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Civil War vets and WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam casualties

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Civil War vets and WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam casualties

Posted: 14 Aug 2000 6:00AM GMT
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Edited: 14 May 2005 1:29PM GMT
Surnames: very many from A-Z
I've just posted some casualty/veterans lists to the pension boards. The lists are below to further research... They are by no means meant to be absolute or complete - please contribute additional facts in either the bios section or as threads to this posting
Vietnam War
Patsy Holt was kind enough to transcribe the names from the veterans memorials in Gaffney. This is what she found for the Vietnam War:

John R. Allison
Robert L. Blackwell
John W. Clary
Donald C. Crotts
John L. Dover Jr.
Samuel E. Foster
Richard L. Fox
Bobby Joe Hames
Curtis L. Hardin
William C. Petty
John S. Reaves
Warren L. Rutland
John C. Smith
Ed D Sossamon
James A. Spencer
Danny R. Swofford
Evans S. Walker

Korean War
Patsy Holt was kind enough to transcribe the names off of the veterans memorials in Gaffney for us. This is what she found for the Korean War:

Wilton P Crow Jr.
W.T. " Bill " Estes
William L. Hodge
Donald G. Jones
Theodore Kennedy
B.B. " BoBo " McCraw
Monroe Millwood
Edward Petty Jr.
Edwin Petty
James B. Quinn Jr.
John G. Shipton
Jack N. Waldrop
James H. White

World War II
Patsy Holt was kind enough to transcribe the names from a variety of veterans memorials in Gaffney for World War II. This is what Patsy found:

Razz A. Allison
Boyce C. Atkins
Joseph E. Ault
James E. Batchelor
James F. Beam
Charles E. Biggers
Claude T. Blanton
James W. Blanton
Boyce O. Broome
Wofford H. Brown
William W. Byars
Zachariah T. Byars
Bill Callahan
Garrison Camp
Wylie C. Carroll
Charlie B. Clary Jr.
Shuford O. Clary
Austell Cobb
Elford C. Coker
James C. Cox
Morgan W. Cromer
Fred H. Curtis
Jack E. Daniel
Willard H. Davis Jr.
William F . Davis
William T. Dixon
Don Ellis
Albert D. Fowler
Samuel J. Gallman
Donald H. Goforth
Perry J. Greene
Roland H. Hamrick
Otha L. Harmon
Tommy D. Harris
Woodrow W. Harris
Frazier Hemphill
William L. Hodge
William C. Horne
Harry L. Hughes
Eddie W . Johnson
Logan L. Johnson
Logan M Jolly
Lewis B. Jones
William S. Jones Jr.
Bobo V. Kirby
Emphers T. Lamb
E. G. Lane
James Lanier
Thomas L. Littlejohn
Luther McCraw
Claude L. Meddley
Samuel A. Medley
Howard D. Melton
Hudy A. Mills
Van Mitchem
Charles A. Nance
Billy S. Parris
Victor W. Patterson
Lindsay Peeler
Albert Pettit
Curtis P. Phillips
Roy J. Phillips
Victor K. Plaxico Jr.
Gene S. Powell
William R. Ramsey
Woodrow W. Reynolds
Charles R. Richardson
William R.C. Robinson
Lynn Ruppe
Toy Ruppe
Robert W. Sams
James O. Sapp
Harry Sarratt
John C. Sellars
John M. Skinner
Donald W. Smith
Harvey E. Smith
Paul Sparks
Rodeheaver Sparks
Quenten E. Spencer
Raymond Spencer
Elzie B. Sprouse
William A. Sutherland
Barron A. Thomas
Edgar D. Thompson
McKinley Walker
Walter R. Webster
Wesley T. Whelchel
Jerry H. White J
ames Williams
Dewey Y. Young


World War I
Patsy Holt was kind enough to transcribe the names from a variety of veterans memorials in Gaffney.

This is what she found on World War I:

Landrum Allen
Loyd Allen
Arthur Burgess
Jesse Bobo
Oscar Camp
Coke T. Chesney
Ed Collins
Alexander Crocker
Leander T. Dickson
Glenn Dowdle
Arthur Edwards
Grier Ellis
Richard Gallman
Jay Bee Godfrey
Albert P. Grant
Broadus B. Hames
John G. Hamrick
Richard J. Hicks
Sam Hoey
Thomas Huitt
Summie Humphries
Lorane Hutchinson
Hiram J. Johnson
James H. Johnson
Walker Kirby
Stanley Little
Zeno Littlejohn
Carson D McCraw
Charlie R. McCraw
Coleman A. McCraw
Thomas McCullough
William McKinney
Baxter C. McSwain
Read Morris
Amos Mullinax
James I . Neal
Ellis A. Owens
Lawson J. Owens
Marcus L. Owensby
Rochelle Petty
Lester Phillips
Lewis Proctor
Furman D Robbs
Ben C. Roberts
Crawley Ross
Herbert Q. Sarratt
Virgil D. Sellers
Earnest Sims
William T. Sparks
Paige G. Spencer
Larking L. Thrift
Gaines W. Wilson
James B. Young


