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Posted: 29 Nov 1999 12:22PM GMT
Edited: 23 Sep 2002 4:34AM GMT
looking for any info. on Rose, Salvatora, Concetta Santa and
Peter Cammarata Settled in Baltimore, Md.


Posted: 31 Mar 2000 8:52PM GMT
Edited: 13 Feb 2003 2:57AM GMT
Did these people come from Sicily and if so what City or Province?
Posted: 1 Apr 2000 1:57PM GMT
Edited: 23 Sep 2002 4:34AM GMT
Yes, they came from Sicily.My dad thinks it
was Catania, but it could also be Palermo or that
area. The names I am looking for are a family
mother Rosario Cimino, father Pasquale children Pietro
Salvatora, Rose,Concetta and Santa.Marie

Cammarata relative

Posted: 24 May 2000 8:42PM GMT
Edited: 13 Feb 2003 2:57AM GMT
My Great-Grandmother's maiden name was Josepha Cammarata,
she was married to a Carmelo Guastaferro, they
lived in Vallarosa, Sicily, provice of Enna, she
came to this country with her daughter, Salvatrica
LaMarca whose second husband was Raimondo LaMarca,
her first husband was Salvatore Messina. I think
the spelling of her first name might be different.
Could this be a link to your family.
Posted: 25 May 2000 10:38AM GMT
Edited: 23 Sep 2002 4:34AM GMT
Marie I wish I could say this is a connection but I'm
not sure.The Cammarata's that came over in my family
were,Pietro,Salvatora,Santa,Concetta,and Rose.
They are all siblings.Salvatora was my grandmother,born
around 1890's. Her mother was Rosaria Cimino and her
father was Pasquale Cammarata. I hope this helps. Do you
have any relatives you can ask? All of mine are either
dead or not talking about the past. What a shame.Good Luck

Cammarata Family

Posted: 25 May 2000 10:20PM GMT
Edited: 13 Feb 2003 2:57AM GMT
All I know about this Great Grandmother is
that she came over in the early 1900s with her daughter
and grandchildren. If you had a clue as to
what village they came from in Sicily, it might
be a good lead. I have a relative that has
been looking for this also. I will contact him
to see if he has come up with anything. All I
know is that this lady was very short, very blond as a
young woman and had blue eyes, which run in my
family. My sisters and I are all very fair and have
green or hazel eyes. My Dad had blond hair and
blue eyes as a young man. Let's keep in touch and we may be
able to find out more. Unfortunately there always
seems to be an air of secrecy about the Italians and
the older generation never wrote anything down or
tried to pass it on verbally. Their attitude was often we did need
to know.
Posted: 26 May 2000 7:25PM GMT
Edited: 23 Sep 2002 4:34AM GMT
Marie, the only place my dad remembers is Catania
I don't know if this is where they were born
but he remembers his mother talking about it.
There are 6 of us I was the fairest with green
eyes and blond hair.Must of come from those
Vikings, I guess. Yes please keep in touch, I may still
find out they came from a different town.
One of us will make a connection soon,I am going
to write some letters to Sicily to try and
contact some Cammaratas from Catania. Maybe I'll
get lucky. til then keep me in mind and I will
let you know if anything turns up. Marie

Cammarata family

Posted: 26 May 2000 11:39PM GMT
Edited: 13 Feb 2003 2:57AM GMT
Marie, I have found another message board, they are
spelling the name Camarata. You may want to
look there. There seem to be a few different
goups there, some from Washington State. Apparently
some of these people chnged their names when they
came to the United States or maybe the name was
changed when they came through immigration. Give
that group a try. It is going to be a little confusing
with us both having the same name. It is a
little spooky that we connected - think the
ancestors are guiding us?
Posted: 27 May 2000 7:50PM GMT
Edited: 23 Sep 2002 4:34AM GMT
Guiding us, of course they are! I'll look into the other
spelling I guess it's on this site.Keep in touch. Marie
Antoinette. Now don't tell me that's your middle name too!

Middle Name

Posted: 28 May 2000 4:16PM GMT
Edited: 13 Feb 2003 2:57AM GMT
Nope. My middle name is Jose, I was baptized
Josepha but the English translates to Jose.
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