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KOWALEWSKI, LASKOWSKI Posted on: 30 Aug 1998, by  @@tmkowal@net...

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Former Provinces [1975-1998] > Szczecin

I am researching the family of Franciszek (Frank) Kowalewski and Katarzyna (Katherine) Laskowski. Frank was born in Stargard on 02/07/1862. They came to America in 1887 with their children Frances and Katie and...

Witbrod Wittbrod Bradtke Kowalewski Tobias Resch Posted on: 02 Feb 1999, by Chris Swoboda

Localities > North America > United States > States > Illinois > Counties > Cook

The above ancestors arrived 1867 through 1885 and intermarried in or near the Lakeview District of Cook County, Illinois. I am interested in finding descendants of the above people and exchanging info...

Witbrod Wittbrod Kowalewski Posted on: 02 Feb 1999, by Chris Swoboda

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

Franz O. Wittbrod Looking for town of origin...too many Neustadts. August Kowalewski Gwinn, Gowen, Gvinn .... something like this.

Here's the info I have. Can you help? Posted on: 03 Mar 2000, by Karen Ramel

Surnames > Zirk

...remarried and started a new family. Here's the rest: Ernie Sam ZirkSharon Mary ZirkBrian Adolph Zirk Mary Kowalewski Adolph Zirk Pauline - Sam Kowaleski Matilde Hemminger - August Zirk Quintin James Lennox ...

KOWALEWSKI, Augustine Wilhelmine Johanna (Hoffmann) 1875-1946 Posted on: 13 Mar 2000, by volunteer

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

...Salt Lake, UT Death Certificates Jan-Dec 1946 Cert # 59 Deceased: Augustine Wilhelmine Johanna Hoffmann KOWALEWSKI Date of Death & Place: 8 Jan 1946 Salt Lake City Status: widowed Birth Date & Place: 7 ...

Bernsee in Wisconsin and Abroad Posted on: 26 Apr 2000, by  cathy_ma_smit...

Surnames > Bernsee

...Stated. William and Bertha Had three children. 1..Edna Mae Bernsee born 1902 died 1982 married Joseph Kowalewski Edna Joeseph had 4 Children 1 Stanley William born 1928 died 1986 2 Vernon (bud) born 1929 m...

Click here for 1921 MT Carmel Item Death Index(Over 600 Names) Posted on: 10 Jun 2000, by  scjunaid

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > Northumberland

Over 650 names included in the 1921 index of obits in listed in the Mt Carmel Item for the year 1921. December not included. Name Date "Abacvawega, Vincent" 4/4/21 "Adams, Be...

Nowak Posted on: 17 Jul 2000, by Thomas Fischer

Localities > Central Europe > Historical Regions > Prussia

...the Nowak you mentioned but the Osowski is in our tree, Elizabeth Osowski 1838-1891 married a John F. Kowalewski. Our Nowak was a F.P. Nowak married a Rozy...does that sound familar

MARISH-HALICKI, marriage 1942 Posted on: 27 Jul 2000, by  Dalice

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > Luzerne

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tues. July 7, 1942 Marriage MARISH-HALICKI, In Wilkes-Barre, July 6, 1942, by Rev. J.J. Kowalewski, George Marish and Miss Stella Halicki, both of Wilkes-Barre.

Family History Posted on: 05 Aug 2000, by Thomas Woloszyn

Surnames > Woloszyn

...know if we have any connection, but my father always said he had relatives all over PA and NY. Diane Kowalewski

Moses Crankshaw b 1755/1765 Lancashire, England. Died 1810/1820 in NY, USA continued Posted on: 02 Sep 2000, by  crankshawdave...

Surnames > Crankshaw

Next 2 generations... Fourth Generation 42. Lettie Crankshaw (Thomas Mac, Samuel William, Moses) was born on 20 Nov 1871 in Hadley Twp., Lapeer Co., MI. Lived in Morris, MI for many years. Letti...

Ignac Nowak Posted on: 17 Oct 2000, by Edyie Dudley

Surnames > Nowak

...Theresa married Ignac and had 5 children. I also know that another sister named Salma married a Michael Kowalewski and they too lived in Wisconsin. They were all born in the states. How are you tied to the line...

