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Am i the only one?

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Paulo T. Andretti Michelotto Cappelletti (View posts)
Posted: 3 Mar 2000 10:11AM GMT
Dear Juliette,

01- You have the most beautifull name of our family, GIULIETTA,and tha´s the reason why, I think, Ryan asked you if it was true...Shakespeare writted her history...
02- I´m a Cappelletti, and my information to you is true. You don´t know that I´m 54 y. Old, but if you saw my Home Page, or my ICQ ( 8919999 ) all these things are there.
03- That´s the right way , I think, we could help each other and be a great family. SO:
04- Let´s try begin to find your mummy and brother: GIVE ME and to the others, please, such bits of information like:

05- 1. e- mail, ICQ, where you live (city), wher you´ve born, when...
2. the names of mummy and brother ( I know, you don´t know...), other relatives,
3. histories you heard in family ABOUT family
4. where do you think they came from ( from Italy, I mean), When they came in USA.....There are many registrations of immigrants, you know...
5. why they desapear? Your father maried (or loved) another person?
What´s her family name...etc...
I know you had made all these questions to yourself, but I don´t know if you did to other people interested on your history.. . and that can help...
Why am I interested? Because I´m a Cappelletti, i´m an old man, and may be I would do that for a lot of other people...and, the last not least, because you are JULIETTE, our queen, ok?
6- Try to make contact with me by e- mail or ICQ , ok, my sweet lady?
7- I will do my best, and if you don´t have any news of mummy and bro, you have a new brother called Paulo, ok? But I think you will find them...
7- I´m thinking to open a HP of our families ( an idea of Michelle Michelotto, I knew here on Internet ...).
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