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Surnames and Articles that appear in The Columbus County Heritage Book

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Surnames and Articles that appear in The Columbus County Heritage Book

Posted: 12 Feb 2004 4:59PM GMT
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Edited: 17 Aug 2004 12:04AM GMT
Below is a list of the articles submitted so far for the upcoming Columbus County Heritage Book. If your roots are in Columbus County the chances that your family is represented are excellent! For details to submit an article or purchase a book go to:

1880 Letter to Dick Fipps
Andrews, George W.
Angel? Superstitions?
Ballantine, Katie C
Batten, Hx Earl & Sallie Stocks
Benton, Isaac & Mary
Benton, William Jackson
Best, Thomas Roland
Blackman, James Jr.
Blackwell, Lewis
Blake, Fam of Joseph F. M.D.
Blake, Francis History
Blake, Frank
Bordeaux, Ida Belle
Bordeaux, Steadman C.
Bowen, Willard Brown
Branch, John Wright
Branch, Obiturary R.M.
Branch, Spec 4 Herbert Leslie
Branch, Williams Gen I
Branch, Williams Gen II
Britt, Alexander Smith
Brown, Charlie Edward
Brown, William Wyatt
Browne/Brown Family
Buffkin, Albert Franklin
Buffkin, Albert Winget
Buffkin, Benjamin Clarence
Buffkin, Enzor Family
Bullard Willis & Clarissa G.
Bullard, Ambrose
Bullard, Harley Lamont
Bullard, Jesse Franklin Sr.
Bullard, Sgt Joseph Edward
Burney, David Addison
Burney, William Council
Butler, Albert Franklin
Carter, Rev John J.
Church, First Baptist Whiteville
Church, Whiteville Senventh day
Coleman, Winefred Viola
Columbus Co. Poorhouse
Columbus Co. Veterans 1904
Council, Colonel James
Crate Factory Hill
Crawford, Martin Luther
Crawfords Sugar Cane Mill
Davis, Clyde Starling Family
Dew of Columbus County
Duncan, Moses Albert
Dyson, James Guy
Edmund, Calvin
Ellis, Kin & Sallie Robinson ellis
Ethemore C. Branch
Evergreen Baptist Church
Fair Bluff History
Farm, Luke Yates
Ferguson, thomas & Mildred B
Fipps, Country Boys
Fipps, Country Boys 2
Fipps, Desc Thomas
Floyd, Family Heritage
Floyds Migrate to Columbus Co
FormyDuval, Coval
Fowler, Cummie
Fowler, Harmon & Lydia Harper
Fowler, John Cox
Fowler, Rosada "Rosa"
Fowler, Sampson
Frazier, Murdock
Fuller Memorial Presbyterian Church
Garrell, Hosea Addison Garrell
Glare Connection
Gore, Joshua
Griffin, Christopher Columbus
Grists Station
Hallsboro Baptist Church
Happy Hill Schoolhouse
Harrelson, Clyde Frances
Harrelson, Dorothy Mae
Harrleson, Solomon & Elizabeth
Harwood, Cleatus L Family
Hayes, S.C. Family of NC & SC
Herring, Vester
Herring, William Charles
Hinson, Arrington
Hinson, Brenda
Hinson, Joshua
Hooks, Jim & Mary
Inman, Alford Oliver
Inman, Arthur Jackson
Inman, Clarence Benjamin Jr.
Inman, Clarence Benjamin, Sr.
Inman, Joseph Oliver
Inman, Peggy Ann
Inman, Thomas Patrick
Jenrette, Elias
Jesse Hinson
Lawson, David & Laverta Belle S
Lennon, Charles Lloyd
Lennon, John
Lennons Crossroads Church
Life on Honey Hill Farm
Living World Church
Long, Micajah Jr.
Lynn, Bernice Elnita
Lynn, Elizabeth Bowen
Lynn, James Carl, Sr.
Lynn, James Wiley "Jim"
Lynn, Lillian Amelia
Lynn, Louise
Lynn, Nettie Elnita
Man, The Collard
Marlow, Albert Bland
Marlow, Jesse Melvin
Marlow, Queen Davis
