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Posted: 3 Aug 2005 1:13PM GMT
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1. Frederick Hytrek
born Feb 2,1848
Died May 24, 1915 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
Married Oct 17,1876 in Missouri to Marianna Maron
P 246, 247, 248,Stuart Centennial Book--below
Looking for HYTREK. Frederick (Fritz) HYTREK farmed around Tarnov, 1879. His son John HYTREK born 1879. Fritz's twin children Frances HYTREK and Joseph HYTREK born May 1882. The family left the area by 1884.
Children (10)
1-1 Rosalie Hytrek
Age 19 on wedding day born Ohio Sept 4,1877
Married July 28,1895 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev C Breitkopy to Joseph Roschka
Born Germany to Joseph Roschka and Barbay Hytrek
Marriage license Book 3 page 230A Holt County, Nebraska
1-2 John Hytrek
Born Nov 25,1879 Nebr. Oct 25,1879 Tarnov, Platt Co, Nebr
Died Feb 23,1942 Lincoln, Nebr
Married Feb 21,1905 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev C Breitkopf to Hedwig Dlugosh “Ida”
Born Germany age 21 on wedding day Oct 7,1883 Luov, Poland
Died Feb 23,1975 Crete, Saline Co, Kan
Daughter of Joseph Dlugosh and Francis Koszmider
Marriage license Book 4 page 302B Holt County,Nebraska
1-2-1 Celestine Hytrek
Born March 6,1907 Stuart, Nebr
Died 1981 Council Bluffs,Pottawattamine Co, Iowa
Married Goldie Alice James
BornApril 11,1908
Died March 14,1980 Council Bluffs,Iowa
1-2-1-1 Jack Dale Hytrek
Born June 30,1947
Married Twilla Lee Vilott
Born June 11,1946 to Fletcher Amanuel Vilott and Hilda Charlotte Johanna Rateuke
1-2-1-1-1 Patrick Dale Hytrek
Born Aug 1,1966 Council Bluffs,Iowa
Married Oct 19,1996 in Honey Creek, Iowa to Ronda Sue Kelley
Dau of Harvey Paul Kelley and Yvonne Claire Hansen
1. Jack Dale Steven Hytrek born Feb 26,1987
2. Anthony Larry Hytrek born Jan 1,1990
1-2-1-1-2 Timothy Hytrek
Born June 11,1968
1-2-1-1-3 Christopher Charles Hytrek
1-2-1-1-4 Sherri Bonnie Jean Hytrek
Born Dec 16,1977
1-2-1-2 Howard Hytrek
1-2-1-3 Richard Hytrek
1-2-1-4 Harold Hytrek
1-2-1-5 Robert Hytrek
1-2-1-6 Tom Hytrek
1-2-1-7 Jerry Hytrek
1-2-1-8 Jean Hytrek
1-2-2 Irene Hytrek
1-2-3 Edward Hytrek
1-2-4 Loretta Hytrek
1-2-5 Leo Hytrek
1-2-6 Al J Hytrek
1-3 Francis Hytrek Vobt
Twin born May(March 7), 1882
1-4 Joseph Hytrek
Twin born May(March 7), 1882
1-5 William Hytrek
Born Holt County, Nebr age 27 on wedding day
Married July 11,1911 at St Boniface Church,Stuart, Nebr by Emil A
Klemenz to Annie Krysl
Born Germany age 20 on wedding day
Daughter of Vencil Krysl and Mary Motic
Marriage license Book 5 page 333 Holt County, Nebraska
1-6 Frank Hytrek
born Holt County, Nebr
1-7 Stanislaus W Hytrek
born Nov 13,1887 Holt County, Nebr
died May 4,1947 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
1-7-1 Gregor
1-8 George Hytrek
Born Oct 15,1891(1892) Stuart, Holt County, Nebr
Died Feb 16,1970 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
1-9 Agnes Hytrek Murphy
Born Holt County, Nebr Jan 12,1894 age 20 on wedding day
Died Oct 2,1975
Married Nov 3,1914 in Stuart, Nebr by Julius Hettiwer to Frank P Murphy
Born Minn age 27 on wedding day
Son of Patrick Murphy and Helen McGee
Marriage license book 6 page 180 Holt County, Nebraska
1-10 Clara Hytrek
Born Aug 8,1896 Holt County, Nebr
Married Mike Stoda of Abilene, Kansas
2. Stanislaus Hytrek twin
Never married
Newport, Nebr ran general store
Lindsay, Nebr
3. Gregor Hytrek twin
Born 1855
Died 1929 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
married Johanna Hoffman Sapok
born 1854
died 1921 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
Children (7)
3-1 Romanic Hytrek
Born 1878
Died Jan 12,1888 blizzard, found March 1888
Buried St Joseph Cem, Atkinson
3-2 Paul Hytrek
Born 1884
3-3 Stella Hytrek
Born 1885
3-4 Stanislaus William “Stencil” Hytrek
Born Nov 13,1887 (1889) Stuart, Nebr age 23 on wedding day
Died 1948 (May 4,1947, buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart)
Repair shop in Stuart and blacksmith improved slide hay stacker,
Married May 9,1911 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev Julius Hettiver to Mary Miksch
Born Holt County, Nebr age 18 on wedding day
Died 1929 (1930) age 39 years
Daughter of Martin Miksch and Mary
Marriage license book 5 page 307 Holt County, Nebr
Children (7)
3-4-1 Ignatius Hytrek
Born Stuart, Nebr Feb 1, 1912 age 25 on wedding day
Had Hytrek Tile Co, Sarasota, Florida
Died Oct 17,1988 Sarasota, Florida
Buried Sarasota, Flo cem
Married March 31,1937 in Stuart, Nebr by John P Hilt to Mary
Born Stuart, Nebr age 19 on wedding day
Daughter of Joseph Schmaderer (born Germany) and Catherine
Decker (born Germany)
Marriage license book 10 page 145 Holt County, Nebraska
34-1-1 Daniel Hytrek
34-1-2 John Hytrek
3-4-2 Frank Hytrek Sr
Born 1915
Died Jan 1952 at age 39 years of gunshot at Bisbee, Arizona
WWII veteran
Funeral Jan 11,1952 at St Boniface Catholic Church, Stuart, NEbr
3-4-3 M Theophane Hytrek of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3-4-4 Johanna Hytrek of Salt Lake City, Utah
Born Stuart, Nebr Sept 16,1917 age 19 on wedding day
Died Feb 29,1996 Salt Lake City,Utah
Buried Salt Lake City,Utah
Married Nov 6,1936 in Stuart, Nebr by John P Hilt to James Calvin Coker
Born Iowa age 21 on wedding day
Son of James B Coker (born Ill) and Mima Beck (born Ill)
Marriage license book 10 page 114 Holt County, Nebraska
