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Lumbee Indian tribe in SC

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Re: Lumbee Indian tribe in SC

Posted: 27 Jul 2002 10:15PM GMT
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Edited: 4 Mar 2003 9:38PM GMT
Surnames: Chaves(Chavez,Chivers,Chivors,Chaver ) Hutto,Bell
Last year I found a very detailed family tree of the Chaves(Chavez) family here on ANCESTRY.COM.Now it does not pop up.Does anyone know why thismight be???My copy was packed recently ,bt accident,during a move.I was hoping to pull up a new copy.I cannot find it!!If anyone else has a copy,could you post it on this site again!It has the answers to most everyones questions here.
the Chavez (also spelled Chavis,chavers,chivors ect) family of NOrth and South Carolina are members of the Lumbee tribe as well as PeeDee.They have always been a prominant family in these tribes.The PeeDee are somehow an offshoot of the Lumbee.All are descendants of the same family.When you get into this family tree you will find alot of inner family and clan marriages.LIke me, you will probably find that your granparents share great grandparents and so can be confusing.They have a very interesting history!!! Most are descendants of Ishmael Chaves who is recorded as a Cheif of the PeeDee indians.(MAny were indentured at a very young age,being returned to their families as teen agers.This went on for several generations.Very sad!)
PeeDee is sometimes used as a geographical orientation as well as tribal .The people are also found classified as Croaton,Melungeon(incorrectly) and colored(not necessarily meaning black,anyone who was not white was classified as colored).At one point in histroy some of the PeeDee(Lumbee) were forced to relocate onto a Cherokee reservation.That is why some can be found registered as CHerokee.Most did not like this situation or classification as their culture was different than the Cherokee .Also the Lumbee/PeeDee do not have a language anymore,the Cherokee ,of course,do.
However their is evidence that some of the relatives of Ishmael Chavis took some of the people and formed the Cawtaba tribe.SOme of them are in the Carolinas,some were relocated to Colorado.They do still have a language.One might assume it is the same or very similiar to the language
once spoken by the PeeDee/Lumbee people.But I dont know for sure.
Most Lumbee can be found in the areas of Orangeburg South Carolina and Robenson North Carolina(the headquarters for the tribe) The PeeDee bands tend to be more eager to assist in providing geneology information.Some people assume that the name Chaves has its origins in Spain or France.No,"Portagee" is the answer given by the elders.That is also the answer that was often given when they were questioned about the variety of skin colors.The Croaton people vary greatly in hair,eye and skin color.Do not assume this is because they mixed with whites often.Remember,for many years,they married into their own clans.They are also sometimes recorded as Germans or Dutch.They did this to avoid persecution,forced labor conditions,removal of their children and other such abuse inflicted on so many Native Americans.
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