Marlow, Queen Elizabeth
Marlow, Rosa Ethel
Marlow, William Henry
Mayes Family of Evergreen
McCloskey, James
McLam of New Hope
McPherson Fam of CC
McPherson, Coleman
McPherson, Edward L
Memorial For Billy Ray Fipps
Meshaw, Christopher Columbus
Milligan, Grover Family
Milligan, Henry O.
Milligan, Lou Floy
Mills, Elbert & Malcolm Lee
Mills, John
Murphy, Virginia Carolina George
Nance, Emory Lee
Nance, Fred Elmore
Nance, Stephen Wynn & L. Lynn
NC Forestry Museum
Neal Hinson, Sr.
New Hope Community
Nye, Benjamin
Orr, Ethel Idelia Stanley
Parker, Isaac Carr
Parker, James Roy Dr.
Parker, Thomas Franklin
Penny, Berry
Pierce, Alvah Willis
Pine Level Church
Porter, Florence Effie
Porter, Ollie Family
Powell, Alexander Franklin
Powell, Della Jane
Powell, Isaac Henry
Powell,Leah Lawson
Powelll, James Lee
Pridgen Madison R. & Strange A
Pridgen, Ernest Dixon
Pridgen, Ethelred "Dred"
Pridgen, Swift Ernest
Rabon, Addie Jane was a Midwife
Ray, David James
Ray, Isaac Melton
Reynolds, Dempsey Sr. & Jr.
Reynolds, Floyd & Elizabeth S
Rogers, Orilla Watts Family
Sasser, Matthew & Sarah Ward
Scott, A.Q.
Sellers, Courting on a Bicycle
Sellers, William Albert & Narcissa
Seven Creeks Baptist Church
Shelly, Willaim Henry
Shipman, William
Smith, Ethel Jones
Smith, Henry Cannon
Smith, Henry Randolph
Smith, Henry Sylvester
Soles, Sarah Emma
Soles, William Henry
Southeastern Comm College
Stanley, Lewis Warrington
Stephens, Charity Pittman
Stephens, First Generation
Suggs, CC Suggs Family
Sweet Farm
Tatom Ala to Columbus Co
The Barefoot Family
The Flowers Family
The Old Home Place
The Oldest Man
Todd, Grover
Todd, Samuel Porter
Todd, Thelbert Thurman
Todd, William Edward
Tom Soles (Military)
Tyree, Winston Hartley
Uncle Coot & Aunt Lillie Ivey
Walker, Frank Leslie
Walker, John D.
Walker, Pearl Lee
Walker, Pearlie Mae
Ward, Ciero
Ward, Cromwell
Watkins, Mary Katherine
West Wville Missionary Bap Ch
Westminister Preb Church
Whiteville City Schools
Whiteville United Methodist Ch
Williams, Andrew Jackson
Williams, Casey Remembered
Williams, Jason Van
Williams, John Jr.
Williams, Moses & Linza
Williams, Moses & Susannah
Williamson, Allegood
Williamson, Allie Maude
Williamson, Bug Hill
Williamson, Charles H.
Williamson, Dennis
Williamson, Elender
Williamson, Elias
Williamson, Elizabeth Armenta
Williamson, Flowers Family
Williamson, Hybert
Williamson, Isham
Williamson, Iva Marie
Williamson, James Carr
Williamson, Joshua B.
Williamson, Laban
Williamson, Lewis
Williamson, Lewis & Mary
Williamson, Lewis Gen II
Williamson, Nathan Lewis
Williamson, Penelope Elizabeth
Williamson, Richard
Williamson, Richard Haywood
Williamson, Robert Bennett
Williamson, Susannah
Williamsons CR Bapt Church
Wilson, Leneau & Betty Family
Woodell, Our Family Rob & CC
Wray, Francis Marion "Frank"
Wright, Dr. Gene Thomas
Wright, Hancel
Wright, Paul Dubon
Wright, Isaac
Wright, Janet Carol "Jeanette"
Wright, John Bruton
Wright, Judy Ann
Wright, Julius D.
Wright, Kenneth Ray
Wright, Kinyon
Wright, Maloy
Wright, Paul Dubon
Wright, Maloy
Wright, Paul Mitchell
Wright, Shirley Ann
Wright, Tammy Lynn
Wright, William Kenyon
Yates, Farm
Yoder, Family Traditions
Yoder, Lois Burns Williamson
Yoder, Randy's WWII Letter
Yoder, Sgt Cecil Randolph Jr.

