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Holt family from TN, VA, OK

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Holt family from TN, VA, OK

Posted: 17 Apr 2008 9:12PM GMT
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I have been very successful in find links so far. I have tracked my Holt line back to VA to the mid 1700's. Here is my family. Please check yours. Good luck. David Holt


Henry Holt was born in Amelia County, VA.


Edmund Holt, Sr., born est. 1748 - 1784 in Patrick County, VA; died est. 1814 - 1869; married est. 1771 - 1824. Probably the son of Henry Holt of Amelia County, VA and the grandfather of Edmund of Giles County, TN, served with Capt. Joseph Martin’s Company during 1776 and 1777 at Rye Cove on the Clinch River, Scott County, VA, and Fort Patrick Henry, VA, near Kingsport, TN.1 Recruits for this unit came from Western Pittsylvania County, VA.

Armstead Anderson of Pittsylvania County, VA, served with Edmund, Sr., at Rye Cove. The following is an excerpt from his Revolutionary War Pension Application: "Entered service under Capt. Joseph Martin in August, 1776, marched to Ft. Chiswell where we met and joined other companies under Gen. William Christian. Marched to Holston River, to Eaton’s Station about 6 miles from Long Island (present day Kingsport, TN). To Big Island Town where some Indians came in with prisoners, one a Mrs. Beane, mother of the man for whom Beane’s Station is named. Marched back up the Tennessee River, destroying Indian towns to Long Island. Discharged. Again enlisted under Joseph Martin who was left to guard the frontier, stayed at Long Island until Christmas. To Rye Cove. Detached to escort some settlers to Powell’s Valley who wished to regain articles they had left behind during the hostilities. Attacked by Indians. Discharged at Rye Cove and returned home.”

Serving with Edmund, Sr., at Rye Cove and Ft. Patrick Henry were men who would later return as settlers in early East Tennessee. Among them are William Holt and Stephen Holt. It is reasonable to believe that William and Stephen were related to Edmund. A Stephen Holt is later living in Sullivan County, TN. This Stephen fought at Kings Mountain with the “Over Mountain Men”.

Edmund Holt, Sr., appears first in the Henry County, VA, tax list of 1770 and is listed as living near Crooked Creek next to Francis Holt2. He moved from Henry County just over the border into Surry/ Stokes County, NC, about 1784. This may have been a border change as he was still living near Crooked Creek. Edmund was listed in the North Carolina 1784 Tax List as living near Ambrose Holt, son-in-law of Elijah Estes. Ambrose Holt first lived on Snow Creek, Henry County, VA, and sold this land to Philmer (Filmer) Green after the death of Elijah Estes. Ambrose bought land and moved to Surry County, NC, on Crooked Creek, which joined the Virginia border.

Edmund, Sr., had left Surry County by 17903. He is found in the 1799 Tax Rolls of Grainger County, TN, listed as Edward Holt. He signed a petition to the General Assembly of Tennessee in 1799 from the citizens of Grainger County “concerning that it will not be to the advantage of the Publick at Large to add any part of Grainger County to Jefferson” 4. He is listed as Edmund Holt in the 1804 and 1805 Tax Lists of Grainger County where he pays tax on 500 acres of land north of Clinch Mountain on the Kentucky Road. In the next Tax List, Stephen Shelton of Grainger, Maury and Giles Counties is taxed for this property. See Stephen Shelton and Philmer Green.

Several other Holt families of Giles County are probably related to the Edmund Holt family. Among them are the families of David Holt, born 1792 in NC, Robert P. Holt and Wiley and Mary Bell Holt.


Edmund Holt was born about 1794 / 17955 in Territory South of the Ohio River, now East Tennessee (probably Grainger County TN / NC), died est. 1862. He probably was the grandson of Edmund Holt of Henry / Patrick Counties, VA, Surry / Stokes Counties, NC, and Grainger County, TN. Edmund Holt enlisted in Danforth’s 24th Infantry Regiment on October 3, 1814 at Bean’s Station, Grainger County, TN.6 He served with this unit until the end of the War. He received his discharge at Camp Mandeville, Mississippi Territory, on March 22, 1815. His original discharge describes him as “21 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches high, gray eyes, sandy hair, fair complexion, and by occupation a farmer.” He received 160 acres in Illinois Territory by Bounty Land Warrant 6572-160-1812. The location of this land was made January 20, 1818 on the SE2O 7N 8E. He assigned this land to Hon. Mosely, the congressman from Connec¬ticut, on the day it was issued.

Edmund Holt married Nancy Polly Emmery July 11, 1819 in Rhea County, TN7. The 1850 and 1860 Census records name his wife Nancy. Polly and Nancy may have been the same person. Little is known about Nancy except she was born about 1800 in North Carolina and died in Pulaski, TN, on October 26, 18728. North Carolina may have been Tennessee before it became a state. Several of her children reported in various census data that she was born in Tennessee. Her birth year in census data varies; she ages very slowly as she grows older.

Edmund Holt of Giles County, TN is listed in the 1830 Census of Maury County, TN. He moved from Maury County to Giles County between 1832 and 1834.9 Three of his children were enrolled in school in the Thirteenth District of Giles County on June 30, 1838.10 Edmund Holt is listed in the roll of the 1840 Census of Knox County, TN11, page 55, and the October 31, 1850 Census of Giles County, Tennessee, District #8 with his family. He is listed as a farmer. He, along with his children, Mary Holt and Francis Marion Holt, moved to Shoal Ford, Limestone County, Alabama, between 1855 and 1858.12 Edmund Holt is listed as a farmer in the June 20, 1860 Census for the Post Office Shoal Ford, Limestone County, AL, Division #1, page #37, sheet #435. His daughter, Mary A. Stevenson, her husband Silvista B. and their son Allen W., age 2, are living with them. Silvista B. Stevenson is listed as a wagon maker. Edmund Holt probably died at Shoal Ford about 1861. His wife, Nancy, and daughter, Mary Holt Stephenson, moved back to Pulaski in Giles County about 1862. Edmund Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343065. The children of Edmund Holt and Nancy Polly Emmery were:
I. Elizabeth Holt, born ca 1818, died est. 1858 - 1913; married, est. 1839, John Gilliam, born 1818 in NC, died est. 1859 - 1909, son of John D. and Mary Elizabeth Gilliam13 The Children of Elizabeth Holt and John Gilliam were:
1. Mary Ann Gilliam, born 1840; married 1854 John W. Sewart. The children of Mary Ann Gilliam and John W. Sewart were:
1. George Washington Stewart, born 1856.
2. John Stewart, born 1858; never married.
2. John E. Gilliam, born 1841; married Martha, listed in Searcy County, AK, 1870. The children of John E. Gilliam and Martha were:
1. Martin Gilliam, born 1869, AK.
2. John H. Gilliam, born 1870, AK.
3. Thomas E. Gilliam, born 1873, Giles County, TN.
4. Lucinda E. Gilliam, born 1876, Giles County, TN.
5. George C. Gilliam, born 1879, Giles County, TN.
6. Frank M. Gilliam, born 1882.
7. Sarah J. Gilliam, born 1886.
8. Lucy A. Gilliam, born 1889.
3. Sarah E. Gilliam, born 1844; married Riddle.
4. George W. Gilliam, born 1847; married Elvira Covey. The children of George W. Gilliam and Elvira Covey were:
1. Ella Gilliam, born October 1877, died 1952.
2. Lula Gilliam, born August 1879.
3. John Buford Gilliam, born 1881; married Anna Holt.
4. Mable Gilliam married Hoyt Birdsong.
5. James Polk Gilliam, born 1887; died 1972; married Doris Williams.
6. Robert Gilliam, born January 1889;
(1) Zona Woodfin and
(2) Bess Chapman.
7. Nina Gilliam, born December 1893; married John Brazier.
5. Susan Ann Gilliam, born 1854; married in Giles County, TN, Columbus Floumoy Bray. The children of Susan Ann Gilliam and Columbus Floumoy Bray were:
1. Mary Elizabeth Bray, born 1880 in TN; died 1960; married Columbus Flowers.
2. Emma Bray, born in TN; married Evans.
3. Jennie Bray, born in TN; married Guinn.
4. Tennie Bray, born in TN; married J. B. Collins.
5. Jessie Bray, born in TN; married Highland.
6. Elma Bray, born in TN; married Bilbry.
7. Effie Bray, born in TN; married Holmes.
8. Nysa Bray, born in TN; married Don Hoskins.

6. Nancy Virginia Gilliam (Jennie), born 1856; married Morgan Hensley Bray, brother to Columbus Floumoy Bray. The children of Nancy Virginia Gilliam and Morgan Hensley Bray were:
1. Minnie Bray, born 1881; married Ransom.
2. John W. Bray, born 1884.
3. Mary A. Bray, born 1887; married in Wise County, TX, her cousin, Elbert (Rock) Holt, son of Alvis Smithson Holt and Harriett R. Nevels. See Alvis Smithson Holt. The child of Mary A. Bray and Elbert Holt was:
(1) Finis Holt.
4. Thomas Grady Bray, born 1890.
5. Morgan Cleve Bray, born 1892.
6. Austin F. Bray, born 1897.
7. Lillie R’Della Bray, born 1900; married (1) a Melton.

II. Son, born ca 1820 - 1825, died est. 1881-1910. This son is probably H. Soloman Holt who is listed near Edmund Holt in the 1850 Census of Giles County. H. Soloman Holt married Martha Banes in Green County, Alabama. He is found in the 1880 Census of Morgan County, Alabama, as Soloman H. Holt with a son whose name is Edmund. Soloman Holt and Edmund Holt signed trust deeds to Abdulla Brunson in Giles County, TN, 174814

III. Daughter, born ca 1820 - 1825.16 Died est. 1825 - 1916.

IV. Edmund A. Holt, born ca 1824. Died 21 October 1852, Giles County, TN. His estate was administered by his brother, Elijah William Holt.16 Married Malissa Hayes October 26, 1852 in TN.

