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Anton Marqvordsen, in Aalborggaard as of 1864

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Anton Marqvordsen, in Aalborggaard as of 1864

Posted: 28 Jan 2011 4:26PM GMT
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Surnames: Marqvordsen Markussen Marqvorsen Jensen Jensdatter Christensen

I'm trying to piece together some information about one of my ancestors, a man by the name of Anton Marqvordsen. I've been able to find quite a bit of possibly-matching information from censuses, but I can't be totally sure it's the same person. Here's what I know for absolutely sure:

* He fathered a daughter, Petrine Marie Jensen, who was born 1 Mar 1864 in Torslev, Dronninglund, Hjørring, Denmark.
* Petrine's mother's name was Ane Kathrine Jensdatter, 26 years old at the time. I can't quite read the whole record, but I believe it says they weren't married.
* Anton seems to have lived in Aalborggaard at the time (that's all it says about him).

This is all documented in the Torslev church books, 1856-1864, page 151 (Opslag 80 in the online version), number 9. I'm confident about this information because it's a direct tie-in to my ancestor Petrine Marie Jensen; however, I'm having trouble connecting this Anton Marqvordsen to the other information I've found.

Here's the other information I've got, mainly from looking through census records and some other church books:

* An "Anthon Marqvorsen" was born 31 Aug 1842 in Torslev, to Marqvor Nielsen and Kirsten Marie Nielsdatter.
* This same Anthon appears in the 1845, 1850, and 1855 censuses in Torslev with the same parents and several additional siblings as time goes by. The names don't always match; sometimes he's "Anton", and sometimes his last name is "Marqvordsen", "Marqvartsen", or "Markussen"; sometimes his father's name is "Markus", but the mother is always the same, and so are the dates and places of birth.
* He was confirmed in Torslev, Dronninglund in 1857; I have the church record for that, and it lists the same parents.
* Fast-forward a bit. On 13 Apr 1875, an Anton Markussen (32 years old, confirmed in 1857) marries Hanne Laurine Christensen in Vognsild, Gislum, Aalborg, Denmark. I'm positive this is the same Anton listed in those earlier censuses, because the age and confirmation date match up.
* As of 1880, he and his wife and kids are living in Vium, Lysgaard, Viborg, Denmark.
* Then, in 1901, 1916, and 1921, I have him living alone (except for his live-in housekeeper and one "relative" I can't place) back in Vognsild. These records indicate that his wife died in 1885, and also that that was roughly when he left his previous residence, Vium.

OK, so all of those bullets line up perfectly with one another; they're all describing the same Ant(h)on Mar(qvor(d)/kus)sen. That same Anton is also mentioned in a couple of public trees on ancestry, which have his pedigree back quite a few generations. If I can prove that Petrine's father Anton is the same as this Anton from the censuses, it will really help add some depth to my own pedigree.

The thing I'm not sure of is, how in the world can I prove it, either true or false? It's certainly possible; the Anton from the censuses was born in Torslev, and so was Petrine. He's the right age, and as far as I can see was not married at the time. But that's all circumstantial, and I can't find any record of any Ant(h)on Mar(qvor(d)/kus)sen anywhere in any of the listed locations from 1860-1875.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for further research? I'd appreciate any possible leads at this point.

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