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Waisanen /Väisänen Posted on: 21 Nov 1999, by Wilfred (Bill) Salo

Surnames > Waisanen locate relatves in the USA that maybe related to her. Some names I have heard are: Fred and Carl Waisanen, possibly living in the state of Michigan. I would very much like to contact any of these relatives...

Waisanen Search Posted on: 22 Jan 2000, by  bwais_1000

Surnames > Waisanen

Dear Sir: I am married to Fred Waisanen's nephew.

Waisanen, Hilda Posted on: 23 Jan 2000, by Wilfred Salo

Surnames > Waisanen

I think we are distantly related through my mother's cousin, Simon Waisanen, who lived in Eckville, Alberta, Canada. I have an Address for a Fred Waisanen, who lives, lived in E. Lansing, Michigan. I also have names:...

Carl Waisanen Posted on: 20 Feb 2000, by Steve Waisanen

Surnames > Waisanen

Carl Waisanen lives in Dollar Bay Michigan

Waisanen Posted on: 23 Feb 2000, by Bill Salo

Surnames > Waisanen

Are your related to Fred Waisanen who lives in Marquette,Mi. If you are , then we are related as well, as Fred Is my mother's cousins son. Please reply directly to my e-mail address

Hi... Posted on: 01 Jul 2000, by Heather Waisanen

Surnames > Waisanen name is Heather Waisanen...i'm 14 years old and live in Jax. Florida...if anyone knows or is related to Earl or Audrey Waisanen please reply and let me know who you are!! thanks!

Rappana/Raappana Posted on: 18 Jan 2001, by  darrellk1

Surnames > Rappana

...was July of 1850. Isaac came to America in 1880. Matti came over in the 1880's. Isaac's wife was Anna Waisanen born in Jokijarvi, Finland on April 14, 1854. Matti's wife Kristina Erkkila was born in 1864 in ...

Waisanen's - Alston/Nisula Michigan (U.P) Posted on: 22 Apr 2001, by  M_Lappi

Surnames > Waisanen

I have a lot of information regarding the Waisanen Brothers from the Alston/Nisula area. I remember going to "the farm" when I was young. "Aunt Esther" Moilanen her husband "Ronald&q...

Waisanen Family of Hancock, MI Posted on: 21 Jul 2001, by Gary Waisanen

Surnames > Waisanen

I am a grandson of Andrew Waisanen, of Hancock, MI. He was married to Regina Manninen and had three children: my father, Roy Waisanen, born 1924, Irene (Rautiola), and Walter Waisanen. I do not know Walter or Irene's years ...

Waisanen surname Posted on: 13 Aug 2001, by Michele

Surnames > Waisanen

Greetings from Englewood, FL - Heather ask your parents if they know of any Waisanen relatives that emigrated from Finland to Michigan & if you currently have any living in Michigan. -

Waisanen,Neil,Bertha,Roger,Marcia,Gerald,Arvo Posted on: 13 Aug 2001, by Michele

Surnames > Waisanen

Also searching the Waisanen surname: This obituary was sent to on Sunday, October 08, 2000 as follows: I remember someone on this list looking for t...

George Palmer Mickelson, 1920-2001 Posted on: 09 Nov 2001, by  stonecoldead

Surnames > Palmer

...Sunday, October 28, 2001 in his home. He was born February 20, 1920 in Lawler, the son of John and Mary (Waisanen) Mickelson. George married Lois McEwen on December 12, 1949 in Aitkin. George is survived by...

Re: Waisanen /Väisänen Posted on: 11 Jan 2002, by Kari Koivuniemi

Surnames > Waisanen

My mothers maiden name is Väisänen. I am born and raised in Kemijarvi, Finland. My Grand-father is Martti Väisänen who was born in Savukoski, North-East Finland near the Russian bo...

Re: Waisanen /Väisänen Posted on: 15 Jan 2002, by Wilfred(Bill) Salo

Surnames > Waisanen

Kari Koivuneimi Received your query regarding Waisanen/Vaisanen Please contact me direct at (formerly My mother was born is Soumasalmi, near the russian border. I have a wkole bu...

More about Väisänen family Posted on: 30 Jan 2002, by Kari Koivuniemi

Surnames > Waisanen

My Grandfather is Martti Väisänen, he is from Savukoski, Finland (Lapland), below is some detailed information about his father Edward Väisänen. According to below, he originally c...

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