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Ignacio Agramonte

Ignacio Agramonte

Posted: 27 Sep 2000 11:07AM GMT
Edited: 16 Jul 2001 10:18PM GMT
Looking for any information on the late Cuban revolutionary, Ignacio Agramonte. He was apparently killed by the Cuban government during the revolution. He was my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.
Posted: 3 Oct 2000 10:21PM GMT
Edited: 23 Oct 2002 4:22AM GMT
My grandfather was born in Havana, Cuba in 1930 and died in 1929, his 99th year, in Mexico City. His father was an American and his mother was a member of the Agramonte family who were plantation owners in Cuba,I am not sure whether he was related to Ignacio, or not, but would welcome correspondance in hopes we both could benefit from any information we do have.I have read of ignacio Agramnote in a large book by Hugh Thomas. Incidently I am a woman and age 79.

Ignacio Agramonte

Posted: 6 Oct 2000 2:03PM GMT
Edited: 16 Jul 2001 10:18PM GMT
Thanks for your reply. According to my mother's father, Jules (Julio) Agramonte, Ignacio Agramonte was Julio's father's brother, or, Julio's uncle. As explained to me, Ignacio was a Cuban patriot who was captured by the Spanish during the Spanish-American war. Shortly thereafter he was dragged to death through the streets of Havana. Later, Ignacio's brother left Cuba and settled in NY City where Julio was born the last of four sons in 1894. That is all I know about Ignacio. I also believe there is a statue in a park in Havana dedicated to his memory. Is this consistent with your learning about Ignacio. Please advise.

Vince Horpel (45 yrs old)
Posted: 6 Oct 2000 11:17PM GMT
Edited: 23 Oct 2002 4:22AM GMT
I was very pleased to hear from you! You must try to access a book entitled CUBA,The Pursuit of Freedom, by HUGH THOMAS,pub.HarperRow, 1971. Mine says First Edition Standard Book Number 06-014259-6
Library of Congress Catalogue Card 70-108189
The book is a big fat book, 1700 pages, very heavy.I will try to get my husband to copy some of the pages. It is very difficult for me to walk, and so carrying the book is impossible for me.I have never read the whole thing but in years past poured over the pages that mentioned any Agramonte, not just Ignacio.
In the Index it lists the following pages for Ignacio Agramonte:(1868)243,247,260,death 261-2.
There are also pages listed for The Agramonte family:749,772,1110,1146,1229.
Joachin Agramonte:1845;arrest 1256;30 November Movement,1288;attempted escape 1348.
There are also many pages listed for Roberto Agramonte...22 different pages.Among other things he was a Minister in Castro's cabinet early on.

I'll want to read this information again but first of all wanted to repond to your last message first.

I would like to know more about your mother. How old is she and was she born in Cuba? It is very exciting for me to find information in regards to the name of Agramonte on the message board.

It mentions that certain events led to the death of the soul of the rebellion, Ignacio Agramonte but I did not see details. The book is so heavy it is difficult to read it easily.
P 749:Chibas, now forty was the scion of the son of a rich public spirited religious and well-connected family originally from Quantanamo. His grandmother was an Agramonte.
Thus Chibas's great Uncle Edwardo had been Sec.of Foreign Relations to Cespedas in the first war of independance and Chibas learned of the heroic deeds of the Agramontes then from his grandmother.
Somewhere in the book it says that the Agramontes and some other wealthy people owned cattle ranches in Camaquey. They owned plantations.
I have had this book for quite a few years, and haven't read any of it for a long time. I should have tried to write to the author who lives in London, or he did 30 years ago. perhaps he is even still alive.
I don't know how long a message can be and this is already very long so I will quit for now but still have much to comment on.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
LeJeune Decker


Posted: 9 Oct 2000 10:03PM GMT
Edited: 2 Jan 2005 3:17AM GMT
Dear Lejeune,
My brother, Vince Horpel, told me that he had been in touch with you. I am the eldest of four children from my mother (deceased) Leonie Agramonte and father Franklin E. Horpel, Jr. My mother's brother Robert Agramonte and his son Robert Jr. are alive and well. Robert Sr. lives in Western Washington and his son (my 1st cousin) lives in Palo Alto, CA. My mother's father was Julio Agramonte but he went by Jules. He was married to Edith Koch. Julio's father was Enrique Agramonte and I believe the brother of Ignacio. Enrique was married to Justa Mora. As I understand it, Enrique left Havana shortly after the Spanish American War and fled to New York where my grandfather was born and grew up. There are more Agramonte's but they're women and no longer carry the Agramonte name thus making it difficult to trace. Tony


Posted: 11 Oct 2000 11:05AM GMT
Edited: 16 Jul 2001 10:18PM GMT

Thank you for the information you posted. I would be more than pleased if you could send those pertinent pages referencing Ignacio Agramonte... You can send to Vince Horpel,
4840 Haley Dr., Castro Valley, CA 94546. Thanks again,

