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Judy Dominguez (View posts)
Posted: 26 May 2002 6:49PM GMT
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Surnames: Morales, Cadena de la Garza
Hi, my name is Judy Dominguez I am looking for the below listed Morales any help will be most welcome.

First Generation

1. Ma. Guadalupe Garza. Born in 1813. Lorenzo? Ma. Guadalupe died aft 1853; she was 40. Religion: Catholic.

Ma. Guadalupe first married Jose Santiago Morales. Jose Santiago died on 20 Jan 1851.

They had the following children:
2 i. Ma. Teresa (1829-)
ii. Jose Maria. Born in 1832.
On 28 Jun 1852 when Jose Maria was 20, he married Ma. Simona Barrera, daughter of Jose Ma. Barrera & Ma. Francisca Ibarra, in Mier, Mx. Born in Mier, Mex.
iii. Juan Merced. Born on 30 Sep 1832 in Mier, Mex.
3 iv. Jose Donaciano (1834-)
4 v. Jose Meliton (1836-1924)
vi. Jose Eduardo. Born on 17 Oct 1837 in Mier, Mex. Jose Eduardo died in Mier, Mex on 18 Oct 1854; he was 17.
vii. Jose Brijido. Born on 14 Oct 1846 in Mier, Mex. Jose Brijido died on 15 Oct 1846 in Mier, Mex.
5 viii. Ma. Manuela (1848-)
ix. Bernabe. Born on 11 Jun 1850 in Mier, Mex. Bernabe died on 11 Jun 1850.

On 3 Mar 1852 when Ma. Guadalupe was 39, she second married Jose Esteban Cadena, son of Jose Rafael de la Cadena Saez & Ma. Clara Canales. Born on 3 Aug 1810 in Mier Mex. Rancho Santa Rosa. Jose Esteban died bef 1882; he was 71.

They had one child:
6 i. Jose Carlos (~1851->1920)

Second Generation

2. Ma. Teresa Morales. Born on 18 Oct 1829 in Mier, Mex.

On 29 Apr 1851 when Ma. Teresa was 21, she married Jose Julio Garcia, son of Matias Garcia & Ma. Gertrudis Garcia, in Mier, Mx.

They had the following children:
i. Ma. Nicolasa. Born on 17 Dec 1854 in Mier, Mex.
ii. Jose De Luciano. Born on 17 Dec 1855 in Mier, Mex. Jose De Luciano died on 21 Dec 1855 in Mier, Mex.
iii. Reymondo. Born on 16 Mar 1857 in Mier, Mex. Reymondo died on 17 Mar 1857 in Mier, Mex.
iv. Ma. Isabel. Born on 10 Oct 1858 in Mier, Mex.
v. Ma. Epitacia. Born on 25 Dec 1859 in Mier, Mex.
vi. Ma. Petra. Born on 1 Jul 1861 in Mier, Mex.
vii. Ma. Feliciana. Born on 22 Jan 1863 in Mier, Mex.
viii. Ma. Dolores. Born on 30 Nov 1864 in Mier, Mex.
ix. Ma. Francisca.
On 29 Jan 1884 Ma. Francisca married Jose Francisco Zamorano, in Mier, Mex. Born on 16 Mar 1848 in Mier, Mex.

3. Jose Donaciano Morales. Born on 13 Sep 1834 in Mier, Mex.

On 17 Sep 1856 when Jose Donaciano was 22, he married Ma. Josefa Trevino, daughter of Jose Nicolas Trevino & Ma. Tomasa Pruneda, in Mier, Mx.

They had the following children:
i. Maria Teresa. Born on 24 May 1857 in Mier, Mex.
ii. Juan De Dios. Born on 2 Jun 1859 in Mier, Mex.
iii. Jose Inocente. Born on 9 Feb 1861 in Mier, Mex.
iv. Jose Antonio. Born on 25 Jan 1863 in Mier, Mex.
v. Lucia. Born on 10 Jan 1865 in Mier, Mex.
vi. Jose Pedro. Born on 27 Oct 1866 in Mier, Mex.

4. Jose Meliton Morales. Born on 3 Apr 1836 in Mier, Mex. Mier Church Records. Jose Meliton died in Ft. Mckavett, TX on 25 Jan 1924; he was 87. Buried at family cemetery, Rancho El Frezno.

On 15 Feb 1868 when Jose Meliton was 31, he married Ramona Pena Sandoval, daughter of Marcelo Pena & Matiana Sandoval, in Mier, Mx. Born on 17 Dec 1848 in Mier, Mex. Ramona died in Ft. Mckavett, TX on 9 Aug 1918; she was 69. Buried at Family cemetery, Rancho El Frezno.