3-4-4-1 Sharon Coker
Married DonMarten
Lived San Francisco, Cal
3-4-4-2 Colleen Coker
Married Craig Green
Lived Salt Lake City, Utah
3-4-4-3 Catherine Coker
Married Ted Boucher
Lived Salt Lake City,Utah
3-4-4-4 Michael Coker
Married Carol
Lived Haymarket, Virginia
3-4-5 Agnes Hytrek “Kim”
Married Melvin Pahl
3-4-6 Loretta Hytrek Fawcet of Denver, Colorado
3-4-7 Lily Hytrek
Died 1925 buried St Boniface Cem
Married Richard Shearer
3-4-8- Stan Hytrek
3-5 John Paul Hytrek
Born Jan 26,1889 Nebr age 26 on wedding day
Died Dec 23,1971 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart,Nebr
Married May 5,1915 in Stuart, Nebr by Julius Hettiver to Theresa Ludwig Miksch
Born Nebr Sept 24,1895 age 19 on wedding day
Died Jan 28,1978 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
Daughter of Martin Miksch and Mary Walenty
Marriage license book 6 page 251 Holt County, Nebr
Children (10)
3-5-1 Pauline Hytrek
born Stuart, Nebr Dec 22,1921 age 17 on wedding day
died 1921 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
married July 25,1939 in Stuart, Nebr by John P Hilt to Gail L King
born 1922 Carns, Nebr age 17 on wedding day
died 1973 buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
son of George King (born Blair, Nebr) and Della Bessert (born
marriage license book 10 page 412 Holt County, Nebr
3-5-2 Andrew P Hytrek
born Stuart, Nebr Jan 14,1924 age 26 on wedding day
married Sept 30,1950 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev A J Paschang to Juanita
born Stuart, Nebr age 20 on wedding day
daughter of Ferdinand Kaup (born West Point, Nebr) and
Rose Wallinger (born Plattesmouth, Nebr)
marriage license book 12 page 554 Holt County, Nebr
3-5-2-1 Dennis Hytrek
Born Feb 11,1955 Stuart,Nebr
Cement contractor
Married May 20,1978 Atkinson, Nebr by Rev Robert A Schmitz to Elizabeth LouAnn Lech
Born June 7,1958 Atkinson, Nebr to Gary A Lech (born
Atkinson) and Mary Lois Cavanaugh (born O’Neill)
Marriage license book 17 page 3 Holt County, Nebr
3-5-2-2 Patrick Joseph Hytrek
Born Aug 26,1959 Atkinson, Nebr
Married Aug 11,1979 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev Francis Kubart to Tammy Ann Tielke
Born Oct 10,1960 Atkinson, Nebr to Robert R Tielke
(born Niobrara) and Joyce Ann Seibken (born Stuart)
Marriage license book 17 page 148 Holt County, Nebr.
3-5-2-3 Timothy John Hytrek
Born Feb 5,1954 Atkinson, Nebr
Employee of Olson Ind
Married July 15,1972 Stuart, Nebr by Harold A Wylie to Lanette Kay Irish
Born Sept 7,1955 Atkinson, Nebr to Merle Irish (born
Stuart) and Delores Johnson (born Stuart)
Marriage license book 16, page 81 Holt County, Nebr
3-5-3 James Roland Hytrek
born Jan 31,1933 Stuart, Nebr age 19 on wedding day
married July 26,1952 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev A J Paschang to Marilyn
Arlene Varilek
born Hills City, SD age 18 on wedding day
daughter of Minor K Varilek (born Isabelle, SD) and Marie
(Maurie R)Crago (born Armour, SD)
marriage license book 13 page 54 Holt County, Nebr
children (5)
3-5-3-1 Minette Hytrek
3-5-3-2 Gary Hytrek
married Dec 9,1977 to Sherry Helenbolt
3-5-3-3 Susan Hytrek
married May 21,1982 to Daniel G Brown
3-5-3-4 Kip Hytrek
3-5-3-5 Toni Hytrek
3-5-4 Richard Dean Hytrek
Born Stuart, Nebr Aug 8,1934 age 25 on wedding day
Manager of auto parts store
Died Nov 1,2004
Buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
Married June 25,1960 in Atkinson, Nebr by Rev R R Morocco to Marlene Kay Beck
Born Atkinson, Nebr age 18 on wedding day
Daughter of Ralph Beck (born Atkinson) and Evelyn Ramm
(born Stuart)
Marriage license book 14 page 225 Holt County, Nebr.
3-5-4-1 Steven Hytrek
Married Kristie
3-5-4-2 Kevin Hytrek
Married Jackie
3-5-4-3 Brian Hytrek
Married Angela
3-5-4-4 Brenda Hytrek
Married Craig Wawers
Lived Tampa, Flor
3-5-5 Bill Hytrek
Born June 16,1928
married Alice
lived Portland,Oreg
3-5-6 Fred Hytrek
Born Aug 14,1930
married Gaynor
lived Wilmington, Del
3-5-7 Jack Hytrek - Anthony John Hytrek
Born Dec 7,1936
married Gayle
lived Fond du Lac, Wis
3-5-8 Lud Hytrek - Ludwina Hytrek
Born Sept 19,1917
married Homer King
lived Eugene,Oreg
3-5-9 Marie Hytrek
Born Aug 5,1919
married Kenneth McGowan
lived Chicago, Ill
3-5-10 Rita Hytrek
Born Jan 22,1926
married McWhorter
lived Wilmington, Del
3-6 Mary Hytrek
Born April 10,1891 Holt County, Nebr age 19 on wedding day
Married Nov 22,1910 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev Julius Hettiver to William
Born Germany age 25 on wedding day
Son of Jacob Strada and Mary Hanish
Marriage license book 5 page 248 Holt County, Nebr
3-7 Anna C Hytrek
Born July 24,1892 Holt County, Nebr age 18 on wedding day
Died Aug 20,1990 age 98 years
Buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
Married May 9,1911 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev Julius Hettiver to Vencil John
Born Germany age 23 on wedding day
Son of Vencil Krysl and Mary Matice
Died 1951
Marriage license book 5 page 308 Holt County, Nebr
3-7-1 William Krysl
3-7-2 Amelia Krysl married Paul Kaup
3-7-3 Christine Krysl
3-8 Theodosia Hytrek
Born Germany age 21 on wedding day
Married May 29,1906 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev C Breitkopf to Frank P
Born Germany age 23 on wedding day
Son of Joseph Dlugosh and Frances Kasmidel
Marriage licenses Book 4 page 371 A Holt County, Nebr

