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Looking for Info on one 'Emily Tuala-Togaloa' (?)

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Re: 'Emily Tuala-Togaloa' (?)

Posted: 16 Aug 2008 5:53PM GMT
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Bula Manaia and Vinaka vakalevu for the response. I had tried to respond earlier but hit the wrong button I think and lost the response, so here goes again.

First up, profuse apologises for offending any Samoan sensibilities etc re their naming conventions. I have seen some hyphenated Samoan names (surnames?)which adds to my confusion because we do not use hyphenated names in Fijian.

Anyhow, the Emily I am looking for had (from anecdotal/oral evidence) was named Emily Tualua Togaloa. The name Emily could have been Emele (Fijians use this name as well). Am certain with regard to 'Togaloa' but so not with 'Tualua' as my source said it could have been 'Tuala' etc.

Emele accompanied her elder sister to Fiji at the turn of the century (circa 1900). Both sisters (as the story tells) ran away from Samoa as the elder sister was in an unhappy marriage with a German fellow. Emele/Emily met and married (?) Ratu Joni Lewenilovo, a senior chief from the village of Somosomo on the island of Taveuni (he was from the Tui Cakau clan). Ratu Joni went to serve in France with the Fiji Contingent that served in France and Italy during World War 1. He had two sons with Emele.

When Ratu Joni returned from the war (circa 1920) he married a Fijian lady with Tongan connexions who discouraged any reference to her husbands first wife (sounds familiar eh?). Nothing more was heard of Emele. Which is the purpose of this posting. Maybe she returned to her family in Samoa? All we know is that she was from the island of Savaii (no village name etc).

Several years ago we asked an old Fijian lady about Emele and all she could recall was her name (as given above) and that she was a "marama ni Samoa" (lady from Samoa). When asked which part of Samoa, she replied "...Savaii, Apia, American Samoa" (her geography was a bit out re Savaii being in American Samoa!).

So my questions are (1) is the name Emily/Emele Tualua Togaloa, a Samoan name? (it sounds very Fijian hence the doubt) (2) if she was Samoan, is the Togaloa family surname confined to a specific village and if so, what is the name of that village? (3) any other leads would be appreciated.

Many thanx for your patience.

Vinaka vakalevu

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