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Posted: 2 Nov 1999 5:00AM GMT
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Edited: 15 Dec 2002 1:07PM GMT

I am very interested by your post, as I have recently found mounting and significant evidence that my 4x great grandfather Gottlieb SCHNEIDER, who married Margaret ABEL, was in fact Gottlieb KNABSCHNEIDER, married to a Margaret, in Plainfield Twp Northampton Co. This Gottlieb was father to a Charles K who married Barbara ACKERMAN, and settled in Lower Mt Bethel and Washington Twp (near Ackermanville). One of his sons, my great great grandfatherJacob A, was a farmer of Bangor; another son was William H, owner of a school slate factory just south of Bangor-- these families figured in that townÂ’s early history. Another son of Gottlieb was a Leonard, farmer of Forks. He and his wife Catherine WERKHEISER are buried at ArndtÂ’s Cemetery in Forks.

IÂ’ve done a little research on the Knapschneiders using LDS microfilms of the 28 North. Co churches transcribed by the WPA in 1943-45, and have put together a tentative decendant chart. I have reason to believe that the Johannes and Philobena KNAPSCHNEIDER with son Gottlieb b 1778, at the Germ Evangelical Lutheran of Easton is the same couple as the Johannes and Catharine who have other children baptized in the area, among the Johan George KNAPSCHNEIDER who married a Rosina, assoc with the Drylands church in Hecktown, Lwer Naz Twp. Here is the info IÂ’ve culled from the index--this is an inclusive list of all Knap/Knop/Knab/Knobschneiders from these volumes, though I should add NOT inclusive of the church registers available today in the Easton Area Public LibraryÂ’s Marx Room (many of which have not yet been filmed by LDS), which I was lucky enough to visit last June when I was in Easton to see my folks.

IÂ’m still working on this, looking at census etc and have seen evidence there as well (two Georges, an Andrew and John KNAPSCHNEIDER in 1820 census for Lower Mt Bethel who turn up as SCHNEIDERS in 1830 census for the same place), but for other reasons too many to go into here think that these are in fact the same family, making them of course that much more difficult to trace!

Email me privately if this family looks like yours--perhaps we can pool our info and find some patterns....

Stephanie (

Knapschneider/Schneider, in chronological order; Volumes refer to EAPL index of the churches transcribed available on LDS 1029737-38)

L12.In list of communicatns, 1766, #7 = Johannes Knappschneider
(Petersville Emanuel, 1029740)

L4. John Knapschneider and Catharine, Conrad b 8 Aug 1767 b 23 Aug
sp: Conrad Bachmann Catharine Magdalene (Petersville Emanuel 1029740)

L14. 1769 list of communicants, Johannes Knapschneider and wife Catharina
(Petersville Emanuel, 1029740)

G. Johannes Schneider and Catharine, Jacob n 9 Oct 1771 bp 10 Nov
Jacob Opp and wf 1029740 (Germ Evan Luth Easton)

G. Johannes Schneider Catharina Elisabetha Johann George b 16 Apr 1774 bp 24 July sp: Johannes Stecher and w Catharina, bap. Ref. Pastor Rev. Wack (Germ Evagel Luth Easton)

>>>G4. Johannes Knopschneider and Philabena, Gottlieb b 6 Mar 1778 bp 14 Jun
sp: Gottlib Hipp W. Cadarina (Germ Evan Luth 1029740)

R12. Philip Deemer and Anna Maria, Catharina b 16 Jun 1786 bp 15 Oct
sp: Johan George Knapschneider and Catharina Diemer (Salem Union, Moorestown, 1029741)

SK69. Peter Zinck and Anna Maria, Regina b 14 Dec 1786 bp 11 Feb 1787
sp: Peter Beichy Regina Knapschneider (Stone Church, Kreidersville 1029741)

R17. Casper Marsch and Barbara, Johannes b 7 July 12 Aug 1787
sp: Johannes Müller Siville Knalschneider (Sibylla) Salem Union Moorestown, 1029741)

W. Leonard Schweitzer and Elizabeth , Anna b 22 May 1791 bp 27 Nov
sp: George Kneppschneider Rosina (Dryland 1029741)

W66. John Geo. Knapschneider and Rosina, Isaac b 2 July 1792 bp 22 Aug
sp: Leonard Schweitzer Elizabeth (Drylands L/R 1029741)

W69. George Knapschneider and Rosina, John b 4 July 1793 bp 21 Sept
sp: John Schweitzer Catharine

W76. George Knapschneider and Rosina, Andrew b 19 Sept 1795 bp 6 Nov
sp: Andrew Schall Elizabeth (Drylands L/R 1029741)

W80. Abraham Vogel and Abigail, Anna b 27 Jan 1798 bp 17 Jun
sp: Andrew Vogel Cath. Knapschneider (Drylands L/R 1029741)

W80. George Knapschneider and Rosina, Daniel b 11 May 1798 b 4 Nov
sp: Frederick Vogel, Elizabeth (Dryland L/R 1029741)

W180 Catharine Knapschneider at 26 Apr 1800 Confirmant
(Drylands R/L 1029741)

W86. George Knapschneider and Rosina, Jacob b 15 Aug 1800 bp 9 Nov
sp: Leonard Vogel Catharine Knapschneider (Dryland L/R 1029741)

>>>M49. Gottlieb Schneider and Margaret, Leonard b 28 Feb 1802 bp...
Sp: Leonard Kern and Charlotte (Plainfield Reformed 1029740)

W92. George Knapschneider and Rosina, Elizabeth b 24 Aug 1802 bp 6 Nov
sp: Frederkch Nagel Catharine (Drylands L/R 1029741)

>>>M53. Gottlieb Knabschneide and Margaret, Elizabeth b 11 Mar 1804 bp 6 May
sp: Gottlieb Schober Maria Elisabeth

G63. George and Rosina Knapfschnaider, Joseph b 10 Feb 1806 bp 21 Nov
sp: parents (Germ Evan Luth 1029740)

S89. George Knapschneider and Rosina, Lydia b 27 Feb 1813 bp 11 June
sp: parents (Mt Bethel Lutheran/Reformed, 1029741)

S97. George Knapschneider and Susanna, Elizsbeth b 17 Apr 1815 bp 11 June
sp: John Keim Veronica (Mt Bethel L/Reformed 1029741)

S115. Jacob Heil and Susana, Maria b 10 Nov 1818 bp 14 Feb 1819
sp: Andrew Knapschneider and wf. Maria (Mt Bethel Luth/Ref 1029741)

S124. Isaac Heyl and Hannah, Joseph Hill b 17 Jun 1820 bp 28 Jan 1821
sp: Andrew Knapschneider and Maria (Mt Bethel L/R, 1029741)

G137. Johan Raup and Maria, Anna Carolina b 17 Dec 1821 bp 24 Feb 1822
sp: Wm Raup, Ana Knophnider (Germ Ev Luth 1029740)

18 Nov 1822, (from LDS 1305958, Plainfield)

Confirmation Reformed

Leonard Schneider 19 son of Gottlieb
Eliz Schnyder 18 dau of Gottlieb

Mt Bethel (S) L/R 1029741 confirmations (sorry, no date--will get when I visit FHC again)

198. John Knapschneider age 19 son of George
198. George ditto, age 23 son of George

S203. 1 May 1824, conf John Knapschneyder married, confirmed
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