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sc industrial school for boys at florence sc

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sc industrial school for boys at florence sc

Posted: 27 Mar 2002 11:00AM GMT
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Edited: 4 Dec 2002 5:09PM GMT
i was sent to this school ( prison ) in1956 i got out in oct 1957 and joined the navy. i was there 17 mo my brother robert was also sent there with me he was there 23 mo.we were sent there because we were abandoned by our mother and our father had just got out of prison and we didnt know where he was. the court would not let our grandmother, bertha goff take care of us they said she was too old.this was a very bad place to be in.sometime around 1960 my mother-inlaw found an article in life magazine that this was the harshest institution in the us.i can attest to this being true.i was beaten and punished many times.when you first get there you are locked up in a special can not talk to any one but the cant even spit, go to the bathroom or any thing without permission when you went to the bathroom you were given 3 squares of toilet paper and you couldnt flush the toilet until the guard checked to make sure you had actually gone to the bathroom. the workday was from 6a.m. to 6p.m. and you only stopped for lunch. the work on fair days was digging stumps out of swamps and turning the soil by hand with a spade shovel. on rainy days you worked in the cannery caning food. my first beating, my second day there, was because the guard asked me if i was supposed to be up at the gate ( a place they took you for a beating )i said no sir. he then asked me if my brother was supposed to be up at the gate. i answered i dont know. he said well you are up at the gate now . when i went to the gate later he said do you know why you are up here? i said no sir. he said you are up here because when i asked you if your brother was up here you answered i dont know . he said around here we answer i dont know sir . he took me into a beating room and had me lean back against the wall with my feet sticking out side by side . he then hit me on the top of my feet with a 6 foot long leather strap .he cut the top of my feet with the first blow and my blood splattered. he hit me three times. other punishment which i received many times were rubbing dry corn cobs across my knuckles of a closed fist until they bled or beating me on the tops of my hands with a leaded stick, these things were done many times to me for drinking water out of the swamp holes you were digging stumps out of because you were only allowed to have one drink of water if you caught the water guy.even when the temperatures were scorching . you were beaten if you asked to go to the bathroom (which was in the swamp) more than once a day. you were beaten if you talked, spit , didnt keep up with the work line, or anything that they felt was breaking the rules. i was considered one of the good kids and i got beat this much. there were boys who got beat a lot more and had to stay in this lockup for long periods of time. when you got out of lockup you would be assigned to a company of your age group and you were given a work station which i was made a cook. cooks worked 7 days a week from 4 in the morning until 7 at night. sunday we got off at 1pm because we made sunday supper up ahead of time (usually sandwiches) If you got into any trouble you were put back into lockup for three months, if you were good . it was a horrible place and i am sure their are iothers out there that could add to this . there were staff members who worked there at the time i was there , some of them were good and fair ,some were terrible and seemed to enjoy beating us. some of the names i remember were mr robbins, mr robbinson, mr richardson. if any one has any more information or was in the school and wants to get in touch they can reach me at my email
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