*** Submitted 14 & 15 ***

Blake, James Robert
Buffkin, Walter Dean
Carter, Cassada "Cass" Family
Columbus County ECA
Fipps, Mary Beatrice
Harris, Harry Lee Family
Hayes, Arlene Strickland
Kellihan, Postmaster of Cerro Gordo
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Stanley, Lewis W. Obituary
Stanley, Mr. L.W. Stanley Dead
The Old Jones Home of Chadbourn
Willoughby, John Paul & Lucy Kellihan
Wards & Millikens
White, More on Stephen White, Sr.
White, Edward & Anna Hinson White

***Nov 16, 2003
Wadells, Joshua & Jospeh Franklin
Yates, John & Luke
Wiggs-McCleney Family
Piney Forest Baptist Church
The Newsome of Columbus County
Charles Osbourne

****Nov 17, 2003****

Britt, Allie Irene Richardson
Brown, William II
Brown, Pvt Joseph
Bullock, Catherine James Lennon Ashley
Dickson, George P.
Fairfax, Jack & Addie
Fipps, Billy Ray
Gore, Asa Mariah "Dock" & Allie Vine Watts
Hawes,Family of Bug Hill Community
History of Evergreen Elementary School
Keaton, Willie "Buck"
Key, Gloria Louise Jenkins
Millican, Chrisenberry
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Rhodes, Grace Millican
Powell, Robert Henry
Santa Clausing 1600-1955
Sellers, John Wesley
Smyrna Church
Spivey, Caleb Sr.
Tobacco is King
Waccamaw Seventh-day Adventist Church
Ward, William Calvin
Williamson, Darcus Ann
Wilson, George Prosise SF3c US Navy WWII
Wilson, Sgt John Barry WW I US Army
Woodell, Pertie Tate
Norris, Carlston Rudolph CPL

***Nov 18, 2003***
Andrews, Phillip B. & Martha Brown
Bullard, Pvt Allen Angelo, Jr.
High, A. Herbert Family
McLaughlin, Howard A.
McLaughlin, Marvin E.
Turbeville, Joel Franklin "Frankie"
Turbeville, Penny ruth McLaughlin

***Nov 19, 2003***
Gore Family History
Pleasant Plains Baptist Church

***Nov 20, 2003"
The Maultsby Family of Columbus County
Van Valentine Richardson
Irvin B. Tucker, Sr.

***Nov 21***
Bullard, Angelo, Sr.
Currie, Bladen & Columbus County Family
Davis, Corneilus & Tabitha
Porter, The Bardner Family
Watts, Loula Porter

***Nov 22***
Williamson, Albert Genavie "The Orphans".
Stephens, Marion

***Nov 23***
Collier, Thomas Franklin Collier, Sr. Family Desc of Rev Haynes Lennon.
Elkins, Samuel Family

***Nov 24***
Buffkin, Claudius Giles
Hog Killing Time
Howe, Major General Robert
Wright, Simpson Family

***Nov 25***
Harrelson, Arthur Claudis

***Dec 2, 2003***
Fipps, Franklin H. Lassiter Sr.
Fipps, Waterman (Military)
Garrell, Ervin
Garrell, Ervin (Military)
Gilliam, Maurice Holt(Military)
Gore, Samuel Cicero
Gore, Aaron Morgan (Military)
Gore, Gregory Gerald (Military)
New Hope Baptist Church
Phipps, Josie Belle
Phipps, Josie Belle II
Phipps, Josie Belle III
Phipps, Josie Belle IV
Toon, Brigadier General Thomas Fentress CSA
White, Edward

***Dec 3***
Cerro Gordo Baptist Church
Columbus County Dept of Aging
Hammond, James Palmer Hammond Family
Nance, Family the Wynn
Willoughby, Ivan Shane

***Dec 5 ***
Suggs, William P
Williamson, Nathan Quincy
Williamson, Hezekiah Dwight
Williamson, Emma Jean

***Dec 8 ***
Lynn, Wiley "Wally" Thurman (Military)

***Dec 10***
McPherson, Tammy Sue Watson
Ford, Jamie Harriette Norris
Vance, Karen Suzette
Sykes, Sheila Fowler
Evans, Timothy Clarence
Worley, Alfred James "AJ"
Cartrette, Lizzie
Faulk, Carson Noie
Fowler, John
Church,Gores Chapel Missionary Baptist
Church,Beaverdam Baptist
Dorman, John Arnold
Grice, Eddie Roscoe
Powell, Mary Watts Family
Porter, George
Porter, Roosevelt
Watts, Charles Pink
Porter, Balzura "Missouri" Wright
Church, White Marsh Baptist
Hill, Jennifer Anne