V. Sarah Adeline Holt, born ca 1826 in TN, died est. 1870 - 1921; married ca 1844 in TN, Alverse (Alvis) Levin Gilliam, born 1820 in NC, died est. 1870 - 1912, son of John D. and Mary Elizabeth Gilliam.17 The children of Sarah Adeline Holt and Alverse Levin Gilliam were:
1. John Anderson Duff Gilliam, born 1845, Giles County, TN; died 1925;
(1) 1865, Margaret Ruth Cowan. The children of John Anderson Duff Gilliam and Margaret Ruth Cowan were:
1. Thomas Bently Gilliam, born 1867.
2. William Cowan Gilliam, born 1869.
3. June Etta Gilliam, born 1873; married Stephen Newberry Dixon.
4. Oder Francis Gilliam, born 1875; married Rebecca (Becky) Dixon. His mother, Margaret Ruth Cowan, died in childbirth when he was born.
(2) 1885, Mary Adelaide Hewitt, daughter of John Marshall Hewitt and Martha Frances Williamson of Lynnville, Giles County, TN. Lived in Manor, Travis County, TX, and McLennan County, TX. The children of John Anderson Duff Gilliam and Mary Adelaide Hewitt were:
5. Ada Rose Gilliam, born 1886.
6. Alvis Luther Gilliam, born 1888.
7. Ernest Eugene Gilliam, born 1891.
8. J. D. Gilliam, born 1895 in Texas.
9. Homer Guy Gilliam, born 1898.
10. Edgar Giles Gilliam, born 1900.
11. Joseph Lee Gilliam, born 1902.
2. Thomas Porter Gilliam, born 1847 in Giles County, TN;
(1) ___ Raines,
(2) Comelia Frances Covey; lived in Lynnville, Giles County, TN. The children of Thomas Porter Gilliam and Comelia Frances Covey were:
1. Cora Belle Gilliam, born 1872.
2. John Thomas Gilliam, born 1879; married Henrietta Hargrove. The child of John Thomas Gilliam and Henrietta Hargrove was:
(1) Maggie Belle Gilliam, born 1900; married Grady Thurman. The children of Maggie Belle Gilliam and Grady Thurman were:
(1) Ralph Thurman.
(2) Jean Thurman; married A. D. Woodard.
(2) Odie Mae Gilliam, born 1903; married Huie Tice. The children of Odie Mae Gilliam and Huie Tice were:
(1) Sara Tice.
(2) Billie Tice.
(3) Jesse Gilliam, born 1906; unmarried.
(4) Joe Ray Gilliam, born 1909;
(1) Viola Story
(2) Mary Mash. The children of Joe Gilliam were:
(1) Virginia Gilliam,
(2) David Peach.
(2) Joe Evelyn Gilliam, married Fitzgerald.
(3) Jasmine Gilliam; married Campbell.
(4) Janette Gilliam, twin sister of Annetta.
(5) Annetta Gilliam, twin sister of Janette.
(5) Allen C. Gilliam, born 1914; married Mary Foster; lived in Columbia, TN.
(6) Betty June Gilliam; married Horace Webster Hickman. The children of Betty June Gilliam and Horace Webster Hickman were:
(1) Dwight Hickman.
(2) Don Hickman.
(3) Steve Hickman.
(7) Darlene Joy Gilliam; married O. G. Church. The children of Darlene Joy Gilliam and O. G. Church were:
(1) Jeffrey Church.
(2) Kimberly Joy Church.
(8) Minnie Norene Gilliam; married Carl E. Chruch. The children of Minnie Norene Gilliam and Carl E. Church were:
(1) Dodd Edward Church.
(1) Dana Jade Chruch.
3. Alvis Monroe Gilliam (Uncle Babe), born 15 December 1850 in TN; died April 12, 1912; married December 19, 1880, Giles County, TN, Ada Merrill; moved to Ladonia, Hunt County, TX, before 1900. They are both buried in Cedar Point Cemetery near Ladonia, TX. Ada died in 1926. The children of Alvis Monroe Gilliam and Ada Merrill were:
1. Lala Dinisher Gilliam; married Alvin Kizer; died April 9, 1964. The child of Lala Dinisher Gilliam and Alvin Kizer was:
(1) R. D. Kizer; married Lorene Pendleton. The child of R. D. Kizer and Lorene Pendleton was:
(1) Vernell Kizer; married Dwayne Barber. Two children.
(2) Adren Kizer;
(1) Shannon Belte. The child of Adren Kizer and Shannon Belte was:
(1) Wilma Fae Kizer; married Bennie Martin of Arlington, TX. One girl and one boy.
(2) Second. Lived in Mineral Wells, TX. The children of Adren Kizer and second wife were:
(2) Lyndelle Lee Kizer, son of second wife.
(3) Graham Kizer, married Myra Dell Fields. No issue.
(4) Horace Wayne Kizer, married Jean Johnson.
(1) Randy Kizer.
(5) Junior Kizer.
(6) Beula Mae Kizer, died in 1949; married John Cobb. The children of Beula Mae Kizer and John Cobb were:
(1) James Dadelle Cobb, lived in Ecter, near Bonham, TX.
(2) J. W. Cobb, lived in Arlington, TX; had three girls.
(3) A. V. Cobb, lived in Hurst, TX; no issue.
(4) Billie Frank Cobb, lived in Ft. Worth, TX; no issue.
(5) Sandra Lee Cobb, married George Pearce; lived in Ft. Worth, TX; no issue.
(7) Gladys Opal Kizer, married Roy Edgar Thomas. The children of Gladys Opal Kizer and Roy Edgar Thomas were:
(1) Clera Bernice Thomas, married Glenn Huett. The children of Clera Bernice Thomas and Glenn Huett were:
(1) Rickey Huett.
(2) Ronnie Huett.
(2) Barbara Joyce Thomas, married Jim Forester. The child of Barbara Joyce Thomas and Jim Forester was:
(1) Derinda Derise Forester, born 4 November 1968.
(3) Roy Thomas, Jr., married April 1968, Nancie Long.
2. Edgar Gilliam.
3. William Gilliam. The child of William Gilliam was:
(1) Lorene Gilliam, married Clarence Williams, had a grocery store in Greenville, TX. The child of Lorene Gilliam and Clarence Williams was:
(1) Glenn Roy Williams, lived in Greenville, TX.
(2) Imogene Gilliam, married Ullom.
(3) Billy Gilliam.
(4) Alvis Burl Gilliam, lived in Greenville, TX.
4. Beulah Gilliam, married John Morris. The child of Beulah Gilliam and John Morris was:
(1) Joel B. Morris.
5. Ellarie Gilliam (Reatie), married Meton Whitt. The child of Ellarie Gilliam and Meton Whitt was:
(1) Loy Lee Whitt, married a Donahue, lived in Ft. Worth, TX.
6. John Thomas Gilliam. The child of John Thomas Gilliam was:
(1) Dorothy Gilliam, married Arris Kinkaide; lived in Jurst, TX. The children of Dorothy Gilliam and Arris Kinkaide were:
(1) Wanda Nell Kinkaide, married a WaIler.
(2) Gary Kinkaide, deceased at age 32.
(2) Imogene Gilliam,
(1) Doc McCauley
(2) Sellers. No issue.
(3) Juanita Gilliam, married John WaIler. The children of Juanita Gilliam and John Waller were:
(1) Janice Waller.
(2) Johnny Waller.
(3) Jerry Waller.
(4) J. T. Gilliam, Jr., lived in Ft. Worth, TX; a minister of The Church of God. He had one son and one daughter.
7. Betty Gilliam, died January 1979, Savoy, TX; married Hampton Melton, deceased in 1975, lived in Wolfe City, TX. The child of Betty Gilliam and Hampton Melton was:
(1) J. H. Melton, died November 1979, ten months after his mother.
8. Bertha Gilliam, died 20 November 1972; married Manson Melton, deceased in 1972; no issue.
9. Orleane Gilliam, died February 1972;
(1) Jack Leon Denton
(2) Green
She had four daughters.
10. Kenneth Gilliam;
(1) Goldie Denton. The son of Kenneth Gilliam and Goldie Denton was:
(1) Kenneth Earl Gilliam; lived in Dallas, TX.
(2) ?, lived in Dallas, TX.
4. Sarah A. Gilliam, born 1854; unmarried.
5. Mary Martha Gilliam, born 1857; unmarried.
6. Henry Edward Gilliam, born September 1859 in Giles County, TN; died March 1923, Goodsprings, Giles County, TN, buried Chestnut Cemetery, Giles County, TN;
married four times.
First three children, wife (1);
fourth child, wife (2);
fifth and sixth children, wife (3); was Anna Shelton, she was the widow Hammond when they married.
seventh child, wife (4).
1. William Gilliam, born 1881; died 1955; married Ella Raines; lived in Albany, GA. The children of William Gilliam and Ella Raines were:
(1) Lily Mae Gilliam, born 4 April 1905;
(1) William McCarty. The children of Lily Mae Gilliam and William McCarty were:
(1) William McCarty, Jr.
(2) Orion McCarty.
(3) Robert McCarty.
(4) Sue McCarty.
(2) Papell.
(2) Jack Flenore Gilliam, born 11 February 1907;
(1) Alma Dekle (one child)
(2) Lois Menshew (four children).
(3) William Lee Gilliam, born 7 March 1909; married Sallie Vickers.
(1) Mary F. Vickers.
(4) Seaborn Gilliam, born 29 July 1911; unmarried.
(5) Floyd Gilliam, born 22 June 1913; married Susie Collins; no issue.
(6) James Gilliam, born 27 July 1916; died 1968, Tallahassie, FL.
(7) Addie Lee Gilliam, born 8 October 1920; married Carl HarveII. The children of Addie Lee Gilliam and Carl Harvell were:
(1) Floyd Harvell.
(2) Jerry Harvell.
(3) Jerold Harvell.
(4) Bert Harvell.
(5) Dannie Harvell.
2. Ernest Allen Gilliam, born 8 September 1883; died 1944. Eight children by the two marriages. Ernest Allen Gilliam lived in Athens, Limestone County, AL. Children of Ernest Allen Gilliam were:
(1) in 1910, Rosie Randolph
(1) Eddie Richard Gilliam, born 24 March 1907; married Velma Woods; died 1944.
(2) Pearl Miller.
(2) Charles Shields Gilliam, born 14 January 1911 in AL; married lone Jernigan. The children of Charles Shields Gilliam and Ione Jernigan were:
(1) Juanita Marie Gilliam, born 1934; married Elvin Borroughs.
(2) Charles Edward Gilliam, born 1936; married Gayla Cockrell.
(3) Betty Irene Gilliam, born 1938; married Leslie E. Burroughs.
(4) James Donald Gilliam, born 1940; married Joyce Sledge.
(5) Bobby Allen Gilliam, born 1942; married Martha Sue Smith.
(6) Ronald Eugene Gilliam, born 1946; married Deborah Jeanette Nash.
(7) Anthony Steven Gilliam, born 1955.
(3) Margaret Jane Gilliam, born 16 July 1917;
(1) James Coleman,
(2) Bellamy.
(4) Ernest King Gilliam, born 8 November 1921; married and divorced Joyce Hobbs, lives Houston, TX.
(5) Elmo Emmett Gilliam, born 16 December 1923; married Ellares Bates.
(6) Thomas Allen Gilliam, born 22 November 1926; married Carolyn Patterson.
(7) Luther M. Gilliam, born 10 May 1928.
(8) Mattie Ruth Gilliam, born 22 July 1929; married William Reedus Reeves. Had two sons.
(9) Ethel Louise Gilliam, born 17 August 1932;
(1) Harold Graham
(2) Leonard E. Johnson.
3. Mack Henderson Gilliam, born 2 April 1891; married Maggie Stembridge; buried in Winterhaven, FL, Oaklawn Cemetery. The children of Mack Henderson Gilliam and Maggie Stembridge were:
(1) Dorothy Faye Gilliam, born in Winterhaven, Polk County, FL; married Carl Robert Dunlap. The children of Dorothy Faye Gilliam and Carl Robert Dunlap were:
(1) Carl Robert Dunlap, Jr. ; married Betty Mae Lewis. The children of Carl Robert Dunlap, Jr. and Betty Mae Lewis were:
(1) Betty Renee Dunlap.
(2) Bobbye Fae Dunlap.
(2) Mack Henderson Dunlap, born 21 January, 1947; married Tonia Jean Dixon; killed in a car accident, 1978. The children of Mack Henderson Dunlap and Tonia Jean Dixon were:
(1) Angeline Christine Dunlap.
(2) Freddie Mae Gilliam, married Perry Eugene Batson. Three children.
(3) Mack Henderson Gilliam, Jr., married Christine Kyser. The children of Mack Henderson Gilliam, Jr. and Christine Kyser were:
(1) Karen Denise Gilliam.
(2) Sheila Diane Gilliam.
(4) Essie Carolyn Gilliam, married Charles Crutchfield. The children of Essie Carolyn Gilliam and Charles Crutchfield were:
(1) Kathleen Crutchfiled.
(2) Terry Lee Crutchfield.
(3) Donald Eugene Crutchfield.
4. Ozaine (Chris) Gilliam, born 26 October 1896; married Margaret Wolfe. No issue.
5. Ocie Gilliam, born 24 December 1901;
(1) Lula Graves. The children of Ocie Gilliam and Lula Graves were:
(1) Mary Elizabeth Gilliam, married James W. McNeese. The child of Mary Elizabeth Gilliam and James W. McNeese was:
(1) Annie McNeese, married Joseph Richardson.
(2) Buford A. Gilliam, married Lorene Deane. Lived in Tullahoma, TN. The children of Buford A. Gilliam and Lorene Deane were:
(1) Thomas A. Gilliam; married Carrie Hawk.
(2) Terry D. Gilliam, married Debra Herring.
(3) Tommy L. Gilliam, married Margaret Burgess. The children of Tommy L. Gilliam and Margaret Burgess were:
(1) Wanda Gilliam; married Bobby McCoy.
(2) Gail Gilliam; married Dwight Cloud.
(3) Ted Wayne Gilliam.
(4) Steve Royce Gilliam.
(5) Timothy Gilliam.
(2) Magdalene Woodard, sister to Lula Graves. The children of Ocie Gilliam and Magdalene Woodard were:
(1) Dorothy Marie Gilliam, married Junior D. Evans.
(2) Ocie W. Gilliam, Jr., married Faye Greenland.
6. Thomas Audie Gilliam, born December 1902, son of Anna Shelton Gilliam; married Grace Carpenter. The child of Thomas Audie Gilliam and Grace Carpenter was:
(1) Ernest Montgomery Gilliam, married Laura Jo Bobo, 1970; no issue.
7. James H. Gilliam, son of fourth wife; married Bertha White.
7. Ernest A. Gilliam, born 1865; died 9 years old.
8. Sidney Gilliam, born 1868; died 1896; unmarried.

VI. Elijah William Holt, born February 24, 1828, in Maury or Giles County, TN, died May 20, 1884, Waxahachie, (Garden Valley), Ellis County, TX and is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery, Ellis County, TX. Elijah William Holt married Eliza A. Watson, November 16, 1854 in Giles County, TN, born est. 1824 - 1843, died est. 1859 - 1928, daughter of Larkin Watson. Elijah W. Holt was listed in the 1880 Giles County Census, District 20, TN, National Archives Film #T1257, Family #386D, as a school teacher. Elijah W. Holt was a Captain in the Civil War.18 Elijah William Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints their number 342436. The children of Elijah William Holt and Eliza Watson were:
1. Anne E. Holt, married Ed Pitts.
2. Larkin Harney Holt, married Ann Elizabeth McKnight, daughter of James McKnight and Arie Brown who was the daughter of Raleigh Brown and Nancy Abernathy.
3. Yancey Elijah Holt, married Sarah Olivia Watson. Yancey Elijah is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 338703. The children of Yancey Elijah Holt and Sarah Olivia Watson were:
(1) Delia Holt, married William Allen Watson.
(2) Sally Holt, married a Taylor. The child of Sally Holt was:
(1) Sarah Jane Taylor, married a Malone.
(3) Yancey Earl Holt, born December 5, 1912, died March 12, 1977 in Giles County, TN and is buried in the Bee Spring Cemetery in Giles County, TN. Yancey Earl Holt married Lena Mae Harwell and is recognized by the Latter Day Saints their number 338702.

VII. Son, born February 24, 1828, twin brother of Elijah William Holt.19 Probably died young, est. 1829 - 1918.

VIII. Alvis Smithson Holt, born January 1, 1830, (Giles) or Maury County, TN; died May 29, 1901, Chico, Wise County, TX, buried Chico City Cemetery;20
(1) June 26, 1852 in Giles County, TN21, Harriett R. Nevels (Nevil), born October 19, 1834 in TN, died 3 September 188422, daughter of Littleberry Nevels and Elizabeth Barnes23
(2) 1885 in Giles County, TN, his first cousin, Kanses Elizabeth Holt (Lizzie)24, daughter of Eliphus and Elizabeth Emaline Adams (Emma) Holt.25 Alvis Holt is listed as Allen Holt in the 1900 Census of Wise County.

Alvis Smithson (A. S. or Al) and his second wife moved to Chico, Wise County, TX, in 1894. Alvis Smithson Holt served in Company K, Wheeler’s 6th Tennessee Calvary from June 30 to December 31, 1864.26

Alvis Smithson Holt is listed in the 1860 Census for the Bunker Hill Township, Giles County, TN, page 147. Alvis Smithson Holt is listed in the 1880 Census for Giles County, District 8, TN, National Archives Film #T9-1257, Family #162C. The family moved from Giles County, TN, in 1894, they came to Wise County by wagon train. The grass in Wise County stood half-way up the side of a horse. Alvis Smithson Holt would go to Decatur, TX, at night to buy groceries. He would come home the following night to avoid Indians. The Holt property and home place was along Vanchoner creek in Wise County.

All of Alvis Smithson Holt children were very blond with blue eyes and had either blond or red hair. The children of Alvis Smithson Holt were:
1. James Anderson Holt (Andy), born March 18, 185427, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN, died March 3, 1941 in Loving, Young County, TX; married January 10, 1878 at Chico, Wise County, TX, Melinda Catherine (Kitty) Kendricks (born November 28, 1855, Pulaski, Giles County, TN; died 1939, Young County, TX; buried Loving Cemetery, Young County, TX). James Anderson Holt migrated from Pulaski, Giles County, TN, to Ellis County, TX, in 1876 with the family of his wife.28

James Anderson (Andy) Holt was the first of the Alvis Smithson Holt family to go to Texas. Melinda (Kitty) Kendrick’s father led the wagon train from Pulaski to Waxahachie, Texas. Andy rode in to Pulaski to say goodbye to his girl, Kitty. When he got to Pulaski, he sold his horse, went home and told his family he was going to Texas with Kitty.29

In 1936, Andy and Kitty Holt, who had lived in Young County, TX, for thirty-nine years and had celebrated their fifty-eighth wedding anniversary, became members of the STAR TELEGRAM West Texas Pioneers Association. The STAR TELEGRAM wrote the following about the couple:

Holt was born in Giles County, Tenn. He came to Texas with the family of Miss Catherine Kendricks, locating at Chico in 1876. Two years later he and Miss Kendricks were married and took up residence in a log cabin.

In the Fall of 1881, Holt broke land with oxen. His farm tools consisted of a “walking turning plow” and a “Georgia bell-tongue stock”, which required four trips along the rows to cultivate cotton and corn.

Mr. and Mrs. Holt recall when Chico consisted principally of a large log school house with dirt floors and a bov house which housed a small store with a small stock of merchandise. The neighbors took turn about going to Decatur for mail. Turkey and deer were plentiful then. Church was held in the school house with all attending making the trip to the school on horseback or in wagons. In the Fall of 1882, Holt bought 80 acres of land in Wise County where the family lived until 1896 when he traded for 240 acres in Young County. The family moved to the new site, making the trip in two days in wagons. James Anderson Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343084. The children of James Anderson (Andy) Holt and Melinda Catherine (Kitty) Kendricks were:
1. Lela Holt, married J. A. Wittenburg.
2. Martin Luther Holt.
3. Dora Holt, married R. M. Humphries.
4. Willie Mae Holt, married Tom Lindsey.
5. Cidney Wright Holt, married Carrie Bell.
6. Maude Lee Holt, married Ed Booher.
7. Sarah Ann (Annie) Holt, married J. R. Singleton.
8. Albert W. Holt.
9. Esther Cleo Holt, married D. D. Garner of Jacksboro, TX. The children of Esther Cleo Holt and D. D. Garner were:
(1) Ann Garner, married Hodge.
(2) Dorothy Garner, married Wallis.
10. Cora Gladys Holt, married G. C. Huitt.
11. Flora Faye Holt, born 1903; married R. E. Taggart.
2. John Franklin Holt,30 born 3 March 1856, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 7 June 1927, Pulaski, Giles County, TN31 married 1 February 1874, Susan Laura Gilliam32 went by Laura, born 8 May 1855, died 28 March 1914, Pulaski, Giles County, TN, daughter of Samuel and Elvira Minitra Gilliam.