George Allen Dlugosh 76; Ord NE>Thermopolis WY; HYTREK; 21 Dec 1989

VANNELLI, Rosalie Rae DLUGOSH; 80; Ord NE>Thermopolis, WY; HYTREK; 3 Oct 1996

JOSEPH AND PAUL ARE COUSINS PROVE if Joseph is the son of 1 above and Paul is the son of 3 above.
Joseph Hytrek
married Gertrude Schomer
from Hope, Kansas
1. Josephine Hytrek
Born Stuart, Nebraska
2. Laurence Hytrek
Born December 22,1914 Stuart, Nebraska
Died Dec 27,1981
Married May 8 to Alice Bollin
Born Oct 21,1920
Died Aug 9,2001
Daughter of Willam Bollin (born Jan 3,1894) and Millered Donovan (born Feb
5,1894 died Jan 22,1969 Holyoke, Colorado)
HYTREK, Alice Anna BOLLIN; 80; near Hillsdale WY>Wheatland WY; DONOVAN; 11 Aug 2001
2-1 William Hytrek
Born March 5,1940 (1941)
2-2 Carol Hytrek
Born May 25,1942
2-3 Robert Hytrek
Born March 25,1945
3. Lucile Hytrek
Born 1916
4. Frederick “Fritz” Hytrek

HYTREK, Mary Lucille OUTHOUSE; 82; Flattop>Lusk WY; RUNYAN; 10 Dec 1998

Paul Hytrek
Married Victoria Benben Sept 9,1909 Ord, Nebr.
Children (16)
1. George E Hytrek
Born Wisconsin age 24 on wedding day
Married Feb 6,1935 in Stuart, Nebr by Rev John P Hilt to Mary C Krobot
Born Stuart, Nebr age 27 on wedding day
Daughter of John Krobot (born Germany) and Christina Krysl (born
Marriage license book 9 page 476 Holt County, Nebr.

