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Tuuli Pynnonen (View posts)
Posted: 23 Nov 1999 4:06AM GMT
I´m looking for information regarding Jantti-family in USA. Abel Jantti left from Rautalampi, Konnevesi, Finland about 1910 and moved to Minnesota, USA.

Jantti Family

Selma B. Jantti (View posts)
Posted: 31 Dec 1999 2:35PM GMT
Abel Jantti was my grandfather He was born in Kuopio or Kuopijo Findland may 12 1882.
Son of Anijas Jantti Also born in Kuopijo Finland May 29 1847. Abel met and married
Ida Muhonen Born in Karstula Findland March25 1884 last known residence in Findland
prior to moving to U.S.A. was Kaistula around Aug 14 1902 she landed in Boston U.S.A.

Abel Jantti

Posted: 3 Jan 2000 8:07AM GMT
Edited: 18 Apr 2004 9:27PM GMT
Hi Selma.
I have also been doing research on Jantti Family. I live in Canada. My father was Oliver Jantti. His fathers name was August Jantti,born in Lapinlahti,Finland. They lived in Kuopio area. He also had a uncle named Abel,who did live in the Michigan. I'm not sure if we are researching the same family or not. I would love to hear from you.

Jantti Family

selma Jantti (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2000 7:26PM GMT
I had an uncle Oliver Born on June 30 1917
He lived in Ontario. I live in The Pas, Mb. When
I checked on the 411 phone directory there was only 9
Jantti in Canada. E-mail me and we will talk more.

Jantti Family

selma Jantti (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2000 7:33PM GMT
Maybe give me a call 204- 623-3009 After 6:00p.m.
It would be great to talk to you in person.

Jantti family

Posted: 5 Jan 2000 5:59AM GMT
Edited: 18 Apr 2004 9:27PM GMT
Hi Selma
Thanks for replying. My dad,Oliver,was born
on July 28,1912. I would love to talk to you
more by e-mail. My e-mail address is: It would be very exciting
if we were researching the same family.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Abel Jantti

Tuuli Pynnonen (View posts)
Posted: 19 Aug 2000 2:53AM GMT
On my previous message I wanted information of Abel Jantti from Finland. Now I have founded more facts about him.
My grandfather was Nestor (born 1899 and died in Finland) and his brother was Abel. They were sons of Ananias Jantti and Fredrika Vesterinen (she stayed in Finland). Ananias and Fredrika had also two dauhgters Maiju (Mary) and Ida and one more son Erkko.

Abel, Mary and Ida came to USA or Canada in around 1910. Ananias and Erkko came after I World War.
Mary went probably to Minnesota and married man from Poland whose surname was Helpa. Ida went probably to Oregon and became Meyer.
But Abel I'm not sure. I have found different tracks from USA (mostly Minnesota) and from Canada (mostly Ontario). Problem is that many different branches of Jantti family from same area of Finland has come to North America, so there is couple of different Abels too. I've been trying to find out the birthdate of that Abel I'm looking for.. And still trying.

Abel had at least one daughter Raakel (Rachel?). She went married (unfortunatelly I'm not aware with whom) and had twins in around 1956-60.
I hope these twins are still alive because I would like to find them. My mother and their mother are cousins.

These informations I have mostly found out from my mother and from Internet. I'm living in Finland and that is why my searching in North America has been little restricted and I really appreciate if anyone can help me!

Jantti family

Tuuli Pynnonen (View posts)
Posted: 20 Aug 2000 1:31AM GMT
There was an error in my previous message.

Abel had four children and one of them really was Raakel (Rachel) BUT SHE didn't have twins. It was her cousin who had. This cousin was Erkko's (Erkko may chanced his name to Eric..) son. His wife had twins in 1963. So Erkko was grandfather of these twins.

Jantti family-Abel

Posted: 4 Sep 2000 6:24PM GMT
Edited: 18 Apr 2004 9:27PM GMT

I know of one Abel Jantti (my fathers uncle).
He was born on August 17,1885 in Lapinlahti.
He moved to America in 1927. He lived in
Michigan (U.S.A.) and died there in 1963. I have
been researching the Jantti family for quite
some time now. My grandfather was August Jantti,
born in Lapinlahti in 1878.
If you would like to find out more about this
branch of the family,please email me. My email
address is:
Perhaps we could help each other out in our


Suzanne Perry (View posts)
Posted: 2 Dec 2002 11:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wester, Lassila, Vesterinen
I've been researching my grandparents who died by murder/suicide in (I think) April, 1949, Elvi (Lassila) and Leonard Wester. As I understand it, Wester was converted from Vesterinen but the source is not reliable. They were settled in Chatam/Eben, Michigan (Upper Peninsula). He had sisters, as many as four, and I'm not sure about brothers. Two of the sisters were said to have been committed to an insane asylum for their "periods" in their late teens/early twenties. One more sister, Ilee (not sure of spelling but pronounced eye-lee) is still alive in Ishpeming, Michigan. This side of the family has been hard to research, if anyone knows of them, please reply. Thanks

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