Kowalewski Posted on: 20 Oct 2000, by  EdnaKawlewski...

Localities > North America > United States > States > Minnesota > Counties > Carver

...thier till 1900. The problem with August is how was his name spelled at that time. We have it Kawalewski Kowalewski and also with a "f" in it. What I need to see is the marriage license. I know I need...

Re: Roman family in New Britain Posted on: 15 Nov 2000, by Michael Roman

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Malopolskie

...Aug 1934 m 5 144 64 Stanley Roman 29 s/o Peter & Petruna Kurpuskis b. Lithuania to Statia Ceclia Kowalewski 21 26 Apr 1935 b = birth, m = marriage; the following numbers are references: book page cert. pa...

Ciszewski Name Posted on: 13 Dec 2000, by JoAnne

Surnames > Ciszewski in quiet or stillness. My Great-Grandmother's maiden name was Josephine Ciszewski. She married a Kowalewski and emigrated to Milwaukee, WI in 1903. Also Ciszewski was a name associated with the "landed...

Researching Lew family geneology Posted on: 19 Dec 2000, by  maksymt

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Podkarpackie

I am researching the family of Martin(Marcin)Lew. I beleive he was from around the Rzeszow area of Poland. I would like to hear from someone who knows the family name, or perhaps someone who lives in ...

Kowalewski Posted on: 20 Dec 2000, by  Walacz

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Podkarpackie

I have a Kowalewski on Mom's side. As far as I know they are from Bialystok. Dad's side (Walasz) is down here.

Kowalewski from Bialystok Posted on: 20 Dec 2000, by  maksymt

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Podkarpackie

...Poland, which is in the Bialystok province, and close to the city of Bialystok. Her name was Barbara Kowalewski.She married Thomas Bartosiewicz. I haven't been able to find much information on the Kowalewski surname. Had...

Triple Cousin? Or More? Posted on: 12 Jan 2001, by Diane

Surnames > Ciszewski

Hello, It's Josephine Kowalewski on mother's side, she is my Great-Grandmother. My Great-Great grandmother's name is Ciszewski from Poland. I find the Wallace name interesting too as a shortened form of the na...

Ciszewskis and Kowalewski Posted on: 13 Jan 2001, by  Walacz

Surnames > Ciszewski

...pedigree is on His paternal grandmother Sophia Slater has Ciszewskis on both sides as well as Kowalewski. Are yours posted on the net? My mom's side is mostly from Bialystok province NE Poland. My ...

Frank Chmielewski, Poland to Michigan Posted on: 25 May 2001, by LynnT

Surnames > Chmielewski

...MI. Stephen, b. Nov. 1886, d. Apr. 1918. John Joseph, b. Feb. 06, 1891, d. Feb. 18, 1964, m. Veronica Kowalewski, b. Jan. 1990-Jan. 23, 1954. Joseph Steven, b. Mar. 11, 1893, d. Sept. 1958, m. Daisy Marie Manch...

Looking for some more Family history Posted on: 08 Jun 2001, by Normen Kowalewski

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Volynska

Hi, My father Daniel was born 3.1.1933 in Luzk, my grandfather was named Adolf, his younger brother Eduard went to the US (Tennesse). All were farmers from Volynska Oblast. I wonder where I could ge...

Kowalewski in Volhynia Posted on: 09 Jun 2001, by Normen Kowalewski

Localities > Eastern Europe > Ukraine > Volynska

Hi, thanks for responding... a) They were germanic and forced to resettle to Poland during an initiative that the nazi propaganda sarcastically called "Heim ins Reich" that was a result of a...

Re: Holewinski/ Cholewinski Posted on: 30 Nov 2001, by Sharon

Surnames > Holewinski

...born Oct. 1891 in the Silesia Region. She came to Buffalo, NY via Pennsylvania. She married Julian Kowalewski in Jan 1910 (they are my grandparents) and remained in Buffalo until her death in 1970. I'm tryin...

Re: Erie, PA Polish families Posted on: 04 Jan 2002, by  jkeenen

Topics > Ethnic / Race > Polish-Americans in Pennsylvania

I'm sorry but I don't know much about the Polish language, except it varies a lot depending on the area, and the time period. My great-grandmother, who is still alive, spoke only Polish in her house ...

