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Meaning and Origin of Name

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Meaning of name D'Onofrio

Posted: 7 Nov 2000 8:57AM GMT
Edited: 17 Apr 2004 6:38PM GMT
D'Onofrio is a patronymic name which means "Son of Onofrio". Onofrio is an archaic first name that was used in Italy years ago but is not used very often today. The name is of religious origins. The name is derived from Onuphrius, a saint. The name Onofrio is of Latin derivation, based on the name Onnuphrius. This name literally means "always happy". The name was popularized by the saint of the name; St. Onofrio was a fifth century hermit and martyr of Thebaid, Egypt. In early Christian times, parents were encouraged to bestow the names of saints and holy men on their children in the hope of
invoking divine blessing on the children.

In Spanish, the saint is referred to as San Onofre. There is a city in California of that name.

This is a short biography of Saint Onuphrius, from The Dictionary of Saints, by John J. Delaney:

Onuphrius (died circa 400). While on a visit to the hermits of Thebaid in Egypt to find out if the eremitical life (a religious, hermitlike, reclusive life) was for him, Abbot Paphnutius met
Onuphrius, who told him he had been a monk in a monastery but had left to follow the eremitical life, which he had done for seventy years. During the night the abbot stayed with the hermit;
the next morning, after food had miraculously appeared the previous evening, Onuphrius told Paphnutius that the Lord had told him he, Onuphrius, was to die and that Paphnutius had been sent by the Lord to bury him. Onuphrius did die, Paphnutius buried him in a hole in the mountainside, and the site immediately disappeared, as if to tell the abbot that he was not to remain there. The story was put
into writing by one of his monks and was already popular in the sixth century. The day of observance of Saint Onuphrius is June 12.
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