John Franklin Holt is listed on the 1880 Census for Giles County, District 20, TN, National Archives Film #T9-1257, Family #378D, as a blacksmith. John Franklin Holt was sheriff of Giles County, TN. He was also a veterinarian. John Franklin Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343080. The children of John Franklin Holt and Susan Laura Gilliam were:
1. Ola May Holt, born September 21, 1874 (or 1878), Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died June 23, 1943 (or March 2, 1930, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN) at the home of her daughter, Audia Armstrong, in Chattanooga, TN. Ola May Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343107.
(1) at the age of 14 to Josiah Charlie Armstrong. The children of Ola May Holt and Josiah Charlie Armstrong were:
(1) Audia May Armstrong, born 1 November 1891; married David Arthur Higdon.
(2) John Edgar Armstrong, born 27 February 1893; died 26 January 1898.
(2) 2 April 1899, William Leon Holston. The children of Ola May Holt and William Leon Holston were:
(3) May Holston, born 30 April 1902, twin of Maybelle Holston; died 7 November 1906.
(4) Maybelle Holston, born 30 April 1902, twin of May Holston; died 2 June 1904.
(3) 29 December 1925, Sam Reed Rucker.
2. Ella Holt, born April , 1876, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 18 July 1915 (or July 10), Pulaski, TN; married Thomas Ira Watson in 1895 in Giles County, TN. Ella Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by the number 342365. The children of Ella Holt and Thomas Ira Watson were:
(1) Kate Watson, married Hassie Williams and lived in Pulaski, TN.
(2) John Watson, married Nellie Owens and lived in McBurg, TN.
(3) Frank Watson, married Lucille ___; lived in Atlanta, GA.
(4) Laura Watson, married a Henderson; lived in Chattanooga, TN.
(5) Leon Watson, lived in Nashville, TN.
3. Edgar Holt, born 31 July 1883 (or 1885); died 10 July 1887 of flux, buried Minitra Cemetery, Giles County, TN. Edgar Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343109.
4. Dee Holt, born 27 August 1888 (or July 31, 1888) in Giles County, TN; died 7 Oct 1889, buried Minitra Cemetery Giles County, TN. Dee Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343110.
5. Reba Holt, born 1 May 1893, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 26 February 1958 (or 1968), Pulaski, Giles County, TN; married 13 May 1922 (or 1900), Pulaski, Giles County, TN, Ed Humphrey (born 20 January 1883, Pulaski, Giles County, TN; died 14 December 1965, Pulaski, Giles County, TN). Reba Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343108. The child of Reba Holt and Ed Humphrey was:
(1) Billie Holt Humphrey, born Pulaski, Giles County, TN; married, Minor Hill, TN, Sarah Oakleen Williams.
3. Thomas Pinckney Holt, born October 1858, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 30 March 1923, Giles County, TN and is buried in the Maplewood Cemetery. Thomas Pinckney Holt married Lula Belle Holt, daughter of Thomas H. Holt and granddaughter of Wyatt and Mary Bell HoIt.33 Tom Holt was the Recording and/or County Clerk for Giles County, TN. He lived at 26 Sam Davis Avenue, Pulaski, TN.34 Thomas Pinckney Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343070. The children of Thomas Pinckney Holt and Lula Belle Holt were:
1. Elizabeth (Bessie) Holt, died 1955, Pulaski, TN; married Sam S. Yokley; lived in Pulaski, TN.
2. Nelle Holt, died 20 July 1959; married William K. Jones; lived in Pulaski, TN.
3. Thomas H. Holt, died no issue; lived in Pulaski, TN.
4. Harriett Holt married G. Matthew (Matt) Stone; lived in Pulaski, TN.
5. Jean Holt married 1927, Robert A. Downing; lived Pulaski, TN.
6. Myra Belle Holt, died in infancy about 1905.
4. Alvis Moffitte Holt, changed his name to Allen Moffitte Holt, born 27 November 1866, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 4 February 1938, Montgomery, AL;
(1) 18 December 1895, Birmingham, AL, Mary Allen Powell (born 22 August 1870, Lownes County, AL, died 23 March 1905, Birmingham, AL, buried Elmwood Cemetery), daughter of James Zackary Powell and Catherine Alabama Hoffman,
(2) Katie Ethel Shannon (no issue); buried Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL.

Allen Holt was a newspaperman in Athens, Birmingham, and Montgomery, AL.35 The children of Allen Moffitte and Mary Allen Powell were:
1. Allen Moffitte Holt, Jr., born 21 October 1896, Birmingham, AL; died 9 March 1973, Birmingham, AL, buried Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL; married 18 October 1917, Birmingham, AL, Martha Cornelia Plosser (born 1896, died 1974). The children of Allen Moffitte, Jr. and Martha Cornelia Plosser were:
(1) Martha Holt, still-born, buried 28 September 1919, Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL.
(2) Allen Moffitte Holt, Ill, born Birmingham, AL; married Birmingham, AL, Susan Emerson Finley. The children of Allen Moffitte Holt III and Susan Emerson Finley were:
(1) Susan Emerson Holt, born Birmingham, AL; married Martin Joseph Murray of New York City. The children of Susan Emerson Holt and Joseph Murray were:
(1) Brian Edward Murray, born Birmingham, AL
(2) Susan Emerson Murray, Birmingham, AL.
(3) Andrew Lang Murray, Birmingham, AL.
(2) Laura Plosser Holt, born, Birmingham, AL.
(3) Allen Moffitte Holt, IV, born, Birmingham, AL.
(3) Francis Cornelia Holt, born, Birmingham, AL; married, Birmingham, AL, Thomas Seldon Smith. Divorced. The children of Francis Cornelia Holt and Thomas Seldon Smith were:
(1) Martha Elizabeth Smith (Patty), born, Orlando, FL; married, Orlando, FL, Walter Dean Swartout. Divorced. The children of Martha Elizabeth Smith and Walter Dean Swartout were:
(1) Kenneth Dean Swartout.
(2) Jeffery Allen Swartout.
(2) Francis Margaret Smith (Peggy), Orlando, FL; married in Orlando, FL, Charles Robert Jameson. The children of Francis Margaret Smith and Charles Robert Jameson were:
(1) Christopher Robert Jameson, born Orlando, FL. Adopted.
(2) Nicholas Charles Jameson, born Orlando, FL. Adopted.
(3) Sara Cornelia Allen Smith (Sally), born Orlando, FL;
(1) Tom Foster. Divorced. The child of Sara Cornelia Allen Smith and Tom Foster was:
(1) Jordan Dean Douglas, born Orlando, FL. Father, Tom Foster. Jordan Dean was legally adopted by Robert Douglas.
(2) Robert Douglas. The child of Sara Cornelia Allen Smith and Robert Douglas was:
(2) Jenna Cornelia Douglas, born Orlando, FL.
2. Lewis Hartwell Holt, born 29 July 1898, Birmingham, AL; died 8 March 1981, Birmingham, AL, buried Elmwood Cemetery; married 26 November 1929, Birmingham, AL, Katherin Hawkins (born 7 February 1898), daughter of Rev. Ira Lee Hawkins and Katharin Shackleford. Rev. Hawkins was Methodist District Superintendent of North Alabama. Lewis Hartwell Holt served in the US Army, WWII. The child of Lewis Hartwell Holt and Katherin Hawkins was:
(1) Dr. Ira Hawkins Holt, born Birmingham, AL;
(1) Gadsden, AL, Leigh Headley, daughter of James Lee Headley. The children of Dr. Ira Hawkins Holt and Leigh Headley were:
(1) Ira Hawkins Holt, Jr., born Birmingham, AL; married Birmingham, AL, Dawn Wilson.
(2) Katherine Leigh Holt (Kathy), born Birmingham, AL.
(2) Bessemer, AL, Linda Schowe. The child of Dr. Ira Hawkins Holt and Linda Schowe was:
(3) Nicholas Hartwell Holt, born Birmingham, AL.
3. Marion Luke Holt, born 18 July 1900, Birmingham, AL; died 8 October 1980, Lakeland FL, buried Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL; married 23 December 1926, Brooksville, FL, to Emma Jean Maner (born 26 July 1904, Screven County, GA), daughter of Dr. John Ogilvie Maner and Sallie Elizabeth Mims. The children of Marion Luke Holt and Emma Jean Maner were:
(1) Marion Jean Holt, born Birmingham, AL;
(1) Birmingham, AL, Lt. Robert Bernard Coleman, USMA (born 19 February 1925, Rexmont, PA, killed in South Korea 4 February 1951), son of Col. Bernard Edward Coleman and Lucy Crist of Cornwall, PA. The child of Marion Jean Holt and Lt. Robert Bernard Coleman was:
(1) John Maner Coleman, born Sapporo, Hok¬kaido, Japan; married Peoria, IL, Alyson Louise Allen, daughter of Hazen Martin Allen and Hazel Harriett Havens (Hattie). The children of John Maner Coleman and Alyson Louise Allen were:
(1) Sarah Kate Coleman, born Jacksonville, IL.
(2) Reed Patrick Coleman, born Jacksonville, IL.
(2) Savannah, GA, Kinne Reese Sutton (born 21 July 1926, Birmingham, AL, died 12 February 1972, Baton Rouge, LA, US Navy, WWII), son of Harold Lee Sutton and Sarah Elizabeth Reese. The children of Marion Jean Holt and Kinne Reese Sutton were:
(1) Kinne Reese Sutton, Jr., born Villa Rica, GA.
(2) Cristopher Ross Sutton, born Villa Rica, GA; married Elizabeth Louise St. John, daughter of Dr. Charles N. St. John, Jr. and Ada Bounds.
(3) Eric Holt Sutton, born Atlanta, GA; married, St. Mary’s City, St. Mary’s County, MD, Kathleen Law Montgomery, daughter of Dr. David C. Montgomery and Shirley Arlene Imig. The children of Eric Holt Sutton and Kathleen Law Montgomery were:
(1) David Luke Sutton.
(2) Scott Montgomery Sutton.
(3) Sara Elizabeth (Sally Maner) Holt, born Brooksville, FL; married Augusta, GA, Warren Carl Moran, son of Warren Candler Moran and Eddie Beryl Elliott. The children of Sara Elizabeth Holt and Warren Carl Moran were:
(1) Warren Carl Moran, Jr., born Augusta, GA; married, Scarsdale, NY, Martha Grace McCurdy, daughter of Joseph Robert McCurdy and Mary Barbara O’Hagan. The children of Warren Carl Moran, Jr. and Martha Grace McCurdy were:
(1) Edward Elliott Moran, Ill, born Houston, TX.
(2) John Stuart Moran, born Houston, TX.
(2) Marion Holt Moran, born Augusta, GA; married Waynesboro, VA, Barbara Sue Kenebel, daughter of William Joseph Kenebel and Marie Melinda Koebcke. The child of Marion Holt Moran and Barbara Sue Kenebel was:
(1) Travis Holt Moran, born Houston TX.
(3) Edward Elliott Moran, II, born 18 May, 1958, Augusta, GA; died 22 November 1982, Richmond, VA, buried Elliott plot, Augusta, GA.
(4) Elinor Elliott Moran, born Wilmington, DE; married Wilmington, DE, James Philip Zito of Easton, PA. The child of Elinor Elliott Moran and James Philip Zito was:
(1) Sarah Elizabeth Holt Zito, born Wilmington, DE.
(4) Mary Allen Holt, born Birmingham, AL;
(1) Atlanta, GA, Earl Lynwood Barrows Newman, Jr., son of Dr. Earl L. B. Newman and Emma Christina Fingerlin. The child of Mary Allen Holt and Earl Lynwood Barrows Newman, Jr. was:
(1) Karl Lynwood Newman.
(2) 6 December 1975, Lakeland, FL, Danilo G. Santini (no issue); died 12 October 1988, Lakeland, FL, buried Oak Hill Burial Park, Lakeland, FL.
4. Catherine Alabama Holt (Bama), born 31 May, 1902, Birmingham, AL; married October 25, 28, 1924, Birmingham, AL, Frank Roland Powell. The child of Catherine Alabama Holt and Frank Roland Powell was:
(1) Catherine Corrie Powell (Kitty), born Birmingham, AL; married Birmingham, AL, James T. Bynum. The children of Catherine Corrie Powell and James T. Bynum were:
(1) Robin Bynum.
(2) William Shannon Bynum.
5. Corrie Flynn Holt, born 30 March 1904, Birmingham, AL; married September 1923, Birmingham, AL, Ralph Weyman Wadeson, Jr., son of R. H. W. Wadeson and Ann Hunnington (Nannie) Howell. The children of Corrie Flynn Holt and Ralph Weyman Wadeson were:
(1) Dr. Ralph Weyman Wadeson, Ill, born Birmingham, AL.
(1) Juanita Nunn, the daughter of Rufus Arthur Nunn and Macy Euratina Garrison,
(2) Betsy Haig.
Ralph served as a doctor in the Korean War. The children of Dr. Ralph Weyman Wadeson, III were:
(1) Susan Nunn Wadeson, born Goodwater, AL;
(1) Frederick Neilson Feil,
(2) Philip Wiles.
(2) Elizabeth Ann Wadeson (Beth Ann), born Bethesda, MD; married Michael Stanley Ethridge. The child of Elizabeth Ann Wadeson and Michael Stanley Ethridge was:
(1) Terance Michael Ethridge.
(3) Amy Wadeson.
(4) Jesse Wadeson.
(5) Peter Haig Wadeson.
(2) Ann Huntington Wadeson, born Birmingham, AL;
(1) Birmingham, AL, Charles William Crocker (no issue)
(2) Birmingham, AL, Samuel J. Weaver (no issue).
5. Eugene Holt, born ca 1868 Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died Slaton, Young County, TX;
(1) Lena Mayes who died 23 March 1923,
(2) Mary who died 23 April 1942. The children of Eugene Holt were:
(1) Roy Holt.
(2) Mayes (Maize) Holt.
(3) Clarence Holt.
6. Ernest R. Holt, born 12 June 1871; died 4 December 1943. No issue.36
7. Elmo Holt, born 12 June 187137 married Annie Ruth (1883 - 1961); died 1953, Chico, Wise County, TX, buried in Chico City Cemetery.38 The children of Elmo R. Holt and Annie Ruth were:
(1) Ola Mae Holt, married McDaniel. The child of Ola Mae Holt and McDaniel was:
(1) Gil McDaniel.
(2) Herbert Holt.
(3) Oneta J. Holt, born 21 April 1926; died February 1945, Chico, Wise County, TX.
8. Elbert (Rock) Holt, born 29 July 1878, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 29 May, 1919 in Alvord, TX; married in Chico, Wise County, TX, Mary Bray39, his cousin, daughter of Morgan H. Bray and Virginia Gilliam, granddaughter of Elizabeth Holt Gilliam. See Elizabeth Holt. Their child was:
(1) Finis Holt, lived in St. Joplin, MO.
9. Noble Smithson Holt, born ca 1875, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; married 1894 in Giles County, TN, Lilly Myrtle Davidson, daughter of J. A. Davidson (buried Chico Cemetery, Wise County, TX) and his first wife, Catherine Brown (died 1893 in Giles County, TN); Noble and Lilly Holt migrated to Chico, Wise County, TX, as bride and groom in 1894; lived near Loving, Young County, TX.40 The children of Noble Smithson Holt and Lilly Myrtle Davidson were:
(1) Wesley Holt, born 1895 in Chico, Wise County, TX, died 1896.
(2) Ina Holt, married a Long. The children of Ina Holt and Long were:
(a) Ruby Nell Long, married a Wortman.
(b) Six other children.
(3) Rilla Holt, married a Sipe. Rilla Holt and Sipe had one child.
(4) Ruby Holt
(1) Tom Finch. Ruby Holt and Tom Finch had two children.
(2) Perry.
(5) John Albert Holt, married Katherine Armstrong. John Albert Holt and Katherine Armstrong had four children.
(6) Leslie Holt. Never married.
(7) James W. Holt, married Ada Young. James W. Holt and Ada Young had two children:
(a) Allen Noble Holt.
(b) A second child.
(8) Nola Holt, married Kirby. Nola Holt and Kirby had one child.
(9) Alma Holt, married Cox. No issue.
(10) Annabelle Holt, born in Chico, Wise County, TX; married to Paul Ludwig (Career Navy). No issue.
10. Missie Holt, a girl, who died at the age of four years.41
11. A boy, name unknown, who died in infancy.
12. A girl, name unknown, who died in infancy.
13. Edgar Holt, a boy, who died in infancy.
14. Oklahoma (Oak H.) Holt, born 13 April 1889, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN, the only child of Kanses Elizabeth Holt; died 14 September 1952, Chico, Wise County, TX, buried Chico City Cemetery; married Dona Mae Traister in Chico, Wise County, TX.

Dan Holt said his father, Oak Holt, told him that when the family moved from Giles County, TN, in 1894, they came to Wise County by wagon train. The grass in Wise County stood half-way up the side of a horse. Alvis Smithson Holt would go to Decatur, TX, at night to buy groceries. He would come home the following night to avoid Indians.

Oak Holt told Dan about fighting Indians when they first came to Chico. The Indians skinned a boy one strip at a time. Dan remembers a log house near the Holt place where there was still blood on the floor from an Indian massacre. In 1980, the house had been gone only a few years.

The Holt property and home place was along Vanchoner creek in Wise County. Dan Holt said that when he was a child, he would walk as far as he could and still be on property owned by one of the Holt brothers.

Oak and Dona Holt were married about 25 years before their son Dan was born. Oak was l7 or l8 and Dona 15 when they married. Oak and Dona Holt were very gentle people.

