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German or Danish ?

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Re: German or Danish ?

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 9:48AM GMT
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Hello Liz.
Thats right .The border has been moved severall times in history , most because of wars. The first and originall border between the danes and saxons was the river called EJDER wich flows south of the city of Rendsburg ( now in Germany )North of the Ejder people ( danes,jutes,vikings) talked danish /scandinavian , south of the river people were saxons and slawian wends .During the middleage the saxonian / german influence on Denmark was enormous , must because of trade and christianity presure .Many wars followed and the german influence grew stronger and stronger during the following centuries .The last danish/ german wars found place in 1848-1851 ( danish victory) and in the danish -prussian-holstenian war wich was wonn by the prussians/holstenian (germans) .The germans moved the border from the Ejder up to the river called Kongeåen .So the south danish area between the Ejder and Kongeåen ,also called Slesvig/Sønderjylland, became german/prussian province.Also Vojens and Styding. After the first world war , in 1920 a voting found place .People all over Slesvig / Sønderjylland had the choice to vote between beeing danish or german .The result was the the border was moved down south again , but not as far to the Ejder but about 5 kilometers north of the city of Flensborg .So Slesvig /Sønderjylland was partend in the middle.This is how it is today.The area in Denmark is called Sønderjylland/Nordslesvig , the area in germany :Schleswig/Sydslesvig .Because of this very speciell,historical situation ,there are ethnic minority`s on both side of the border.In Sønderjylland/Nordslesvig/ Denmark :the german minority.
In Sydslesvig/Schleswig/Germany :the danish minority (about 50.000 people.
Both minorities have got schools and cultural surroundings and political parties to make shure that their languages and cultur remains .
On the german side , in Sydslesvig/Schleswig you still can find footprints of the danish history in the names of cities and villages (Brodersby.Engelsby,Weseby,Hedeby,Munkbrarup,Sønderbrarup etc.)
Very typical are still danish family names like :Hansen,Petersen,Hinriksen,Sørensen,Paulsen,Boysen,Feddersen,Thomsen,Marksen,Larsen,Matthiesen,Jensen and many more.
It seems to me that Else Marie Hansen was a danish woman ,who,like a lot of other danes , emigrated because of the prussian occupieing politics between 1864 and 1920.It was not allowed to speak danish in schools ,churches and public buildings.Children in school were forced to learn and speak german.It was forbidden to use the danish flag or to meet in danish societys of any kind .All public locations,mayors,teachers,priests,reverends,police were germans.Yong danes were forced to serve in the german army ,wich many off them had fought against a coupple of years ago .The prussians tried to press every kind of danish living and thinking out of Sønderjyllands people ( look for "Köller Politik ".Because of the presure , many danes emigrated to America ,New Zealand,Canada,Australia.Thousands of young danes died in the first world war , for a countrie they did`nt believe in .
Now the situation in the borderland is very peacefull.Germans,Danes and frisians live side by side and accept the others way of living , their language and cultur.
Of course this was just a very,very short view of the history about Styding/Vojens .
I hope its ok.
Friendly greetings
Lars Thomsen
Slesvig/Schleswig in Sydslesvig
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