1-1 Doris E Hytrek
Born Aug 31,1938 Wheatland,Wyo
Died Dec 14,2004
Married June 29,1963 Hartville,Wyo to Richard Sasges.
1-1-1 Debbie Sasges married Rodney Trail
1-1-2 Richard M Sasges married Leslie
1-1-3 Chad Sasge married Vreta
1-2 Maxine Hytrek Barnhart
1-3 Pauline Hytrek Morgan
1-4 Georgia Hytrek Dinnel
2. Mary Helen Hytrek Howshar
Born Feb 2,1912 Stuart, Nebr
died Jan 31,1998
married Feb 15,1928 to Thomas Howshar
HOWSHAR, Mary Helen HYTREK; 85; Stuart NE>Wheatland WY; BENBEN; 2 Feb 1998 Casper Tribune
3. Stella Dorothea Hytrek Huge Hughes
Died Dec 17,2002 age 86 years Glendo, Wyoming, Wheatland, Wyoming
Married Edgard (Edward) “Bud” Huge
HUGHES, Stella Dorothea HYTREK, 86; Glendo WY>Wheatland WY; BENBEN; 17 Dec 2002
4. Antone Hytrek
Died Nov 12,1985 buried Lusk Cemetery
Married Mary ?
Died Dec 5,1998 buried Lusk Cem
Niobrara County, date of death cemetery section
HYTREK ANTONE E. 11/12/1985 Lusk O 12 5 3
HYTREK MARY L. 12/5/1998 Lusk O 12 5 4
HYTREK RUTH E.C. 2/7/1985 Lusk S 3 4 4
5. Henry J Hytrek
Born Jan 20,1918 Glendo, Wyoming
Died May 7,2004 age 86 years buried Lusk, Wyo Cem
Married Dec 14,1942 to Ruth Hughes (sister to Bud Huge, above)
Died 1985
Children (4)
5-1 Olga Hytrek Haley
5-2 Dan Hytrek
5-3 Dale Hytrek
5-4 Deborah Hytrek Meng
Married Jim Meng
5-4-1 Ryan Meng


Page 357 Holt County History
“Martin Miksch and Maria Walenta grew up in a German village in Czechoslovakia. Martin was orphaned at eight years of age. According to the law of his region a sum of about $60 was set aside for him, to draw interest until he came of age. The law also required that he be sent to the original home village of one of his parents. Martin was passed from family to family, herding geese as a child, cattle as he grew older.
He was sent to school for two winters, where he learned to read and write well in German. Before his mother’s death he had spent some time in Hungary with one of her brothers. There he had learned to speak Hungarian. One of the families he worked for after he became an orphan was Bohemian, so he learned that language, too. He read everything he could get his hands on, sang well and memorized easily.
Maria Walenta’s father was a tapestry weaver and had charge of forty weavers in the village. Martin and Maria were married in1884 and had a daughter by 1885, when a letter from a relative in Holt County created quite a stir in the village. The letter told of the free land to be had there, and Martin, whose wages in the village amounted to about one hundred dollars a year, decided at once to go to Holt County. He still had the orphan’s allotment, which would pay his way to America.
With some friends, John Steinhauser, Tom Steinhauser, and Miss Theresa Weichman (who later married Conrad Kramer) Martin took ship for the new world. He worked for a John Maurer of Madison for three years, saving his money to stock his homestead. Maria came with another group of emigrants in 1888. The following year they moved into their own sod shanty on a claim 10 miles south and three miles west of Stuart, between Green Valley and Norwood post offices.
Three children were born to Martin and Maria in the soddy. Martin, a good barber, often went to the homes of sick friends to cut their hair and shave them, thereby making them more comfortable and now and then performing the same duties in helping to lay out the dead. The Miksch’s daughter, Cecelia, has an old notebook of her father’s. For a number of years he had kept track of his income and outgo; listing prices he paid for seed, clothing, horses and machinery; and the prices received for grain and other produce sold. The figures show the good years and the bad, times when he had to borrow money, times when he could afford some luxury for his family.
The notebook showed the acres of ground broken and the yields in bushels. In May, 1894, he had sown seventy bushels of oats and twenty bushels of wheat. In May there was a heavy frost but no rain, In June a frightful hail storm, leaving four to six inches of stones covering the land, beat the grain into the ground. Then hot winds blew until the middle of August. The butter and eggs brought in $102 that year, which was one of the times he had to borrow money.
That fall, when a carload of clothing was sent in from the east to help the destitute people, Martin brought home a huge, bustle type black dress. Maria ripped it up and made several dresses for her girls. As times got better, Martin built a frame house and bought more land, planted trees and built fences. Five more children were born in the frame house.
Martin Miksch loved his horses and appreciated their faithful service. His first team was named Dick and Rock, and when old Dick died at the age of 24, Mr Miksch wept. When he died in 1955 he left one hundred direct descendants. His daughter Margaret married Stencil Hytrek and Therese married John Hytrek. Rose married William Hoffman of Stuart. Henry married Beulah Custer and lives in Atkinson. Joseph and Andrew are dead and Cecilia lives in Tekamah.”