Dan Holt said that his father, Oak, could see the future. This happened very often and he was always right. Dan said when he came home after World War II, no one knew he was coming. When he landed in San Francisco, his father told his mother that Dan was home. He also was accurate when he told Dan and Dona when he was going to die. Dan asked him how he knew these things. Oak told him an old Indian would come and tell him. The child of Oaklahoma H. Holt and Dona Mae Traister was:
(1) Dan Moody Holt, born 1926, Chico, Wise County, TX; married Jaunita Served in the Navy during World War II.

IX. Francis Marion Holt, born February 2, 1832, Maury or Giles County, Tennessee, died December 26, 1898 and is buried in the Center Ridge cemetery, Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker is a Masonic Emblem. Francis Marion Holt married Harriett J. Woodard, est. 1854. Harriett was born in Tennessee est. 1834, died est. 1881 - 1932; moved to Shoal Ford, Limestone County, Alabama. Francis Marion Holt, 17, born in Tennessee, is listed in the October 31, 1850 census Giles County, Tennessee, 8th District, family #962, page #307 with his family, father Edmund, 55, born in Tennessee, farmer, mother Nancy, 50, born in North Carolina, Edmund A., 26, born in Tennessee, carpenter, Alvis S., 20, born in Tennessee, Lucinda, 15, born in Tennessee, Mary, 12, born in Tennessee, William H. H., 10, born in Tennessee. Francis Marion Holt is listed in the June 13, 1860 census as a wagon maker for the Post Office Shoal Ford, Limestone County, AL, Division #1, page #25, sheet #423, family # 167. Francis Marion Holt was not in Limestone County, Alabama, for the enumeration of the 1870 census.42 Francis Marion Holt is listed in the June 15, 1880 Clark County census, South Fork Township, Arkansas, enumeration district #35, page #26, National Archives Film #T9-0040, page 512B, living next door to the family of Benjamin D. Wilson, Jr. Francis Marion Holt, (F. M.) is listed in the 1890 census of Clark County, Arkansas, receipt number 1141 and is shown as PP only. Listed also in the 1890 census are his sons, Charles C. (C. C.) Holt, page number 26, receipt number 611, Henry A. (H. A.) Holt, receipt number 1914, and Rufus Holt, receipt number 416, listed as having 80 acres, S 8, T 9, R 21. They are also shown as PP only. Francis Marion Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 343086. The children of Francis Marion Holt and Harriett J. Woodard were:
1. Charles C. Holt, born ca 1855 in Tennessee. Charles C. Holt is listed on the 1900 census, Southfork Township, Clark County, Arkansas, family number 244, page number 373. Charles C. Holt is listed on the 1910 census, Southfork Township, Clark County, Arkansas, family number 107, page number 249.
2. Henry A. Holt, born July 17, 1858 in Alabama, died March 5, 1909, buried Dobyville cemetery,
Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Married Electra (Lectra) H. Newton about 1884. Electra H. Newton Holt was born August 1866 in Arkansas and died 1962 and is buried in Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. They had five children born to them with three living according to the June 2, 1900 census, Township of Missouri, Clark County, Arkansas, page number 338. They were living at 44 Main Street. The children living with them at this time were, daughter Ada, born November 1887, daughter Troy, born March 22, 1894, and son Frederick, born December 1899, all born in Arkansas. Only Electra is listed on the 1910 census, Missouri Township, Clark County, Arkansas, page number 217, house number 30, with her daughter Troy, son Fred and daughter Hattie. Electra is listed as widowed and her mother Mary Elizabeth Newton is also in the household. Also included in the household are a number of other people. Their relationship is listed only as boarder. Jno Rice, 26, Bruce Deraney, 28. Gerus Hoedle, 26, Joe Gank, 37, Edar McBride, 18, Jno C Milburn, 22, Hesey Pledger, 38, Bertha Pledger, 27, Ramand Pledger, 3. The census for February 2, 1920, Gurdon, Missouri Township, Clark County, Arkansas, enumeration district number 69, sheet number 2, lists Electra with her son Fred, daughter Hattie and son-in-law Sim Hoover. Fred is listed as a cashier in a bank and Sim as a breakman for the railroad. Electra indicates her home is a boarding house. This would explain the other people listed in the household, George Hiddle, 24, Tobe Griffin, 52, Kate Griffin, 24, Allen Sublet, 32. The house is located at 25 E. Walnut Street.

The parents of Electra H. Newton Holt were, George W. and Mary Elizabeth Wells Newton. George W. Newton was born February 13, 1833 in Tennessee and died January 22, 1896 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Mary Elizabeth Wells Newton was born June 14, 1836 in Arkansas and died November 14, 1915 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. George W. Newton and Mary Elizabeth Wells Newton were married in Clark County, Arkansas October 7, 1852. The children of George W. and Mary Elizabeth Wells Newton are:
1. William A. Newton (Abraham), son, born February 4, 1854 in Arkansas and died January 4, 1941. His cemetery marker reads Abraham W. Newton. His wife, Celia A. is buried with him in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Celia was born March 8, 1874 and died June 17, 1962. First wife may have been Mattie V., born September 14, 1862 and died May 5,1896 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Child of this marriage may have been Emit W. Newton, born October 11, 1879 and died January 31, 1881 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker has the inscription, son of A. W. and M. V. Newton.
2. Sarah E. Newton, daughter, born ca 1856 in Arkansas.
3. John M. Newton, son, born September 24, 1858 in Arkansas and died September 30, 1876 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker has the inscription, son of G. W. and M. E. Newton.
4. Benjamin A. Newton, son, born ca 1862 in Arkansas. There is a B. A. Newton buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas, born October 28, 1860, died June 14, 1897. Children of his were likely Hays Newton, born February 3, 1887, died September 1, 1899 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker has the inscription, son of B. A. and M. L. Newton. Lena Newton, born March 1, 1894, died January 12, 1897 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Her marker has the inscription, daughter of B. A. and M. L. Newton.
5. George W. Newton, son, born 1864 in Arkansas and died 1933 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Likely wife, Katie C. Newton, born July, 1870, died September, 1952 and buried in the Rose Hedge cemetery, Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas. Likely children of George W. Newton and Katie C. Newton are, Hennie C. Newton, born July 10, 1892, died April 27, 1912 and buried in the Rose Hedge cemetery, Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas. Her marker has the inscription, daughter of George W. and Katie C. Newton, age 19 yrs 3 mos. 17 days. Ruth Newton, born October 15, 1894, died October 5, 1895 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Her marker has the inscription, Children of G. W. and Katie Newton. George W. Newton, born May 15, 1896, died November 2, 1896 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker has the inscription, Children of G. W. and Katie Newton. Ruth and George share the same marker.
6. Florren P. Newton, son, born January 20, 1869 and died September 11,1876 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker has the inscription, son of G. W. and M. E. Newton.
7. Florence (Mollie) Newton, daughter, born ca 1871
8. Jasper E. Newton, son, born January 30, 1874 and died August 14, 1874 and is buried in the Dobyville cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. His marker has the inscription, son of G. W. and M. E. Newton.
9. Charley Newton, son, born ca 1876 in Arkansas.

The family of George W. Newton are listed on the December 17, 1850 census, Terre Noire Township, Clark County, Arkansas. His father is (John) Isaac, 40, born December 25, 1810 in Tennessee and his mother is Lydia Belle Meredith Newton, 41, born in Alabama. The children listed are Anderson, son 22, born August 29, 1829 in Tennessee, Isaac T., son 20, born January 30, 1831 in Tennessee, married Martha Ann Dudley, June 26, 1850 in Clark County, Arkansas and had six children. George W., son 17, born February 13, 1833 in Tennessee, Lucretia, daughter 15, born February 2, 1835 in Tennessee, died April 1860. Lucretia married James W. Wilson, Jr., born ca 1832 and their children were, James Jefferson Davis Wilson, John Thomas Jefferson Wilson, born September 9, 1855 in Alabama, and William Anderson Wilson, born March 13, 1857 in Alabama. Mary Elizabeth, daughter 12, born August 10, 1838 in Tennessee, Willis, son 9, born February 8, 1840 in Arkansas, daughter Sarah, born December 23, 1842 in Arkansas is not listed, Robert Jasper, son 5, born May 1, 1845 in Arkansas and Nancy, daughter 3, born February 14, 1846 in Arkansas. I found an Isaac married to Martha A. Fowlkes December 28, 1843 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. George W. and Mary Elizabeth Wells Newton are listed on the July 26, 1860 census. Terre Noire, South Fork Township, Clark County, Arkansas, page number 65. They are listed on the August 9, 1870 census, South Fork Township, Clark County, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, page number 14.

The children of Henry A. Holt and Electra H. Newton Holt were:
1. Infant daughter, born and died September 23, 1885 in Arkansas and is buried in Dobyville Cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.
2. Ida, daughter, born, March 16, 1890, died September 5, 1898 in Arkansas and is buried in Dobyville Cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas.
3. Ada, daughter, born November 1887 in Arkansas.
4. Troy, daughter, born March 22, 1894 and died October 28,1912 in Arkansas and is buried in Dobyville Cemetery, Dobyville, Clark County, Arkansas. Troy Holt married Sim Hoover, born ca 1866 in Arkansas.
5. Frederick (Fred), son, born December 1899 in Arkansas.
6. Hattie, daughter, born ca 1904 in Arkansas.

3. Rufus Holt, born ca 1861 in Alabama. Rufus Holt is listed on the 1890 census, Clark County,
Arkansas, receipt number 416 with 80 acres, S 8, T 9, R 21, shown as PP only.
4. Alley Holt, born ca 1863 in Tennessee.
5. David Franklin Holt, born December 23, 1865 in Tennessee, died January 21, 1941, in Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma and is buried in the Springs Chapel Cemetery in Hugo. David Franklin Holt married Fannie Caroline Wilson December 1, 1887 in Nevada County, Arkansas. Fannie Caroline Wilson was born October 9, 1869 in Murphysboro, Tennessee, died June 10, 1946 in Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma and is buried in the Springs Chapel Cemetery in Hugo. David Franklin Holt is listed in the 1910 Census for the Township of Jeter, Choctaw County, City of Hugo, Oklahoma, April 28, 1910, enumeration number 64, sheet number 6A, National Archives Film #T9-00400, page #512B. He is listed in the 1920 Census as a store clerk for the Town of Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, enumeration district #65, National Archives Roll #T625-1456, page #2A. He is listed in the 1930 Census, April 8, as a farm laborer, for the Town of Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, enumeration number 12-102, sheet 10B.

News article appearing in The Hugo Daily News, January 22, 1941.

David F. Holt, 75, Passes Away At Home Here Tuesday.

David Franklin Holt, aged 75, a prominent retired farmer, passed away at the family residence at 509 South Second (across the street from the Hugo High School where his daughter Earnestine Holt graduated in 1928) at 6:30 p. m. Tuesday.
Mr. Holt had lived here for the past 25 years, and was well known and widely respected. He was a member of the Church of Christ.
Funeral arrangements will be announced later by the Coffey Funeral home.
Mr. Holt is survived by his wife (Fannie Caroline Wilson), four daughters, Mrs.
Gatha Clark,
Addie Lee Spicher,
Mrs. Mae Howert (Hauert), and
Ernestine (Earnestine) Holt; three sons
Noel and
Dock (Benjamin) Holt, a brother,
Bud (my guess is Alexander C. Holt) Holt, a sister, Mrs. Lela White, and twenty-one grandchildren.

News article appearing in The Hugo Daily News, January 23, 1941.

Services Held For David F. Holt, Here Thursday Morning.

Funeral services were held Thursday morning at 10 a. m. for David Franklin Holt, 75, who passed away at his home at 509 South Second Street at 6:30 p. m. Tuesday. Judge Tom Hunter officiated at the services.
He had lived here for the past 25 years and had many friends in Hugo and Choctaw county. He was a member of the Church of Crist.
Mr. Holt is survived by his wife, four daughters, Mrs. Gatha Clark, Addie Lee Spicher, Mrs. Mae Howert (Hauert), and Ernestine (Earnestine) Holt; three sons Roy, Noel and Dock (Benjamin) Holt, a brother, Bud (most likely Alexander C. Holt) Holt, a sister Mrs. Lela White.
Pallbearers were Carl Hansen, Jess Russell (husband of Bertha Leona Hurd, daughter of George L. Hurd), Roy Hurd (most likely Ray Hurd, Noble Ray Hurd, son of George L. Hurd), Charlie Nesbi, Lonnie Wright (husband of David’s sister Lela), and B. L. Kimbrough.
Coffey Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

News article appearing in The Hugo Daily News, June 11, 1946.

Services Set For Mrs. Fannie Holt

Mrs. Fannie Caroline Holt, Hugo resident for the past 38 years, passed away after a lengthy illness at 6:30 p.m. Monday at her home, 509 South Second Street.
Funeral Services will be conducted in the Church of Christ here at 10 a.m. Wednesday with W. W. Starnes, minister of the Idabel Church of Christ, officiating. Leon Savage, Hugo minister, will assist. Burial will be in Springs Chapel cemetery with Coffey Funeral home in charge of arrangements.
Pallbearers will be Lonnie Wright, Carl Hansen, Lee Kimbrough, Jim Bramlett, Don Caylor and Merle Evans.
Survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Gatha Clark of Clayton, Mrs. Addie Lee Spicer of Shreveport, La.; and Mrs. May Hauert of Fort Smith, Ark.; three sons, Roy L. Holt of Antlers, Noel T. Holt of Garfield, Ark., Doke (Benjamin) Holt of Shreveport, La.; and 21 grandchildren. Her husband, D. F. Holt, preceded her in death five years ago.
Mrs. Holt was born on October 9, 1869, in Murphysboro, Tenn.

David Franklin Holt and Fannie Wilson are buried in the Springs Chapel Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma with their daughter Earnestine Holt. Fannie’s parents were Benjamin D. Wilson, Jr. and Thursey Angeline Seal.

Oklahoma Indian Pioneer Papers, Interview, 13061, Vol. 106, 1 PH, Hazel B. Greene, Journalist
February 25, 1938
Interview with Dave F. Holt
Hugo, Oklahoma
Pg 126

I was born December 23, 1865, in Tennessee, and my wife, Fannie Wilson Holt, was born in 1870, in Arkansas.

My wife’s parents, B. D. Wilson and Angeline Seal-Wilson, were both born in Tennessee, and both are buried at Sulphur.

My wife’s parents came to the Indian Territory a couple of years or more before we did and settled on Joel Springs’ place on Horse Prairie, about five southeast of Grant. Mr. Wilson was working a hundred acres of land for Mr. Spring. We made a trip to visit them before we decided to move here. Then Mr. Wilson said he had plenty of land for us both and that he would help us to move here, so he went to Prescott, Arkansas, after us.

We were young and thrilled at the idea of moving to a new country that looked as good as this Indian Territory did. That was in January, 1894, and even though it was winter we thought the country beautiful. We entered

Pg 127

the Indian Nation at Ultimathule, Arkansas, which was right on the line and we camped there that night. That trip was a perfect picnic for us, we enjoyed stopping along the creeks and rivers and cooking on a camp fire and camping nights. The second night we camped at Lukfata, at an old Choctaw church. We had to run wild razorback hogs out of one of the camp cabins to get it to cook in, on the fireplace. They bristled up and wanted to fight me but we won and got the cabin. We cooked supper and breakfast on the fireplace, but did not sleep in the cabin; we knew that the fleas would eat us up so we slept in the wagons. We left the cabin to the hogs next morning and went blithely on our way.

The next night we camped on a creek near Doaksville, went on across Kiamichi river at Rock Chimney crossing and on to Horse Prairie next night by driving late. Now that was a happy family reunion. My wife had not seen her mother and father and her sisters and brothers had not seen each other for a year or more, and that is an awfully long time to young people. A hundred or more miles was too far to go visiting often

Pg 128

in those days with poor roads and no way to go except in wagons or horseback.

Mr. Wilson made crops in summer and “logged” in winter. He had good mule teams and I had one, so we each used four mules to haul logs to Arthur City, where there was a sawmill. We would ferry the river, and then were “snatched” up the river bank on the other side with an extra team of mules which were kept there for that purpose.

We logged all winter and after each load of logs I would haul home something to make our house of, and soon put up a little two-room cottonwood plank house with a shed out in front to serve as a porch. It was a new home and we were very happy there. A baby girl was born to us there, Mrs. Wilson acting as midwife. There were doctors at Grant and Goodland but we didn’t bother about one for Mrs. Wilson delivered for all the women on that farm.

