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lost kids

lost kids

debbie (View posts)
Posted: 11 Jun 1999 2:55PM GMT
Iam looking for any kids that have the last name kazmir you could spell it kasmer my email addressis deb4068370


kimberly austin (View posts)
Posted: 11 Jun 1999 3:58PM GMT
hi.... as you can see my last name is austin. but, my mother's maiden name is kasmer....she has 3 sisters and 1 brother....if i can give you any other info let me know!!

lost kids

debbie (View posts)
Posted: 17 Jun 1999 5:40PM GMT
inregards to your mother's lastname. what are the names of her sister's & brother. I was married to a Paul kazmir. I have 2 kids by him.I was told he didnot have any other kids. my kids were told he did. Just curious/.

Kasmer Message Reply

Posted: 2 Jan 2000 1:30PM GMT
Edited: 3 Jun 2003 1:45AM GMT
My ancestors are Albert Kasmer(father), Julius Kazsmer(grandfather), Janos Kazsmer (g-grandfather). No record of Janos or Julius' brothers. Possible cousins?????

Kazmir - Kazmer - Kasmer

Posted: 10 Mar 2000 11:40AM GMT
Edited: 16 Nov 2001 2:47PM GMT
My line in the family comes from a Martin Rozalie Kazmir who came over from Hungary. They settled in the area of Burleson Co., Caldwell, Texas. Their children are Martin, Joseph, Paul, Jan, Lukia, Frank, Charles, Peter, Frances and John. There are quite a few Kazmir's buried in Burleson Co. Would you be able to tell me your in-laws names and where you live?

Re: Kasmer Message Reply

Laco Pekarik (View posts)
Posted: 2 Dec 2001 2:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
Dear Mr. Kasmer!

I have found on web pages, that you are looking for KAZSMER family. I am a descendant of Janos Kazsmer from Velke Kapusany (Kapos-in old Hungary) in Slovakia, who was a brother of Julius Kazsmer.
Janos Kazsmer was a father of my grandfather Jozef Kazmer, who is still living in Velke Kapusany (Eastern Slovakia). My grandmother, Gizela Kazmer, told me, that most of our family left for USA at the 19. - 20. century boundary.
This is a reason why I would like to ask you very kindly for your assistance in searching any data about Kasmer family in USA.
My name is Laco Pekarik (21). I am student at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), but my parents and grandparents are still living in Slovakia.
Thank you for your understanding.


Email -

Re: Kasmer Message Reply

thomas eugene kasmer (View posts)
Posted: 3 Mar 2003 1:31AM GMT
Classification: Query
my phone numbers are 607-7669327 and 607-7275709 cell.
would JAY kasmer and any other interested Kasmers contact
me by e-mail if possible

Re: Kasmer Message Reply

Jay Kasmer (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jun 2003 1:52AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kazsmer, Scheffer, Szilvasi, Tellinger

Decided to check old listings and saw your reply. My Janos Kazsmer(1885-1964), brother of Julius, was married to Lidia Gerhardt. Don't have names of children. Connection?

Jay Kasmer or

Re: Kasmer Message Reply

Laco Pekarik (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jun 2003 5:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
I will be happy for some informations about Kasmer, Kazmer or Kazsmer family in North America
If you have some,please contact me

Re: Kazmir - Kazmer - Kasmer

Posted: 5 Aug 2004 1:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kasmer, Kazsmer
What part of Hungary was Martin from? My Grandfather Gyula "Julius" Kazsmer was from Munkacs, Bereg Co., Hungary, which today is Mukacevo, Ukraine.
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