***December 12, 2003***
*Tabor City Senior Citizen Center
Averitt, Vernon
Bow, Mary Louise
Stanley, Roy
Hughes, Ruby Jane Stanley
Johnson, Goldie Mae
Riggins, Daisey
Brown, Maebell Butler (may be duplicate)
Huffaker, Nova "My Life"
Prince, Doc & Martha "Once Apon a House"
Mills, Alma Harrelson
Watson, Ida Harrelson

*Whiteville Senior Citizen Center
Jenkins, Cain Hunter
Vann, Jennie Mae
Stevens, Myrtle Ward
Blake, Lucille "My First Date With Lee"
Worely, Leo & Lizzie Mae" Early Days Down
On the Farm"
Jackson, Vera
Phillips, Ruth Inman
Oliver, Hattie Leach Jackson
Connor, Thelma
Nance, Stella
Best, Essie P.
Baldwin, El Vira Wooten
Etheridge, Nettie Mae

*Fair Bluff Senior Citizen Center
Strickland, Frankie Worley
Graham, Jasper
Townsend, Ida Margaret "Let's Meet Ida"
Townsend, Gladys Gordon
Hickman, Clara McQueen
Graham, Maggie

*Bolton Senior Center
History of Bolton

*Reiglewood Senior Center
Saunders, Bertha Lee "A Memorable Year"
Jacobs, Leta S.
Shaw, George
Little, Agnes

* Evergreen Senior Center
Pittman, Anzalene Powell
McMillan, Pearlie Mae
Pierce, Bernice Cook

*Bug Hill Senior Center
Buck, Thelma
Faulk, Evelyn
Reaves, Claude Pickney
Long, Jeanette Gore
Hughes, Madison
Ezzell, Thelma Hughes
Reaves, Willie Gore
Evans, Randall
Ward, Cleo Gore
Gore, Parcie
Gore, Carolyn G.
Evans, William Futreal
Ward, Ruth
Gore, Mary Verna Gore
Ray, Louise
Stocks, Agnes
Unless otherwise catagoried, the article is about the author.
This is a wonderful contribution and delightful stories written by the Seniors of Columbus County! A total of 54 submissions from the Senior Citizen Centers in Columbus County.

***December 18, 2003***
Martin, Abii Harrelson
Martin,Claire Elizabeth
Williamson, Wright
Church, Lennon Cross Roads Baptist

***Dec 19, 2003***
Columbus Men: War Between The States
Early Columbus County History

***Dec 20, 2003***
Williamson, Alonzo L. (Military)
Williamson, Earl (Military)

***Dec 22, 2003***
Fipps, Felix Kenyon, Sr. Family
Williamson, John Owen (Military)
Shuford Institute of Barbering
Bowen, Willard Brown (Military)
Pattyson, Michael Ross (Military)

***Dec 26, 2003***
White, Adoniram Judson

***Jan 1, 2004***
Howell/Coleman Families
Rozier/Coleman Familes

***Jan 3, 2004***
Summersett, John NC>AL>NC
Enzor, Josiah Nash NC>AL

***Jan 6, 2004***
Sugar Berry School
Walker, John D.Sr.
Lennon, Rev Dennis Jr.
Lennon, Dennis Sr. Gen 2(John Sr.1)
Lennon, Elder Haynes
Lennon, George Washington Gen 3
Lennon, John Sr. Gen 1

***Jan 7, 2004***
Lynn, Thurman Linwood (Military)
Tobacco Time in Tabor City (Topic)
Wright, The Sisters

***Jan 8, 2004***
Cox, Dr. Grover Steadman & Annie Elizabeth Carmichael
Cox, Rev John Needham & Elizabeth C. Marlow Family

***Jan 10, 2004***
Dixon, James Hinson
Evergreen Post Office
Evergreen, Town
Williams, Andrew Jackson
Bartley, Henry David
Turbeville, Family
Williamson, Davis E WWII
Todd, Frank Johnson WWII

***January 13, 2004***
Boardmam Post Office
Stocks, Ervin Wade US Navy
A Soldier Called "Doctor" Surname Long
Spivey, Stanley Ceymore Family

***Jan 14, 2004***
Stanley, Bessie Wright Booth
Stephens, H. Clifton & Orene Booth
Wright, Lucian
Summersett, Seymour
Green, John