I made a cotton crop that year. Our cotton market was at Paris, Texas, until Al Nelson moved to Grant and put up a gin and a grist mill and store; then he bought cotton and paid each for the cotton, too. I have known him to have $40,000 at once sticking around in different places in his

Pg 129

store and home. He would not keep it all in one place for fear of robbers. He bought lots of cotton and handled lots of money.

One fall he paid Mr. Wilson and me a dollar a bale to haul cotton to Paris, Texas. We could haul fifteen bales at once. It would take us all day long to go over there and another to return, but he gave us the work rather than use the railroad. We had to ferry the river, too. On one trip a Negro came walking along and wanted to ride with us. There were so few people here then, we were glad to pick him up just for his company. We paused at a little creek to make some coffee and eat dinner. We fried some bacon and had some clear grease left in the frying pan, Mr. Wilson hated to throw it out and he made that Negro drink it. He didn’t want it but was afraid to refuse to do anything a white man told him to do. Mr. Wilson told him it would store up energy for him. The Winchester was “the law” in this country then.

Another thing, here in the Indian Territory, it was customary to stop at any neighbor’s house; and “neighbors” meant anybody who was respectable. If the people were not at


home the doors were never locked and one would simply go in, cook and eat all they wanted and feed their horses and leave everything in order; but one must not carry anything away with him – that would be stealing. Neighbors were far apart, but they “neighbored” and looked after each other in sickness and death. If one didn’t hear or see anything of a neighbor for a few days they went to see about him to see if he was sick or needed anything.

That was the way they found out that Morris Fisher and his wife, full blood Choctaw Indians, were murdered. Nobody saw them for a day or two, so they began to investigate. They had some vicious dogs that would not let anybody in but homefolks and that was why people first suspected the son, Willie, who had, indeed, killed them.

We lived five miles from Grant; that was our post office and where we had to go to mill. The nearest church for white people was also at Grant. There was a Choctaw church close to us and sometimes we would go there and try to understand what they said. We enjoyed the singing, even if we could not understand it; it was a slow draggy chant-like singing that they did. They usually had big dinners, too, but we never stayed

Pg 131

for those, because we never took anything. We nearly always just rode the mules over to church and left the children with the grandparents, so we returned home as soon as services were over. We had one mule that didn’t object to a side-saddle on him.

We did a lot of our trading at Goodland with Joel Spring just because we were on his place but it was so far to go, about fifteen miles, that as soon as we got off of his place we changed our trading place to Al Nelson at Grant while we were near enough.

I think it was the fall of 1896 that a white man and two Negroes were hanged in Paris, Texas. They had committed murders in the Indian Territory and were under the jurisdiction of the United States law, so were tried and hanged in Paris, Texas. The white man protested his innocence to the last and went to his death weak and pale. A man was murdered and he was suspected and was convicted when the ten-year-old son of the murdered man picked him out of nineteen men as the man who killed his daddy in a quarrel over a calf.

Pg 132

The Negroes had killed two white men and a boy who lived in a shanty boat on Red River and fished and gambled. It was said that the Negroes confessed that they killed them for money. I thought I wanted to see that hanging and did, but I never went to see another. The Negroes went on the scaffold singing hymns. A drunk near me kept loudly yelling that he wanted them to hurry up, that he wanted to see the hanging, but when he saw the first one drop he almost fainted and it sobered him.

We all moved away up the river just about three miles south of the little town of Jackson, which consisted of a cotton gin, grist mill, two stores and a blacksmith shop, and was located just about nine miles south of the present town of Bennington. Mr. Wilson and I would make crops, but we’d out logs, too, in the summer. We would get them accumulated on the river bank, and make rafts of forty or fifty, by binding them together with long poles spiked to them, and wait for a rise of the river high enough to float them down to Arthur City to the sawmill, a distance of maybe thirty-five miles as the river ran. We’d take one raft at the time downstream.

Pg 133

Once, Mr. Wilson was gone when a big rise came, high enough to float the rafts so I took three other fellows and started with it; John Tinsell, Sam Daly and a fellow whose name I never knew, but we called him “Slim.” We got about five miles down the river and got “sanded” at the mouth of Sandy Creek. We had our skiff tied behind the raft and in it were provisions and an axe. Well, there was a little store up the bank not far from where we stuck on the sand bar, across the river on the Texas side. They sold whiskey up there, so while we were lying around on the river bank by a fire waiting for a second rise to float our logs, Sam and “Slim” went up to the store. I cautioned Sam not to get any liquor because we would need level heads to pilot those logs down that swollen stream. They returned, and when I asked “Slim” if Sam got any whisky, he said he did not.

But as soon as we got out in the stream, going down to untie the raft which was still on the bar. Sam pulled out a quart of whiskey and began drinking and saying that he meant to run that raft against every snag he saw so it would be out of the way when he came down again. Then I

Pg 134

knew he was getting drunk. Slim drank a little but John and I would not drink any and kept begging Sam to quit. He was in the front of the boat, rowing. Slim saw two snags ahead and called out to Sam to look out and go to one side of them. He gave a lunge to one side and broke an oar and turned the boat to one side and threw us all out into the water. John and I climbed onto the two snags. Slim grabbed hold of Sam and they both went down and when they came up, I could see that Sam was sobered. He got loose from Slim and swam to that boat and got in it and it half full of water. One of the paddles was in it and he got that. Slim went straight down, yelling “Sam, save me;” but Sam was for saving himself. He could swim but Slim could not. With that one oar left in the boat, Sam paddled to shore but he was away down the river, clear out of our sight. I never thought to see him again.

We clung to those snags four hours, it seemed to me like a week, shouting for help and kicking drifts off of the snags to keep them from throwing us in the water. The people up at the store heard us hollering but thought we were hunters, so paid no attention to our yelling. We pulled off our

Pg 135

old buckled brogan shoes and fastened them together and hung them on the snag. I begged John to swim out but he wouldn’t; he said he was going to wait for help. Then I gave him three silver dollars that I had in my pocket and told him that if he got out and I didn’t for him to give them to my wife, I was going to swim for it. I thought of my wife and three little children up the river in a little pole cabin with a dirt floor, expecting me to return and keep providing for them, and I just couldn’t fail them. I pulled off my clothes and meant to throw them in the river, that was the reason I gave John my money but he begged me to hang them on the snag.

About the time I got my clothes off and ready to jump in, I saw men on the river bank and I saw Sam. We could not hear a word they said, the water made so much noise but I saw they were making a fire and I wondered why. It was March and very cold, but I was not cold. I guess the excitement kept me warm, but just as soon as we got on the bank I began to shake. Well it was dark by the time we got our clothes dried, then we started to walk the five miles home up through the dark river bottom. It was after midnight

Pg 136

when we got there and when my wife saw just two men with me and I told her that “Slim” was at the bottom of Red River, she had a nervous chill.

The men there hunted for “Slim’s” body while we were drying out and the next day we three went and hunted all day for him, then Sam said that those logs should be floated on down while we had the water and I agreed with him. So, wearing Slim’s hat, which had floated within his reach as his own floated away, Sam and John untied the raft and floated it on down to Arthur City. They got their pay for their work and I never saw or heard of them again but they told the saw mill owner that the logs belonged to Mr. Wilson and me and we got credit for them.

With others, I kept looking for the body of “Slim,” and finally, on the ninth day it floated up near the bank and a Negro who was watching with us for it, saw it and helped us to get him out. We built a box, buried him high up on the bank of the river and marked his grave. We tried to find out who he was and to find his folks, but never did; we had never heard his name. He was so swollen and dark that he was unrecognizable, but we knew it was he. That was in

Pg 137

March of 1898. I never “rafted” any more. I wanted no more truck with a river, only to cross it.

I lived on Red River the balance of that year, then I had enough of it. Once water got up all around our cabin and I had to “coon it” on a log across a part of the stream to go out and get a boat to take my family out. Once a big old timber wolf came up in the yard and whipped all the hogs and was carrying off a pig before I shot it. I skinned it and used the hide to make a back seat for a rocking chair. Wild cats were so bold that they would hide in the cotton and slip out and catch our chickens. I was sick and tired of it all. My cabin was one I had put up of cedar poles and was not much, so, just as soon as I gathered my crop I got out.

I moved to Clayton in the mountains, a much better place to live and we ran a hotel there for years. Then, too, we could send our children to school.

Children of David Franklin Holt and Fannie Caroline Wilson were:
(1) Gatha (Guthrie) Holt, born 1892 in Arkansas. Lived in Edmond, OK. Married Andrew.
(2) Roy Lee Holt, born 1895 in Arkansas; married Myrtle Butts, December 19, 1915, in Clayton, Pushmataha County, OK. Myrtle Butts was born in AR. Roy Lee Holt worked for the railroad as an Agent. Roy Lee Holt is listed on the 1930 Census for the Valliant Township, McCurtain County, OK. The children of Roy Lee Holt and Myrtle Butts are:
(1) Dixie, born about 1919 in OK.
(2) Billy, born about 1924 in OK.
(3) Bettie Lou born in OK; married Homer Melugin in OK. Moved family to Witchata, Kansas where Homer Melugin worked at the Boeing plant with Myrtle Ashford Edmond’s husband, Kenneth Edmond.
(4) Charles born in OK.
(3) Noel Thurman Holt, born March 30, 1895 in Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas; died May 2, 1977 in Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas from Prostate cancer and buried in Stephens Memorial Cemetery, Clayton, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma; married Edith (Willie) Hurd August 13, 1917 in Clayton, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. Willie was the daughter of George Levaska Hurd and Orris Dell Walden. Noel Thurman Holt is listed on the 1930 Census for the Everidge Township, Choctaw County, OK, District 2, National Archives Roll #T626-1897, page 6B, dated April 12, 1930. The children of Noel Thurman Holt and Edith Willie Hurd were:
(1) Foster Maxine Holt, born August 10, 1920 in Clayton, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma; died June 13, 1977 in Miami, Florida from a heart attack (severe coronary atherosclerosis) including acute and chronic ethanolism. Buried in Oak Hill Memorial Park, 300 Curtner Avenue, San Jose, CA, Tier 32 in the North half of the L section on the corner of San Jose Avenue and Central Avenue, on the edge of the Civil War area. Was working for Dupont Powder Plant at time of first daughter, Sandra Lee Holt, was born in Tahlequah, OK.
(1) Mary Mozelle Thompson, went by Mozelle, January 22, 1941, born February 16, 1923, died December 26, 1996. The parents of Mary Mozelle Thompson were Effie Letitia Stepp and William C. Thompson.

Article appearing in The Hartford Courant, December 28, 1996, Page B4 OBITUARY

Mozelle (Thompson) Sielitzsky, 73, of East Hartford, wife of Aleck Sielitzsky died Thursday, (Dec. 26, 1996) at St. Francis Hospital. She was born in Hulbert, OK. She was employed at Arthur Drug Co., for 20 years
retiring in 1966. She was a member of South Congreational Church of East Hartford. Besides her husband she leaves a son, Clifford C. Sielitzsky of New Hampshire, a daughter, Sandra L. Farrow of East Hartford; two brothers, Rev. Raymond Thompson of Cookson Hill, OK; and John Thompson of Ozark, MO; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. Funeral will be Monday, Dec. 30, 10 a.m. at South Congregational Church in East Hartford. Burial in Rose Hill Memorial Park in Rocky Hill. Friends may call at the Rose Hill Funeral Home, Sunday Dec. 29, 3-7 p.m. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Gifts and Memorial Fund, South Congregational Church, 1301 Forbes St., East Hartford, 06108.

Child of Foster Maxine Holt and Mary Mozelle Thompson is:
(1) Sandra Lee Holt, born Tahlequah Hospital, Cherokee county, Tahlequah, OK. Married John Farrow, born est. 1937, meeting at United Aircraft in East Hartford where Sandra Lee Holt was a secretary in the purchasing department and John Farrow was a buyer. Sandra and John also lived in West Palm Beach FL during the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba during President Kennedy’s term. Not comfortable working for a defense contractor with Russian missiles pointing at them from Cuba, they transferred back to the United Aircraft facility in East Hartford, CT. They also lived in South Windsor, CT and Ellington, CT during their marriage of 17 years. Divorced. The children of Sandra Lee Holt and John Farrow are:
(1) Leslie Anne Farrow, born 6# 2oz., red hair and blue eyes. Attended the University of CT with a degree in computer science. Worked for Andersen Consulting. Married David Hutchinson. The children of Leslie Anne Farrow and David Hutchinson are:
(1) Kyle David Hutchinson, twin of Timothy John Hutchinson
(2) Timothy John Hutchinson, twin of Kyle David Hutchinson
(3) Baby.
(2) Christopher John Farrow, born 7# 11oz., hazel eyes and medium brown hair. Attended the University of CT with a degree in media. Worked for the NCAA in Indianapolis and traveled during college sports season producing their T.V. shows. Also worked for ESPN, CBS and other sports-related productions.
(3) Patrick James Farrow, born 9# 1oz., dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Attended the University of CT with a degree in business. Worked for Hewlett-Packard. Married Becky MacGregor. The child of Patrick James Farrow and Becky MacGregor is:
(1) Baby.

Second marriage for Mary Mozelle Thompson, August 27, 1948, Aleck J. Sielitzsky, born July 21, 1914 in Bozrah, died March 24, 1997. Aleck J. Sielitzsky had been married before and had one son, Clifford C. Sielitzsky. The new family left Oklahoma for East Hartford, CT right after the end of WWII, working for United Aircraft in the assembly area. Drove a big old Packard car with Sandra Holt’s tricycle strapped to the front grill. Moving to Hartford, CT the next year to live in a 3-family house with Aleck J. Sielitzsky’s mother. She was Russian and Polish, spoke no English and had a violent temper. Moving again back to East Hartford, CT in 1954. Clifford C. Sielitzsky married the girl next door. Not well thought of by Sandra Holt. The family drove back to Mozelle’s parents (Gramps and Nana Thompson) farm in Tahlequah, OK for a two week visit every summer until about 1955. The parents of Mary Mozelle Thompson, William Thompson and Effie Stepp, moved to CT where they lived for 15 years, retiring, they moved to Ft. Worth, TX where their only other daughter, Mildred Thompson, lived.

News article appearing in The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, March 25, 1997.

Aleck J. Sielitzsky, 82, widower of Mozelle (Thompson) Sielitzsky of East Hartford, died Monday (March 24, 1997), at a local convalescent home. He was born in Bozrah, had retired in 1977 where he had been employed at Pratt & Whitney for over 41 years. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army. He is survived by a son, Clifford C. Sielitzsky of New Hampshire; a daughter, Sandra Farrow of East Hartford; also six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

News article appearing in The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, March 26, 1997.

SIELITZSKY. Funeral of Aleck J. Sielitzsky of East Hartford. The family request in lieu of flowers, contributions to, Gifts and Memorial Fund, South Congregational Church, 1301 Forbes St, East Hartford, CT.

