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Posted: 1 Apr 2000 1:30PM GMT
Edited: 8 Jul 2001 6:21PM GMT
looking for members of the Piegari family. John Piegari, my g. grandfather, came to the US from Italy in 1898. Its believed he came from a town just outside Palermo. His parents were Joseph Rose. Siblings were Christina Sciarrello Joseph. My grandfather married Gertrude DellaMonica. The family lived in Jersey City Hoboken, NJ. Other family names: Salzano, Schielzo, Bosogna, Dagostino.

Piegari Ancestors

Nicholas Grant Piegari (View posts)
Posted: 9 Sep 2000 12:43PM GMT

I just read your posting about your Piegari ancestory. My grandfather John (Geovani)Piegari came to the US about that time form a small town near Palermo call San Georgio. The only person I had to ask about details was my father, but he just recently passed away on September 6th. He was one of three children born to John and his wife Julia, who was from Estonia. They lived in "Hell's Kitchen" until John bought a restaurant in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium. They lived there until John died at age 49. My father, Nicholas joined the Navy and served in the South Pacific. After the war, he took a job in the Washington DC area where he lived until his recent death. There were many Piegari Italian immigrants living in New York. So have died, but others are still around with many stories to tell. By the way,
I'm Nick's oldest son Grant. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, or I can help answer any more questions. You never know, we could quite easily be related.

N. Grant Piegari

Piegari History

Posted: 11 Sep 2000 10:35AM GMT
Edited: 8 Jul 2001 6:21PM GMT
It was great to hear from you and I believe I may have something for you!! In my search for info regarding my great grandfather, John Piegari, I have accumulated lots of paper. After reading your reply I went through some documents that I've received from social security.
Do you have an uncle John George Piegari, Jr......your fathers brother? The parents listed are John Julia Kask.
Your uncle has my birthday!!! 12/13/16, except that I was born in 1958!! I will send it to you, if you'd like. He applied for his ss# on Aug 1939 at 22 years old. Is your dad older or younger that John? They lived on Ogden Ave, NYC at the time.
I found the town of San Georgio very interesting. Your grandfather was very young when he died.....49!
Does the name Felix Piegari, a doctor, ring a bell?
I'll see if I have anything else for you. We just may be related.....possibly john john were cousins....?!?!? I was sorry to hear about your dad. Karen

Piegari Family Tree

N. Grant Piegari (View posts)
Posted: 11 Sep 2000 6:54PM GMT

I think we're on to something. Although I never heard of a cousin named George Jr., I never met my grandfather John either. My grandfather did die very young (49) when my father Nicholas was only 21. My grandparents names were just like you said John Piegari, and Julia Kask. Unfortunately my father Nicholas just passed away on September 6th, so I don't have hime to ask anymore. He does have other living Piegari relatives, but I don't often see them. My father had two son Nicholas Grant 1954(me)and Joseph Kirk 1957. Yes, they lived on Ogden Ave. for many years, right down the street from Yankee Stadium. He sold peanuts there for quite a while watching Ruth, DiMaggio, and all the greats play. He also had a cousin Felix that I'm pretty sure was a doctor. It would be great to see some of that memorabilia, let me know what arrangements we can make. Thanks you for your efforts and we will talk soon.

Grant Piegari

Piegari History

Posted: 12 Feb 2001 12:33PM GMT
Edited: 8 Jul 2001 6:21PM GMT
Hello Grant,
I haven't picked up my family history book in months. I had some free time today -I thought I'd get some stuff in order & I came across your father's social security application in my records.
I never mailed it to you & then I realized you never sent your address!
We wrote earlier regarding a Felix Piegari. My dad remembers him being a doctor. His parents were Mary & Joseph Piegari. You had mentioned some Piegari families living in New York currently. Is there any way you can see if anyone is related to Felix. He died in 1991. I have no idea where. I'm interested in this family because it would complete my g. grandfather's family. My g. grandfather, John, had 2 siblings; Christine & Joseph. I have located much info on Christine, but I haven't found anything on Joseph. Felix is the son of Joseph. So, I'm hoping someone you know in NY will be related somehow to Felix & can fill me in on Joseph etc.
I hope all is well. Are you actively seaching your history. Have you come across anything interesting lately? I wish I knew how our families were connected. I'm not even sure if they truly were. You have a distant cousin Felix, so do I & we both say he was a doctor......that's all we have!!
take care Grant

Re: piegari

Dale Leppard (View posts)
Posted: 2 Aug 2002 7:44PM GMT
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I descend from Sabbato Piegari who was born about 1680 in San Gregorio Magno near Salerno. The family was landed in that town (property owners during the era of the Kingdom of Naples). There is an Arms displayed on Attilio Piegari's website, with a coronet of untitled nobility. The modern telephone listings show that about 70% of all Piegari families live in Salerno Province, with the clear majority of them in San Gregorio Magno. It looks very much like ALL are related and stem originally from that town. I hope this helps. Also, since there are only 2 families in Sicily today, I would reconsider your tradition of origin in "San Georgio near Palermo" which, perhaps coincidentally, sounds very much like "San Gregorio near Salerno". Just a thought... Best wishes and good luck, Dale.

Re: piegari

karen (View posts)
Posted: 3 Aug 2002 10:06AM GMT
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Thanks for picking up my error. My notes do state it was a town just outside Salerno. Thanks for the San Gregorio, I will have to look into that. I don't have much on this ancestor. You seem to have done your homework very well! I'll have to pick up this hobby again. If you come across a Joseph & Rose Piegari circe 1850 who had a few kids; Christina , Joseph and John.......let me know! Thanks again.

Re: Piegari History

Grant Piegari (View posts)
Posted: 4 Sep 2002 5:55PM GMT
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Hi Karen,

It's been a long time, and I'm sad that we haven't e-spoken for such a long time. My dad has a cousin named Joseph, they called him "Penny" for short or "Peanut." He was married to a great lady named Mary and after he retired they moved to Florida where Mary died. He moved there with another cousin named Jerry Frucci and his wife Millie. Penny is still alive and living in Florida with his original wife and the mother of his older children, possibly Felix. If you want to call me I can get his phone number for you. He's not in very good health, and it may the last time any of us can find out the real skinny on any of our Piegari relatives. Please respond to this posting and we can work on it together. Thanks

Grant Piegari

Re: piegari

Grant Piegari (View posts)
Posted: 4 Sep 2002 6:58PM GMT
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My father Nicholas has a cousin named Joseph, he was younger , and all of the relatives that new him well called him Pepino, or Peanut, Penny for short. He live and worked in the NY area most of his life for the NY Times, but retired with his wife Mary to Florida. Mary passed away two years ago, but Penny is still with us and remarried to his first wife. They had several children together, all full grown, and may be grandparents themselves by now. He's the only one I know that could shed some light on some of these questions. My mother spoke with him by phone not long ago and I don't think he's doing well. I'll do what I can to put you in touch with him.


Re: Piegari History

Posted: 24 Jan 2003 2:32PM GMT
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Edited: 24 Jan 2003 2:48PM GMT
My name is Mark Piegari, fathers name robert m piegari.
My grandfather was felix the dr. uncles are: thomas, steven.
all from nj. we have been estranged since i was a young child. would appreciate any info. you can offer. thanks.
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