***Jan 15, 2004***
Sellers, George Clayton
Stephens, Marion

***Jan 16, 2004***
Smoak, Family in Columbus County
Fields, Horace Greely Sr.
Fields, Albert Strange
Fields, James Kinnon
Williamson, John Devon WWI
Williamson, Clinton Ezra WWII
Williamson, Emery Lorenza WWII
Bullock, Michael R. Pfc Civil War
Hardin, Milton Ray Viet Nam
Bullock, Marilyn Ward Ancestors
Sealey, Family of Fair Bluff
Williamson, Wildrof Devon WWII Veteran
Williamson, Memories of Grandpa Lott

***Jan 21, 2004***
Spivey, Dillon Family
Braswell School
Braswell Community
Corinth Baptist Church
Wells, Joel Stephen Jr. Family
Powers, Javie A & mary Hulon
Black, w. Crowell
Cox, John Needham Family
Wright, Rufus Family
Porter, Hezikiah Family
Simmons, John Family
Recollections by RC Fowler

***Jan 24, 2004***
Hughes, Edward Fendle
Church, Missionary Alliance of Whiteville
Stocks, Clarence Oliver Family
Stocks, The Family
Powers, The Robert Family
Lennon, John Cole
Lennon, Lott Brown
Stephens, Capt Caleb Green
Kermon, Mittie Florence Barefoot Carroll
Williamson, Lewis, Jr.

***Jan 28, 2004***
King, Lydia Fosque & Duncan
Williamson, Decs of Alonzo & Candance
Stanaland, John Collier Family
Nance, David Rufus & Annie Townsend
Marlow, Abraham
Butler, John
Suggs, Family of Columbus County
Gore, Ancestors Descendants of J.J. Coval
Wright, Williams Kenion
Inman, Duval
Powers, Robert Family
McPherson, Hersel & Doris
Penny, Family of Columbus County
292 Book Orders!

***Jan 30, 2004***
Atkinson, Nellie Scipio
Barefoot, RR Preston Mills
Barefoot, Preston Brooks
Barefoot, Preston Mills
Coleman, Elder Boston & Loubertie Soles
Smith, Felix Merwin
Williamson, Council Holmes Family
Hickman, Family The
Hester, Hayes Family of Boardman
Waddells-Joshua-Joseph Franklin
Powell, Richard Quickman
Porter, Andrew Jackson
Church, Fair Bluff Methodist
Battens, of Columbus County
McGirt, Ed Lane & Claire Jane Brooks
Brooks, William Donnelly & Elizabeth Jane Edwards
McGirt, William James
Howell, William George & Cordelia M. Brown
Edwards, Robert James & Odee Edwards
McGirt, Duncan Enoch Family
Turbeville, Asa "Acey" E.G.
Brooks, William Donnelly "Bill"
Beck, James Edward & Bernice Simmons
Simmons, Robert
Beck, "Aunt Della"
Simmons, Jesse
Brooks, Two Tax Collectors
With todays submissions =537 submissions
300 book Sales
Got my electricity back on Friday at noon!!

***Jan 31, 2004***
Church, Western Prong Baptist
Fowler, John
Wright, Olive Battle
Tabor City History
Wright, Stephen
Wright, Family War Between The States
Memory, The Legacy Begins
Memory, Legacy II
Memory, Legacy III
Memory, Legacy IV
Memory, Simms Memory Weds Memory Simms
Pierce, James Richard
Turbeville, Harold Ray (Military)
Memory, Colonel Thomas S.
VFW, Post 8073
Edge, Pinkney Family
Edge, Pink Jr.
Melvin, FAmily of Lewis & Janie Ashley
Blake, Joseph F. Jr.
Price, Herbert Warren & Clara Elizabeth
As of today we have 557 articles & 320 book sales.

***Feb 1, 2004***
Walker, The Family
The Last Hanging
Cribbs-Marlow 1903 Murder Trial
Brown, Robert Lee Family
Columbus County Timelines: 1896-1945
Marlow, Elwood Dies In Fall
Fipps, John Richard "Dick" Civil War
Marlow, Obituary Edward Barden

***February 2, 2004***
Church, Oakdale Baptist
Pridgen, John Charles
Wiggins, Lena May
Wiggins, Family of Jefferson Lindsay
& Missouri Pridgen
Nance, Emory Lee,Sr. WWI

***Feb 3, 2004***
Buffkin, Edgar Herbert
Nobles, Winn Chester Family
Buffkin, William "willie" Bryan WWI
Buffkin, Albert Franklin US Army WWI