Nick Hytrek

Nick Hytrek joined The Journal staff in October of 1998. Formerly a copy editor for the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal, Hytrek serves as The Journal's courts and county government reporter. Hytrek is a native of Stuart, Neb., and received his bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1994. He was editor of the Plainville (Kan) Times for one year, reporter for the Fremont (Neb.) Tribune for 2 1/2 years and served 2 1/2 years at the Lincoln Journal Star. His wife, Erin, is a physical therapist employed by St. Luke's. They have two children: Nikoel and Derek.

Page 246, 247, 248 Stuart Centennial Book-
Political conflict and the lure of free lands brought the Polish speaking Hytrek brothers from Obervitz, Germany to America.
For centuries, Poland had been a pawn, shuffled back and forth between Russia and Germany. At the time, the portion where the Hytreks lived was a part of Germany, even though the greater portion of Poland was under Russian rule. The Germans were in conflict with the French and the Polish young men were drafted to fight the French.
Even though the Hytreks remembered some good times in the German army, Gregor told of entertaining the troops with his accordion and Frederick related the story of a gay potato fight with some French girls who were digging potatoes. The constant conflict discouraged the young men.
Why not go to the Big New World where there was plenty of room for everyone?
Frederick Hytrek came to Missouri in the 1870’s. There he married Marianna Maron on Oct 17,1876. In about 1880, they came to Platte Co, Nebr, where they were joined by Frederick’s brother, Stanislaus. Talk of free land brought them to Holt County in about 1883. A third brother, Gregor ( a twin to Stanislaus), his wife, Johanna Hoffman Sapok Hytrek, and children came in 1886.
Joseph and Mary Dlugosh and children came on the same ship with the Gregor Hytreks. Mrs Dlugosh was so seasick that she couldn’t eat and so had no milk for her baby, Little Joe. Johanna Hytrek nursed Joe along with her own baby, Stella.
The three Hytrek brothers all settled in the same community about ten miles southwest of Stuart. At that time they found the prairie strewn with the bleached bones of hundreds of buffalo. A few years before, the London Company had come down from Canada and had killed the buffalo for their hides. The meat was left lying on the prairie to rot. Sometimes when local pioneers found the carcasses soon enough, they salvaged hams and smoked them for food.
Frederick and Marianna Hytrek had ten children:
Rosie- Sept 4,1877;
John Nov 25,1879
Francis, and Joseph- twins March 7,1882
Stanislaus Nov 1887
George Oct 15,1891
Agnes Jan 12,1894
Clara Aug 8,1896
The last six children were born in Holt Co. Agnes, now Mrs F P Murphy, lived in Stuart until her death on Oct 2,1975.
Gregor and Johanna Hytrek had seven children;
Romanic 1878
Paul 1884
Stella 1885
Stencil Nov 13,1887
John Jan 26,1889
Mary April 10,1891
Anna July 24,1892
Johanna’s children were delivered by Marianna Hytrek, who was the neighborhood midwife. John, Stencil, and Anna (Mrs V J Krysl) lived in Holt Co all their lives.
Stanislaus never married. After farming for ten years, he moved to Newport, where he ran a general store. Around the turn of the century, he sold out and moved to Lindsay, Nebr.
Gregor was a kindly man. His children loved to sit on his lap and stroke his long, curly beard. It was like a security blanket and they cried when he trimmed it.
The Blizzard of 1888 brought a crushing blow to the Gregor Hytrek family. It claimed the life of their oldest child.
Romanic, then nine, was sent to return a borrowed butchering knife and pick up some grocery items at the Frank Frost home located about three miles east of them. Midway, he was caught by the sudden icy blast that roared across the prairie, turning the sunny day into one frigid fury.
When the storm struck, Gregor put on warm clothes tied a piece of a sheet around his face and attempted to go after the boy. However, every time he got out of the leeway of the building, the storm grabbed him and carried him south. Each time he managed to struggle back to the building. Thinking that the icy blasts of wind were surely an initial part of the storm and that they would eventually abate, he kept trying. However, he finally realized that there was no possible way to find the boy. He hammered on the door and when Johanna opened it, he collapsed on the floor.
The little dog that accompanied Romanic came to the Henry Krobot home and scratched on the door. When they let him in, he was encased in snow. They thawed him out and fed him some of the warm chicken broth that was simmering on the stove.
It was a day and night of horror inside the Gregor Hytrek home. The days and nights that followed were no better. Repeated searches were fruitless. The howling coyotes brought terrifying visions to the minds of the grieving parents. Johanna’s two month old baby, Stencil, cried constantly and the distracted mother finally realized that she had lost her milk supply. He was put on cow’s milk.
