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Headright Quandary

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Re: Headright Quandary

Posted: 30 May 2007 12:38PM GMT
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Magdalene is the daughter of Magdalene the second wife of Henri (the immigrant, I will continue to spell his name in the Franch way). She may or may not be Henri's daughter. Another of my quandaries is why Henri paid for the passage of Magdalene (mother) and Magdalene (child). She (the mother) could not have been a relative or Henri wouldn't have been able to marry her. Yet there he is claiming the headrights for the two Magdalenes and it states one is his second wife and the other is "her" daughter. I see three possibilities: 1) Magdalene was Henri's girlfriend/mistress. That kind of thing happened and if this is the case, Magdalene (the child) could have been his. 2) Magdalene (mother) paid for the passage of herself and her daughter but once she married Henri, he "owned" whatever she owned and could therefore claim the headrights. I am not sure about the law on this as women had dower rights to land and could own other property outright (like slaves) so I don't know if the headrights would become Henri's upon marriage. 3) Something else I haven't thought of yet! I am going to have to switch gears for a while and probably won't get back to this question until July or later. As for Henry the son of Henri, most people seem to think he was the child who came with Henri and his first wife Mary/Marie on the ship Mary & Ann although I've not seen documentation. He did certainly marry a Jane Allen. Somehow he doesn't get mentioned in the headright claim cited above. I've been thinking about that quandary, too. I read somebody said he was born at sea and if so, that would explain the lack of a headright. Henri had to prove in court that he had paid passage for those he claimed a headright for. There would be no such payment or proof of same for a child born on the voyage. Still, I am a stickler for documentation and haven't seen any for this. As for Matthew and George, most folks say the third wife Mary (Harrison) was their mother but again I've seen no documentation so I would say Matthew's mother could have been any of the wives and George's could have been either the second or third. This stuff is complicated! We have got to demand and seek documentation if we care about getting the correct ancestors. So, look around and see if you can find an expert on Colonial VA headrights (other colonies had different rules). There must be one somewhere! Then put the problem to this person (you can quote my original post) and see if s/he has any ideas about what the confusing data means and where we might find documentation. Also, look for baptisms and marriages of these folks to see if those documents provide any info. I'm not going to hold my breath for the appearance of such evidence but I sure would be happy to see it. Message boards, like other internet venues, can be useful tools of communication but I am afraid that a good many serious and knowledgeable genealogists are driven away by the totally unsupported nonsense which is too often posted. Maybe we could make this board a good source of reliable data!!! -------Jo
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