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Re: Hilburn/Kilburn(e)/Vaughan

Posted: 30 Apr 2008 7:15AM GMT
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I often did wonder if our Hilburns were related to the Quaker Hilborns but there was no evidence found of a direct link. The Quakers have (maybe still have) the tendency to drop mentioning people who leave their faith.

Another researcher had information that was unverified (stories from her Dad) "Madge Hilburn daughter of Octavius Hilburn" that 3 brothers (all using Hilburn not Hilborn) came into Virginia in the early 1700's - John (who stayed), a Thomas, and I think a William (I am not sure about that) and it was stated they came from England. Also a record of some "Hilburn" children, parents deceased, being cared for and showed up on a census I think was 1701? I am pulling this from memory. I am going to have to find that box of info!

There are documents from an early Boddie researcher/genealogist of a will of a John Vaughan that originally named a John Hilburn as an heir which was modified to a Vaughan Hilburn and John Simmons as grandsons and heirs (this is available without the mention of a change, just shows Hilburn and Simmons, from the Virginia records online, I think it was 1742 or so - look for John Vaughan).
(I thnk all this info is on the boards for Hilburn)
Now, from that will (the earliest found document we have heard of) there is a history of "Vaughan/Vaughn/VON Hilburns/(all the spellings)" that follows a pattern to our direct, traceable ancestor Vaughn Hilburn (who changed his name to Hilbun) to Georgia in 1823. Solid evidence from that Vaughn till to date.
The combination of "Vaughan/Vaughn" and "Hilburn/all the spellings" is unusual, very unusual. Vaughan being Welsh surname and Hilburn/Hilborn being English. As was the custom of the early 1700's, the first born son was often named for the father or family of the bride (or a mentor)and the second born son was named for the father/fathers family. so I did quite a search at that time on Vaughan also. At least this is what I read. Don't hang me I am wrong!

****If you have information concerning Isle of Wight earlier than 1750 of Hilburn/Hilborn/helburn/any spelling I would appreciate that info.***

I have land deed information of a Vaughn Helburn (allt he spellings) selling land.
Robin may be correct as far as traceable records go of the Hilborns first arriving and the Quakerism but I did find other records of Hilburns coming over as indentured servants. They didn't fit my time period of interest so I dropped them.
Our biggest obstacle to finding records in Virginia is when the Yankees burned Richmond (or was it Fredericksburg?) courthouse to the ground. A lot of records were lost that day.

Thanks for posting a reply!
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