(2) Clare Margarethe Fraser April 2, 1946 in Garfield, Benton County Arkansas. Clare Margarethe Fraser, born April 17, 1926 in Manhattan, New York County, New York; died March 10, 1996 in Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Murdered while on a sailing trip. She was the daughter of Theodore Howard Fraser and Ruth Britton. Children of Foster Maxine Holt and Clare Margarethe Fraser are:
(1) Nancy Elaine Holt, born Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married Lawrence Gaspare Burriesci in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California; born in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. Children of Nancy Elaine Holt and Lawrence Gaspare Burriesci are:
(1) Paul John Burriesci born Santa Clara,Santa Clara County, California. Married Heather Hunn. Divorced. Child of Paul John Burriesci and Heather Hunn is:
(1) Erica Burriesci.
(2) Jeanette Barbara Burriesci born Santa Clara, Santa Clara County, California. Married Greg Peters Half Moon Bay, California. Divorced.
(2) Carol Sue Holt, born in Providence, Rhode Island; married Richard "Rick" Guido in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. Child of Carol Sue Holt and Richard Guido is:
(1) Meghan Guido born, San Jose, Santa Clara County, California.
(3) Barbara (Barbra) Ann Holt, born in Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas. Married Robert Price Brown in Reno, Nevada. Divorced.
(4) Diana Louise Holt, born in Denver, Colorado.
(5) Linda Joy Holt, born in Los Angeles, California; married Joseph Dominick Pisano in Dillon, South Carolina. Divorced. Children of Linda Joy Holt are:
(1) Gina Holt
(2) Tara Holt
(6) William (Bill) Lloyd Holt, born in Little Rock, Arkansas; married Laura Turner, San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. Children of William Lloyd Holt and Laura Turner are:
(1) Aaron Holt born Livermore, California.
(2) Hailey Holt born Livermore, California.
(3) Shannon Holt born Livermore, California.
(4) Cora Lee Holt born Livermore, California.
(7) Kathleen Ruth Holt, born in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California; Child of Kathleen Ruth Holt and Todd Harden is:
(1) Brian Todd Holt.
(2) Twin of Brian Todd Holt miscarried.
(2) Jessie Rae Holt, daughter, born July 16, 1922 in Oklahoma; died October 8, 1991 in San Diego, California from heart problems. Jessie Ray Holt also had a history of kidney problems. Jessie Ray Holt married James William Stedman born in DeWitt, Arkansas. Children of Jessie Rae Holt and James William Stedman are:
(1) Becky Stedman
(2) James William Stedman, Jr.
(3) Billy Jean Holt, daughter, born 1925, married Hal Tulchin. Billy Jean Holt died of breast cancer. The children of Billy Jean Holt and Hal Tulchin are:
(1) Geno Tulchin, son, born Mountain Side, New Jersey.
(2) Jamie Tulchin, daughter, born Mountain Side New Jersey.
(3) Melanie (Amy) Tulchin, born Mountain Side New Jersey. Married Lloyd Michaels. Both died September 12, 1998 in New York City. They had one child.
(1) Kelsea Michaels.

The following obituary records their death.

A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood Thursday, September 24, 1998 Page 11


September 24, 1998

Melanie and Lloyd Michaels of New York City died Saturday, September 12, at their home. Mrs. Michael was born in Summit and had lived in Mountainside and Boston before moving to Manhattan nine years ago. A videotape editor, Mrs. Michaels, 39, worked for Metro Studies, Court TV and other facilities. Mr. Michaels, 42, was a chief engineer for C&C, a video editing facility, and Metro Studios, both of New York. The couple is survived by a daughter, Kelsea Michaels. Mrs. Michaels is also survived by her father, Hal Tulchin; a brother, Gene Tulchin; two sisters, Jamie Tulchin and Ava Seavey, and a halfsister, Sasha Tulchin. Mr. Michaels is also survived by his parents, Michael and Edith Michaels. A Memorial Service will be held tomorrow, Friday, September 25, at 2:30 p.m. in the United Nation.s Church Center in New York City. Contributions may be made to The Kelsea Fund, P.O. Box 342, Pittstown, NJ 08867.
(4) Ava Beth Tulchin, born Mountain Side New Jersey. After her sister Melanie died from an overdose of herion, Ava Tulchin adobted her daughter and is raising her on her farm with her husband, Mr. Seavey.
(4) Addie Lee Holt, born July 21, 1897 in Arthur City, Lamar County, Texas; died February 19, 1979 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas; married James F. Spicher September 30, 1916 in Clayton, Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma; born est. 1890 in Arkansas; died Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. Child of Addie Lee Holt and James F. Spicher is:
(1) James D. Spicher, born est. 1927 in Texas. Died Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.
(5) Benjamin (Doke or Doak) Franklin Holt, born October 30, 1899 in Oklahoma. Died September 27, 1979 in Shreveport, Caddo County, Louisiana from Prostate cancer. Married Mollie Luther, est. 1929. Benjamin Franklin Holt is listed on the 1930 Census for Caddo County, Shreveport. LA. The children of Benjamin Franklin Holt and Mollie Luther were:
(1) Ruby May Holt, born est. 1925 in Louisiana. Ruby May Holt married a Parker.
(2) Amos F. Holt. Lived in Tolland, CT in 1978.

Article appearing in The Antlers American in 1978.

Services Held For Former City Resident

Reverend B. F. “Doke” (Benjamin) Holt, a resident of Antlers for several years, died September 27 in a Shreveport, Louisiana nursing home at the age of 79.
A native of Jacksonville, Oklahoma, Rev. Holt was a retired minister and had retired from Lof Glass plant in Shreveport. He was a member of the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church there.
Survivors include his wife, Mollie L. Holt, Shreveport; one son, Amos F. Holt, Tolland, Connecticut; one daughter, Ruby H. Parker, Shreveport; two sisters, Gatha Clark, Edmond and Mae Bawn, Oklahoma City, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
Funeral services were held October first in Shreveport. Officiating were Reverend J. M. Cason, Reverend R. C. Ayers and Reverend Stephen Vandermerwe. Interment was in the Summer Grove cemetery in Shreveport.

(6) Mary (May or Mae or Lonnie M.) Holt, born 1902 in Oklahoma. Died Oklahoma City, Ok. Mary Holt is listed in the 1930 Census, Fort Smith, AR.
(1) Henry L. Hauert. Died 1961 AZ. Henry’s brother was Walter Hauert lived in Fort Smith, AR, died 1970. The Child of Mary Holt and Henry L. Hauert was:
(1) Samuel Hauert
(2) Bawn
(7) Ernestine (Earnestine or Tommie E.) Holt, born June 8, 1908 in Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma. Died March 13, 1942, Greenwood, LeFlore County, Mississippi, murdered while traveling on business.

News article appearing March 7, 1942, in the Greenwood Commonwealth, Greenwood, LeFlore County, Mississippi.
Page 1

Saleswoman Fatally Stabbed By Mysterious Assailant

Officers Seek Assailant Who Fled From Scene

Miss Ernestine Holt stabbed in chest; dies shortly after reaching hospital

Miss Ernestine Holt, apparently about thirty years old, was fatally stabbed in her room at the residence of Mrs. Champ Taylor, West Harding Street, shortly after midnight last night. Miss Holt who was stabbed twice in the chest died about two hours later at the Greenwood LeFlore Hospital where she had been taken in a Lee ambulance.

Miss Holt was apparently stabbed in her room and ran into the hall near Mrs. Taylor’s room where she collapsed. Mrs. Taylor was aroused and notified officers who rushed Miss Holt to the hospital and began a search for the unknown assailant.

The room occupied by Miss Holt showed a window pushed out, it was reported, but no tracks were found outside the room, which led officers to believe that entrance was made through the front door of the house.
Bloodhounds were obtained from Moorhead and later another pair were secured from Parchman, but no developments have been reported other than that the trail led to a nearby field where no clues were obtained.

Miss Holt’s body is being held at the Lee funeral home pending advice from relatives.
Miss Holt was a saleswoman of cosmetics and had been in Greenwood for the past week selling cosmetics in personal home visits. An identification card in her room gave the name of J. F. Holt of Hugo, Okla., as the person to notify in case of accident. (Probably was D. F. Holt instead J. F. Holt. David Franklin Holt was her father living in Hugo).

It is reported that other homes in the West Harding Street area had been entered last night, and that every trail which the bloodhounds picked up led back to Greenwood.

News article appearing March 8, 1942, in the Greenwood Commonwealth, Greenwood, LeFlore County, Mississippi.

Page 1

Reward Offered For Assailant Of Slain Woman

Rewards For Assailant Of Miss Ernestine Holt Total $650.

Sheriff W. H. Smith announced today that rewards totaling $650 have been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the midnight assailant of Miss Ernestine Holt, who was stabbed to death by an intruder in her bedroom, Friday night.

Governor Johnson has authorized a reward of $200, to which is added the statutory reward of $100 by the county, and a reward of $100 by Sheriff Smith, in addition to a $250 reward offered by Miss Holt’s family.
It is felt that the rewards should be brought to $1,000 and several local citizens have offered to add to the reward. Those who are willing to do so are asked to call the Commonwealth and state the amount they are willing to add to the amount. One citizen stated this morning that he was willing to guarantee enough if others did not to make the total $1,000.

No new developments have been made in the fatal stabbing of Miss Ernestine Holt, 30-year-old cosmetic representative, who died from her wounds at Greenwood LeFlore Hospital early Saturday morning following the attack shortly after midnight Friday at the home of Mrs. Champ Taylor on West Harding Street.

Chief of police Frank Smith stated that a negro, Acy Staples arrested and held for investigation, was released yesterday as having no connection with the affair.

According to the police department, Miss Holt regained consciousness for about 40 minutes and gave the following information: She stated that she had retired about 11:30 o’clock and was awakened later by a noise in her room. Raising up she saw nothing but heard the noise again, this time seeing a man crawling on the floor. She said: “what does this mean?” The voice replied: “shut up, don’t scream, this is Jack.” She began screaming and as she did, the man put his hand over her mouth and tried to smother her cries. The man had on gloves, thick hairy ones and that she believed he had on a mask as his face was partially covered. In the scuffle with him on the bed, she felt something cut her in the chest. He then jumped off the bed and she heard him running as if he escaped through a window by the sound of glass crashing.

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Miss Holt then ran from her room screaming and collapsed in the hallway near Mrs. Taylor’s room. That is all she remembered and she could not tell whether it was a negro or a white man.

Mrs. Taylor ran to her as soon as she heard her in the hall and began summoning help and notifying officers. She fired several shots out the back door to attract attention of neighbors.

Miss Holt died about 3 o’clock. She was stabbed twice in the chest. The wound on her right side penetrated her lung, while the cut on her right side was not deep into the chest cavity. She had not been assaulted, officers were advised.

The personal effects of the victim were undisturbed, $35 in cash and several checks in her pocketbook were intact, officers said.

Reports that her hand clutched hair and some was found under her finger nail, were unfounded officers said, although one of her nails was broken off and never found in her bedroom.

The saleswoman had been in Greenwood about a week where she was appointing agents for the company she represented. She was a former school teacher and enjoyed an excellent reputation with the company employing her. This was her first visit here.

The family is offering a reward of $250 for the apprehension of the murderer. A statutory reward of $100 also supplements this and more will be added to these, it is reported by the Police Department.

The murderer robbed L. Weiner occupying a front room of the house, taking around $15 in cash. The wallet was found later about two blocks southeast from the location under a footbridge. About 100 yards away in a field, an Elk’s card belonging to Mr. Weiner, was also found.

All appearances indicate that the murder was an aftermath of an attempted robbery, and it is believed that the perpetrator was a negro.

Following the stabbing of Miss Holt, the burglar either dived through a glass window or kicked the window out. A spot of blood was found on a brick border of a flower bed in the yard, and a bloody finger print on the screen door indicates that the burglar must have returned for his shoes. Impressions of a track showed the burglar was in his sock feet while in the house, and tracks in the soft ground outside revealed an apparent footprint made by some one in sock feet.

Neighbors living a block away from the Taylor home reported hearing a prowler around their home about an hour before the murder, but failed to find anyone when an investigation was made. Tracks indicated, however, that a prowler had been in that neighborhood.

A night watchman on Highway 82 reported seeing a man run across the Boulevard shortly after the murder, and the bloodhounds from Moorhead and Parchman followed the trail across fields and back toward the Boulevard. The trail was lost at the Boulevard where scores of people had gathered as the dog chase was in progress.

Miss Holt’s relatives arrived Saturday afternoon from Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Hugo, Oklahoma, and the body was forwarded by Wilson & Knight to Hugo, where funeral services were held this morning from the Baptist Church.

Miss Holt is survived by her mother, Mrs. C. M. Holt, of Hugo; three brothers, and two sisters, Mrs. H. L. Hauert, and Mrs. Oliver Burnett of Fort Smith, Ark. (Her mother was Fannie Caroline Holt, Mrs. D. F. Holt).

Newspaper article appearing in the Ft. Towson Sentinel, March 13, 1942, Ft. Townson, Oklahoma.

Greenwood, Miss. – Officers Saturday night said robbery was apparently the motive for the slaying in her room here last night of Ernestine Holt, 33 years old of Hugo, Okla.

Miss Holt, fatally stabbed in the chest, lived about and hour after the attack, friends here said.

At Hugo, her mother, Mrs. D. F. Holt, said she had a letter this week from her daughter who was traveling representative for a Kansas City cosmetics manufacturer, stating she was staying in a house she visited on her last trip to this city.

Miss Holt was a native of Hugo. She was born there June 8, 1908 and was graduated from Hugo high school in 1928. She later studied at East Central State college, Ada, and at Arkansas university and taught for several years in Clinton, Okla. Schools.

In addition to her mother, three sisters, residents of Hugo, survive. Arrangements have not been announced.
(8) Child unknown, died before 1910 census, April 28, 1910.
6. Edward Holt, born ca 1868 in Tennessee.
7. Roberta V. L. Holt, born ca 1870 in Tennessee.
8. Joseph Holt, born ca 1872 in Texas.
9. Leala Holt, born ca 1874 in Texas. Married Lonnie White.
10. Alexander C. Holt, born ca 1876 in Texas.

X. Lucinda Carolyn Holt, born May, 1834; died 1919, Giles County, TN; married Richard Jasper Woodard in 1851 in Giles County, TN, born ca 1831, Buncombe County, NC, died est. 1872 - 1923, son of Thomas and Matilda Woodard.
Lucinda’s death record states she was the daughter of Edmund and Lucy Holt. After this generation, the Woodard name was spelled Woodward. Lucinda Carolyn Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints their number 343064. The children of Lucinda Carolyn Holt and Richard Jasper Woodard were:
1. Angeline Woodward, born ca 1857.
2. Winefred Woodword (male), born ca 1864.
3. Desdemonia Woodward (Dessie), born ca 1866; married a Hull and lived in Waxahachie, Ellis County, TX.
4. Neely Newton Woodward, born 9 May 1871, Giles County, TN; married Emma C. Booth (died in Clinton, IA). Neely Woodward was a dentist in Pulaski, Giles County, TN. The child of Neely Newton Woodward and Emma C. Booth was:
(1) Marvelene Woodward, taught Latin in Pulaski, Giles County, TN.

XI. Mary A. Holt, born ca 1838 in Giles County, TN; died in Waxahachie or Cleburn, TX est. 1868 -1932; married Sylvester Brown Stephenson, marriage bond 24 June 1857, Shoal Ford, Limestone County, AL. Brown Stephenson was a blacksmith, born est. 1821-1841 in AL. Mary and Brown lived in Clebum, TX. Brown died est. 1868 -1927 and is buried in Waxahachie, TX. Brown and Mary were listed in the family of Edmund Holt, Limestone County, AL, in the 1860 Census. Her mother, Nancy Holt, widowed, is living with Mary and Brown in the 1870 Giles Census, along with John Holt, born ca 1853, son of Sarah Holt of Limestone County, AL, 1860 Census. The relationship to John Holt is not known. Mary A. Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints their number 343087. The children of Mary A. Holt and Sylvester Brown Stephenson were:
1. Allen W. Stephenson, born ca 1858, Limestone County, AL., probably died young.
2. Rozanna Stephenson, born ca 1861, TN.
3. Mary Stephenson, born ca 1867, TN.

XII. William H. H. Holt, born March 1840, died est. 1871-1930. William H. H. Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints their number 343088;
(1) Rebecca Tidwell December 28, 1851 in TN. The children of William H. H. Holt and Rebecca Tidwell were:
1. Simon B. Holt, born ca 1866.
2. Nancy J. Holt (Nannie), born July 1871; married McCool who was dead by 1900. The children of Nancy J. Holt and McCool were:
1. Frederick McCool, born July 1893.
2. Mattie L. McCool, born October 1897.
(2) Sarah H. est. 1871-1905, born est. 1836 -1846, died est. 1879 -1940; lived in the 23 District, Davidson County, TN.43 The children of William H. H. Holt and Sarah H. were:
3. Zollicoffer Holt, born ca 1874.
4. Henry J. Holt, born ca 1878.