About two and half months later, John Slaymaker and Jake Ripp were going to a dance on the Castle place. While crossing the prairie they found the boy’s coat. Perhaps he had unbuttoned it to tuck his little dog inside or else to raise it up to protect his face. Anyway, the wind must have torn it from hime.
Louis Radcliff (grandfather to the present Louis Radcliff) organized another search party and found the boy’s body about a half mile southeast of the Henry Krobot place. The boy had been carried about a mile and half by the storm before he died.
Gregor Hytrek’s house had one downstairs room and a sort of loft above. Whenever they made bologna or summer sausage, they hung it in the loft. The boys also slept up there. There were two beds in the room downstairs. The three girls slept in one and the parents in the other.
In summer, they slept on hay mattresses. On Saturdays, the mattresses were carried outside and placed on a hay rack for airing. Occasionally, the hay was emptied from the ticks and replaced with fresh hay. In the winter, they slept on feather beds and used feather quilts for covers.
During the summer months, the main dish on the Sunday menu was creamed pigeon. On Sat afternoons, it was Anna and Mary’s job to go through many rows of pigeon house, select fifteen of the largest squabs and dress them.
To prepare them, Johanna coated them with lard, roasted them, poured cream over them and let it bake down into a gravy. It was a delicious dish.
On Sundays when the weather permitted, the Hytreks drove to Church in Atkinson. There was, as yet, no church in Stuart. Father Clement is the first priest Anna remembers.
Farm produce was taken to town on Sun also. Mostly, it consisted of butter and eggs.
Once, when the Elkhorn River was flooded, Gregor Hytrek, Frank Frost, Martin Miksch, and Ignatius Hamik decided to pool their ingenuity to get their pigs to market. First, they drove the pigs to the river. Then after tying the wagon boxes to running gears so that the boxes wouldn’t float away, they took some of the wagons across. They stretched two parallel ropes across the river, securing the ends on either side. They floated planks between the two ropes, tying them to the side ropes with more rope. The result was a partially suspended, partially floating bridge. It took a great deal of persuasion, but finally the pigs were driven across the unsteady bridge.
The Hytreks mostly burned cow chips and twisted hay. After they grew some corn, there were corn cobs too. The cobs had to be picked up from the muddy pig pens and piled outside the fence to dry. It was dirty job that the children hated even worse than picking cow chips.
Anna started to school when she was five. There were 40 pupils in District 205 then, and the hot fall day and the crowded school room combined to give Anna a headache. Her sister had to walk her the 3 and ½ miles home. Anna’s first teacher was Mattie Radcliff. Other early teachers were Gertrude Ripp, Abbie Murphy, Kate McShane, Alice McGrane, and Alice Higgins.
Attendance at school was erratic. Older boys went only a few weeks each term. Anna and Mary Hytrek were both kept out of school a whole year. Their father, Gregor, had passed away when Anna was 12, Paul was sick that particular winter, and John and Stencil were working on a baling crew. The girls had to pick the corn, feed the cattle and do all the other farm chores that year.
As small girls, Anna and Mary were once making a toy wheel barrow. They had trouble finding anything to use for handles. Coming upon Gregor’s walking plow parked behind the barn, they sawed the handles off. Gregor had a sizable repair job before he could use his plow.
` Anna and Mary, like other children, spent a lot of time herding cattle. Each of them had a cow broke to ride so when they came to a stream, they could mount their cows and ride across. Once, Anna failed to get on her cow and was left standing on the far bank. She was a little miffed to see Mary riding grandly across the stream, so she sent the dog after Mary’s cow. The cow leaped and bucked and Mary fell off in the stream.
Sometimes people got together at one place or another for a Sun afternoon party. The ususal menu was bologna and kolaches. The Hytreks gave such a party in honor of one of Gregor’s birthdays. Anna, being the youngest, was allowed to carry his gift to him. It was an accordion to replace the one he had left in Europe.
The Hytreks were a musical family; Paul and Anna soon learned to play their father’s accordion. Paul pined for a violin. Once he attempted to make one using a cigar box, wires pulled from a window screen and hair from a horse’s tail. It made noise, but of course, wouldn’t tune. Finally, his parents got a violin for him; he and Anna soon learned to play it. Later, they got a Cornish Organ for Anna.
On the whole, Paul and John tended to the farming. Stencil was the family hunter. As a boy, Stencil was a good marksman with a sling shot or bow arrow, both of which he made himself. The arrows were fashioned from slender sticks with wires for points.
Like most other pioneers, the Hytreks were hard working. In spite of hardships, they kept smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts.
Written by Marie Krysl
Also included a picture—Wedding picture of Stencil Hytrek and Mary Miksch. Standing, Theresa Miksch and John Hytrek.

