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Posted: 1 Sep 2013 2:58AM GMT
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Surnames: Bennett/Basco/Bellow/Bynog/Boudoins/Vallerys/Simon
To whom it may concern, my name is Gary Lynn Bennett Jr., I was born Sept. 23, 1978 in Baton Rouge,La.. I started tracing my roots a couple of months back and I have ran into dead ends down every path I take. It all started out of curiosity and has led to an adventure. It is like I have started reading a great book, only to learn half of it is missing. It is my dads roots that evade me. My grandfather is deceased and the rest of my dads family is being very secretive. I can tell they are hiding something. My grandmother gave me all of my families pictures but, only a few have names. She claims she doesn't know who the people are in the pictures. I find that very strange. At first, all she would tell me was that my great grandmother's name was Alice Basco. After, signing up for, searching the records, and asking questions have I gotten her open up a lil more. But, she always claims that she doesn't know anything else. To get to the point, I will give you the genealogy I know for sure.
Gary Lynn Bennett Jr., born 1978 (myself), Gary Lynn Bennett Sr., born 1950 something (my father), Tina Viola born 1962 (my mother), William Burton Bennett (aka. Joseph Bennett, Cherokee Joe, and Cherokee Bill) my grandfather, born 1919 around Natchitoses,Louisiana. My grandfather was married twice. His first marriage was to a woman named Jeffy, they did not have any children, then he married my grandmother Johnnie Mae Piper (aka. Patsie Bennett). They had several kids William, Susan, Larry, Gary, Donna, and Patricia. My great grandfather was Peter Wamsly Bennett. I have traced him back to the 1900 census living with his dad,mom,& grandmother,he is 1 years old. They are living in the household of the Beaudoins. He is listed as Wamsly Bennett, they have the last name corrected from Beunch to Bennek but, if you look at the original census form, you can see that it says Bennett. In the 1910 census it is spelled correctly, with all names and dates corresponding. Peter Wamsly Bennett was born 1899. He was married to my great grandmother Alice Basco, born 1892. I have her baptismal certificate from a church in Cloutierville,Louisiana. I called the church to get a new copy of it because the last names were cut off. I found out that my great grandmother's name was really Alice Moran. Her father was unknown. Her mothers name was Clemence, and godparents name was Carl and Louisiana Gallion. I have hit a brick wall at Alice Basco in the 1910 census living in the same house with Bynog's, and they are listed as cousins. Wamsly Bennett was the son of Amos Bennett and Victorine Beaudoin. Amos Bennett was born in 1873. I hit a brick wall with him in the 1900 census. He is living in the Beaudoin household, listed as a stepson. He is 27 years old. Victorine Beaudoin also lives there, listed as a daughter. Amos and Victorine married and had 3 kids, Wamsly, McNeely, and Merline Bennett. Which my grandmother confirms by telling me through a story, that McNeely Bennett
was brought to court in Alexandria, accused of being a black man married to a white woman. A felony in their era. He beat the charge though, he wasn't black, he was Apalchee Indian. I learned all of this by googling the story and came across an article of an interview given by Gilmer Tunney Bennett, the current tribal chief of the Apalachee Indians. McNeely Bennett married Frances Vallery. Amos Bennett's mom (my great-great-great grandmothers name was Mary. The interview by Gilmer Bennett answered a lot of questions for me. Gilmer states in his interview that Amos Bennett and Oscar Vallery are half brothers. Which he confirmed to me over the phone. I wanted to meet him and his family but , they blew me off at the last minute.He also stated in his interview that Amos and Merline were killed by the KKK, somewhere around the Kisatchie hills. I asked my grandmother if she ever went to the Kisatchie Hills and she said yes. I have learned through my research that I come from the Apalachee Indian tribe. They were intermarrying up into the early 19'th century. I want to be a part of my heritage, my tribe. But, I have to have the records proving it. I believe Amos and Mary, possibly even Wamsly and Joseph were full blooded Indians. They changed their names to hide the fact that they were Indians and intermarrying. Will you please help me piece it all together? I have a lot of pictures and certificate's. I am going to get a DNA test when I can afford it. But, it still does me no good without the records. I hope you can and will help me. Thanks.
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