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Garver/Garber Marriages - Stark Co., Ohio - through 1920

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Garver/Garber Marriages - Stark Co., Ohio - through 1920

Dennis Coupe (View posts)
Posted: 1 Mar 2005 6:08PM GMT
Classification: Marriage
Garver/Garber Marriages - Stark Co., Ohio - through 1920.

There may be some mistakes as it was hard to read the recorders' handwriting and my own notes.

Garver, Frances A. Franks, John; 4/1/1827
Garver, Eliza Weaver, John; 5/23/1833
Garver, Maria Grabill, Joseph; 11/14/1839
Garver, Lydia Keerhi(?), George; 3/3/1841
Garber, Salome Hess, George; 3/7/1850
Garver, Lena Revere, Michael; 12/7/1851
Garver, Jacob Buchtel, Molly; 6/9/1819
Garver, David Buchtel, Susanna; 1/26/1826
Garver, Joseph Grove, Mary; 12/3/1837
Garver, Christian Kern, Catherine; 9/21/1851
Garber, Lyda Conard, Elias; 3/30/1854
Garber, Margaret Gerber, Abraham P.; 2/27/1855
Garber, Jacob K. Gimber, Catherine; 9/13/1857
Garver, Philip A. Kapizky, Franciska; 10/10/1858
Garver, Alexander Stahl,Erissa;1/1/1862 -
(couldn't find license)

Garber, George Snyder, Catherine; 6/15/1865
Garver, Mena Hess, Philip; 6/18/1860
Garber, Adeline Byler, Jonathon; 1/2/1862
Garver, Harmon Steelsmith, Irene; 4/25/1869
Garver, David A. Welker, Elma; 11/18/1869
Garver, Albert Smith, Mary; 8/4/1870
Garver, Jacob Hostetter, Mary Ann; 3/29/1870
Garber, Elias Snively, Maria; 2/23/1873
Garver, Thomas Plantz, Clara; 8/8/1878
Garver, Albert Uhl, Helen L.; 6/19/1879
Garber, Randolph Baughman, Mary; 6/18/1879
Garver, Frank Roth, Melissa; 1/27/1880
Garber, Maria Sommer, Henry; 2/23/1864
Garber, Elizabeth Hostetter, Daniel; 11/2/1878
Garver, Lewis Snyder, Leah E.; 12/2/1883
Garver, Frederick (64y) Shock, Caroline (40y);
Garver, Mary Wilhelm, Andrew; 9/16/1880
Garber, Sade Sickmiller, William; 11/4/1880
Garver, William (40y) Blocksorn, Ella (31y); 1/10/1889
Garver, Adam (26y) Knepler, Sarah (26y);
Garver, Gill A. (24y) Baltzly, Viola (21y); 3/5/1890
Garver, Susan (24y) Ertle, Edward M. (25y);
Garver, Elnora (23y) Sibila, Charles H. (27y);
Garver, Laura G. (29y) Miller, Charles E. (27y);
Garver, Nora (25y) Brown, Charles (27y); 6/23/1897

The spacing doesnt come out quite right on the following. In general they read:

name name marriage date
dob place dob place
parents parents

Gerber, Rose Garman, John S.; 5/10/1899
8/31/1879 Switzerland 8/1/1875 _______
Godfrey Gerber, Margaret Graff Frederick Garman,
Anne M. Biery

Garber, Christian Keller, Melissa; 8/21/1900
5/8/1874 Brookfield, Ohio 11/22/1880 Stanwood, Stark
Co., Ohio
Christian Garber, Geneva Malter Emanuel Keller, Odessa Shank

Garver, Stella Haubert, Nicholas; 11/22/1902
2/18/1883 Massilon, Ohio 10/27/1879 Germany
Thomas Garver, Clara Plantz Peter Haubert, Lena Busch

Garver, Charles G. Beer, Minnie V.; 11/17/1903
3/19/1871 Bellefonte, Pa. 10/10/1875 Huntington, Pa.
Charles Garver, Mary R. Gilmore Cyrus Beer, Hannah Yount

Garver, William S. May, Lydia; 2/16/1904
3/11/1878 Blair Co., Pa. 27y Louisville, Ohio
Michael F. Garver, Elizabeth Showalter Joseph May, ____

Garver, Josephine McIllevaine, Frank N.; 8/8/1905
2/14/1880 Pa. 4/16/1871 Pa.
Louis Garver, ___ Robert G. McIllevaine, Susanna
L. ___

Garver, Flora E. Adley, William J.; 6/19/1907
5/19/1887 Navarre, Ohio 10/16/1885 Navarre, Ohio
H. D. Garver, Harriet Johnson John Adley, Clara Keifer

Garver, Henry Edward Hershberger, Mabel Grace;
12/15/1885 Huntington, Pa 10/28/1885 Fair Hope, Ohio
Michael F. Garver, Alice F. ____ Eli Hershberger, Caroline Lash

Garver, Alice Boerner, Edward F.;
4/2/1884 W. Brookfield, Ohio 6/9/1886 Massilon, Ohio
Thomas Garver, ____ Plantz Louis Boerner, ____ Borone

Garver, Cora M. Rinehart, George; 3/5/1910
9/4/1884 Guernsey Co., Ohio 9/21/1888 Waynesburg
Theodore Garver, ?lorna JohnsonValentine Rinehart, Christine

Garver, Floyd Mulinax, Ide; 8/9/1911
3/28/1887 Deersville, Ohio 7/14/1892 Marietta, Ohio
Theodore Garver, Naoma JohnsonCharles Mulinax, Margaret

Garver, Louis Smith, Maud; 5/6/1913
12/2/1867 Monroe Co., Michigan5/11/1877 Guernsey Co., Ohio
George Garver, Mary Bilcore Isaac Kimble, Sadie Booth

Garver, Arthur A. Bratchi, Margaret; 12/10/1911
9/10/1877 Wayne Co., Ohio 5/12/1878 Switzerland
William W. Garver, Rebecca DycheChristian Bratchi, Margaret

Garver, Elizabeth Snyder, Peter; 1/22/1912
5/10/1893 Massilon, Ohio 3/1/1888 Massilon, Ohio
Peter Garver, Barbara Passy Thomas Snyder, Clara Blantz

Garver, A. Gertrude Hamilton, Edwin A.; 4/15/1915
11/24/1892 Navarre, Ohio 12/22/1891 Toledo, Ohio
Harmon Garver, Hattie HansomGeorge Hamilton, Priscilla Wright

Garver, Howard Best, Alma; 2/19/1916
6/27/1891 Canton, Ohio 8/12/1894 Canton, Ohio
Frank Garver, Melissa Roth James J. Best, Anna Leiser

Garver, Homer M. Lichtenwalter, Mary K.;
8/19/1892 Harrison Co., Ohio 3/7/1896 East Sparta, Ohio
Theodore Garver, Naoma JohnsonWilliam Lichtenwalter, Ida Yant

Garver, Philip A. Denzer, Lola O.; 10/22/1918
3/17/1892 Strasburg, Ohio 12/2/1891 Baltic, Ohio
G. Albert Garver, Viola Baltzly Adam Denzer, Mary Hoebler

Garver, James W. Hoverland, Mildred L.;
12/16/1889 Harrison Co., Ohio 1/10/1898 Stark Co., Ohio
Newton T. Garver, Naoma JohnsonOrrin Hoverland, Pearl Reed
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