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History of PHELPS family in pioneer KENTUCKY

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History of PHELPS family in pioneer KENTUCKY

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Posted: 12 Jun 2004 8:59PM GMT
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Edited: 26 Apr 2009 6:23PM GMT
Surnames: PHELPS
Jules The following info was posted by Mary Galgan who has done an amazing amount of research on these Phelps who came into Ky from Va in the late 1700's. Hope this helps. ...............Re: William PHELPS Appearance  Author: Mary Galgan Date: 30 Dec 2001 10:16 PM GMT  Surnames: Phelps, Biggerstaff, Smith, Duncan, Ferguson,  Query In Reply to: Re: PHELPS  by:  lisa storey thompson ............ Lisa, you're right… it's those little surprise twists and turns that makes genealogy so interesting. And makes the digging worth while. I only discovered this about four or five years ago and William has become an obsession and has fascinated me ever since. I would welcome other PHELPS researchers in helping me unraveled more mysteries. There is still much work to be done. I live in California but have made five trips to Virginia in the last four years to do research. I could go on and on about the PHELPS, but for now, here's documentation for William's appearance.From Green Co., KY, there was litigation concerning ownership of land around the Pitman Creek area in 1818. The name of the creek was an issue in the suit as well. (Original spelling was maintained.)1818 Green County, Ky. Circuit Court Case #5257, ABNEY heirs vs. A. BARNETT pg. 10:Deposition of William VANCE (22 May 1822) Home of James MURRAY, Green County, KY:"I first became acquainted with Pitman's Station in March 1780. I lived there one year. The creek was called Sinking Creek. I was acquainted with William PHELPS who lived at Pitman's Station." (He was ask by BARNET to describe William PHELPS' appearance.) "He was called a mixed blood, and from his appearance, I supposed him to be so. He had a son, Nicholas PHELPS, and a daughter Elizabeth PHELPS (Betsy). When Pitman's Station was first settled, I don't remember Betsy's size, but she as a good smart chunk of a girl. Sally PITMAN, widow of Wm. PITMAN, deceased, had a bastard child after William died. I did not hear anything against her virtue while William was alive."pg. 12 Depo. of Richard WOOLDRIDGE (22 May 1822) home of James MURRAY, Green Co., KY: WOOLDRIDGE: "I came down in the year 1784, and Wm. VANCE told me the creek had been called Crooked Creek, sinking creek, and then Pitman Creek. I am acquainted with William PHELPS, the father of Nicholas and Elizabeth PHELPS." (He was asked by BARNET to describe William PHELPS' appearance and color.) "The old man was a dark skinned man and somewhat of negro features, but I do not know of what blood he was, he had thick lips & a large nose & his hair somewhat curley." BARNET ask: Was not his hair or wool on his head like that of a negro, his nose like that of a negro and his lips like those of a negro? Answer: His lips was thick and his hair was curly it seemed between that of a white mans & Negros. BARNET asks: Can you say from his appearance, and your knowledge of human features and complextion that said William PHELPS was not of Europian (sic) extraction?) WOOLRIDGE: I cannot say what blood he is of."Deposition of James DOBSON taken in the home of James MURRAY, Green Co., KY: Questioned by BARNET: Are not you the Deponent acquented with William PHELPS father to Nicholas and Elizabeth PHELPS & from your knowledge of him was not he a mixed blooded man & from his appearance with Negro Blood?Answer: I was some what acquainted with him. He was of a Dark Complexion but I know not what his nation was.BARNET: Was not the hair on his head curly his nose flat &his lips thick like that of a negro?Answer: They were somewhat of that description to my view.Council for Complainants: Can you undertake to say from his appearance that said William PHELPS was an African, might he not have been of Portuguese, Spanish, German, or even English extraction for anything you saw in his appearance?Answer: What his nation was I know not he appears to me to be of mixed blood of some nation but I know not what his head was curly & wooley.[THEN… in Buckingham Co., VA, William was described as a mulatto by the county surveyor, Henry BELL. Henry used this description because there were two William PHELPSes living in Buckingham County at that time. Our William only lived in Buckingham Co. for about a decade from 1768 to 1779. William Phelps, the grandson of Thomas Phelps, was born there and lived his whole life there. In other cases of two men with the same name Henry BELL refered to one of them with a description such as, John Doe, Red (for red headed) or John Doe of W.I. (of Wreck Island).]1768 - June 22, 1768, Buckingham Co., VA. Jeremiah WHITNEY, Gentleman, Richard TAYLOR, Thomas MATHEWS; June 22, 1768; 379 acres; ridges and heads of branches between Fluvanna River and Wreck Island Creek; James CHRISTIAN, new lines, William PHELPS, new lines, W.C. and WHITNEY NEIGHBORS; Coleman's Road shown dividing survey; division within survey to William PHELPS (mulatto) by order Governor and Council and a certificate granted to ???, Gentleman. Plat Bk. , Pg.17. "Buckingham Co., Va. Surveyor's Plat Book 1762-1858" by Eric G. Grundset, 2nd ed., 1996, Clearfield, Baltimore.1770 - A lawsuit, William PHELPS vs. Jeremiah WHITNEY, Richard TAYLOR, and Thomas MATTHEWS, said To be entered 24 Oct. 1770. Dismissed. Buckingham Co., VA Caveated Surveys Settled in the General Court. Buckingham Court Order Book 1782-1788. 1770 - 5 Nov. 1770 Amherst Co. Deed - William PHELPS, and Sarah, his wife, of Tillotson Parish, Buckingham Co., sold 170 acres on both sides of Raven Creek in Amherst Co., VA to, James MARTIN, of the Parish of St. Ann's, Albermarle Co., for One hundred Pounds of Current Money of Virginia. Deed Bk. C, p.119, 120.1771 - A lawsuit, William PHELPS vs. John KINCAID. said to be entered 5 May 1771. It was Dismissed. "Buckingham Co., VA, Caveated Surveys Settled in the General Court. 1782-1788." 1771 - This is a Platt of 370 acres of Land in Buckingham County on the branches of Wreck Island Creek and joining the lines of Christian WHITNEY and Jeremiah WHITNEY (Gent.). Surveyed for William PHELPS (mulatto) the 21st August 1771. By Henry Bell, Surveyor. Plat Bk., p20. In 1776, according to their Rev. War Pension applications, two of Wm.'s sons, John and Nicholas, were inducted into the Revolutionary War while they were in William's home. Elizabeth PHELPS, their sister, was a tester. John PHELPS testified to the fact that William, his father, lived in Buckingham Co., on the James River, during the Revolutionary War, when he applied for his Revolutionary War Pension in 1833.I hope this helps. I look forward to continuing our conversations and quest for understanding our roots. I also would like to know more about your Polly PHELPS and Zabriel HOLMES.Mary
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