Re: Rutkowski, Zakrzewski, Skonieczny Posted on: 04 Jun 2002, by  LauraAnderson...

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Former Provinces [1975-1998] > Poznan

...County, Nebraska daughter, Josephine Barbara ZAKRZEWSKI, b. abt 1898, Nebraska & Frank John KOWALEWSKI b. 1893, Sherman County, Nebraska m. 3 Jun 1924, Loup City, Sherman County, Nebraska Laura, kal...

Re: Victor Nowak Posted on: 06 Jun 2002, by Edyie Dudley

Surnames > Nowak

...the family's in my line which may help. LEWANDOWSKI, NATYWA, BETLEJEWSKI, JANUSZEWSKI, KRZYKACZ, KOWALEWSKI, and of course the above mentioned. I hope this helped and if not good luck in your search.

Re: Getting a Response from Ellis Island Posted on: 26 Aug 2002, by Gary

Topics > Immigration and Emigration > United States > Ellis Island

I've never heard of anyone getting a reply from the folks at the Ellis Island website. I've seen many individuals with the same problem with wrong manifest images. Your best bet is to post as you did...

MROCZKOWSKI Posted on: 26 Nov 2002, by  suemoore60

Surnames > Mroczkowski

...that "owski" on a Polish name means "one from the place of "X". Example: Kowalewski (ew and ow used basically the same way). Kowal is "Smith." So ewski added to Kowal me...

Jacob "Jake" Novotny Posted on: 23 Dec 2002, by  ardispierce

Localities > North America > United States > States > Michigan > Counties > Van Buren

...her fiance Corey Cole of South Haven; 3 grandchildren, Jacob, Taylor, and Evan; 3 sisters, Catherine Kowalewski of Palos Hills, IL, Evelyn Hrebic of Oak Lawn, IL, and Dorothy Harvey of Chicago, IL. The family w...

Re: Zigmund Kowalewski Posted on: 11 May 2003, by  zormette

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

I'm looking for information on a Zigmund Kowalewski. He came over to the U.S. between World War I and World War II. He might have changed his name in the process. If anyone knows any information, anyone at a...

Help Obtaining Obit From Az Republic 11-18-2001 Posted on: 07 Jun 2003, by Gary

Localities > North America > United States > States > Arizona > Counties > Maricopa

I'm hoping that someone can help me obtain an obituary for Anna Majkowicz, which appeared in the Arizona Republic on 11-18-2001. Thank You, Gary

Re: Zigmund Kowalewski Posted on: 11 Jun 2003, by James C. Plankey Jr.

Localities > Central Europe > Germany > General

...let me know....I can help. James C. Plankey Jr. Great Grandson of Zygmunt Kowaleski Grandson of Ralph Kowalewski Son of Judy Plankey/Kowalewski

Re: Joyave Baltimore, Maryland Posted on: 31 Jul 2003, by  JHendr1103

Surnames > Joyave

Hi.. I had sent you an email but it did not go through. I was Margarets grandaughter. Your grandmother was my Aunt. We called her Aunt Dot.You can email if you like and we can exchange information.

Re: Brodowski in PA Posted on: 21 Aug 2003, by  wdromanski

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Unknown

Hi, I don't know much about Pennsylvania Geography but I know that many Polish moved around quite a bit upon arrival to the US. So Montgomery County may be on the list. I have seen Brodowskis that loo...

Need help finding info on murder/suicide in St. Louis 1921 Posted on: 06 Sep 2003, by Gary

Localities > North America > United States > States > Missouri > Counties > St > Louis

I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with my search for information. I'm trying to find information on a murder/suicide which occured in the city of St. Louis in 1921. Both individuals were buri...

Clark item collection F-K Posted on: 13 Oct 2003, by LauraNellePolandMallett

Localities > North America > United States > States > Pennsylvania > Counties > Greene

...Claysville, died Saturday, Sept. 19, 1992, in Morristown. I have obit. Fred C. Clark, Jr. m. Caroline Marie Kowalewski, I have article w/their picture Frederick L. Clark, 80, of Waynesburg, died at 12:15 AM ...