Stanislaus “Stencil” Hytrek, second son of Gregor Hytrek, was born on the farmily farm southwest of Stuart in 1889. He attended country school through fourth grade and spent his teenage years working at home and in the Green Valley neighborhood. On May 9,1922, he married Mary Miksch, dau of Martin Miksch, a neighbor. Due to ill health of Mrs Gregor Hytrek, Stencil’s mother, the young couple moved into town. Stencil, in partnership with Joe Gans, opened a repair shop in the back of Gill’s garage which was located east of Main Street. Stencil’s mother stayed with them until she passed away.
About four years later in 1915, The partnership was dissolved and Stencil built his own blacksmith shop and his home on adjoining lots northwest of the Catholic Church. Though he had little schooling, Stencil was skilled at improving machinery; one of his more well known improvements was the slide hay stacker. To some extent, modified versions of it are still being used in the Stuart area.
Stencil and Mary had seven children;
Frank Sr
M Theophane,
Mary passed away in 1930 at the age of 39. Stencil passed away in 1948. The youngest member of the family, Lily, now Mrs Richard Shearer, still lives in the Stuart community.

James Rolland Hytrek is the eighth child of ten children born to John Paul Hytrek and Thersa Ludwig Miksch. Jim was born on his father’s farm on Jan 31,1933. His grandfather, Gregor Hytrek, had homesteaded on land south of Stuart. His other grandfather, Martin Miksch, had also homesteaded on land south of Stuart.
Jim married Marilyn A Varilek from Madison Co,Nebr. On July 26,1952. She is the dau of Minor K Varilek and Maurie R Crago, former SD residents now living in Niobrara, Nebr. Marilyn has three younger brothers, Les of Niobrara, Rodney of Wayne, Nebr. And Randy of Allentown, Penn
Jim and Marilyn have 5 children;
Gary, who married Sherry Helenbolt of Stuart on Dec 9,1977
Susan, who married Daniel G Brown of Atkinson on May 21,1982
Both Jim and Marilyn are graduates of Stuart High School. Their children have all attended the Stuart schools. St Boniface and Stuart Public. They belong to St Boniface Catholic Church and are involved in church and community activities.

Gria Hytrek married Mary Marrs’n
1. Rosalia Hytrek married Joseph Roschka

Feb 20,1970 Atkinson Graphic GEORGE HYTREK, 78 DIED ABILENE, KANSAS FEB 16
Funeral services at St Boniface Catholic Church in Stuart on Friday February 20. Rev A J Paschang officiated.
George was the son of Frederick and Mary Hytrek, born at Stuart on October 15,1892. He was a farmer, rancher nine miles south of Stuart, He never married. For the last twelve years he made his home with his sister, Mrs Mike Stroda of Abilene, Kansas.
George was survived by a brother, John of Stuart, three sisters, Mrs Mike (Clara) Stroda of Abilene, Kansas; Mrs Pat (Agnes) Murphy of Stuart; Mrs Frances Vobt of Omaha.

(January 20, 1918 - May 7, 2004)
The Lusk Herald May 2004 Henry J. (Hank) Hytrek

Henry J. Hytrek, 86, died Friday, May 7, at Memorial Hospital of Converse County in Douglas. He was a 55 year resident of Lusk.

Mr. Hytrek was born January 20, 1918 at the family home near Glendo, one of 16 children born to Victoria and Paul Hytrek. He married Ruth Hughes, a resident of the Flattop area on December 14, 1942. The couple had four children: Olga (Hytrek) Haley of Portland, Ore., Dan Hytrek of Eugene, Ore., Dale Hytrek of Lusk and Deborah (Hytrek) Meng of Lusk.

He served in World War II, including time in Belgium and France. He returned to Arizona where he and his family resided until the end of the war. He then returned to Wyoming and moved to Lusk in the early 1950s. He worked for the Western Repair Shop and Pfister Farms for many years. Up until the age of 85, he still managed to work on his son Dale's ranch and helped son-in-law Jim Meng at the Meng Ranch. Mr. Hytrek was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Veterans of Foreign Wars and enjoyed fishing, gardening, league bowling and walking for good health.

His wife, Ruth, preceded him in death in 1985. He is survived by all four children and nine grandchildren: Terra Spencer and Michael Spencer of Portland, Ore.; Kresta (Meng) Leimser of Hutchinson, Kans.; Kara (Meng) Stout of Alliance, Neb.; Ryan Meng of Lusk; Tomi (Hytrek) Garretson of Casper; Toby Hytrek of Laramie; Brett Hytrek of Laramie; and Ali Hytrek of Eugene, Ore. He is also survived by six brothers and sisters and numerous nieces and nephews.

A funeral service was held at 1:30 p.m. on May 11, at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Lusk with burial in the Lusk Cemetery. Memorials may be made to St. Paul's Lutheran Church or to the Cozy Corner. Cicmanec-Pier Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

Casper Tribune---Henry J. Hytrek

LUSK - Funeral services for Henry J. Hytrek, 86, will be held at 1:30 p.m., May 11, 2004, at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Lusk with burial following in the Lusk Cemetery.

