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looking for Family

looking for Family

Jim Gonzalez-Alcantar(Perea) (View posts)
Posted: 5 Apr 1999 8:33AM GMT
Hi I'm looking for Family by the names of
Gutierrez, From or near Guadalajara Jal Mexico, Jiminez Chi., Spain, New Mexico, Arizona,California,or ?
Thanks for any help Jim


ALBERT (View posts)
Posted: 15 Jul 1999 9:49AM GMT

My maiden name is Alcantar

Angela (View posts)
Posted: 9 Aug 1999 12:22AM GMT
I have family with the last name Alcantar in Texas. Some were born in Mc Nary, TX. Most were born in Juarez, or Morelia Mex. E-mail to see if we can match any names.

who was my grandfather ?

Jaime Alcantar (View posts)
Posted: 28 Aug 1999 8:22AM GMT
My father told me that my grandfather´s name
was apolonio, but nobody of my family met him
and now we dont know any relative whit that
surname. My father was born in small town
called saint ana maya near morelia,michoacan
if you know anything about it please send me
e-mail i´ll apreciatte. thank you.


Paul (View posts)
Posted: 15 Jan 2000 6:36AM GMT
My GrandFather was from that area of Mexico and I have sevral uncles born in Mexico with the last name you are asking about. I also have family in Houston,Texas.


Angela (View posts)
Posted: 15 Jan 2000 1:13PM GMT
Hi, my father was born in Mexico. And I have many relatives that still live in Texas. Several of them my father lost contact. I have an aunt named Ester Alcantar, she married Fredrico Justiniani. We have no other information on her. My grandfather was Jose (Diaz) Alcantar. He was adopted as a child and I have no idea if Alcantar is the adopted name, or his birth name. He was born in Morelia, Mich., Mexico. His father was Demetro (Alcantar). Does any of this ring a bell?

My Grandfather was born in Morelia, Mich. Mexico

Angela (View posts)
Posted: 15 Jan 2000 1:16PM GMT
Do you have any other information on your grandfather?

Family ties

Paul (View posts)
Posted: 15 Jan 2000 2:26PM GMT
I'm not sure where all my uncles are born But I know my Uncle Marcuss was born in Mexico. I have his Birth certificate , but have not had anyone to translate it for me. I also have family in Kenner,La and Houston,Texas does any of this help you.

angela: i thing we are relatives.

jaime alcantar lópez (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 2000 3:21PM GMT
Hello angela, the name of my grandfhater was
apolonio, but i don´t knoy if you knew yours.
i want to tell you that you are the second person with the surname that i met recently.
All my brothers was born in a small town near
to morelia called Sta ana maya Mich. only i
was born in méxico city. Believe it or not
i met accidentally Emilio alcantar who lives in chicago and he told me his grandfather lived in texas, but he doesn´t
know anythin else about his family.
In the next month i´m going to travel to
my town in Michoacán and i´m going to investigate more of our surname.
but meanwhile, where do you live ?
do you speak spanish? Are you married ?
would you like travel to méxico.
my old sister told me the alcantar surname
came from another near town called Cuitzeo.
well, see you¡ i wait your answer.


Angela (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jan 2000 9:39PM GMT
Hi, my email address is My grandfather's name was Jose (Diaz) Alcantar, and my great grandfather was Demetrio Alcantar. My mother told me that my grandfather Jose had only one brother, we think it was Wences, but do not know. I don't know any more information. I don't speak Spanish, but understand about 95% of what I hear. I'm not very good at speaking other languages. I have never been to Morelia, but would love to know what you find out. My late Aunt Antonia was the only member of our family to know names of our other relatives, I had never met her and she passed away when I was sixteen. I'm sure that we must be related some how, since the Alcantar name in Michoacan area is not a very common name. I live in Southern California and know that I have some relatives in the Northeast of the United States. Here are list of relatives:
Esther Alcantar (Justiani)
Jesucita Alcantar
Adrian Alcantar
these names listed above are of a brother and sisters that my father never knew, and lost total contact of, Do they sound familiar?....some other names are
Sabino Alcantar
Cesaro Alcantar
Antonia Alcantar (Serrato)
Julia Alcantar
Wences Alcantar
and Ramon Alcantar (my father)
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