Civil War veterans of Cherokee County -

Alexander, W S
H, Palmetto Sharpshooters

Allison, James M.
H, 28th NC Volunteers

Allison, Reuban W.
C, 71st

Anderson, William
C, 34th NC

Beheler, Henry
F, 17th SC

Black, John S.
H, Palmetto Sharpshooters

Blackwell, Alford
E, 4th

Blackwell, Jasper N.
D, 55th NC

Borders, William
C, 71st NC

Brown, John B.
E, 4th

Cash, Sidney V.
H, 9th SC

Chalk, Thomas G.
E, 6th SC

Childers, Jacob
K, 18th SC

Childers, William
K, 18th SC Volunteers

Cline, J C

Cook, Francis S.
C, 2nd SC

Daniel, John M.
C, Holcomb Legion

Duncan, John
I, 12th

Gardner, William
C, 1st Heavy Artillery

Garner, John P
I, 6th SC

Gaston, D D

Gaston, William D.
K, 18th SC

George, Arron
I, 6th SC Volunteers

Gibson, W W
D, 3rd Texas Infantry

Godfrey, John R.
E, 4th

Goforth, Franklin A.
D, 71st NC

Goforth, Henry
G, 5th SC

Gold, Benjamin J
I, 38th NC

Griffin, Charles N.
E, 4th SCM

Griffith, Harrison P.
E, 14th SCV

Guthrie, Martin Luther
H, 31st

Hammett, Julius S
F, 18th

Hardin, Elijah
B, 5th SC

Harrill, Elijah M
I, 38th NC

Harris, Marion
F, 1st SC

Holt, John G. [Goodman]
S.C. Reserves

Hopper, Samuel Landrum
E, 12th NC Volunteers

Horton, William T.
A, 1st

Humphries, Charley F.
E, 4th SCM

Humphries, Lewis
I, 34th NC Wilcox Division

Huskey, Thomas B.
F, 15th SCV

Huskey, Tillman
I, 5th SC

Huskey, William
G, 5th SCC

Jackson, Noal L.
K, 20th SC

Jefferies, Nathaniel
A, 12th SC

Jenkins, Levi
K, 50th NC

Johnson, Elias R.
F, 5th SCC

Johnson, William
K, 5th SCV Palmetto Sharpshooters

Jolly, James C.
I, 34th NC

Jolly, Richard M.
M, 5th Palmetto Sharpshooters

Kennedy, Joseph D.
I, 34th NC

Kennett, Elias C
B, Holcomb Legion

Kirby, William E M
B, Holcomb Legion

Lavender, Thomas Jeff
E,4th S.C.R

Lawson, R T
K, 5th S.C. Cavalry

Leagan, James Matthew
I, 28th N.C.

Leazer, Dave M
G, 42nd N.C.V

Lemaster, Richard B
D, 19th Cavalry

Lipscomb, James J

Little, Lee A
A, 1st

Littlejohn, Henry H
F 15th S.C.V.

Littlejohn, Milton
E, 4th

Love, William A
K, 17th S.C.

Lovelace, John
B, 9th N.C.T.

Lynch, John H
M, 16th N.C

Mabry, Logan C
F, 6th S.C. Cavalry

Martin, James
F, 17th S.C

Martin, John
B, 22nd N.C.

MCCraw, James
K, 50th N.C.

MCGill, J A
K, 7th S.C.A

Millwood, John C
F 15th S.C.

Millwood, Morgan W
F, 15th S.C.V

Mintz, Ed
G, 4th

Mintz, John S
C 17th

Moore, Farmer
C, 17th S.C.

Moore, G L
C, 17th S.C.

Morgan, Elias, A
K, 18th S.C.

Morgan, Leonidas
H, 1st Tenn

Morgan, Peter
M, Palmetto Sharpshooters

Mullinax, Andrew Jack
F, 18th S.C.

Parker, Andrew J

Parris, William
K, Holcomb Legion

Pearson, Robert M
A, 5th S.C.

Peeler, Issac M
D, 7th Cavalry

Perry, Andrew Jackson
K, 1st S.C.

Petty, Bazel G L

Phillips, Pinkney D
F, 18th S.C.V

Porter, Samuel P
F, 18th

Pryor, Robert P
F, 56th N.C.

Randall, Martin Luther
F, 17th S.C

Reynolds, Mack C
Ga. Battery

Roach, Newton
C, 55th N.C.

Robbs, Thompson
H, 2nd Reserve Forces

Ross, Jacob B
F 6th S.C. Cavalry

Ross, William
K, 18th S.C.

Sams, Robert O

Sarratt, Obadiah, C
G, 5th S.C.

Self, William P
I, 5 S.C.

Shirley, William P
A, 3rd S.C.

Smith, James W
B 4th S.C.

Smith, John S
H, 5th S.C.

Snead, Nathaniel Carr
F, 14th S.C.V

Stack, WIlliam A
E, 4th S.C.M.

Suttle, John H
G, 50th N.C.

Swofford, David H
C, 56th GA.

Taylor, Robert H
K, 1st Engineer Troops

Thackston, Simeon R
G 3rd S.C.V.

Thomas, David Andrew
E 1st S.C.V

Thompson, William
I 13th S.C

Turner, D F L
A 1 S.C, S.C.R.

Turner, Haskel
D, 55th N.C.

Vassey, Jonas
M, Palmetto Sharpshooters

Vinesette, Johnson
K, 18th S.C

Ware, Rufus A
G 49th N.C.

Warlick, Franklin T
C, 55th N.C.

Whelchel, John T
E, 6th S.C.

Whelchel, Samuel A M

Whisonant, John
K, 8th ARK. Gowans Brig.

Whisonant, John
k, 17th S.C.

Whisonant, John S
D, S.C. Res. Force

Whisonant, William
D, Gill's Res. Force

White, John Thomas
B 53rd N.C.

White, William
I, 34th N.C.V

Wofford, Issac F
B, 1st S.C. Artillery

Wood, Adolphus N
H, Res. Force

Wood, Eldridge
Longstreet Div.

Wood, George J S
B, Holcomb Legion

Wood, Moses
Batesville Vol. 5th

Wylie, Robert Walker
D 3th

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