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Hoffmann/Hoffman/Huffman: When why change?

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"Black Dutch" = German Jewish from Black Forest???

Posted: 1 Dec 2000 3:56PM GMT
Edited: 10 Jun 2004 8:32PM GMT
Hi again, cyndi,

Another thought. John Brazeel (11/28/00) replied that his father said he was 'slop bucket Dutch, ' or 'Black Dutch' (his father's mother was a Huffman).

On the Hoffmann board, Bill Kreiner (11/30/2000) said he heard that the German-Jewish spelling was with one 'n' (Hoffman), and non-Jewish was with 2 n's (Hoffmann).

It seems his own name was similarly changed. On Dec. 1, 2000, he emailed me that Kreiner was a spelling change from
Greiner around 1600 (after the religious tumult of the Reformation period that began with Luther in 1517). Those ancestors came from the Bavaria/Swabia/BLACK FOREST region of Germany.

Speculation: if they were German Jews at a time when John Wycliff's and William Tyndale's Bible translation efforts resulted in more people understanding the architecture of the Bible text, perhaps they needed a smoke screen to hide behind: from Greiner to Kreiner and presto change-o, a new identity.

The Hofmann (etc.) name might have undergone a similar transformation for much the same reason.

The point I wish to make: if (some or all) Huffmans have referred to themselves as Black Dutch, which is apparently a non-existent ethnic group, maybe the 'Black' part comes from their roots in Germany's Black Forest region.

And why are all those fairy tales about the Black Forest so eerie, filled with stories of evil characters such as witches who eat little children? Preying on children is obviously not a new idea to humanity.

Could there be a connection here between the Black Forest and the Black Dutch?

Gloria Merle Huffman
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