05, Pike, Katie Ward,177,47159
Mallie COMPTON,10 Apr 01, Pike, Bertha Renfro,179,47237
Mandy JOHNSON,26 Mar 06, Pike, Sally Newsome,221,48888
Mandy MCCOY,04 Oct 09, Pike, Depha Little,178,47172
Margret L RUCKER,07 Jul 09, Pike, Dora Davis,256,50286
Marie LOWE,23 Jul 06, Pike, Lydia Hunt,153,46188
Marie W WOLFORD,11 Jul 10, Pike, Lula Wolford,234,49417
Marion D RATLIFF,18 Aug 09, Pike, Katherine Matney,253,50171
Martha M ELKINS,07 Aug 08, Pike, Cynthia Jenkins,193,47792
Martha REYNOLDS,03 Jul 09, Pike, Lucy Hopkins,227,49148
Marvin THACKER,06 Aug 07, Pike, Gertrude Meade,224,49025
Mary BARTLEY,14 May 06, Pike, Vesta Bartley,188,47565
Mary BLANKENSHIP,15 Aug 10, Pike, Janie Vance,236,49501
Mary E BUCKLEY,09 Sep 08, Pike, Roxie Thornsbury,208,48384
Mary E EASTRIDGE,15 Dec 04, Pike, Maude Brown,193,47791
Mary E HALE, 1 Aug 1899, Pike, Lucenda Gibson,170,46867
Mary E MAY,07 Dec 02, Pike, Mattie Burke,175,47059
Mary Francis KING,21 Jun 06, Pike, Mary Sturgill,191,91585
Mary HOLT,21 Mar 08, Pike, Eliza Moore,156,46294
Mary J RAY,10 Jan 09, Pike, Polly McKinney,171,46892
Mary L MORRIS,15 Aug 10, Pike, Rebecca Ratliff,213,48592
Mary M CARTER,20 Jul 07, Pike, Eliza Chaney,238,49561
Mary M HATFIELD,08 Jul 10, Pike, Maggie Scott,192,47721
Mary RATLIFF,13 Feb 03, Pike, Sallie Bartley,162,46554
Mary SWINEY,15 Oct 10, Pike, Arminda Bartley,209,48403
Mary V LIPPS,06 Aug 05, Pike, Mary Dean,177,47134
Mary V TRIVETTE,17 Dec 10, Pike, Victoria Johnson,228,49178
Mason RAMEY,28 Apr 10, Pike, Elizabeth Swiney,255,50274
Matt JENKINS,21 Apr 07, Pike, Effiey Gullett,186,47503
Maudee E MULLINS,26 Oct 07, Pike, Virgie Childers,204,48239
Maxie E STANLEY,16 Jul 08, Pike, Ibba Burris,175,47077
Maxine VANOVER,19 Jul 09, Pike, Martha Potter,156,46306
May HYLTON,27 Jul 07, Pike, Anna Belcher,211,48490
May ROBINETT,26 Nov 08, Pike, Marry Hurley,168,46790
Mellie SPEARS,17 Apr 08, Pike, Frankie Blair,232,49337
Melvin ANDERSON, 6 Jun 1899, Pike, Mary Vanover,172,46928
Mendia DAMRON,10 Nov 09, Pike, Della Reece,166,46713
Mildred KINNEY,01 Dec 06, Pike, Julia Damron,205,48257
Mildred N DESKINS,11 Feb 04, Pike, Celia Clark,222,48933
Mildred WALLACE,07 Jul 09, Pike, Matilda McBrayer,168,46768
Milton WRIGHT,17 Mar 10, Pike, Carla Killen,240,49656
Minnie B OSBORNE, 30 Oct 1896, Pike, Mintie Hopkins,243,49799
Minnie L HARRIS, 13 Jul 1891, Pike, Emma Lowe,173,46998
Minnie L MAY,28 Mar 04, Pike, Matilda May,185,47448
Minnie M CANADA,12 Jun 09, Pike, Fannie Canada,169,46822
Mirtie M SANDERS,01 Aug 06, Pike, Huldah Anderson,257,50332
Missura BLACKBURN,11 Mar 02, Pike, Liddie Prator,193,47762
Mollie KENDRICK,30 Oct 09, Pike, Ibbie Chaney,203,48189
Mont TACKETT,07 Sep 09, Pike, Allie Little,171,46888
Myrtle Effie BENTLEY,08 Jul 07, Pike, Cora Jane Hatfield,188,91089
Myrtle HOPKINS,31 Jan 10, Pike, Rosia Hill,245,49867
Myrtle J MULLINS,28 Mar 04, Pike, Ida Springer,186,47504
Myrtle JUSTICE,23 Aug 05, Pike, Amanda Maynard,185,47470
Myrtle M RATLIFF,14 Oct 07, Pike, Katherene Robins,221,48905
Myrtle M RUNYON,10 Jun 09, Pike, Minnie Alley,184,47425
Myrtle M VIERS,30 Nov 09, Pike, Emma Hall,257,50349
Nancy J YATES,19 Aug 00, Pike, Sarah Hopkins,245,49878
Nancy SMITH,18 May 07, Pike, Clemma Coleman,189,47638
Neil ROBERTS,04 Aug 09, Pike, Katie Lambert,238,49578
Nell E MARSHALL,24 Jul 04, Pike, Ida Robinson,181,47300
Nellie G YATES,31 Oct 05, Pike, Sarah Yates,245,49878
Nellie HAGER,27 Apr 08, Pike, Malinda Coleman,245,49870
Nellie M DANIELS,13 Dec 09, Pike, Lou Summers,237,49557
Nokie SCOTT,27 Jul 08, Pike, Sarah Sparks,178,47169
Nona CHILDRESS,16 Apr 02, Pike, Etty Greer,171,46909
Nora CURE,24 Apr 10, Pike, Hattie McCown,249,50013
Nora WOLFORD,26 Jul 04, Pike, Virgie Cline,176,47104
Octavia ADAMS,14 Apr 08, Pike, Viola Hunter,227,49157
Okley B MCPEEKS,24 Oct 09, Pike, Malisie Baker,226,49116
Ollie WHITT,29 May 08, Pike, Vata Blackburn,195,47868

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