He died May 7, 2004, at Memorial Hospital of Converse County in Douglas. He was a 55 year resident of Lusk.
Born January 20, 1918, at the family home near Glendo, he was one of 16 children born to Victoria and Paul Hytrek.
On December 14, 1942, he married Ruth Hughes, a resident of the Flattop area.
He served in World War II, including time in Belgium and France. He returned to Arizona where he and his family resided until the end of the war. He then returned to Wyoming and moved to Lusk in the early 1950s. He worked for the Western Repair Shop and Pfister Farms for many years. Up until the age of 84, he still managed to work on his son Dale's ranch and helped his son-in-law at the Meng Ranch.
He was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and enjoyed fishing, gardening, league bowling, and walking for good health.
Survivors include his four children, Olga Haley of Portland, Ore., Dan Hytrek of Eugene, Ore., Dale Hytrek of Lusk, and Deborah Meng of Lusk; nine grandchildren; six brothers and sisters; and numerous nieces and nephews.
He was preceded in death by his wife in 1985.
Memorials may be made to St. Paul's Lutheran Church or to the Cozy Corner. Cicmanec-Pier Funeral Homes is in charge of arrangements.

John Hytrek and Theresa Miksch Hytrek
John born 9 miles southwest of Stuart, Nebr in 1889. His father, Gregor, died in 1907 in Omaha of gallstone infection.
He had brothers, Stencil W, 2 years older, Paul, the oldest, and sister, Anna, the youngest.
Therse was born 12 miles southwest of Stuart in 1895 to Martin and Marie Miksch. She had eight brothers and Sisters, Mary did the housework after the mother died.
John and Therse were married on May 5,1915 at St Boniface Catholic Church in Stuart.
Their children were, Ludwina born Sept 19,1917; Marie born Aug 5,1919; Paulien born Dec 22,1921; Andy bornJan 14,1924; Rita born Jan 22,1926; James born Jan 31,1933; Fred born Aug 14,1930; Richard born Aug 8,1934; “Jack” Anthony John born Dec 7,1936; Bill born Juen 26,1928
Martin Miksch died Oct 13,1955
John Hytrek died Dec 23,1917.

Dec 30,1971 Atkinson Graphic JOHN HYTREK 82
John Hytrek, 82, life long resident of Stuart community died Thursday at Atkinson Memorial Hospital. Funeral services were Monday morning Dec 27 at Stuart Boniface Catholic Church at Stuart. Rev A J Paschang officiated and Rev William B? read scripture. Burial was in Stuart Boniface Cem.
John Paul Hytrek, the son of Gregory and Johanna Hytrek was born Jan 26,1889 on the old Hytrek homestead 11 miles southwest of Stuart. He married Theresa Miksch at St Boniface Catholic Church on May 5,1915. Six sons and four daughters were born to them. They lived on their farm until semiretirement in 1957.
John was preceded in death by his parents, brothers, Stencil and Paul, grandson, Andrew Hytrek Jr.
John was survived by his wife, Theresa; daughters, Mrs Homer (Ludwina) King of Eugene, Oregon; Mrs Kenneth (Marie) McGowan of Chicago, Illinois; Mrs Gale (Pauline) King of Elk Point, SD; Mrs Rita McWhorter of Wilmington, Delaware. Sons, Andrew of Stuart; Bill of Portland,Oregon; Fred of Wilmington, Delaware; Jim of Stuart; Dick of Omaha; Jack of Greeley, Colorado; 41 grandchildren; 9 great grandchildren; sisters, Anna Krysl of Stuart; Mrs Frank (Stella) Dlugoth of Thermopolis, Wyoming; Mrs Bill (Mary) Stroda of Abilene, Kansas.

Ignatius Stan Hytrek of Whitefield Estates, Sarasota, Florida died Oct 17,1988.
He was born Feb 1,1912 in Stuart, Nebr to Stencil and Mary Hytrek. He owned the Hytrek Tile Company in Sarasota, Florida and was a scoutmaster.
He married Mary, and they had two sons, Daniel and John
He had brother, Frank and sisters, Agnes, Johanna Coker of Salt Lake City, Utah; Loretta Fawcet of Denver,Colorado; Sister Theophone of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Lily Shearer of Stuart, Nebr.

Richard Dean Hytrek
Died Nov 1,2004 buried Nov 5,2004 at St Boniface, Cem, Stuart,Nebr.
Born Aug 8,1934 in Stuart,Nebr to John and Thersa Miksch Hytrek.
Had children; Steven and wife Kristie, Kevin and wife Jackie, Brian and wife Angela, Brenda and husband Craig Wawers of Tampa, Flor.
Brothers- Andy and wife Nita of Stuart, Bill and wife Alice of Portland,Oreg, Fred and wife Gaynor of Wilmington, Del; Jim and wife Marilyn of Stuart, Jack and wife Gayle of Fond du Lac,Wis;
Sisters, Lud and husband Homer King of Eugene,Oregon; Marie McGowan of Chicago,Ill; Rita McWhorter of Wilmington, Del, Pauline King
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