They had the following children:
7 i. Genoveva (1869-1938)
8 ii. Maria (1870-1965)
9 iii. Manuel (1872-1934)
10 iv. Paulina (1874-1959)
11 v. Eliseo Cruz (Twin) (1876-1922)
vi. Elisa (Twin). Born on 14 Sep 1876 in Kimble Co., TX. Elisa died in Kimble Co., TX on 28 Apr 1955; she was 78. Morales Ranch Cemetery.
12 vii. Matania (1878-1950)
13 viii. Cecilia (1881-1961)
ix. Daniel. Born on 18 Dec 1885 in Kimbel Co., TX. Daniel died in 1967; he was 81.
Daniel married Betty Baker.

5. Ma. Manuela Morales. Born on 25 Apr 1848 in Mier, Mex.

On 20 Feb 1866 when Ma. Manuela was 17, she married Jose Marcelino Martinez, in Mier, Mx.

They had one child:
i. Jose Francisco. Born on 26 Mar 1866 in Mier, Mex.

6. Jose Carlos Cadena. Born abt 1851 in Morelos. Jose Carlos died in San Antonio TX aft 1920; he was 69. Occupation: Merchant retail in grain. Religion: Methodist.

On 31 Jan 1876 when Jose Carlos was 25, he married Ma. Susana Cavazos Rodriguez, daughter of Jose Damian Cavazos & Ma. Guadalupe Rodriguez, in Mier, Mexico. Born on 29 May 1853 in Nuevo Leon. Santiago, Santiago Apostol. Ma. Susana died aft 1884; she was 30.

They had the following children:
i. Antonio. Born on 1 Apr 1877 in Mier, Mex.
14 ii. Porfiria (1878-~1944)
15 iii. Joaquina (1879-1956)
iv. Francisca. Born on 23 Sep 1880 in Mier, Mx. Francisca died in Mier Mx on 17 Feb 1882; she was 1.
v. Francisco. Born on 24 Sep 1880 in Mier, Mex.
vi. Paula. Born on 26 Jan 1882 in Mier, Mex. Paula died on 11 Feb 1882. died at 7 days old.
16 vii. Carlos (1883-1948)
17 viii. Jose (~1884-1948)

Third Generation

7. Genoveva Morales. Born on 3 Jan 1869 in Duval Co., TX. Genoveva died on 17 Feb 1938; she was 69.

Genoveva married Manuel Garcia. Born in 1861. Manuel died in 1932; he was 71.

They had the following children:
i. Manuel M. (1890-1980)
ii. Genoveva (1894-1992)
iii. Satunino (1897-1970)
iv. Rafeala (1899-1976)
v. Ricarda (1900-1989)
vi. Olivia (1902-1974)
vii. Ermohones Henry (1903-1997)
viii. Melecio (1907-1989)

8. Maria Morales. Born on 9 Apr 1870 in Duval Co., TX. Maria died in San Antonio TX in 1965; she was 94. Buried in San Antonio TX. San Fernando Cemetery. Occupation: Homemaker and Seamtress. Education: Unknown Could read and write. Religion: Catholic.

In 1883 when Maria was 12, she married Bruno Rosales, in Kimble County, TX. Born in Real De 14, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Bruno died in 1948 in San Antonio TX.

They had the following children:
i. Belen (1884-1981)
ii. Andres Corcidio (1889-1981)
iii. Gabriela (1893-1980)
iv. Cero (1894-1974)
v. Enrique M. (1897-1981)
vi. Francisco (1900-1978)
vii. Herminia (1904-1994)
viii. Clotilde (1905-1991)
ix. Gregoria (Twin) (1911-1996)
x. Sara (1970-)
xi. Henry
xii. Paz
xiii. Ester
xiv. Gregorio (Twin)

9. Manuel Morales. Born on 15 Feb 1872 in Duval Co., TX. Manuel died in Ft. Mckavett, TX on 7 Oct 1934; he was 62. Morales Ranch Cemetery.

In 1892 when Manuel was 19, he first married Magdelina (May) Hall, in Kimble County, TX.

They had the following children:
i. Bessie (1895-1985)
ii. Milton W. (1898-1976)
iii. Frank James (1900-1975)

abt 1900 when Manuel was 27, he second married Manuela (Nela) Garza, daughter of Jesus Garza & Ma. Rita Cavazos Rodriguez.

They had the following children:
i. Maria Elida (Lillie) (1910-1998)
ii. Lusinda (1914-1917)
iii. Rogelio (1920-1921)
iv. Daniel (1925-)
v. Eliseo (Cheo)

10. Paulina Morales. Born on 22 Jun 1874 in Duval Co., TX. Paulina died in Rotan,TX in 1959; she was 84.

In 1889 when Paulina was 14, she married Juan Ybarra, in Cleo, Kimble County, TX. Born in 1860 in Floresville, TX. Juan died in Roton, TX on 6 Aug 1915; he was 55.

