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Obediah (S.) Basham birth 1760

Obediah (S.) Basham birth 1760

Karl Basham (View posts)
Posted: 23 May 1999 3:13PM GMT
Who is Obediah (S.) Basham's father? James Basham or Bartlett Angel Basham Sr. I've seen family trees that claim both. If anyone has a definitive answer let me know.

Thank You

Obediah Basham

Posted: 28 May 1999 3:12PM GMT
Edited: 26 Jun 2002 8:31PM GMT
Imagine my surprise to find this message board with your request. The answer has yet to be thoroughly documented. Try searching through which is what I have been doing lately.

Obediah Basham's father

Posted: 1 Jun 1999 6:06AM GMT
Edited: 20 Jul 2001 1:35AM GMT
You no doubt have researched this more than I. I found him at the new LDS site, but the submitter has Wm. James Basham/Sarah Mary as Obediah's parents vs. Malcolm Basham's web site where Wm. Basham, Sr/Elizabeth Unknown are listed as Obediah's parents. I would like to know the real truth too. We're going to Bedford, VA this month. Francis (Frank) Basham, Obediah & Celia's youngest son, is my wife's gr-gr-grandfather. I haven't seen this msg. board before, so was surprised to see Obediah Basham (b. 7 April 1760, VA) listed...........Larry

Obediah Basham

CCARNIVALE (View posts)
Posted: 16 Jun 1999 5:50PM GMT
Larry, With a group of other researchers, I have searched for the answer to your question for 25 yrs and some others longer. NO ONE knows who his father is. Anyone who says they do are just guessing and not an educated guess at that. There is nothing in Bedford, Franklin, Hanover, etc. etc.that comes close to an answer. I wish there was, I read all the Basham stuff, I have spent years collecting it, I have 'brain stormed' it....there are just no records to find there to straighten out some of these Bashams. I hope you come across a record no one else has seen, we will crown you King! Carleen Basham Carnivale

Obediah Basham's (1760) father

Posted: 21 Jun 1999 6:52AM GMT
Edited: 20 Jul 2001 1:35AM GMT
Thanks. I now have seen these names as being the father of Obediah: James, William, William James, and Bartlett Angel Basham.

A submitter to the LDS Ancestral File showed Obediah with a mid. initial of 'S.' What proof is there that he was Obediah S. Basham, b. 7 April 1760? Was he born in Cumberland Co., VA?

Hoped I might get your attention this method

C. Carnivale (View posts)
Posted: 3 Aug 1999 6:36AM GMT
Ms. Carnivale, pls send to me your e-mail address, I lost the ones you gave me at the last reunion
Bill Basham>Huntsville,


cynthia basham (View posts)
Posted: 22 Aug 1999 10:03AM GMT
My father was Reuben James (shorty) Basham
I have been trying to find information on the Bashams from Tx. I know that my great-grandfather was supposed to be henry m or possibly john henry, he was married first to Ida C Bell and then to Ada who resided in San Antonio. If you have any information that can help me please send information to my e-mail address. thank you

response to Cynthia Basham

WILL BASHAM (View posts)
Posted: 29 Aug 1999 5:21AM GMT
Cynthia, I encourage you to contact my cousin at,, she has researching for 25 years and if there is an answer to your question, she probably has it.

Dead End Basham

Lenna Frye (View posts)
Posted: 13 Oct 1999 5:25AM GMT
My great grandfather was Lewis Allen Basham. He was born 1858 in Mercer Co. WV. He married Mary Francis Shutt. I can not trace this Basham any farther back. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Hilda Basham

Brandy Bowling (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2000 2:47PM GMT
I'm sorry that I don't know anything about that Basham, but I am from Mercer Co. Wv. My husband was given up for adoption and found out his birth mother is Hilda Basham. I was just wondering in your research if you may of come across her. I would appreciate any info. Thanks Brandy Bowling
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