Eliphus Holt is Edmund’s only known sibling.44 Eliphus Holt was born in East Tennessee ca 1812 and lived in Marshall, Hamilton and Giles Counties of TN. In the 1840 Census he was living in Marshall County, TN, next door to the Adams family. In the 1850 and 1860 Census, he was living at Sales Creek Township, Hamilton County, TN. In the 1870 Census, he was in Giles County, TN. In the 1880 Census of Giles County, District 8, TN, National Archives Film #T9-1257, Family #162D, says his parents were born in Virginia. Eliphus Holt died between 1871 – 1905 in Rhea, TN. He had fifteen children by two wives.45
(1) Martha Benson December 26, 1831 in Rhea, TN;
(2) Elizabeth Emaline "Emma" Adams December 22, 1845 in Rhea, TN.
The children of Eliphus Holt were:
1. Son, born between 1830 and 1839.
2. Daughter, born between 1830 and 1839.
3. Mary Holt, born ca 1837 in TN; married a Bevels.46 Mary Holt was a half sister to Eliphus Meredin Holt.
4. Ellender Holt, born ca 1841, TN.
5. Louisa Holt, born ca 1843, TN.
6. James M. Holt, born ca 1849, TN.
James lived in Athens, Limestone County, AL, after he was grown. Margaret Holt Hughey remembers seeing him only once. He visited her grandfather, Eliphus Meredin Holt, when she was about 10 years old.
7. Eliphus Meredin Holt, born in 1851, TN; died July 1926, Giles County, TN; buried Bee Springs Methodist Church; married 18 July 1874, Giles County, TN, Thomas Ellen Tenery, daughter of H. M. and Mary Tenery. Eliphus M. Holt was a son of Emma Adams. Eliphus Meredin Holt was born at Chacagoor in the Look Out Mountains. When he was small, the Yankee soldiers ran his family out of the mountains. The children of Eliphus Meredin Holt and Thomas Ellen Tenery were:
1. William Thomas Holt, born 1874; died 1946; married Ola Mae Bryan (born 1884, died 1930). Both William and Ola Mae Holt are buried at Bee Springs Methodist Church, Giles County, TN. The child of William Thomas Holt and Ola Mae Holt was:
1. Margaret Holt, born 9 July 1881, married a Hughey.
2. Luther Holt.
3. Maud Alice Holt, married John Minatra.
4. James E. Holt, lived in AR.
5. Annie Mae Holt, born 20 May 1885 TN; died 10 October, 1964; buried Pulaski, Giles County, TN; married about 1906, John Buford Gilliam (born January 1881, died 10 May 1951, son of George W. Gilliam and Elvira Covey).
Annie Mae and John Buford Gilliam moved to Chico, Wise County, TX, when their son, Vester, was a small child. John Buford Gilliam, a photographer, had a gold tooth. He was known in Chico as “the gold tooth photographer”. The children of Annie Mae Holt and John Buford Gilliam were:
1. Vester Holt Gilliam, born Giles County, TN; married Maidel Rebecca Parker, daughter of William Riley Parker and Addie Lee Davidson. The children of Vester Holt Gilliam and Maidel Rebecca Parker were:
(1) Wanda Gail Gilliam, married David Sidney Hinton.
(2) Linda Holt Gilliam, married Freddie Ross.
2. Mary Ellen Gilliam.
3. Carmen Ercell Gilliam.
4. Browney Catherine Gilliam.
5. Paul G. Gilliam.
6. Albert Holt.
7. Mary Etta Holt, married a Foster; lived in Coffee County, TN.
8. Nina Pearl Holt, born March 27, 1892, died September 14, 1962 and buried in the Maplewood Cemetery, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN. Nina Pearl Holt married Mahlon S. Harwell in 1913. Nina Pearl Holt is recognized by the Latter Day Saints by their number 338419.
9. Irving G. Holt.
8. John Holt, born ca 1854, TN.
9. Kanses Elizabeth Holt (Lizzie), born 8 November 1855, TN; died 11 December 1936, Chico, Wise County, TX; buried Chico City Cemetery, Wise County, TX;
(1) in Giles County, TN, her first cousin, Alvis Smithson Holt, son of Edmund and Nancy Holt. Kanses Elizabeth Holt was the second wife of Alvis Smithson Holt. Lizzie was a good mother to the older children of Alvis Smithson Holt. His grandchildren from his first marriage to Harriett Nevels still talk about how much they loved her. See Alvis Smithson Holt. The child of Kanses Elizabeth Holt and Alvis Smithson Holt was:
1. Oklahoma Holt (Oak H.), born 13 April 1889, Bunker Hill, Giles County, TN; died 14 September 1952, Chico, Wise County, TX; buried Chico City Cemetery; married Dona Mae Traister in Chico, Wise County, TX. The child of Oklahoma Holt and Dona Mae Traister was:
1. Dan Moody Holt, born Chico, Wise County, TX; married Jaunita.
(2) in Wise County, TX, Jim Gore.
10. Edmund Hector Holt, born ca 1859, TN.
11. Josephus Holt, born ca 1857, TN.
12. Benjamin Franklin Holt, born 11 November 1860, TN; died 13 November 1934, Giles County, TN; married Rebecca Eason, daughter of Alfred Harris Eason and Mary Ann Abernathy. Benjamin Franklin Holt’s mother was Emma Adams. The child of Benjamin Franklin Holt was:
1. Rosalie Holt, born 11 November 1860; died 13 November 1934; married Charles Emmons Graves.
13. Virginia B. Holt (Ginny), born ca 1865, TN; married a Phillips.
14. Thomas N. Holt, born ca 1868, TN;
(1) in Giles County, TN, Rebecca Ann Tenery, daughter of H. M. and Mary Tenery. Thomas and Rebecca were divorced in Giles County. There were four children by Rebecca Tenery. These children were born in Giles County, TN. They stayed in Giles County when Tom
(2) went to Texas.
(2) in Chico, Wise County, TX, Annie Pigg.
Thomas and Annie Pigg lived in Springdale, AR. Oak Holt, son of his sister Kanses Elizabeth, and his wife Dona were very close to Thomas and Annie Holt’s sons, Jimmy and John. Oak and Dona Holt were married 25 years before their son Dan was born. Dan said that Oak and Dona practically reared Jimmy and John before Dan was born. Tom Holt was known as “Whistling Tom”. The children of Thomas N. Holt and Annie Pigg were:
5. James B. Holt.
6. John B. Holt.
15. California E. Holt (Calif), born ca 1870; died in 1892; married a Lawson.


Robert P. Holt was born ca 1810 in Tennessee and died between 1850 and 1860 in Giles County, TN. He is probably the son of William Holt and Milley Shelton. Robert Holt married Milly, surname unknown, who was born ca 1810 in Tennessee. His widow with two daughters, one son and John W. Holt are listed in the 1860 Census of Giles County. John W. Holt was the son of David and Mary Holt of Giles County.

The relationship between Robert P. and David Holt is not known.47 Mary, the widow of David Holt was living eight houses from Milly, the widow of Robert P. HoIt, when the 1860 Census of Giles County was taken. See David Holt.

William Holt and his wife Milley Shelton were both born in Virginia ca 1782.48 Their only known child is Eli Holt, born ca 1830. Milley Shelton probably died between 1850 and 1860. William Holt is living with Jane Randolph in the 1860 Census of Giles County. Jane Randolph, a widow in this census, was born ca 1808 in Tennessee. Jane Randolph was living two houses from the Robert P. Holt family in the Giles County 1860 Census.

Milley Shelton is the daughter of Steven Shelton and Rhoda Green. Steven Shelton is listed in the 1805 Tax List of Grainger County, Tennessee. He is listed in the 1810 Census of Grainger County on land for which Edmund Holt, Sr. had paid taxes in previous years. He, along with Ralph Shelton, son of Azariah Shelton and Sarah Holt49, and Marten Bunch signed a petition to the Tennessee General Assembly before 31 July 1806. Steven Shelton is listed in Maury County, TN, Tax Lists of 1811. He is in Giles County Tax Lists by 1812 with Philimon (Philmer, Filmer) Green, father of Rhoda Green Shelton.

Philimon Green came from Virginia50 first to Greene County, Tennessee51 with his brothers Thomas and William.52 Thomas Green and the heirs of William Green are listed on the 1816 Tax List of Maury County, TN. The children of Robert P. Holt and Milly Holt were:53
1. Elizabeth Holt, born ca 1834, TN.
2. Mildridge Evaline Holt, born ca 1836, TN.
3. Lafayette F. Holt, born ca 1838, TN; married in Arkansas, probably his second wife, Artimesy, born in AR.54 The children of Lafayette F. Holt and Artimesy were:
1. Matilda E. Holt, born ca 1859 in TN.
2. Mary Jane Holt, born ca 1861 in TN.
3. L. F. Holt, born ca 1863 in TN.
4. Thomas Marion Holt, born ca 1840, Giles County, TN; died 20 March 1916,55 Adamson, Pittsburg County, OK; married
(1) Margaret Shelton, born ca 1840, TN; daughter of Hawkins Shelton and Mary Bunch
(2) Emma Lu (Bett) Holland Mitchell
(3) 12 February 1898, Pittsburg County, OK, Docie Elizabeth
(4) Barton, born 26 March 1862, IL.

Thomas Marion Holt left Giles County, TN, in 1857 and was said to have followed and worked on the railroad going West. Margaret Shelton was said to have been a redheaded, half Cherokee Indian56 and is thought to be his first wife. They were probably married before 1860. She was not in the household of her parents in Greene County, AR, in 1860. She and Thomas had three children before she died, probably between 1880 and 1883. No record has been found of her death.

Thomas Marion Holt was married at least three times and possibly as many as five. He had four children by Emma Lu and three children by Docia Elizabeth. Although Arkansas was given as the place of birth of several of his children, no census or other records have been found. He was in Pittsburg County, OK, (Indian Territory) in 1898 when he married Docia.

Thomas Marion was listed in Dow Township, Pittsburg County, OK, in the 1910 Census. He was living in Adamson, Pittsburg, County in 1915 when he applied for a Confederate Veterans Pension. He applied for his pension 10 July 1915, but was rejected. He stated on his application that he was 84 years old, born in Giles County, TN, and his occupation was a farmer. He served as a Private in Co. E, Davies’ Battalion, Arkansas Calvary. He surrendered and was paroled at Whittsburg, St. Francis County, AR, on 25 May 1865. His enlistment papers state: age 24, eyes, blue; hair, light; complexion, fair; height, 5’10”; born in TN. Thomas Holt’s widow applied for a pension in 1932. It was also disallowed.

Thomas Marion Holt had firey-red hair.

Children of Thomas Marion Holt and Margaret Shelton:
1. Lona Holt, born 18 August 1862, TN; died 4 December 1940, Pittsburg County, OK; buried Ash Creek Cemetery, Pittsburg County, OK; married William (Will) Oscar Springer. William Springer was affiliated with the Masonic Lodge from 1914 to 1923. Lona Holt and William Oscar Springer had only one daughter who died at birth. They reared Lona’s younger brother, Nash David Holt, from the time he ran away from home when he was around nine years old until he went out on his own at about the age of sixteen. After William Oscar Springer passed away, Lona lived with Nash David until her death.

Lona was short and had reddish hair. She had Indian features.

2. Robert Hawkins Holt, born 11 May 1862, Greenville, AR; died 5 September 1828, Henryetta, Okmulgee County, OK; buried West Lawn Cemetery, Okmulgee County, OK; married Nettie Ellen Hicks (born 21 May 1868, AR, died 10 December 1936, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, McAlester, OK, daughter of S. P. Hicks and Ellen Laster).

Robert Hawkins Holt was a Master Mason from 1917 to 1928 in Solomon Lodge #32 residing in Krebs, OK; occupation Miner; height, 5 feet 8 inches; eyes, brown; hair, gray; cap size, 7 1/8 and a Baptist. He, with his family, were living in Alderson Township, Pittsburg County, OK, in the 1910 Census. His occupation was listed as a digger in a coal mine. The children of Robert Hawkins Holt and Nettie Ellen Hicks were:
1. Elijah L. Holt, born 24 March 1886, Canadian, Indian Territory (OK); died 18 November 1888, Indian Territory (OK).
2. Walter Holt, born 18 October 1888, Pittsburg County, Indian Territory; died 27 May 1952, Kern County, CA; married Frances Lynn (Fannie), surname unknown. The children of Walter Holt and Frances May Holt were:
1. Francie May Holt, born OK; married William Reynolds.
2. Veuton Holt, born OK.
3. Benjamin Frank Holt, born 3 March 1890, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK; died 25 October 1967, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, OK; married 19 August 1917, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK, Cena Jane Minyard (born 24 January 1897, Enterprise, Indian Territory, daughter of Thomas M. Minyard and Nancy Jane James).
3. Frank Holt was living with his parents in the 1910 Census and was listed as a driver at a coal mine. His occupation was listed as carpenter on his death certificate.
a. Mable Jane Holt, born Pittsburg County OK; married V. Neil White.
b. Richard Patrick Holt, born Pittsburg County, OK; married Virginia Kennedy.
c. Raymond Burton Holt, born Pittsburg County, OK; married Ann Turpin Duvall.
d. Albert Nathan Holt, born Pittsburg County, OK; married Ann.
e. Jesse Ruth Holt, born Okmulgee County, OK; married Robert William Paul.
f. Robert Lee Holt, born Oklahoma County, OK; married Betty Lou Ruckman.
g. Mary Oneta Holt, born 12 June 1936, Oklahoma County, OK; died 14 December 1959; married David Harry Komeman.
h. Carole Delores Holt, born Oklahoma County, OK; married Bruce Quenton Plank.
4. Jessie Mae Holt, born ca 1900, 0K; died 1982, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK; married Pete Deel.
5. Brady Holt, born ca 1902, OK; died 16 April 1977; buried Miami, OK; married Irene.
3. Nash David Holt, born 23 July 1880, AR; died 26 August 1961, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK; buried Ash Creek Cemetery, Pittsburg County, OK; married 22 November 1903, Hartshorne, Pittsburg County, Indian Territory, Willie Santillie Christopher (born 18 August 1886, Huntington, Sebastian County, AR, died 11 February 1963, Lincoln, Washington County, AR, buried Ash Creek Cemetery, Pittsburg County, OK, daughter of William Bradley Christopher and Adelia Isabell Thompson). Nash David was 5 feet 4 inches tall and had Indian features.

Nash David Holt’s mother, Margaret Shelton Holt died when he was very young. He did not get along with his step-mother, Emma Lu, and ran away from home when he was about nine years old and went to live with his sister, Lona Holt Springer. He was out on his own by the age of sixteen. He worked on the railroad around Ft. Gibson, OK, before he married. He also worked at the Jones Indian Academy which was a boys’ school established by the Choctaw tribe. He drove a coal mine supply wagon around 1910.

Nash David and Willie lived in and around the Pittsburg County, OK, area until 1943 when they moved to the Kern County, CA, area where some of their children lived. They moved back to the Pittsburg County, OK, area around 1947. Nash had an inoperable tumor at the base of his brain which caused him to go blind in his later years. He and Willie were residing at Adamson, OK, when he died. She went to California and stayed with children for awhile and then returned to live with her son at McAlester, OK. She was with a daughter in Lincoln, AR, when she passed away.