They had the following children:
i. Roman (Twin) (1890-)
ii. Josefa (Twin) (1890-1893)
iii. Eduardo (1891-1969)
iv. Ramona (1894-1952)
v. Maria (1896-1984)
vi. Melquiades (1898-)
vii. Juan (1902-)
viii. Adolph (1905-~1986)
ix. Bartice (1908-)
x. Anita (1912-1985)
xi. Isabiel (1915-~1942)

11. Eliseo Cruz Morales. Born on 14 Sep 1876 in Benavides, TX. Eliseo Cruz died in San Antonio, TX on 25 Dec 1922; he was 46. Buried, San Fernando Cemetery #2. Occupation: Stock Raising Farmer.

On 20 Jul 1910 when Eliseo Cruz was 33, he married Angelita Camunez, daughter of Camunez, in San Angelo, TX. Born on 22 Apr 1890 in San Angelo, TX. Angelita died in San Antonio TX on 14 Jul 1946; she was 56. Buried San Fernando Cemetery #2.

They had the following children:
i. Reynaldo Ignacio (1911-1992)
ii. Celia (1913-)
iii. Susana (1915-)
iv. David (1917-1989)
v. Romona (1921-)

12. Matania Morales. Born on 19 Nov 1878 in Kimbel Co., TX. Matania died in Ft. Mckavett, TX on 15 Dec 1950; she was 72. Morales Ranch Cemetery.

In 1897 when Matania was 18, she married Euscebo Marcelo Pena, in Kimbel County, TX. Born in Dec 1868 in Mexico.

They had the following children:
i. Rudy J. (1903-1956)
ii. Anita

13. Cecilia Morales. Born on 31 Jan 1881 in Kimbel Co., TX. Cecilia died in West Covina, CA on 25 Nov 1961; she was 80. Buried at San Fernando Cemetery #2 San Antonio, TX.

Cecilia married Paublo Villarreal.

They had the following children:
i. Paul
ii. Benny
iii. Ramon
iv. Rebecca (1915-1997)
v. Gertrudis
vi. Joe
vii. Lucille (-1999)

14. Porfiria Cadena Cavasos. Born on 26 Feb 1878 in Mier, Mex. Porfiria died in San Antonio, TX abt 1944; she was 65.

On 16 Sep 1897 when Porfiria was 19, she married Matias Garza, son of Jesus Garza & Ma. Rita Cavazos Rodriguez, in Pearsall, Texas. Born abt 1877 in Mexico.

They had one child:
i. Margarita (Foster) (1931-2000)

15. Joaquina Cadena Cavazos. Born on 20 Mar 1879 in Mier, Mex. Ancestry. com has Christen as March 30, 1879. Joaquina died on 16 Jun 1956; she was 77. File#31460. Buried in San Marcos, TX. San Marcos Cemetery, Hays Co. Occupation: Housewife. Education: Could read and write in Spanish. Religion: Methodist.

On 3 Aug 1896 when Joaquina was 17, she married Jorge Washington Gonzales, son of Jose Eugenio Gonzalez & Ma. Felipa De Jesus Barrera Guerra, in Laredo, TX.1 Born on 14 Oct 1876 in Jim Hogg Co, TX. Jim Hogg Co, Texas file # 165082. Jorge Washington died in Martindale, TX on 6 Apr 1946; he was 69. killed by a tractor trailer.

They had the following children:
i. Paulita (1897-1902)
ii. Carlos (1899-1986)
iii. Matilde "la Guera" (1900-1976)
iv. Pauline (1902-1974)
v. Samuel (1915-1964)
vi. Elias "Eli" (1918-1993)
vii. George (1921-)
viii. Eugenio

16. Carlos Cadena Jr. Born on 22 Feb 1883. Carlos died in San Antonio, Texas Bexar Co., Roselawn Cemt. File # 19752 on 15 May 1948; he was 65. Occupation: Merchant of Farm Equpiment. Religion: Methodist.

On 11 Jun 1922 when Carlos was 39, he married Gregoria Garza, daughter of Jesus Garza & Ma. Rita Cavazos Rodriguez, in San Antoino, Texas. Born abt 1888. Gregoria died in San Antonio, TX in 1972; she was 84. Buried San Fernando Cemetery.

They had the following children:
i. Suse (1923-1992)
ii. Lorenzo (1924-1998)
iii. Lydia (1926-)
iv. Edwardo (1929-1983)

17. Jose Cadena. Born abt 1884. Jose died in San Antonio, Texas, Bexar Co. File#15371 on 17 Apr 1948; he was 64.

On 30 Sep 1916 when Jose was 32, he married Magdalena "Minita" Saldana, in San Marcos, TX. Born abt 1886.

They had one child:
i. David (1917-)

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