***Feb 5, 2004***
Love At First Sight/Carter..Horne
Horne, Sisters Cecelia & Sarah
The Big Guitar
A&S Music Store
Ivey, Macon Family
Kissam, Benjamin Treadwell Family
Bullock, Malcolm"Mackie" Stanley Ancestors
Todd, Terry Russell Veteran US Army
Pope, John Family
Inman, Patricia "Patsey"/Palmer Inman Gen I
Inman, Vina Jewel "Jo"/Palmer Inman Gen 1
Inman, Della Mae/Palmer Inman Gen 1
Inman, Curwood Haynes/ Palmer Inman Gen I
Harrelson, Ralph & Bernice
Smith, Amborse 1770-1838
Shipman, James Matthew
Wyche Family
Maultsby, The Carver Family
Shaw, William Council
Shaw, Some Descendents of Walter Graham
Walker, John Darlington Family
Walker, John D. Jr.
Toon, Anthony Fentress
Powell, Robert Henry
Beck, Irene Harrelson
Wright, The Needham Family
Bridgen, The Sisters
The Agony of Victory: Columbus Co. History
Baldwin, Family
Powell, Capt Absalom & Mary Stevens
Powell, John & Elizabeth Lee
Bright, Namon A.
Watts, Dock Floyd
Waccamaw Siouan Tribe of Columbus County
Fowler, Bithel Manassah
Scott, Jimmie Family
Simmons, Dula Belle
Simmons, Joseph Willard
Williamson, Wright & Orgie Nance Family
Kissam, Lucian Perry & Frances Roberta
Williamson, Robert Lee 1941-1953
Martin, Charlie Grover "The Fruit Man"
Horne, William Tally "The Railroad Man"
Worley, Nicholas Family
Dillard, King
Inman, Family
Hammond, James Palmer WWI Veteran
Making Liver Pudding with Tiny Nance
Church, Boardman Pente
costal Holiness
Williamson, Joseph Nathan WWII

***Feb 6, 2004***
McPherson, Edward
McPherson, William Jasper "Pimp"
McPherson, W.J.

***Feb 7, 2004***
Bailey, William Elroy (Military)
Clark, George Brower 1880-1948 (Military)
Bailey, Frances Barringer (Military)
Harris, Claude Elwyn (Military)
Bailey, William Elroy (Fam article)
Clark, George Brower (Fam article)
Bailey, Wayne Elroy
Massenburg, Margie Bailey
Bailey, Elroy Byron II
Bailey, The Family From Iowa to Chadbourn
Harris, Everett Elwyn
Leeds, Carolyn Ann Harris
Bailey, Howard Clark
Green, The Caleb Family

***Feb 8, 2004***
Fipps, David Earl Jr USAF

***Feb 9, 2004***
Porter, Stedman
Bailey, Clare Russell(Military)
Bailey, Clare Russell (family)
Lasley, Myrtle Edna B.
Bailey, Elizabeth Edna Smith
Church, First Baptist of Lake Waccamaw
Spivey, The Owen Family
Wright, Macum "Jake" Family
Hardshells, The Primative Baptist
Shaw, Albert & Francis
650 articles & 366 book sales!

***Feb 11, 2004***

Sherb's Light
Williamson, Nathan Lewis (Military)
Williamson, Haynes Leonard (Military)
Williamson, James Colon (Military)
Williamson, Hezekiah Dwight (Military)
Williamson, Joshua Robert (Military)
Williamson, Joseph Wilbur (Military)
Williamson, Daniel S. (Military)
Williamson, Marmadion (Military)
Williamson, Obiadiah (Military)
Williamson, Return (Military)
Williamson, Shelton (Military)
Williamson, Alvin D. (Military)
Williamson, Richard Haywood (Military)
Williamson, Hosea W. (Military)
Williamson, Nathan Lewis Holmes (Military)
Williamson, Dallas Martin (Military)
Williamson, Willis Kendred (Military)
Coleman, Byron McQueen (Military)
Coleman, Isham Q. (Military)
Strickland, Samuel (Military)

671 Articles & 371 Book Orders
We need 129 book orders and we can go to publishing!!!!!!!!!
Only pre-orders are guaranteed a book and the price WILL increase after the March 15 deadline by at least $10. Order those book folks!! And mail your submissions in. March the 15 is the last deadline.

***Feb 12, 2004***
Cribb, The Family of Columbus County

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