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Additional 902 more Burials added for Greenwood Cemetery, St. Albans

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Additional 902 more Burials added for Greenwood Cemetery, St. Albans

Posted: 17 Jan 2008 3:07AM GMT
Classification: Cemetery
I just finished adding an additional 902 more burials for Greenwood Cemetery in St. Albans. These can be located at the Free Site below (there now is a total of 1707 entries for this cemetery).

Note this cemetery is quite large and not complete.

All surnames so far in this cemetery are:

Aldis, Aldrich, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Andress, Andrew, Anstey, Aratare, Armington, Ashworth, Atwood, Austin, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballou, Banister, Barker, Barkyoumb, Barlow, Barnes, Bartholomew, Baxter, Beals, Beardsley, Bedard, Beeman, Belden, Bell, Bellows, Benoit, Benton, Berkley, Bero, Berryman, Bessette, Bickford, Bingham, Blaisdell, Blake, Blanchard, Blouin, Bockus, Bogue, Bolton,Bond, Boomhover, Bostwick, Bowers, Boynton, Brace, Bradley, Brainerd, Branch, Brennan, Bressette, Bridges, Briggs, Bronson, Brooks, Brough, Brown, Buck, Bullett,Bullock, Burbank, Burges, Burgess, Burnell, Bunnett, Burt, Butler, Butterfild, Buzzell, Caldwell, Campbell, Canham, Carlisle, Carmichael, Carpenter, Caswell, Cawley, Chadwick, Chaffee, Chagnon, Chamberlain, Chamberlin, Chandler, Charles, Cheesman, Chittenden, Chrystie, Church, Churchill, Chynoweth, Clapp, Clark, Clayton, Clow, Cochran, Coe, Coleman, Collins, Collis, Common, Conger, Connor, Cook and Cooke, Coombs, Corliss, Costes, Counos, Crawford, Crocker, Crofts, Crowley, Curry, Curtis, Cushing, Cushion, Dacey, Damon, Dane, Danforth, Daniels, Darrow, Davis, Day, Deavitt, Delaney, Deming, Dennis, Densmore, Departie, Derick, Dewey, Dixon, Domey, Doolin, Doolittle, Downey, Doyle, Draper, Duart, Dunsmore, Dunton, Dutcher, Earle, Eastman, Edson, Eldridge, Elliot, Ellis, Ellison, Fadden, Failey, Fairchild, Farley, Farnsworth, Farr, Farrar, Felton, Ferriss, Field, Finlay, Fisher, Fletcher, Flint, Fonda, Fortin, Foss, Foster, French, Frost, Fuller, Gadcomb, Gale, Gallup, Gardner, Garey, Garland, Garvin, Gasson, Gates, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilman, Gilmore, Gilson, Glidden, Goddard, Goff, Goodhue, Goodnow, Goodyer, Gorham, Gould, Graham, Grant, Gray, Green and Greene, Greenleaf, Groff, Guyon, Hall, Halloway, Hamm, Hardy, Harper, Harvey, Hatch, Hathaway, Hawes, Hayes, Haynes, Hazard, Henderson, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hindley, Hoburn, Hoit, Holmes, Holyoke, Hopkins, Horner, Houghton, House, Howard, Hoy, Hoyt, Hubbell, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Hurlburt, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hyde, Ingalls, Inglis, Isham, Jacques, James, Jamison, Janes, Jennison, Johnson, Jolley, Jones, Kearton, Kelley, Kemp, Keyes, Kimball, Kingman, Kirby, Kirk, LaBombard, Labounty, Lafountain, Lagrow, Lahue, Lambert, Landon, Lane, Lang, Langworthy, Lanouette, Lapoint, Laraway, Larry, Lasell and Laselle, Laughlin, Lavanway, Lawrence, Lawton, Leard, Leonard, Leslie, Lewis, Lock and Locke, Locklin, Loomis, Lovely, Loverin, Lozell, Lucas, Lyon, MacArthur, MacBride, MacCallum, Mainwaring, Malcom, Manzer, Marceau, Marsha, Mason, McAllister, McArthur, McCarey, McCarroll, McCarthy, McCarty, McClane, McCluskey, McDonald, McEwen, McGowan, McNally, Merrifield, Meyers, Miller, Minor, Mitchell, Monagahn, Moody, Mooney, Moore, Morin, Morrison, Morton, Munholland, Murphy, Murray, Myers, Nash, Nason, Nelson, Newton, Nicholson, Niles, Nixon, Noble, Northrop, Norwich, Olds, Olmsted, Orr, Osborn, Osman, Page, Panish, Palmer, Parsons, Partlow, Pasha, Patterson, Paul, Peace, Pease, Pecor, Percival, Peters, Peverley, Pierce, Plant, Ploff, Pomeroy, Post, Potter, Potvin, Prentis, Preston, Prime, Prouty, Prue, Purrier, Rainey, Ray, Read and Reed, Reynolds, Rhoades and Rhodes, Rice, Richardson, Robson, Rollo, Royce, Rublee, Rugg, Rushford, Ryan, Safford, Samson, Sawyer, Saxe, Scagel, Scelle, Schoff, Schofield, Scott, Seal, Searle, Sexton, Seymour, Shangraw, Shannon, Shappy, Sharp, Sheehan, Sherman, Shore, Shufelt, Silk, Simpson, Skeels, Smith, Soule, Sowles, Spaulding, Spear, Spencer, Spooner, St. John, St. Onge, Stanton, Stearns, Stevens, Stockwell, Stone, Stonegrave, Story, Stott, Stranahan, Stuart, Sturges, Sumner, Susslin, Sweeney, Sweet, Swift, Swiggett, Switzer, Tarr, Taylor, Tedford, Thomas, Thorne, Toohey, Trepania, Truax, Tucker, Tuell, Turner, Underwood, 3 Unknown, Van Duzee, Vautier, Wadleigh, Walker, Walton, Warburton, Wardwell, Warner, Watson, Waugh, Webster, Weed, Weeks, Wells, Weston, Wetmore, Wheatley, Whitcomb, White, Whiting, Whittemore, Wilcox, Wilder, Williams, Willis, Willson, Winters, Wood, Woodard, Woods, Woodward, Wooster, Wright, Wyman, Young, Zimmerman, Zweeres and Zweers
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