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Kuzniks from Slovenia

Kuzniks from Slovenia

Posted: 10 Aug 2000 5:15AM GMT
Edited: 25 Aug 2003 2:03PM GMT
If there is anybody whose ancestors are Janez and Jera Kuznik from Dobindol, little village near Novo Mesto in Slovenia, please contact me.
My regards,

Marko Kuznik

Response to Marko

Bob Kuznik (View posts)
Posted: 30 Sep 2000 7:43AM GMT
I am a decendent of Janez and Jera Gertrude (Dulonz) Kuznik. Their son Otron Janez and Gertrude (Dergane) Kuznik had 6 chldren. The youngest child, Anton immigrated to the United States in 1893 where he married Louise Peternell. My father, Robert, is one of 14 children of Anton and Louise. I have no other information about Janez and Jera other than the names and pertinent dates for their children. I would enjoy exchanging information.

Hi, Bob!!!

Posted: 7 Oct 2000 6:52AM GMT
Edited: 25 Aug 2003 2:03PM GMT
I'm very glad you answered and sent mail on this message board. By the way, I'm 21 years old, I'm living in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and I'm studying medicine. Right now I'm trying to form family tree, and When informations from Slovenia arrive, I'll make it on and/or so you will see everything. I have little information about Kuznik's from USA, I know those who went in USA but I don't know almos anything about their children, so I hope that you will help me a little.
By the way, Janez and Jera had a son Janez, who had a son Ivan, who had a son Ivan, who have a son Milan, who have a son Marko - and that's me.
i would like you to send me your email address, and you can write me on mine :

marko kuznik relating to letter from bob.

Frank kuznik (View posts)
Posted: 7 Oct 2000 8:31AM GMT
letter from bob.janez and jera kuznik,he said that anton kuznik,who was married to louise peternell was one of janez's sons.I am sorry but this is dad frank kuznik was a brother to anton.Anton was born in 1893,and my dad was born in 1899.they came from the village velika loka (austrian name(grosslack).I don't know my grandfather's first name,but i do know he immigrated to the usa first about 1900.He died in alaska,while looking for gold during the gold rush.Anton immigrated before the 1st world war,to the usa.My dad was in the austrian-hungarian army,till the war ended.He immigrated to canada in 1929,and settled in sudbury ontario,canada.Anton settled in cleveland ohio,in a area called cayuga.Anton and louise had one child,a son,edward b kuznik,he died in the second world war.He was a private first class in the u.s. army,#35913872-60th infrantry regiment,9th infrantry division,entered service from (cayuga) ohio,died october 6th 1944,in belgium,in the henri-chapelle american cemetry,in Henri-Chapelle Belgium.
Frank kuznik of canada had two children,reska and frank jr.
my dad and anton owned property in velika loka,i don,t know about anton,but i do know that frank kuznik never did sell his,so if you checked the property files,you could come up with the names of his mother and other children,i believe there were three girls.The properties were ajoined to each other. Velika loka is about 5 kilmeters west of Trebjne,(small village)right on the highway. I do hope this helps you one way or the other,because i know how frustrated these searches are.Good luck;;Frank kuznik.

Sorry, I think you're wrong about Bob...

Posted: 10 Oct 2000 10:33AM GMT
Edited: 25 Aug 2003 2:03PM GMT
I have those information:
Janez and Jera had 4 children:
Janez jr.

Anton married Luise Peternell and they had 14 children. If Bob is from that family, we are related.
On the other side, I have informations about some Jacob Kuznik, who married Mary Kren and had 7 children:
Albert (I don't know dates of B and D)
Frank b: 26.09.1899 d: December 1968
John F.
Mary Furst
Pauline Oswald
Are you from that family?
Is Bob maybe from that family?
Also i have informations about Fred M. Kuznik (d: 25.04.1985) and his wife Beatrice
H. Burnett(d: 15.03.1984). Do you know something about them? Is this Fred son of Jacob?
Sincerely yours,
Marko Kuznik

P.S. When I finish whith this, I'll try to find how are we connected. We do have same surname, don't we?

Janez and Jera Kuznik

Posted: 18 Oct 2000 10:19PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jul 2001 6:20PM GMT
I believe these are my great-great grandparents. There children include Janez, Frank, Jacob, Anna, and Anton. Jacob is rather the forgotten son, but he did indeed exist.
The son Janez (John) married Evana Krese, and I believe remained in Slovenia. Jacob married Mary Kren in Alabama, and eventually settled in Illinois. Anna was last know to be in Ohio. Anton's wife was named Louise. Frank married Anna (Bacar) Hrovat.

Probably you are....

Posted: 20 Oct 2000 8:08AM GMT
Edited: 25 Aug 2003 2:03PM GMT
Hi Largo,(if it's your name)
like I said you are probably member of family, and I can tell you more about it if you send me names of yours ancestries. Please contact me on my e-mail address.
Best regards,
Marko Kuznik

E-mail address

Posted: 20 Oct 2000 8:14AM GMT
Edited: 25 Aug 2003 2:03PM GMT
I forgot to write e-mail address! How clever I am!
Posted: 29 Oct 2000 6:56PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jan 2002 8:40PM GMT
Bob please email me at
I am the granddaughter of Mary Kuznik Darovec and I have a lot of information on the Kuznik family.
Posted: 29 Oct 2000 6:57PM GMT
Edited: 13 Jan 2002 8:40PM GMT
Bob please email me at
I am the granddaughter of Mary Kuznik Darovec and I have a lot of information on the Kuznik family.
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