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where does my surname originate from?

where does my surname originate from?

jeremy kochy (View posts)
Posted: 24 May 2000 4:24PM GMT
please can anyone help me to find out when and why my ancestors came to the u.k and from what country

Re: where does my surname originate from?

Posted: 24 Aug 2001 5:02AM GMT
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Edited: 24 Aug 2001 5:04AM GMT
Surnames: Kochiyil Pakalomattam

There is a state in India called Kerala comprised of Kochi and Travancore where the Malayalies live. Kochiyil (meaning, "from Kochi") family is part of an ancient family, Pakalomattam, that can be traced back to 52 AD when St. Thomas converted 34 Brahmin families. Now the quesion is, does any of this fit with you? :-)

Re: where does my surname originate from?

Chris Koechy (View posts)
Posted: 7 Jul 2002 12:56AM GMT
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Surnames: Kochy
Hey Jeremy, your name originates from Germany. There is a little village named Kochingen near Braunschweig. in 1530 Hans Kock to Kogging was building the first house, the name went to Kochie, then to Kochy. This is the only true story about the name...

Re: where does my surname originate from?

Posted: 28 Apr 2005 5:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
There is NO "one true story" about where any of the sur names of our immigrant ancestors originated. Point of fact, I can find my name in India also, though I know my family comes from Wien, Austria. To add to my point about where names originated, it is possible that my sur name derives from the town of Kos'ice, Moravia Region, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

The real "one true story" is that when our immigrant ancestors came over during the 1800's and early 1900's their names were slaughter by their often not knowing English, the English speaking writers of passenger lists not knowing all or even any foreign language and spelling the names as they sounded to them, but with the accent differences they could put them off by the whole alphabet on top of which many of them having very poor penship, That's just getting on the ship to make the crossing. Then there is the port of authority our ancestors debarked at, where the whole process often started over and the name was changed again before they had cleared port.

Then there is also the prior immigrations of our ancestors to take into account. What if this Koci family started in India 300 years ago, migrated to Central Europe and the name was changed several times along the way as they intermingled with European blood lines?

Unless we ourselves know what country our ancestors came from, not what port they departed Europe via, narrowing one's search to a specific area on well intentioned and maybe well founded reports is not always wise.

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