Dziakiewicz/Kowalewski Posted on: 30 Jan 2004, by  drondi7

Surnames > Dziekiewicz

Looking for information on the Dziakiewicz family from Poland. Adam Kowalewski father of Alice (Aleksandra). Aleksandra married Marcell Dziakiewicz and had two sons; Leon Theodore and Michael (Mickey). Marc...

Racketeering in Chicago Posted on: 12 Mar 2004, by  Grizabel

Localities > North America > United States > States > Illinois > Counties > Cook

Hey everyone! There has been a story circulating through my family for generations that we had an Uncle deported from the US for Racketeering. This was the reason for a surname change in 1930. I wa...

Salemi's in Cleveland, OH Posted on: 12 Mar 2004, by  Grizabel

Surnames > Salemi

Hi everyone! My Great-Grandmother was Maria C. Salemi (1882-1972). 1900 Census records say she was married and emmigrated to the US in 1900. She married Vincenzo Calcagno who later changed his name...

Re: Racketeering in Chicago Posted on: 14 Mar 2004, by  Grizabel

Localities > North America > United States > States > Illinois > Counties > Cook

Hey Cheri, All I know is that my Great-Grandfather, Vincenzo Calcagno (AKA Vincent Maley) 1876-1959 and possibly two brothers lived in Chicago, IL then moved to Cleveland, OH to start a cab company. ...

OBIT: Sophie Tomasiewicz Kowalewski d. 2004 Chicago Area Illinois IL Posted on: 30 Mar 2004, by  Lisa__Small

Surnames > Tomaszewski

...Sophonisba, or some other name. -- LS Published in the Chicago Tribune on 3/29/2004. Sophie (Tomasiewicz) Kowalewski Sophie Kowalewski, nee Tomasiewicz, beloved wife of the late Casimir W.; loving mother of Joyce ...

New contact information Posted on: 22 May 2004, by Gary Lew

Surnames > Bartosiewicz

Since my last post I have a new email address. I can be reached at garyalew at hotmail. I have learned a great deal about my family and their villages since my last post. I am willing to share this i...

Clara M. Yechout (1906-2003) obit Posted on: 06 Jun 2004, by Vikki Czaplewski Henry

Localities > North America > United States > States > Nebraska > Counties > Douglas

...nephew, Johnny D. Yechout. Survived by nieces and spouses, Clara and Lawrence Bruning, Cheryl and Kelan Kowalewski, Marilyn and Frank Stoysich and Merri Helm; nephews and spouses, Rudolph Jr. and Annette Yecho...

My Bartoszewicz Family Posted on: 20 Oct 2004, by Gary

Surnames > Bartosiewicz

My Bartoszewicz family originates from what is now present day western Belarus, from the villages of Naliboki and Rudnia Nalibocka. These villages are located about midpoint between the cities of Mins...

Re: Searching for Godlewski in Osobnica / Help with Parishes Posted on: 01 Dec 2004, by  teofilak_1

Localities > Central Europe > Poland > Podkarpackie

...have not contained any pre-marriage contract. The marriage was conducted by the priest Józef Kowalewski of the Wąsewo parish. This act was read to the present who were illiterate and signed by the priest

Walter Brzozowski Posted on: 06 Dec 2004, by Mary

Surnames > Brzozowski

Looking for info or family related to Walter Brzozowski born abt.1902 in Russia/Poland and came to Detroit, Michigan.

Re: Zakrzewski in Jersey City NJ starting around 1900 Posted on: 23 Feb 2005, by  JDupon85

Surnames > Zakrewski

...24 m. Ludwika Truchan, daughter of John T & Karolina Augustynowicz, age 18; 28 Feb 1897, Antoni Kowalewski, son of Franciszek K & Rozalia Witoczewska, living at 132 Steuben, age 36 m. Urszula Rynkiewi...

Re: Holewinski/ Cholewinski Posted on: 11 Mar 2005, by  bldr324

Surnames > Holewinski

Julian and Jozefa were my grandparents through my fathers side of the family. ( Kowalewski ) Thomas Knowles from Buffalo NY. I am trying to put together as much information as I can.

Re: DeCarlo/Cantie, Buffalo, NY Posted on: 11 Mar 2005, by Gary

Surnames > Fiorito

...Italy) and Angeline Cantie (from Michigan). My mother was one of their children - Gloria Cecilia DeCarlo Kowalewski. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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