Fanily History

Posted: 15 Oct 2000 1:12PM GMT
Edited: 23 Oct 2002 4:22AM GMT
I was pleased to receive the two messages from Vince and Tony. I would have answered sooner but I was not able to use my computer.
I will try to copy some pages for you Vince sometime in the next week.Thank you for your address.
Tony, thank you for the information about your family. I appreciate that. I have Agramonte relatives who live in Mexico City. They are very lovely people. I have been there twice to visit them, the last time was in 1984.At that time my son and I flew down for the wedding of the son of my cousin Alicia.My two brothers and the wife of one also flew down there. It was quite an experience.It is a very long story about my grandfather, so if you send your address I'll try to send you and Vince something about his life. He was an exceedingly colorful character. I can even send you a picture of him , in uniform, and wearing his medals.He claimed that he was in 5 wars starting with The Crimean and ending with the Cuban Civil War in the 1860s.
My aunt, who was a daughter of his and my father's sister, related a story told to her from her other full brother, that "an aunt and two uncles, or an uncle and two aunts were macheted in their beds by the Spanish in Cuba," and that was why my uncle at age 18 was going to join the US Army and go to the Philippines to fight in the Spanish-American War in 1898. I would like to know more but unfortunately my uncle is long gone so can't ask him.My aunt is also gone. It's frustrating.
By-the-way, I heartily recommend that you check on Telephone directories at your Public Library, or perhaps a University Library for information on the name Agramonte.(Check out the New York Times goes back to 1850...for anything about Agramonte.I found such an INDEX at Arizona State library.) I was really surprised that the Phoenix Public Library had 2 Agramonte's listed for Mexico City. One was a first (but half) cousin. His name was Alberto. He died 10 years ago, but I did meet him and have been in his home.His widow is still living and her name is Rebeca.They had 3 sons but only 2 are now living...Alberto, Jr. and Jorge) This was several years ago when I looked at directories.. I haven't looked lately at Tel books.There are quite a few other Agramontes listed in various other Tel. Directories . As long as I was at the Public Library and they had directories for other big cities I looked and found some in Louisiana and in Florida. I forget where else. It was several years ago and I hesitated to write to any of them, not knowing what I would get in to.But I am now 79 and anxious to learn more while I am still alive.
My cousin Alicia who is still living in Mexico City is 2 years younger than I.Her son Santiago and family live with her. Alicia goes by Agramonte, at least to me, and her son uses her name with his father's name, Soriano before it. He is Veterinary Doctor.
I do not speak Spanish and my cousins do not speak English except for very rudimentary expressions. I ask that they write in Spanish to me as it is not difficult to understand some simple things like news about the family.
It is interesting to me that one of the Roberts in your family lives in Palo Alto. My husband and I lived there for 2 years while he attended Stanford Law School.He has relatives who live there.
It is my understanding that my great-grandfather by the name of James Cunningham Montgomerie was a merchant in NYC doing business with Cuba and evidently he met Eleanora Ernestina del Castillo Agramonte in Cuba . My grandfather Clarence Horace Montgomerie y Agramonte was born in Havana in Sept. of 1830. He died in March of 1929 in Mexico City.He moved to Mexico City in 1888 with his new, young, 3rd wife where they had three children. This was after my grandfather's marriage to my grandmother in 1979 in Utah. They had 3 children , my father Laurence, was the baby.My grandmother had been married before and had 4 young sons. She was married at 16 1/2 as the 4th wife , in polygamy, to the oldest son of Brigham Young. Her husband died at age 42 leaving her a widow at age 24.And before that my grandfather Agramonte had been married somewhere else and to whom we don't know, nor what happened to her, but he brought out west with him a young son by the name of Willie. Unfortunately Willie died at age 13 in 1882. It took us years to even know of his existance and more years to find his grave. My grandfather also had twin sons , one of whom lived in London and the other in Paris. They were twins and I was NEVER told their names.
My grandfather was referred to as "GENERAL" Agramonte. I think it was from his stories he told. I do have proof that he was an Aide-de-camp for General Hooker in The American Civil War, but after he died in 1929 his widow applied for a widow's pension and it was denied. The gov't said he was not enlisted. I don't know what the rules were then. Perhaps an Aide-de-camp is a consultant and not necessarily a real part of the US Army. My grandfather knew all the Americal Ambassadors to Mexico for 40 years, including the father of Anne Morrow Lindburgh.He was also referred to as "THE DEAN OF THE AMERICAN COLONY". I have been to his grave in The American cemetery and in part of his home in spite of the fact that he has been gone since 1930. It must have been very beautiful as it still was lovely when I saw it in 1980. You would never know it from the front as it is hidden by a high wall and big iron gates. Inside is a lovely garden and the grounds hold several apartments. I have been in the original part, at least part of it.
Please convey to your various Agramonte relatives my best regards. Thank you.
LeJeune Y. Decker


Posted: 16 Oct 2000 5:09PM GMT
Edited: 2 Jan 2005 3:17AM GMT
Dear LeJeune: Thanks for all your info. I greatly appreciate it. My address is 3420 S. Sundown Dr. Spokane, WA 99206. Tony
Posted: 27 Oct 2000 8:41PM GMT
Edited: 23 Oct 2002 4:22AM GMT
To Vince Tony: I now have some pages copied from the Cuba book mentioned.I did not read about the death of Ignacio but he was evidently a leader and patriot. Others of the family are also mentioned. They seemed to have been a prominent family there.
The book is a cumberson book to try to copy. You should still see if a big public library or University library can help you obtain it by inter-library loan. I think such a thing is possible. Ask at a LDS Genealogical Library/Family Center. Look under Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints in the and ask about inter-library loan. I have never done it but I have heard such a thing is possible.


Posted: 8 Dec 2000 8:14PM GMT
Edited: 2 Apr 2002 2:52PM GMT
I have been interested in Agramonte family history for a long time. I have a family tree that includes the ancestors of all the Agramontes. I would be happy to share the little I know. Anyone looking at the message board can give me a mailing address for a free copy. There is a book in English by Willis F. Johnson with good information.
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