The children of Nash David Holt and Willie Santille Christopher were:
1. Annie Mae Holt, born 21 January 1905, Indian Territory; died 23 February 1987, Kern County, CA; married 21 December 1925, Latimer County, OK, Gordon Willie Brown. The children of Annie Mae Holt and Gordon Willie Brown were:
1. Ann Brown.
2. H. B. Brown.
3. Mary Ola Brown, married a Sweat.
4. Emma Jean Brown, married a Mooney.
5. Tommy Durwood Brown.
6. Kenneth Truman Brown.
2. Roy David Holt, born 31 July 1906, Indian Territory; died 24 June 1979, Kern County, CA; married 3 December 1925, Pittsburg County, OK, Flora Mae Brown. The children of Roy David Holt and Flora Mae Brown were:
1. David Junior Holt.
2. Monroe James Holt.
3. Eunetta Marona Holt
(1) Sims
(2) Goodman.
4. Geneva Ann Holt, married Stienman.
5. Jessie Lee Holt
6. Jackie Sue Holt, married Amyx.
7. Jeanetta Joe Holt, married Stuckey.
8. Janice Evelyn Holt, married Langstrom.
9. Sharon Ann Holt, married Owens.
10. Sheila Kay Holt, married Burham.
3. Alice Adaline Virgie Holt, born 3 March 1907, Pittsburg County, OK; married 28 December 1924, Pittsburg County, OK, Clarence Eugene Duncan. The children of Alice Adaline Virgie Holt and Clarence Eugene Duncan were:
1. Clarence Junior Duncan.
2. Mose David Duncan.
3. Billie Ray Duncan.
4. Ralph Eugene Duncan.
5. George Leon Duncan.
6. Jo Ann Duncan.
4. Emmet Burton Holt, died an infant.
5. Minnie Salini Holt, born Pittsburg County, OK;
(1) Pittsburg County, OK, Robert Delbert Blackwood. The children of Minnie Salini Holt and Robert Delbert Blackwood were:
1. Christene Blackwood.
2. Utah Labon Blackwood.
3. Wilma Novella Blackwood, married a Guthri.
4. Doyle Lee Blackwood.
(2) William Francis Hawkins. The child of Minnie Salini Holt and William Francis Hawkins was:
5. Jerry Lee Hawkins.
6. Walter Barney O’Bryant Holt, born Pittsburg County, OK;
(1) Latimer County, OK, Jerusha Almadale Conner,
(2) Jimmie. The children of Walter Barney O’Bryant Holt were:
1. Imogene Earlene Holt, married Pearson.
2. Betty Ann Holt, married Meinke.
3. John Henry Holt.
7. Nellie Beatrice Holt, died young.
8. Nashville Jesse Holt, born 2 June 1920, Pittsburg, OK; died 12 March 1984, Pittsburg County, OK; married Watsie Mae Holden. The children of Nashville Jesse Holt and Watsie Mae Holden were:
1. Jerry Glenn Holt.
2. Judy Claudett Holt
(1) Lacy
(2) Campbell.
9. Juanita Lillian Holt, born Pittsburg County, OK; married Pittsburg County, OK, Marvin Paul Conner (born Carroll County, AR, son of Seth Conner and Rosa Lee Ray). The children of Juanita Lillian Holt and Marvin Paul Conner were:
1. Shirley Mae Conner, born Pittsburg County, OK; married Washington County, AR, Wesley Glynn Pinkerton (born Taylor County TX, son of Donnelly Hughes Pinkerton and Edith Marie Huffman). The child of Shirley Mae Conner and Wesley Glynn Pinkerton was:
(1) Matthew Glynn Pinkerton, born Washington County, AR.
2. Marvin Leon Conner, born Washington County, AR; married, Washington County, AR, Paula Lee Rieff. The children of Marvin Leon Conner and Paula Lee Rieff were:
(1) Kelly Leon Conner.
(2) Paul Wade Conner.
3. Aletta Paulette Conner, born Washington County, AR; married Washington County, AR, Leonard Wayne Caswell. The children of Aletta Paulette Conner and Leonard Wayne Caswell were:
(1) Leonard Chad Caswell.
(2) Allen Wayne Caswell.
4. Oleta Pauline Conner, born Washington County, AR; married Washington County, AR, Larry Gene Neff. The children of Oleta Pauline Conner and Larry Gene Neff were:
(1) Ashley Dawn Neff.
(2) Trenda Lea Neff.
(3) Clint Thomas Neff.
5. Donald Wayne Conner, born Washington County, AR;
(1) Michelle (Cary) Ayers. The child of Donald Wayne Conner and Michelle Ayers was:
(1) Jason Michael Conner
(2) Janet (Hill) Keeter. The children of Donald Wayne Conner and Janet Keeter were:
(2) Amanda Dawn Conner.
(3) Daniel Wayne Conner.
The children of Thomas Marion Holt and Emma Lou (Bett) Holland Mitchell were:
Bet had a son Thomas Mitchell before she married Thomas Holt.
5. Thomas Riley Holt, born 17 April 1884, OK; died 5 March 1940, Adamson, Pittsburg County, OK; no issue.
6. Emily Kate Holt, born 1 January 1890; died 22 October 1943, Adamson, Pittsburg County, OK;
(1) 18 March 1906, Cent. District, Pittsburg County, OK, A. B. Gibson,
(2) 20 November 1917, Pittsburg County, OK, Ben Tomasi,
(3) 1 August 1921, Pittsburg County, OK, Joe Tomasi.
7. Charlie (Tig) Holt, born 13 October 1893, AR or OK; died 12 August, 1966, Shafter, Kern County, CA; married 26 December 1914, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK, Ethel Roberts (born 11 March 1893, Hartshorne, Pittsburg County, OK; died April 1978, Shafter, Kern County, CA).

Tig lived with his half-brother, Nash David Holt, before he married Ethel. He was living with them when he was kicked by a mule. He lost his leg in later years because of this injury. He wore a wooden leg and shocked Nash’s younger children when he was visiting by sticking a knife into his artificial leg. It left a lasting impression as they were unaware the leg was not real and expected blood to start spurting.
1. Joseph William Holt.
1. Four sons.
2. Conard Holt.
1. Two sons.
3. Jewel Holt.
1. Four sons?
4. Jack Holt.
1. One son, two daughters.
5. Barney Holt.
1. Three daughters, two sons.
6. Orpha Mae Holt.
1. One son, one daughter.
8. Pearl Elizabeth Holt, born ca 1895, OK;
(1) Charlie Pearsall,
(2) 22 February 1911, Adamson, Pittsburg County, OK, Charles L. Johnson.

Children of Thomas Marion Holt and Docia Elizabeth (2) Barton. Docia had a daughter, Pearl Barton, and a son, John Barton, before she married Thomas Holt.
9. Thomas Jefferson Holt, born 29 January, 1900, Paris, AR;57 died 26 January 1984, Pittsburg County, OK; married 22 January 1921, Pittsburg County, OK, Agnes Elizabeth Hartsell (born 27 February 1905, Richland, MO; died 28 February 1959, Carlsbad, NM; daughter of Joseph Hartsell and Laura Gibson). The children of Thomas Jefferson Holt and Agnes Elizabeth Hartsell were:
1. Howard D. Holt, born OK; married Billy Lout.
2. Opal Elizabeth Holt, born OK;
(1) Jim Barnes,
(2) William Richard Brown.
3. Betrice Holt, married Freeman.
4. Evelyn Holt, married Smith.
5. Thomas Edward Holt, born 31 October 1933, OK; died 1980, Tulsa, Tulsa County, OK;
(1) ?,
(2) 30 June 1963, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK, Dorothy Huddleston.
6. Joseph Arnold Holt, born OK; married McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK, Jo Ann Poynor (born Albion, OK, daughter of Valton H. Poynor and Maggie M. Files). The children of Joseph Arnold Holt and Jo Ann Poynor were:
1. Joseph Arnold Holt, Jr.
2. Justene Holt.
3. Joni Renae Holt.
4. John Rodney Holt.
7. Mary Ivy Slena Holt, born 27 August 1902, Adamson, Pittsburg County, OK; died 8 September 1982, Fresno, CA; married 29 May 1920, Adamson, Pittsburg County, OK, Evins Edwards. The children of Mary Ivy Slena Holt and Evins Edwards were:
1. Gene Edwards.
2. Ruby Edwards, married a Markum.
3. Bill Edwards.
4. Benny Edwards.

5. Serina Holt, born ca 1841, TN.
6. Carline Holt, born ca 1842, TN.
7. Richard Washington Holt, born 14 January 1844, Pulaski, Giles County, TN; died 5 August 1926, Pulaski, Giles County, TN;58 buried Fogg Cemetery, Giles County, TN; married Sarah M. Virginia Fogg (born 9 April 1848; died 11 August 1912; daughter of Horace Fogg and Elizabeth Ann Consor).

Richard Washington Holt enlisted in Company A, 5th Tennessee Regiment on 20 May 1861 at Paris, TN. He was wounded at Mission Ridge. Richard Washington Holt was residing at Goodsprings, Giles County, when he applied for his pension. The children of Richard Washington Holt and Sarah M. Fogg were:
1. Tilman Lafayette Holt, born 9 October 1865, Giles County, TN; died 11 November 1917; married Mollie V? The child of Tilman Lafayette Holt and Mollie V. was:
1. Alma Holt.
2. John R. Holt, born ca 1868, TN; married Mettie A?
3. Buckner E. Holt, born 1 January 1870, TN; died 7 August 1965; married 25 December 1889, May Maultsby. Buckner and May celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Pulaski, TN. The children of Buckner E. Holt and May Maultsby were:
1. Garland W. Holt, married Lucille?
2. Richard F. Holt.
3. Orlean Holt, never married.
4. Sally B. Holt, never married.
5. John M. Holt, married Hattie Mae?
4. Fredrick A. Holt, born 22 February 1872, TN; lived in Lawrence County, TN. The child of Fredrick A. Holt was:
1. King Holt.
5. Robert H. Holt, born ca 1874, TN; died 20 March 1894; lived in Lawrence County, TN. The children of Robert H. Holt were:
1. Mack Holt.
2. Leonard Holt.
3. Gertrude Holt.
4. Nina Holt.
6. lnez J. Holt, born ca 1876, TN; died 15 January 1898; buried Fogg Cemetery, Pulaski, Giles County, TN; married a Lunceford; lived in Lawrence County, TN. Inez J. Holt and Lunceford had one child.
7. Benjamin Bryant Holt, born 23 December 1878, TN; died 27 January 1959; married 26 December 1899, Maggie Christopher. The children of Benjamin Bryant Holt and Maggie Christopher were:
1. Mike Sullivan Holt.
2. Hugh E. Holt.
3. Flournoy E. Holt.
4. Richard Edward Holt.
8. Butler W. Holt, born 10 February 1884, TN; married Mae ?; lived in Lawrence County, TN.
9. Mahlen T. (Jack) Holt, born 9 February 1890, TN; died 23 November 1956; married Florence ?; lived in Lawrence County, TN. The child of Mahlen T. Holt and Florence was:
1. Rachel Holt (adopted).
10. Edgar Holt, born May 1881, TN; married Jeffie May Erwin; lived in Lawrence County, TN. The children of Edgar Holt and Jeffie May Erwin were:
1. William Holt.
2. Sarah Holt.
11. Eula P. Holt, born August 1886, TN; married Buford Erwin; lived in Lawrence County, TN. The children of Eula P. Holt and Buford Erwin were:
1. Sallie Will Erwin.
2. Mary E. Erwin.
8. Martha Jane Holt, born ca 1847, TN.


Very little information has been found on David and Mary Holt. According to the 1850 and 1860 Census of Giles County, David was born in North Carolina ca 1792. His wife Mary was born in South Carolina. All of their known children were born in Alabama.

Mary Holt was a widow in the 1860 Census. Their son John W. Holt was living with the family of Robert P. Holt in this census.

David Holt executed a Trust Deed in Giles County in 1848. William Collier was the trustee. The known children of David and Mary Holt were:
1. Andrew M. Holt, born ca 1835. Andrew Holt served in the 32nd Tennessee Infantry, Confederate Army.59 The Thursday morning, October 8, 1863, edition of the CHATTANOOGA DAILY REBEL reported these Giles County casualties: A M Holt, severely in leg.

2. John W. Holt, born ca 1837.
3. Silus W. Holt, born ca 1839.


Wyatt (Willie or Wylie) Holt was born in Georgia ca 1800. He married Mary Bell, daughter of Adam Bell and Jane Davis of Giles County, Tennessee. Jane Davis was the daughter of James A. Davis who was born in Ireland. Willie and Mary Holt are in Moulton, Lawrence County, AL, when on 26 January, 1835, he sold slaves to Adam Bell in Giles County, TN. They are found in the 1830 and 1850 Census of Lawrence County.

Wyatt Holt and Mary Bell were in Louisiana when they died of yellow fever. Their children came back to Giles County to live with their grandfather, Adam Bell. The children of Wyatt Holt and Mary Bell were:
1. Wyatt L. Holt, born 1837 in AL; died May 23, 1922 from Kidney trouble in Bunker Hill, TN and is buried at Bee Springs Methodist Church, Giles County, TN, with a death notice appearing November 10, 1924 in Pulaski, TN by M. H. Webb. Dr. Wyatt L. Holt attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA in 1870 where he received his license. Dr. Wyatt L. Holt was licensed to practice medicine from 1870 through 1889 in Bunker Hill, TN in the practice of Allopath. Dr. Wyatt L. Holt also practiced in Giles County, TN. He served with the 6th Tennessee Calvary during the Civil War. He was captured, returned to duty, missing in action, and finally discharged. On his discharge he was described as: complexion, dark; hair, dark; eyes, gray; height 5’ 10”. Howard McLaurine of Giles County, TN, is a grandson of Wyatt L. Holt. Howard McLaurine who lived with Dr. Wyatt L. Holt from age six until Dr. Holt’s death when he was fifteen, said that Nancy Holt married a Davis and had a son, Dr. Murry Bell Davis. Dr. Murry Bell Davis practiced medicine at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN.
(1) Tabitha Jane (born 1839; died 1875, buried at Byson Cemetery, Giles County, TN,
(2) Mendoza A. Bass (born 1864; died 1890, buried Bee Springs Methodist Church).
2. Alvarina Holt, born ca 1839 in AL; married 11 February 1857 in Giles County, TN, David C. Harris.
3. Thomas H. Holt, born ca 1842 in AL; died 1920 in Giles County, TN.
Thomas H. Holt, along with his future brother-in-law, William J. Moffett, was reared by William H. Wells in Giles County after the death of his parents. The Giles County Death Record of Thomas Holt says that he was the son of Thomas Holt of Moulton, Alabama. The child of Thomas H. Holt was:
1. Lula Belle Holt, married in Giles County, TN, Thomas Pinckney Holt, son of Alvis Smithson Holt and Harriett R. Nevels. See Alvis Smithson Holt. The children of Lula Belle Holt and Thomas Pickney Holt were:
1. Elizabeth (Bessie) Holt, born Giles County, TN; died 1955, Pulaski, Giles County, TN; married Sam S. Yokley; lived in Pulaski, TN.
2. Nelle Holt, died 20 July 1959; married in Giles County, TN, William K. Jones; lived in Pulaski, TN.
3. Thomas H. Holt, died without issue; lived in Pulaski, TN.
4. Harriett Holt, married G. Matthew (Matt) Stone; lived in Pulaski, TN.
5. Jean Holt, married 1927, Robert A. Downing; lived in Pulaski, TN.
6. Myra Belle Holt, died in infancy about 1905.
4. Nancy C. Holt, born ca 1844 in AL; married William J. Moffett in Giles County, TN. Nancy Holt was reared by her grandmother’s brother, Thomas Davis, in Giles County after the death of her parents. William J. Moffett, born ca 1838 in KY, was a physician and was an orphan at least by the age of twelve. He was living with Thomas Davis in the 1850 Giles Census and William H. Wells in the 1860 Census. The Wells family lived in the Bunker Hill area of Giles County next door to the family of Alvis and Harriett Nevels Holt. Alvis Allen Holt, the son of Alvis Smithson and Harriett Nevels Holt, changed his name to Allen Moffett Holt. The Moffett was for Dr. William J. Moffett who was suppose to be related to the Alvis Smithson Holt family.60

Dr. William J. Moffett and Nancy Holt Moffett were living with the Thomas Davis family when the 1870 Census of Giles County was taken. Howard McLaurine of Giles County, TN, is a grandson of Wyatt L. Holt. Howard McLaurine who lived with Dr. Wyatt L. Holt from age six until Dr. Holt’s death when he was fifteen, said that Nancy Holt married a Davis and had a son, Dr. Murry Bell Davis. Dr. Murry Bell Davis practiced medicine at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN. The child of Dr. William J. Moffett and Nancy Holt was:
1. Minnie Moffett, born ca 1868 in TN.
5. James Holt, born ca 1847 in AL. James Holt probably died about the same time as his parents as he was not found in Giles County Census records or named in Adam Bell’s will.


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50. On 24 October 1782, Philmer Green purchased 80 acres on both sides of the Pigg River, Henry County, VA, from Ambrose Holt.
51. 1805 Tax List of Greene County, TN.
52. William Green, father of Philmer Green, died 1747, Amelia County, VA, married Amy Clay, daughter of Maj. Henry Clay and Mary Mitchell of Chesterfield County, VA. (Will of Henry Clay, dated 1749): Will of Henry Green and HISTORY OF VIRGINIA, V: 265, Bodie.
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56. Family tradition says that Mary Bunch had a brother, Robert, who was a principal Indian Chief.
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60. As told by Allen (Alvis) Moffett Holt to his daughter-in-law, Emma Maner Holt.
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